G̲o̲rillaz - Demon Days (Full Album)

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    1. Gal Godonut

      Better quality upload here: hufast.info/plan/vide/mXmZr9-duorIiH0

      1. Josh Lyle

        Im sorry I cant stop laughing at your username it's genius X]

      2. mathias roque

        @Yan Brodeur pas de problème ^^

      3. Yan Brodeur

        @mathias roque sorru one of the children write on my youtube account

      4. mathias roque

        thank you

      5. mathias roque

        @Yan Brodeur ?

    2. Derpith Facilities

      My comment / theory from another vid: Ok I recommend listening to the entirety of this album, demon days. Not the videos, but the actual album. Listening to the lyrics you hear about how there is a town (revealed in the end) that was attacked by mysterious people when the destroyed a mountain, and the people knew about how they would keep digging deeper until they got attacked. In the beginning of this album it talks about how everything was changed and is chaotic. The song, or at least how I interpret it, is about 9/11 and how it changed the world after. Listening to the lyrics really close will show a lot about this, plus it was made in 2005.

    3. Spencer Mouritsen

      I f**n cut some onions up on the last track

    4. Nurdin Akmataliev


    5. Derriek Drehman

      Milk Dud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Jaxon Jones

      4:14 Pico's School Theme

    7. Jennifer Pitts

      Y'all have my lyrics

    8. EL D martinez

      When I started listening to this band I really liked the albums I don't have any, it's specific but I like them

    9. Patchess

      "Hey do you know where I left my pen?" "36:39"

    10. Joseph Rivera


    11. Nalotrisin Flappers

      M o N k E 40:35

    12. Privileged White Male

      23:27 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead lost my leg like I lost my way So no loose ends Nothing to see me down How are we going to work this out? Dreams aren't bad, our heads are mad I love the girl But God only knows it's Getting hard to see the sun coming through I love you But what are we going to do? Picture on the dreamer I'll take you deeper Down to the sleepy glow Time is a low Don't you know What are we going to do? When you go back All the second selfless days You're in love with him I want to see you again I love you But what are we going to do?

    13. Redacteur chef

      tihs is so daupe im enjoing it muchos love frome spain

    14. Diemler

      Их лучший альбом. Новый выпуск своей передачи о музыке целыми альбомами, я посвятил ему. Если хотите подробнее узнать о музыке и тексте отсюда - загляните на канал, оцените. Контент старательный :)

    15. Miguel Santos

      Ajer pou

    16. Argos Panoptès


    17. monclear year

      el manãna is one of my favorite songs

    18. Kirby Gutierrez

      23:27 next song to peaky blinders

    19. SoupForTheJester

      Listening to this for the first time in forever, and I want to cry from the nostalgia. One of the greatest albums of all time IMO.

    20. Craig Dickson Muay Thai

      15 years man wow

    21. Morgan Peshe

      Something that has stumped me for years is, everyone has their opinions on which Gorillaz album is their favorite, and that is totally fine. But how it is not just the common consensus that Demon Days is their magnum opus? How is there even a debate to how much of a force of nature level masterpiece this is? Plastic Beach is great, Gorillaz(album) is a classic, and now Song Machine is really neat and made of for Humanz which was a mistake. Gorillaz makes great music, but Demon Days is just on a completely different level.

      1. Morgan Peshe

        @Samuel Levi I like Plastic Beach too, but it honestly has nothing on the tone and scope of Demon Days.It has an orchestra, the guest spots are at the best they have ever been, each song works perfectly with the others. Plastic beach is a fun album, but Demon Days is just Gorillaz at their best.

      2. Samuel Levi

        Idk man Plastic Beach is up there too

      3. Zak Spieker

        @Kyo The fall technically isn't an album, but there's definitely some good stuff. Revolving door, and hillbilly man are my favorites. I'd say demon days is my favorite of all their stuff, but I like pretty much all of it. Except humanz that really was pretty terrible.

      4. Kyo

        Unpopular opinion: I love their album "The fall"

    22. Sano BR

      2-D looks like Andy Capp

    23. simpyzee

      why tf does 2-D have pupils in this album cover?

