Fuslie and PeterParkTv Statement and Stories About FED/Fedmyster


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    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video. If we could get to 2000 subs that would be a really big milestone for me, thanks :)

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    1. Sash Vlogs

      when i first saw fed i didnt like him for real he was super sus

    2. Rachel Iwabuchi

      the video: serious the chat: 🤪🤪

    3. christmastiger

      51:52 Peter's face this whole time is definitely what I would make now with hindsight but I used to be just like Leslie: don't rock the boat, seem like a cool chill person, if people say fucked up shit just laugh it off because it makes you look like you can take a joke (which in your mind makes women seem better) or like you're "one of the cool girls" and it makes you seem better personally. It was not cool to do, but sadly standing up loses you a lot of friends vs. just keeping the peace and playing along. Ah well, at this age I'd rather be lonely than have shitty toxic friends.

    4. Jill

      Omg Peter is a King. This is the first video I've seen about this and I have no idea who FED is but Peter's support for Leslie and victimized women is so heart warming to hear

    5. Simon F

      Christ what an absolute bastard

    6. applecat

      can yall tell me wat people r talking about when they said poki did something 2 him too? bc lol from my pov that just sounds like an excuse from a bunch of douchey frat boys that r trying to protect fed by bringing up the topic of "well she manipulated him too! think ab what he's going through!" so can u pls explain what she did thats so terrible n all?

      1. Alex Guevara • 69 years ago

        just manipulation. all you need to know is both fed and poki did ‘wrong-doings’

    7. Jake Barn

      I don’t feel like watching the video , can someone explain what happened

    8. Zayra Zavala

      i just realized I have my own fed in my life... i need to cut them off somehow..wow..

    9. Rebby K.

      15:11 That "never getting mad at me" line also shows that Fed knew he'd done shit for Leslie to be mad at him for. I'm feel so bad for Leslie. Having shitty friends is hard. It's worse when you care so much for them, but it's clearly not a mutual feeling. I'm glad everyone seems happy without Fed. It seems more peaceful

    10. Jacob Gallina

      Yo feds an evil genius and he played you guys so well and to be honest maybe he’s just faking not knowing how to read to get every one on his Sadie for things as well. God I hope he ruins your friend ship but not in a terrible way just a bad news for the public way

    11. Gravityfighters1

      When Leslie talks about misogyny that is something that every woman deals with at some point

    12. Maria Legarda

      Fed just looks like bad news....

    13. Sofia Tam

      i dont really get it, how did Poli manipulate Fed? Can someone explain it?

    14. Lily C

      I’m so glad Leslie could finally share what’s been bothering her for so long :) and omf Peter is so sweet

    15. bain

      6 months later, love Leslie and Peter and have never heard of fed until this very moment. Balance is restored.

    16. Althea Banico


    17. ivan villa

      Who's the girl Fed took to the rave?

    18. Ari Valdez

      I’m saving my spot ignore this 34:05

    19. Bimbense

      That's what we good men say. Stop interacting with men or women who are creepy. Who have no self respect and go very close to engaged men and women. Instead of blaming all men why don't you all just stay away from creeps and stay with good men like Peter. Peter jokes about somethings but he never mean it. Men like women who are as Leslie. Supportive, nice, has self respect, smart and truly love their partner and women like men who are as peter. Funny, supportive, smart, responsible and protective.

    20. Darlene Yang

      38:00 that was straight out disrespectful. I can't believe

    21. Pia Chu

      People need to think before saying bipolar in the chat because that is totally different to what she was describing lmao

    22. unknown888

      peter is supeeerrr nice🥺🥺🥺

    23. boo!

      Ngl everyone kinda acted diff when fed was in the vids or just comes outta no where looking back at videos now it's obv

    24. Lesley Francisco

      at first i thought fed was nice but this is just disappointing and sad.

