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    1. 낙원

      4:22 love this

    2. Glow Bright Unicorn

      This is the best vid ever

    3. Vikram baradwaj

      Hawkeye killing quicksilver is lit though💥💥💥😂

    4. Rosarita Beanz


    5. Own little creatures

      HUfastr * any clip related to marvel and dc . . Views in millions This is called business bruhh!


      Hahahaahahahahahahah wtf 1:44

    7. Goulzz 26


    8. Divyapreet Sidhu

      At 4:14 thors face was just uno what I mean?

    9. JKH GAMING [BD]

      0:26 That Loki Scene Is Legendary 😂👌

    10. lottabodyful

      He never disappoint with comedy in deathpool 4:29,my stuntman gonna fuk you up

    11. KENT LOUIE


    12. _ Pdog _

      Wolverine isn’t a marvel film it’s an en film and in marvel STUDIODS it’s not part of Marvel and if he was then why was the in endgame or infinity war

    13. Mjk khan

      1:24 was awesome

    14. Piruv Faizulla

      Ay boladi

    15. Dimi

      1:33 storm reaction is the best :D

    16. Lauren Nicholson

      I laugh so hard i farted

    17. Tariq TV Studio


    18. Toshi yaar

      Love Haley's reaction ❣️

    19. Elita Talisa Ron


    20. JojinAntonic

      4:22 Me woa matar, wiii

    21. جورنو جوفانا

      2:44 This sound is similar to anime girls

    22. Byron Berger

      The itchy railway indirectly fear because pancreas nearly jog in a glamorous ronald. lavish, slim part

    23. Arianna Eusebio Canicoba

      Pietro and clint 2:05😂😂😂

    24. Chris Likes Marvel

      2:07 Chris Evans: GET ME OUT Captain America: NO I CANT LET YOU BREAK MY CHARACTER Chris Evans: 😀

    25. yoon sitt me

      i love them all


      2:37 this is my favourite part

    27. Neïda

      There's way too much music superimposed on others it's annoying

    28. Lavi Katnour

      Andrew emma

    29. Max Alexander

      Pier Parker is my favorite superhero

    30. Crisanto Salazar


    31. Nancy Narine

      l so love this movie l cry so much, love you guys,even laugh my heart out

    32. hummppffkrt

      Deadpool is gold

    33. fabiha afroz

      I loved Thor's guitar

    34. Paola De Tayes

      I just laughed 2:23

    35. Asif Ahmed

      Assalamualaikum everyone 😊

    36. Диана Гук

      Спасибо большое!😁👍

    37. Analie Ayala

      4:28 😂

    38. fran harris

      Which is your favourite movie mine is Spider man far from home

    39. Lazarus supreme

      2:43 Awww

    40. Saneesh Satheesh

      Really i laughed very much.... amazing Spiderman and Thor are the reason for my happiness...🖤🤍

    41. Jasly Ayson

      i laugh so hard when thor pass the birds XD

    42. RexExLiberi

      next time, no music

    43. Aashni B

      2:43 the little squeal she made was so adorable!!!!!🥰

    44. Creative Lila

      *Slow down the video* to 0.25x 2:44 so funny😂😂

    45. steven goe

      and the actors even making sure some times under loops that someone was telling the truth just like oprea the curse sets say hi to them be nice

    46. steven goe

      what was even funier is setting up a set for a perpese of what who said when lol love acters your not looking at what im looking at right now yes i am lol

    47. Miro Biro

      0:48 mmm

    48. Rom Lazar

      The last one is the best

    49. Sir V The king of terriers?

      I thought this was avengers

    50. Laika Mumba

      4:22 Its the Tom Hiddleston flying like a rag doll for me☠️ 👁️👄👁️

    51. Nishat French

      The obsequious vise independently destroy because shark differently smile as a parallel visitor. horrible, pink guilty

    52. Natalia

      4:36 what movie is this

    53. Haley Lavigne

      4:23 🤣🤣 myah!

    54. Jokin Jake

      (Look at thumbnail) What makes me sad is that some people think that's how green screen works

    55. KCBkotastrophie -

      I hope I can have a second life so I may become an actor

    56. M

      Your added background music SUCKS & ruins it

    57. Luke Wright

      I came here bcz of the cute raccoon in the thumbnail. There was no raccoon 😑

    58. Loner

      2:45 I could hear it all day!

    59. Jasmine Medina-Finsen

      I laughed so hard when wanda fell 2:42 -screech-

    60. Zainab Zeezee

      I soooo funny likeee👇👇

    61. Zainab Zeezee


    62. Dalia Lara

      I was shocked to see how they did them

    63. Isah sombrio

      2:44 eu me borrei de rir pqp

    64. Vr Flash

      1:58 poor quicksilver

    65. Mohsin Shaikh


    66. SmartBoiEP

      if groot snapped "i... am groot" *snoap* *weirdly smiles"

    67. Lewiz2K

      Gwen and Peter 🥺

    68. Jennifer Theung

      That’s rude! Click bait. 😒 I waited over 5 minutes to see a raccoon in a green suit. Guess not!🤦🏻‍♀️

    69. zoe black


    70. Le. Farquad

      The background music makes me wanna commit a murder

    71. Dávid Pável

      Why you gotta clickbait me like that?

    72. Govalen G.

      0:50 Mavel?

    73. TAPAS HIAL

      Nice clickbait

    74. Bagus Dwi


    75. Ork

      I don't think deadpool scenes were bloopers 😂



    77. Radiiet_ Helow

      Never Saw Nick furry laugj

    78. Seraphine's Hair

      That Dancing Ronan is the real event Wanda's Hex just changed it

    79. ADIL Fian

      Huge Jackman really kissed storm

    80. Ben

      This thumbnail is clickbait

    81. Alberto Mirizio

      L'alcol🚗🍪🚅🍪🚅🚗🥤🚗 lslslslsllslsd

    82. Alberto Mirizio


    83. sohel hossain

      A dislike for the clickbait

    84. Hafisya Diaz Senjaya

      Gamora can used the green screen?

    85. Evelin Misericordia16

      Yo quería al hombre araña original :(

    86. OnlyOnePerson

      You gonna leave me all alone here with less angry o'donald lol hahaha..... 😑 yup that's the ones

    87. LiLy_LoVesBiScUits :3

      WAIT What is the movie called with Charli?

      1. LiLy_LoVesBiScUits :3

        Can someone reply to this so that I can know..

    88. Deepak Chhibber

      kya bakwaas video hai

    89. Marco Hendarto

      Nice and flash on of Heroes Part 3 of the Dr my 😉 of a lot in common with My Sista my Dr appointment at the day I get it ☺️ my Saturday 😊💟😊💟😊💟 my g64kno of a great weekend too I think 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    90. Himanshu Sinha

      Oh man!! I just can't stop laughing 😂

    91. Ace D

      I’d react like storm aswell

    92. Neon X

      I just came to see the racoon cause the thumbnail forced me

    93. ninja juup


    94. jyoti boro

      0:55 tony car driving thumup 😂😂😂😂

    95. Black Mamba

      The dance battle 😂😂

    96. Nuke Hoß Mödi

      Ronin wins the dance off😂

    97. Kang Taehyun Oppa

      1:36 waaaaaaahhhhhh?

    98. MiD Knight


    99. AlwnHaikal


    100. AlwnHaikal

      Hello 😎