Girl Streamer Defends Her Simps


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    Girl Streamer Defends Her Simps
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    1. Dominic Patterson

      Never simp

    2. brokenPS2

      Basically she's saying keep giving me your money

    3. Dennis Richards

      Damn, someone must've pissed in her CornFlakes. Shes a lil bit upset.

    4. Goat Mike

      She's a simp for the simps

    5. DeSean Liggans

      I feel like if women took the same initiative with the word hoe as we are trying to make an actual point with the word simp and both men and women got their shift together, the world would be a better place. I feel alot of people have been babied for so long that if those words came form the opposite gender the world would just focus on what was said and who said , go on twitter or whatever and begin the cancel culture rituals. at the end of it all be who you are and if the boys tell you stop simpin' dont get sensitive, take the real meaning of do better cause we know you can.

    6. ________

      Dyfo videos saving me in the second covid lockdown

    7. still fitz

      She even labelled her too donator as the SIMP OF THE DAY smh😑😑

    8. Shawn S.Beats

      I just can't believe there's guys out there this dumb... I would never just give some random person any money on the Internet... I barely give my girlfriend any money.. 😂😂 you said it perfect.. Taking advantage of losers

    9. Dexter Phillips

      Simps are beyond saving in my book only way to save thme is to kill them.

    10. Jacob De La Vega

      her voice mixed with her accent is dogshit

    11. Kevin Dudson

      Simping is so 2020. Pimping is the new black @ 2021.

    12. Rafael Negron

      wait you don't have neon lighting?

    13. Loshini Shankar

      no honestly, though, there's a difference between simps and guys genuinely in love. Don't shame men for love, it's sad :( If he buys his girlfriend flowers, let him. If he gives her massages, let him. Don't criticize him. It's a love language. He's just showing his love. However on the other hand, almost everyone online you don't know have weird intentions and can be called simps, i suppose. Obviously that's wrong.

      1. AJ White

        There is nothing wrong buying the person your sleeping with gifts but paying girls online that are boring as all hell is bad

    14. High Off Sauce

      2:22 Bruh read her chat and at the bottom there's a *Simp Of The Day* lmao

    15. game master

      Wtf, look on the text down: ''Simp of the day: 26$ '' this girl is really fcked up.

    16. parental advisory

      Yea man u really need to open the blinds it's kinda hard for myself and the boys to see what you're wearing through them

    17. The Mandalorian

      No i watch you bequase you expose these herretics may the emperor protect you

    18. Andy Taylor

      I only sub to people who actually have skill in the game they play or roast people for simpin in their chat..🤷🏾‍♂️ and love the content @dyfo

    19. Jay sama

      Shes actually feeding off of them for attention and money that's the only reason she's defending them

    20. Millan Ferende

      0:48 - this is because those 91% of people watching your content, aren't Simps. BE PROUD OF THAT!!

    21. enderneon 633

      I simp over my stalker

    22. Hector

      Simping is the true disease

    23. Valentino

      First video and instant sub funny af

    24. Peice Control Alex

      Just stop simp wars is unnecessary Seriously stop is getting annoying

    25. John Daniel

      The Simp chat is way too messed up then simp's pathetic lives.

    26. Nicholas Price

      You got neon lighting?

    27. Jorge Askren

      Tbh iv never subbed bcuz you just get recommended to me while im eating or something.. F*** it ill sub. But dont expect any likes. Thats asking too much😂

    28. Eschus2 0

      If you can’t take the heat get out of the....

    29. Jacob Lopez

      Talks about roasting simps but ask us to simp by subscribing and watch his whole video? The fuck outa here man😂

    30. SAX Games

      Let's be honest if there were no simps what fun would twitch be?

    31. Beanie baby Queen12

      First of all why protect sense I mean you’re just making it much worse you’re like wasting their lives and money on you so why guys to get over people like you girls. I’m a girl and I don’t want a guy to Simp for me it’s just disgusting and a waste of time so protecting your Sims it’s just gonna make it much worse you’re a Simp yourself for protecting them for being too much true facts if they waste your money on you and you dare time of life then that’s your fault.

    32. Nana Addo

      "Simp me and be proud of it"- women who's accent I can't place

    33. Snake the Adversary

      Come like troll.

    34. The Gute

      She’s like Warren Buffett, just trying to protect her investments and assets

    35. Brucci Wayne Music

      She said '$$$IMP ME BABY'

    36. Anindya

      What the fuck is their content? It makes me laugh we they say literally sitting and doing nothing is content.