    25. Aïna S

      About the phone, do not ever let someone pick up your phone and going through it, without asking and having a good reason, even if you have nothing to hide it is crossing boundaries

    26. Playlists Queen

      To the person who said Hi HUfast at 3:27 Hello.

    27. Yon niii san

      The homophobia in her livestream tho ...

      1. Ardiepolu

        @Avasti I think he is referring to Twitch chat being toxic.

      2. Avasti


    28. K H

      "Don't want to add fuel to the fire..." But let me add more information to the issue going on. Not trying to downplay the issue at all. It's bad. But more public drama

    29. Yuna Kim

      tbh i never liked fed even in the beginning

    30. SauceStudios

      They are all so strong. Stay calm and stream on boys

    31. E-MA

      Since this will be viewed again in the future, it's worth noting that offlinetv tried to handle this in private but then Fed made a statement about how they were kicking him out for essentially no reason and that caused people to make an open statement about everything.

      1. Taryn

        @killen degen You are the kind of person who is very one sided. Fed is a sick human, Pokimane seems like a shitty person.

    32. Adil-senpai

      1:54 fed did what look at the chat at the person named iportales

    33. Harper Sweeny

      Leslie you need to tell your feelings and not down play them

    34. Scarlet Knightwalker

      My cousin brother and I were talking about how people have been conditioned to believe that women are expected to just accept what guys do because its "what guys do" and how that needs to stop. Then I watched Promising Young Woman and then I learned about Fed. I'm just sooo grateful that everyone is speaking their truth, so kindly and just getting the closure they wanted.

    35. Pamela Santos


    36. Allison Sandoz

      10 min in to this video and I could already tell she’s a fellow Sagittarius

    37. Annas

      What he did was wrong, but boy poki has been so mean to him. Leading him on for such a long time and then just deciding to get rid of him. That’s messed up.

      1. Samantha Passlow

        Annas she is laying the consequences though, people are always hating on her and shit.

      2. Annas

        @Samantha Passlow I'm not saying that. I just think it's wrong that he is the only one that has to pay the consequenses while she can say and do whgatever she wants. She could at least tell her viewers the truth about what she did to him.

      3. Samantha Passlow

        That doesn’t excuse his behaviour

    38. mf

      Everyone was so scared of ruining the OTV if they ever tell their experience of how Fed treated them, but look at them now, I've been comparing vids pre and post Fed, better content, everyone seems happier. You'd notice in old vids that they'd be laughing but you know, not happy-happy? idk. and man, the Lily and Yvonne are glowing now. Even the guys. idk but they really just seems more peaceful now.

    39. Kao Lor

      You can be friends but just don't live together.

    40. Virago113

      Just because you feel your story is smaller in importance because someone else's seems "more severe" doesn't make it any less valid. You are important and your story is important and all the things that happen to you or around you are an important part of your story. Your feelings are valid and so is your story.

    41. GemForTheWin

      Idk, that Jodi situation sounded kind of petty, but it shows how self aware and conscious fuslie is that she mentions that herself. Being able to look past emotions to even entertain the idea one is wrong is a very important thing for people to do that is exceedingly rare.

    42. Mr.Black91

      Imagine having friends :P

    43. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

      Next time they will drop poki as a friend and they will say the same shit oh we were trying to protect people and hold the group together but we realized it wasnt possible so let me spill all the tea of what backstabbing &!c she is

    44. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

      Oh I dont believe a word this chick is saying she complains about fed not paying attention at her scrolling and writing in his phone and she is doing the exact same shit to this guy also the mhhh mmmmm noises she made when impersonating fed. 26:30 lol lol lol

      1. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

        ​@a bonzai hhaahahhh, I am so out of the loop I couldn't pick out FED if you sent me a picture or video of him . My opinion is as unbiased as it goes, on this issue cause I have no horse in this race and I am looking at it with fresh eyes/perspective not all the emotions and feelings you all have for your favourite streamers.