      1. simpyzee

        @lolfor life Boi you cappin

      2. lolfor life

        @simpyzee that's just a shadow

      3. simpyzee

        @lolfor life there’s a bit of black in there looking back

      4. lolfor life

        He has the white eyes not pupils

    24. Agustin Nahuel Matera

      quiero quiero quiero quiero quiero quiero quiero quiero

    25. CryptographicCreedBoi :0

      ty for this

    26. CrazyDoc 1

      Danm i used to be obsessed about this whole band back in Highschool. this all bring back good memories.

    27. Tristen Torres

      16:07 did you come here for this one just wondering

    28. Maximiliano Silva

      awante DOOM ctmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      1. Maximiliano Silva

        @kordru OMG i can't believe it

      2. kordru

        you're the 666th comment!

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    30. Cody Lemburg

      just coming here to make the number of comments right

    31. Jackey Chen

      The nutty knowledge strangely multiply because seal iteratively reflect vice a simplistic albatross. magenta, damaging zebra

    32. kordru

      i'm officially the 662nd comment, can't wait for the comments to reach 666

    33. NotGreat

      3:00 my favorite individual part of any gorillaz song now.

      1. lolfor life

        My fav is the transition from dirty harry to feel gud

    34. Julian Hansen

      While the first Gorillaz album was pretty much 33 % Good, 33 1/2% mediocre and 33 1/2 % not that good at all imo atleast, Demon Days is a masterpiece no doubt! I really like about three songs from the first Gorillaz album, Clint Eastwood(The original NONE sped-up version), 19-2000(both versions) and Rock The House, rest is pretty "Meh" to me, the sped-up version with the rap verses of Clint Eastwood is just horrible imo though i get the idea.. A bit fun, but an assault to my ears and brain lol.. The alternative version of 19-2000 is pretty good though.. Not the best Gorillaz album from a musical standpoint, but a nice beginning and some great fun songs here and there.. Demon Days is one of the most versitile and exciting musical journeys i have been on, especially the two ending songs, Damon Albarn and co. Incorporated so many different genres and styles and it´s a fun listening experience yet very deep and profound, by far the best and most ambitious album Damon has ever put out imo. And one of my favorit discs to hear from start to finish. Incredible to have an almost Gospel ending to the album. "Dare" Is just friggen amazing aswell though all the songs has something to offer

      1. Julian Hansen

        @nr danger Okay, i remember that song, i like that one too actually, so atleast four songs i like, i think i liked a couple of more if i hear the album from start to finish again, but i don´t recall it being as solid as Demon Days ect.

      2. Julian Hansen

        @nr danger You can argue that i judged too quickly, i don´t know the name of all the songs on the first Gorillaz album, i have just recently heard it from start to finish a lot of times in a row, and i don´t dig that many songs that much, but maybe i should look Slow Country up, thanks for the suggestion :-)

      3. nr danger

        I'm not hear to challenge or argue another fan, but Slow Country does nothing for you?

    35. omie murray

      ROOT MANUVA and MF DOOM; sublime features for any album

      1. Leto Grew

        U up

    36. FinalFantasyFan300

      I can’t believe they didn’t put this on “The Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time” list!!

    37. XxWhat the fuckxX

      This album’s timeless as hell. And it’s only 16 years old.

    38. BAX

      kids with guns, kids with guns, kids with guns, is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it is it does it AND THEY TURNING US INTO MONSTEEEEEEEEEEEE TURNIN US INTO FIOOOOOOOOO C:

    39. Said -z

      -chicos,soy nuevo en esto de gorillaz,pero me podrian decir cual albun comprarme primero de estos 3 (las que les puse ''-'' son mis favoritas de cada album). -guys, I'm new to this gorillaz thing, but you could tell me which one Abounds to buy me first of these 3 (the ones I put ''-'' on them are my favorites from every album). plastic beach -stylo -rhinestone eyes -superfast jellyfish -empire ants -plastic beach -on melancholy hill -broken Demon days -feel good inc -dare -dirty harry -kids with guns -o green world -el mañana Gorillaz -rock the house -19-2000 -re-hash -5/4 -clint easwood -19-2000 remix -tomorrow comes today -punk -latine simone -new genius

      1. Lautaro Ramos

        te recomiendo the singles collection tiene un poco de todas las canciones desde el 2000 hasta el 2011

    40. V R

      love it

    41. Cristobal Soto

      This album is so good

    42. rodrigo galvan

      Best album 00's

    43. aidman staun

      2005: Life was simple, Alonso won F1 Championship, Arsenal won premier league, this banger came out, Harry Potter released goblet of fire, jeez take me back to these times man. 2020-21:Almost about to graduate, Song Machine on my playlist, watched Lewis Hamilton Take his 7th f1 title, watched arsenal suck at playing, seeing various people/rappers get taken from us, I have my own car, COVID has taken over the rest of us.