    37. Andrew Omeruo

      fortnite gay

    38. Michael

      The most I'll give a female streamer (or any streamer) is $10

    39. - SpaceNav -

      45 seconds in and you're already begging people to watch the whole video and subscribe. My guy it's so clear that you're just a bootleg Optimus, and plus, your first insult is the biggest nit-pick. "Being called a Simp is always a bad thing" Yeah no shit dude, you don't gotta rely on sentence mistakes for insults.

    40. Jonas Gonzalez

      I hate fucking simps

    41. Afro man

      Today is the I decided not to be a bitch


      Hope these simps go broke and homeless

    43. billyapexperts1

      Forgive them father for they have simped 🙏🏾

    44. Ro G

      I'm not subscribing asshole

    45. DRC VLOGS

      These are good examples of being a simp but sometimes I see some retards call guys simps when they compliment/talk about their girlfriends or tell them that they love them online, since when was it being a simp to proclaim your love for your girlfriend?

    46. DRC VLOGS

      Itsskylol is one of the rare few who is good at some games.(in my opinion)

    47. TheGasPowered JohnnyJohn

      Imagine being proud to be a simp

    48. VisuallyAmazing

      What do eGirls call simps? Clients

    49. Osagie Daniel

      See so many subscribers on this channel gives me hope that there are still and bunch of sane people in this world

    50. Osagie Daniel

      We can never let simps go free😂😂😂

    51. BabyDevil

      I am watching u coz u have a neon gun camo😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Karem Sakr

      I don’t know man I really like your lighting lol

    53. Drippin PonyTail

      My lighting is better than hers. Should I attach my cash app?

    54. Hedley Quintana

      You have neon lighting... in your weapon: I find it entertaining!!!

    55. Visor Overwatch

      her simps? lol.

    56. JP Lopez

      So back then men paid strippers a ton of money to see them naked in person.... now people pay a ton of money to watch women talk live on a computer.... fully clothe..... wow.....

    57. CyberFunk

      The bar is so low that I call it "Need For Speed: Underground 3"

    58. death break

      Me watching this almost made me gay

    59. TopFlightSecurity415

      she needs simps for money...of course she defending them

    60. Nicolas V

      • °★ • *.  °    ☀️·    🛸     🌎 °  🌓 •  .°•   🚀 ✯✯      ★ *     °    🛰 °·   .   • °★ • ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃

    61. Prime

      is there a girl streamer that worth simping?

      1. Drippin PonyTail

        big no

    62. Blyatiful Chin

      Taking that amount of redpills these years, one question I’d ask, Does unicorn exist?

    63. Imposter

      5:00 is that black ops 3 or 4?

    64. Tay king

      Stop that "don't be a bitch" shit it's annoying and probably ur biggest down fall

    65. Stan Kolodin

      I'm here for the neon lighting.

    66. Dragos Cutian

      Bro what the fuck I have to work 2 fucking exhausting jobs to support myself while these broads just put on some makeup and chat in front of the camera for a few hours. Life is not fair there is no god fuck all of you

    67. death break

      14 year olds: OMG I WANT TO SMELL YOUR FEET AND SUCK YOUR TOES FROM A LONG WALK her: be a simp and be proud...

    68. Devon Du Plessis

      What is the origin story of the oof sound?

    69. B vegan Now

      Finsubs and simps seem so attractive to me ❤❤❤ anyone who dislikes them seems like they view them as competition and r jealous they r getting female attention cuz they pay for it. Let them pay findoms and simp all they want ❤❤❤

    70. Evilotakuall945

      6:30 and and finessing thirsty dudes out of their hard-earned money under the delusion that they have a chance with you is any better I've never heard so much shit leave one mouth

    71. ctuagent247

      Why do so many people include their shitty CoD/BF gameplay on videos that have nothing to do with it?

    72. Mr J

      Born to Simp

    73. The Sports Life

      A simp is a man who tries (unsuccessfully) to bribe women into sex, even if only in his own mind

    74. Josef

      I can't be bothered throwing money OnlyFans. Too busy learning to write Hiragana because my work requires me to learn Japanese. Advice for Simps: Keep Learning and try to improve yourself, always. Women are not eternal, they age and old, but finding success and improvement is always much more rewarding in the long run. If you find one that will be happily be with you and form a family with you, then great, good for you. But please, if you keep throwing money at these women who only think of you as paypigs, please stop it. It's not helping you. Good Day.