      2. a bonzai

        Ah a fed stan. Go away please

    45. Riley Wilson

      I’m just gonna say it all the people trying to defend him with excuses like “he’s only human and he has adhd” as well as “he doesn’t deserve to have to deal with this anymore than he has” are contributing to rape culture by implying that he should be excused from getting punished for sexual harassment and any other manipulation that he did to cause mental duress. Stop being part of the problem and contributing to the “boys will be boys” mindset, it’s not okay.

    46. one time

      did she ever think maybe he was going to get some insider info and got hook and sinkerd

    47. one time

      its sad because poki is literally the easiest book to read... she never really liked fed she just was jumping his bones... fed clearly had feelings for other girls in the house also and they would on and off lead him on and people like lily think with there vagina when they drink then regret it the next day and "expose and accuse" when they are sober. :/ not taking sides but if you watch the streams from both ends for the past year and some you can see the whole manipulation going on in the house... the house is literally full of manipulation... you dont want to be a good looking guy in a geek house man jealousy and manipulation and lies with destroy you... the case here is a perfect example.

      1. Aquarius forever

        Not taking sides but sound like you are

    48. CheesyCheetoh

      Peter is awesome.

    49. Stanley Yelnats

      The problem is that I think that some of the things that Fed did were actually mistakes like when he saw Fusli changing and then notified her about it. Would it really have been better if he kept it to himself or to just be honest? I just think that once you label someone as being something you look to other situations that werent that bad as being much worse. Im obviously not talking about Lily situation which was an invasion of her personal space and boundaries.

      1. Samantha Passlow

        Stanley Yelnats nah, he full on watched her change.

      2. Stanley Yelnats

        @Samantha Passlow I get that. I may be wrong, I thought that he was just looking up and saw her changing and then looked away. Not that he just stood there.

      3. Samantha Passlow

        He did bring it up but in a joking way. He wasn’t apologetic or anything. If a friend watched me change and was like ‘haha I saw this person change’ and deliberately watched me change, I would 100% stop being friends with them.

    50. valeria aguirre

      Idk him just walking into girls room unannounced is kinda sus like not even knock? Before going into a girls room?

      1. Bethany Levy

        Plus whenever Yvonne tried locking her door so he couldn't barge in, he'd get upset with her

    51. Sionnanful

      It’s so sad how she downplays some of the stuff he did...like I had a guy creep on me at my work and I did the same thing. It was only until I talked with my friend like “hey..is this weird that he said this?” And she’s like “yes.” It’s hard to bring things up and it’s hard when you don’t want to acknowledge that’s someone’s a creep when they are.

      1. mira chen

        EXACTLY I’ve dealt with it too, it’s really easy to justify toxic things someone is doing in ur head because you’re still friends with them and view them as a good person, but it’s important to be honest with yourself and others about what’s really going on :( which is why it’s rlly brave of leslie to be talking about this

    52. Sergent Buzz

      I really don’t want this in my recommended. Hope Fed gets better, he was a great in 2018 and 2019.

    53. d y n a h

      i hate how she was dismissing her emotions, like how she was saying fed ditching her to hang with jodie wasnt that big of a deal, but from someone who has had crappy friends, ik how much that hurts and it honestly does cause trust issues.

    54. Nirupama J

      I'm new to this friend group and didn't know anyone properly and all this drama was sooo confusing.. I subscribed to everyone (fuslie Edison lud Peter sykkuno Rae poki lily corpse jack John jack) and when I would watch pokis yt vids app comments were so vile. Everyone kept bashing her but I understood what she felt. Her trying not to break down to not get called an erratic women.. I related to that. It was soo nice to see her open up on streams and seeing Leslie talk her side is soo touching. Among us, Thankyou for introducing me to such nice content creators ❤️

    55. Jaycee cole

      Fed needs to take the fucking dark triad test lol I guarantee he’ll score high

      1. Jaycee cole

        @Artur Bliacher lol tf

      2. Artur Bliacher

        can't wait til you graduate highschool :)