      1. lolfor life

        The early 2000s where far from simple

    44. Alonso Moctezuma

      fel got inc

    45. Alonso Moctezuma

      minuto 12:32

    46. Jeremy Lappindinho

      i like the bit where a gorillaz song plays


      2:26 Quiero Quiero Quiero Quiero Quiero Quiero Quiero

    48. Katherine Montgomery

      The lively swallow presently knot because estimate periodically mine atop a tasty jumbo. weak, purple collar

    49. Lrt-pw Pwl

      The best ending ever for the best album ever

    50. AoAstar

      who else found this band cause they were a weeb and would buy anything that looked like it might be anime??

      1. AoAstar

        @liamisliammaybe reading this is like asmr

      2. liamisliammaybe

        No person ever other than you. This is better than anime. This is a masterpiece of art that can only be matched with the mona lisa. Gorillaz over anime any day, though anime is good and alot of time and dedication is put into the art so i respect that

    51. Nick Kitchens

      Okay,I know that Murdoc is the oldest but HIS HEEAAD IS HUUUUGGGGEEE

    52. Luis david Torres sanchez

      People who likes white light come here boi

    53. magmuppenator

      this is my favorite album ever. there's nothing like it

    54. Simone Alvear Calderon

      i'm farting in time

    55. EDGL

      uno siempre vuelve donde es feliz

    56. gabriel gramatikoff

      Arguably the best album ever made

    57. Miguel Santos

      :D colombia doesnt exist.

    58. PPTACO

      I love the fact that I still have this whole album on cd

      1. lolfor life

        Lol I just ordered the vinyl

    59. A Literal Apple

      I just realised that this cover was the precursor to the political compass. Murdoc is a communist 2-D is a fascist Noodle is an anarchist Russel is a libertarian

    60. mari

      best album. i should be working on my homework bye.

      1. WTF15TH15

        @thewhistlingpixie same for me

      2. thewhistlingpixie

        This album is helping me get through my homework.

    61. pero ore


    62. Phrog ribbit

      I don’t care what u say this is one of gorillaz best albums

      1. Carl Daenzer

        Truth! The rest of the albums are all amazing, I even loved The Fall, such quality for being trapped on an airplane between events.

      2. Griff Foxhole

        this is one of gorillaz best albums

      3. Adintya Annasai DK

        alright jeez.... chill

      4. Alexander Venegas

        you are goddamn right

    63. Kacper Pakuła


      1. Kacper Pakuła

        @Gal Godonut wah?

      2. Gal Godonut


    64. doubleddy75

      One of the most influential records of all time. A masterpiece and a achievement in modern music. Prove me wrong!!!

      1. Ted

        Care to elaborate? What did it influence?

    65. Samuel A.

      Dirty Harry is Sped Up wtf.

    66. Garrett Nelson

      Lost count of how many times I played this album in my CD player when I was 16/17. Surprised it didn't break.

    67. Ruben Cires



      dope channel

    69. Danii v

      ahhh it feels so good to come back.

    70. Marklithikk

      Gorillaz, sure are something special.

    71. Sir Ric Webb

      Noodle is my fetish.

      1. Sir Ric Webb

        That's hot

      2. Sir Ric Webb

        Just that noodle can play guitar

      3. Sir Ric Webb

        What cartoons and people hooking up .. Roger Rabbit did it.

      4. Nuggutz

        what 😃

    72. Sir Ric Webb

      Great band. Awesome productions Love them.

    73. GreenLand Cris

      When i was around 9 years old my mom bought me a T shirt of this band... she never knew what it was about... but that changed my life. Thanks mom.

      1. bindu

        she knew she knew blessed mom

      2. Raman

        @Dirty Doctor Dan It varies. Music can be a conduit for a lot of change in ones emotions.