    75. soldatoligio

      you know which place has a lot of fancy neon lights too? strip clubs!

    76. Dillon Draper

      I boy

    77. Kidnoob


    78. jp gri

      You have neon lighting... Take my money

    79. Shomajn

      If I could get a penny for every time Leafy cloned himself.

    80. eyevin cast

      Unlike girls guys tell guys when they’re fucking up......that’s why we call them simps. It’s to making them think about their decisions.

    81. Jj J

      "I don't think you're watching me because I'm wearing a jumpsuit or have neon lighting" NA BRO I WATCH FOR THE KONTENT

    82. Hadra Kir

      Watched your video. You're a fucking douchebag. I will not subscribe.

      1. AdyanPotaterVec


    83. Shirtless Hardy

      Hey it’s pixelsmixel I love her and I simp for her every stream and I’m proud

    84. Cukop Sajlah

      Send all the E-thots back to kitchen. Use the money for nearby hookers instead.

    85. ShujinQ

      Even on the bottom of her Twitch Layout it even says "Simp of the Day"😂

    86. RexRonso

      Most of what she says has nothing to do with creativity or "content". As for why i'm watching your video is due to what you are talking about, that's about it. Cause you're not very creative in terms of content either, Just good at talking a lot. You asked i answered honestly.

    87. Dominic Haertig

      Don’t waste your money on OnlyFans guys it’s not real it’s fake

    88. Toppato Doggo

      Did yo father call you a simp so you made this channel to win his approval and call people simps

    89. Cory Latham


    90. Subscribe to: Dr.Feelgood's Lab

      5:24 Oh, i think she's slightly intelligent... - She proceeds to cover her face and say may or may not be true XD

    91. Subscribe to: Dr.Feelgood's Lab

      4:09 cuz they got fancy neon lighting... - nice skin my white-mixed-indian-brother :3

    92. Subscribe to: Dr.Feelgood's Lab

      0:45 If you are part of the 91%... - If i'm having girls over to my place, i can't afford them to see youtube with anti-feminist stuff, so i subscribe with my personal ac,c and i have HUfast DATING account :3

    93. diamondalexandria

      u can be a simp and not want to have sexual intercourse with them. it’s very simple.

      1. Drippin PonyTail

        @diamondalexandria fuckin loser

      2. diamondalexandria

        Kraven Morehead ehhh nope. ur wrong. It has nothing to do with sex. At least not with me. I get pleasure just by sending money. That’s the fetish. End of story. it’s called findom. look it up.

      3. Drippin PonyTail

        Wrong because if it wasnt about sex then they wouldnt be there. Why would you support someone with no talent or content worthy of support.

    94. Gornobaneca

      Lying to yourself doesn't change the facts. Simps are simping only and i mean ONLY to get special attention. For them is the first step of getting laid. They just need a reality check. Maybe someone who can have a chill discussion with them, explaining them how they are complete morons. Believe me. I was a simp myself and it didn't led me anywhere. Obviously i simped for girls i know. How can you imagine succeeding when these streamers don't give a shit or know about your existence

    95. sam sonic

      We need dyfo to collab with birdman and optimus 👍

    96. Jacoby Johnson

      0:51 convinced me to subscribe and boys have gone from pimps to simps smh

    97. Denver Starkey

      i got no issues with the e-girls or the degenerate simps that support them . my issue is with e-girls and former porn stars co0mign out and talking shit sideways out their ass. sayign stupid shit like "they aren't living on recruit difficulty"

    98. Merciless Mode

      Why i watch my favorite streamers They foster an amazing community of close people, are incredibly interactive with chat, dont get mad when i tease them for their gameplay and laugh with me Its a back and forth

      1. Average Nobody

        @Merciless Mode ok, I just thought otherwise. No worries.

      2. Merciless Mode

        @Average Nobody why would i lie Chadly99, JadedEchoes, Aquawolfmoon, 4everrad, Razorcrab, Ayrenthewolf, byrdman778, lesshandsomejack are all people im a regular for

      3. Average Nobody

        U better not be lying..... it ain't gonna get u anywhere.

    99. Jonah Jousset

      this man is talking about simps even though he says dON't Be sTupID So SUbscRibe