    56. Keisha Ba


    57. Vinh Le

      46:20 Honestly made me laugh so hard. Sad stream, but nice to have a giggle after some sad talks

    58. Iris

      I love how all the boys are super supportive TvT like they all felt rly freaking bad when they found out what fed was doing to the girls, like it’s NOT their fault

    59. ChocoCondos

      Uhhh the subject should both be dealt in private, given some time to pass, and then spoken on publicly. A lot of people want these women (and men) to just keep their abuse a secret and that's just sick. So many people go through this kind of inappropriate behavior but they're the one's who are treated like shit for being abused.

    60. Roxie G

      Y’all now that fed came out with document, it doesn’t clear him. Like now it just proves what we already knew, poki is a bad person and fed still has all these things and more on him. It doesn’t take away anything that he did. Poki manipulating him is nothing compared to what fed has done. Fed still has a lot of issues.

      1. Roxie G

        @a bonzai yeah I saw that too. Like at the time when she wanted to fire Yvonne she did not know what had happened to Yvonne. She just thought that lately Yvonne was getting lazy and not doing her work as house manager. Eventually tho as stuff cam out poki, Yvonne, and Jodi discussed a things in private and cleared things up. The only reason they even went public was because of fed.

      2. a bonzai

        You should look at poki's statement and her side of the story. A lot of fed's documents of poki were taken out of context

    61. Lucas Fuentes

      seeing leslie so perturbed or sad, it's a sight I wish I never saw again. she's such a ray of sunshine and it breaks me heart seeing her like this

    62. Mark Rivera

      OTV would've been great without fed ngl but I felt bad because whenever I watch OTV videos and I see him in their videos my thought is like omg he's here and it's like I felt uncomfortable watching it. I'm sorry for it

    63. Paul Hensley

      honestly, if we took pokimane out of all of this. all of these victims would have been heard.

      1. Sionnanful

        Ew victim blaming ain’t cute.

      2. jared50709

        If people weren’t obsessed with poki one way or the other all of them be heard.however if it weren’t for her telling them her experience with fed,nobody would have heard anything until he did something worse.

    64. Bryan Lin

      Wow I remember watching this video not knowing Leslie or Peter. Strange to see this video again 5 months later after knowing them for a couple months (started off from among us)

    65. Kage tracer

      This really makes me sad I’ve been watching OTV for like 2 years now and while I think Fed was a tad bit creepy I still enjoyed his presence in the videos i just makes me sad to see a man who I enjoyed watching and actually liked turn into a villain of all of these girls but hey at least Micheal is there now to lighten the mood and make the videos funnier

    66. Let Ari Play

      This girl is so relaxed for something so sad. What he did is bad but this girl is so chill laughing, stretching and saying “ahhh, remember those drama free days” gorl u literally damaging this male to even end his life, if u are a friend u would give people forgiveness and many many chances/ I think it’s so unacceptable to touch women and manipulate people. But y’all shouldn’t mix males and females in a house and make them get super comfy with challenges, jokes, cooking, travelling. It’s like a brother and sister don’t even hangout out that much. So just saying, miss comfy cozy gorl with her blanket cozy comfy relaxation. Grow up and stop acting like a bully. Stop giggling, at least cry. And that guy next to her is so annoying, he’s acting like he’s a psychologist with his analysis

      1. jazzidreamer

        ....so if she doesn't cry it's not real ? You know some people go into shock, some people detach, I mean I've laughed at a funeral. Humans react weird to stress

      2. Victor 64

        bruh, people deal with negative stuff differently. Just because she doesn't cry on camera doesn't mean she has doesn't have feelings. Grow up and stop blaming victims

      3. 8Bit

        wdym mixing males and females in a house? what are you insinuating? they gave him plenty of chances to change but he didnt care, why would she cry abt someone who was so manipulative and didnt have any interest in change?