      3. Katie Barden

        I'm totally going to buy one for my 8 year old...

      4. BronwynIsntHere

        Honestly I got into it because I would watch the MTV special and “do your thing” video and I didn’t know what it was, but I started doing my research and here I am re-listening to this album for the 5th time 🤷‍♀️

      5. Dirty Doctor Dan

        @GreenLand Cris yes yes i'm sure you have plenty of important things to do

    74. Giovanna D'Alessandro

      When the world ends, this album will be playing in the credits. My fav album of all time.

      1. Clara Cas

        agree agree agree

    75. April


    76. Random Channel


      1. Random Channel

        @Tasty Chicken I didn't. Not my fault if you're so fragile that me disagreeing with you hurts your perception of the album.

      2. Tasty Chicken

        okay but there's no need to ruin someone's opinion on this album

      3. Random Channel

        @John Petry Plastic Beach is way better.

      4. John Petry

        What's wrong with you

    77. Juan lol Jihad

      High priests gaba ghoul

    78. KANKIRU

      I'm in a loop, every time the video will end I put it at the beginning, because the songs at the beginning are the best .-.

      1. lolfor life

        Gunna have to disagree

    79. grim

      R.I.P MF DOOM

    80. MrLumberjackz

      This is one of those albums that you MUST listen front to back almost everytime. Timeless.

      1. Jacob Ring

        i totally agree! it flows like an opera and jams all along the way!

    81. Well yah

      I'm listening to this instead of the teacher I feel like I'm learning more from this

    82. Pejcos


    83. DoggyNGT

      Feel Good .inc feels weird after actually hearing Mouth Dreams first... Don't ask

    84. Erin Maguire

      Nice to rediscover an old musical friend This was my jam 2006 ... and now in 2020 🤟🏻

    85. Camji

      RIP KING

    86. KoalaCrazeXD 106

      Intro Last Living Eds Eds With Guns Ed Green World Dirty Ed Feel Ed Inc. Ed Mañana Every Planet We Reach Is Ed November Has Ed Ed Alone White Ed DARE ED Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Ed Don't Get Lost In Ed Demon Eds

      1. KoalaCrazeXD 106

        @Jaime El cactus its a play on of the ed edd n eddy episode titles because every title has the word "ed" in it

      2. Sayori


      3. Giovanna D'Alessandro

        wtf is Ed

    87. ibbx. xddi

      looks like 2d has a hickey O_O

    88. JJ Lamberto

      One of the best albums EVER

    89. Uh Oh

      Rest in Peace MF Doom (Daniel Dumile) and best wishes for his wife Jasmine Dumile

      1. Uh Oh

        @Itspopponio he featured in the song "November has come"

      2. Itspopponio

        @Rock 'n Roll Party THX

      3. Rock 'n Roll Party

        @Itspopponio he's on November Has Come

      4. Itspopponio

        aha nvm i see on wikip he did somehow contribute

      5. Itspopponio

        Did he help create this album???

    90. KSAMF

      When I listened for the first time Demon Days I was 12 or 13. I loved it. Some years passed before I replayed the full album again, when I was 22. I didn't enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed it when I was 12. Here I am, 29 years old re-enjoying it after listening Gorillaz's latest track "The lost chord"

    91. Jeremy Otaku28

      This is ahead of it’s time.

      1. Jeremy Otaku28

        @Black Ninja w-why’s that?

      2. Black Ninja

        this is gay

    92. Hellfire is weird

      o green world is giving me nfs payback vibes

    93. Mary G

      Funny Name Gal 😄 God donut or like the super or i mean Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.... did I spell, correct?

    94. Matt Smith

      *rip DOOM*

    95. Angelito

      Así arrancamos el 2021, con este discazo.

      1. Ezequiel Valdebenito

        Angelito same bro

    96. freeisalwaysme


    97. Dudeguygamer

      Has nobody noticed that 2D has pupils on the Demon Days cover?

      1. funtime_Joshua

        It's a reflection

    98. Carlos Corona

      Todos esas músicas me asen sentir muy bien me dan como ganas de llorar todas son unas grandes canciones Like si sientes lo mismo 😌😌

    99. Santi Tiburon

      Soy el comentario 500 yei

    100. Milo Galvez

      el manana this god song