      4. mirroredimage

        Jesus you have such a bad take on this.

    67. Magical Mushroom

      Such a toxic person


      I hate seeing them cry, this is so heartbreaking

    69. j a y l a

      i feel so bad for her, it seems as if she’s trying to downplay her own emotions without realizing. it looks like it comes from a place of insecurity or uncomfortableness :( just because her issues may not have been as severe as the other girl’s experiences, these are still pretty bad and needs to realize that her problems are valid as well

    70. Anna

      I hate how these women are apologizing for bringing their story forward.

      1. beeto

        shes dismissing all her feelings :(

      2. Vanilla Banilla

        Yeah like it's not even their fault why should they aplogise

      3. Lillian Jones

        @soonF N ok who asked u? fed?

      4. Taryn

        @Matty Roccz He probably thinks he is cool

      5. Matty Roccz

        @soonF N thats cause your probably just like him


      Get to the fucking pont

      1. Samantha Passlow

        You can’t just skip everything that happened because you’re to lazy to listen to her story.

    72. Jazzymine


    73. Memoria

      And here we are today (Dec 2020) seeing the "leaked" version of Fed's "My Truth" accusing Poki of the exact same thing - push and pull constantly to keep hold of the other person in a relationship (friendship or not); and being "two-faced" when the disagreement between Jodie and Leslie took place. I'm not saying Poki isn't at fault (for the relationship-related issues). I'm asking why they're both doing it but everyone is calling Poki two-faced bitch and whatsnot but Fed isn't being scrutinized the same way; even though the victim herself (Yvonne) stood up and covered for Poki, explaining that none of it was behind her back and it was a legit concern. Try having your private messages with someone you're flirting with leaked out and is forced to explain about it in front of a few millions viewers - you would scroll pass them quickly as well. Try not being nasty on the internet for once, people.

      1. Shadowblade 2405

        The worst part is poki got all the hate for that when there were like 10 people saying fed manipulated everyone .

      2. Memoria

        @David B That is one interesting theory as well. I don't want to speculate on that (since in the fan's doc, it's showed that he was angry at her but that could have been staged, we don't even know if it's actually the fan who wrote it). But yes, before casting any judgement, I just want to understand why there's such double standard in the expectation people seem to have for poki vs fed. It's ridiculous.

      3. David B

        @Memoria various streamers (Yvonne, Destiny) have said that sometimes random people would be spamming other versions of this document on chat, apparently Fed was giving it to random fans. I don't believe he didn't know that it would be posted, I mean, what else could you expect would happen if you give that documents to some of your fans, like he is been working on that document for 2 months after he talked to Poki and agreeing to not post this thing

      4. Memoria

        @Yam Thank you. I actually wasn't even aware of Poki's new doc at the time of that comment, but even from just reading Fed's doc, it's already very obvious that all the messages presented were very one-sided, and was purposely picked that way to show Poki in the light Fed wanted to portray her. Having said that, this was probably done dirty for both Poki and Fed since the one releasing Fed's doc was a crazy fan thinking she knows his situation better than himself, but it doesn't change the fact that damage has been done.

      5. Yam

        You’re also missing how poki released her own document explaining her side, which shows that Fed’s document took a lot of her side from out of context or rehashed a lot of old drama they already solved between themselves

    74. E-Series

      This is why I think OfflineTV should just break up.

      1. E-Series

        @JedOrJeddy :D Says the one who has nothing to base that opinion off of. At the very least I have reasons as to why I think they should break up.

      2. JedOrJeddy :D

        your opinion is invalid :)

      3. Imperial Kush

        This is why nobody asks for your opinion

    75. Zoey Ferkovich

      did not age well... smh

      1. jared50709

        literally nothing in this vid has changed.

      2. 8Bit

        nothing has changed :p

      3. David B

        Plot twist: this aged like fine wine 👌

    76. Hugo roblex3

      How things have changed

      1. 8Bit

        whats changed? are you saying bc he leaked his side of the story hes all of a sudden a good person now? absolutely stupid argument

      2. Hello Kitty

        But they haven't. Fed was still a manipulative a**hole to Leslie and a sexual harasser. Quit acting like the poki drama changes anything.

    77. Ana Miller

      Are you kidding me? He said he supported you but that does not mean he needs to treat the other friend like shit. What is wrong with you people?

      1. Sionnanful

        I don’t think she implied that. He literally lied to her and said he was “tired” when he went to go see Jodi right after. Like..that’s kinda skeevy.

    78. Ana Miller

      FED didn't sexually assault anyone . If anyone ever said no to anything he didn't do it again that is not sexual assault. I cannot believe you people do this to one of your friends. To accuse them of sexual assault when they have not is beyond cruel.

      1. a bonzai

        Wow. How would you know? Are you friends with him and do you personally know them? No? So stfu

      2. jared50709

        but also its more sexual harassment.

      3. jared50709

        Angeliskimi.that is all.

      4. Yam

        This is so..... What if the person is being pressured to not say no? What if they feel like they CAN’T say no? What if they’re still so very uncomfortable with it and feel violated but the person’s actions are so normalized that you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t say anything? This is such a very wrong view on sexual assault. Please do not say this.

    79. Pooja K

      All these comments are so funny after Fed's document has been released !

      1. sil

        this comment is so funny after Imane's document was released !

      2. Samantha Passlow

        Still doesn’t excuse what he did. See Poki’s document - it shows that Fed left out and took out of context what Pokimane did.

    80. Danger Noodle

      It's back again well played YT drama is back up

    81. F T

      Your channel is bad and you should feel bad

      1. 8Bit

        and your opinion is invalid sweetie

      2. Digvijay Singh

        I don't think it's Leslie channel

    82. Kadeda RPGs

      Oof... that's rough buddy.

    83. Rosa Barks

      man all the streamers just fake as fuck. all these people who speak for a living have like extreme anxiety all of sudden. also if you are taking one side you are part of the problem. clearly both people are piece of shit lol.

      1. a bonzai

        Dud just shut up. You don't know any of them so stop assuming just because you see videos out of their entire lives

    84. FuryXHD PC

      this aged so poorly...

      1. Samantha Passlow

        Dosui if she felt uncomfortable and violated then yeah he was sexually assaulting her. Don’t fucking touch someone intimately without consent.

      2. jared50709

        @Dosui angeliskimi said no.

      3. Dosui

        @Yam he fucking kissed her hand and touched her side and she some how traumatize get yvonne and yourself outta here with your bs absolutely ridiculous ig i should of called the cops when my random ass friend tried kissing me huh??????????????????????????????????????

      4. Yam

        @Dosui did you even read her statement? She’s confronted him about it multiple times and he denied it ever happened before admitting he KNEW he overstepped boundaries. Yvonne has a boyfriend and Fed was her friend. She trusted Fed and it’s very common in situations of being sexually assaulted to freeze up and NOT BE ABLE TO SAY ANYTHING or be scared to. She outlined that she was scared and really uncomfortable because he took advantage of her trust as her friend to touch intimately touch her without her permission, plus he did it AGAIN after admitting he knew he overstepped boundaries. Also. Sexual assault doesn’t automatically mean rape. Sexual assault covers a variety of actions including UNWANTED groping, touching, kissing, AND rape, but sexual assault is not a completely interchangeable term for rape. Fed did not rape either of them, but he still sexually assaulted both girls. That is NOT arguable. Do not respond to this and try to victim blame either girl. It’s much easier than said to just be an outsider like “oh they could’ve just said no or told him to stop!” when you’ve never been in this situation and could never understand how they felt. If anyone around you has the unfortunate luck to get sexually assaulted, I hope you NEVER say ANY of this to them. You’ll make them feel fucking horrible as it is when people who get sexually assaulted already suffer from self doubt and get guilt tripped because “it’s their fault” when it. Isn’t.

      5. Dosui

        @Yam Um I don't remember she ever telling him to stop so wdym???? She let him sleep in her bed and he touched her stop being ridiculous he didn't rape her

    85. Andrew Moon

      This did not age well

    86. 死Death

      Funny that this repops on my feed after the destiny vid 😂

    87. Bryan Trinh

      Hearing the stories about Fed being there for everyone and suddenly disappearing, reminds me a little of myself, but maybe for different reasons. I think i have a strong case of depression and cut myself off from the world and disappear for a month or two, just sitting at home contemplating suicide from time to time. I was never comfortable talking to any of my friends, or even my girlfriend at the time, so I'd just disappear for a whole month. Seeing Leslie and Peter talk about this makes my actions feel so selfish. I vow to be better!

      1. a bonzai

        No don't do this to yourself. Fed and you are completely different people with different reasonings. Fed was a jerk and bad person. You just needed time for yourself. I hope youcan talk about this with someone soon

    88. Spoonk ed

      44:53 very interesting, poki was the one to encourage her to share these things, but also put it into words

    89. Benjamin Driscoll

      This is drama in a friend group at this point

    90. Indara

      All i see now is that poki manipulated them all

      1. ari

        they were both manipulative but at least poki didn't sexually assault anyone lmao

      2. jared50709

        Not really.

      3. Fernando V

        @Shahad Ahmed you should watch the stream where destiny talked about feds side of the story

      4. Indara

        @Shahad Ahmed oh u didnt hear the latest news

      5. Indara

        @Dooms Dimension im not even protecting fed here chill,he definitly has faults too but the difference is that he has taken accountability for his actions and trying to be better,not like poki who still keep manipulating them 🐍

    91. JCTV

      I wonder if she is still thankful to Poki now that we now she absolutely lied about some elements of FED

      1. B.R. V.

        @Kadeda RPGs well there’s proof that he was sexually harassing the girls in the house, it’s in otv videos and different streams. Regardless of anything else that’s crossing a huge line and he deserves to get booted for that alone.

      2. R1KK11Y

        lol poki was right

      3. Kadeda RPGs

        @Dooms Dimension How the hell do you even believe anything they say at this point? Poki is just proven liar and manipulator. A lot of these people are scared of her. Fed the only person in this whole situation that showed proof.

      4. JCTV

        @Dooms Dimension woah, never said anything to the contrary, but she did lie about who wanted Yvonne fired, she did lie about not being incredibly flirty with him, Fed has his issues and there is no excuse, but lying about these things destroys Poki's credibility in the narrative she portrayed in the original video

      5. Dooms Dimension

        Poki might have lied about her experiences and hid the fact that she was in a relationship with him, but that doesn't magically erased EVERYONE else's experiences with him. He was a predatory manipulator and that itself was a fact.

    92. Vincent H.

      Mmmmmm, new information doesn't make his stupid decisions okay but it does put alot of things into perspective....

      1. Dosui

        What stupid decision? To touch a girls side?

    93. Darkmare

      46:18 lmfao!

    94. Rita Alves

      The peener is a good friend

    95. 황휴준

      If Fed has ADHD....As a person who HAS ADHD...i would NEVER do this...like tf kind of excuse

      1. Charles Masclef

        Guilt trapping 101. Everybody goes/has been through some shit but that mean everybody ends up shitty people. Even outside of the assaults and illegal stuffs, Fed was objectively a bad person. But I guess morals are not a general thing ever since Twitter came out... :/

    96. Prakash Balaraman

      This is proof for much we know about our entertainers and how they reveal some stuff to us like in a light fashion. Most of the people don't know the whole story so they can't comment on it but they do anyway

    97. Charmella

      I love how confused the chat is they’re all like ???????????? hahaha SAME

    98. Quick Bruno

      Why are people so late to this lmao