Gorillaz - Bananaz | full documentary (2008)


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    The story of Damon Albarn's and Jamie Hewlett's virtual band Gorillaz. Directed by Ceri Levy.

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    1. cock_ver10

      1:24:18 RIP DOOM

    2. claire theshinsostan

      Why is Damon holding a child.

    3. Psych-O-Sonic 99

      the part when damon explains americans' problem with the english

    4. Melt it’s face!

      Ohhhh my god I’m so excited

    5. No More Bubblegum

      ❤️ Brilliant

    6. Maggsandcats

      37:12 SO THAT'S WHERE IT'S FROM! hahaha Also, 37:15 lmao

    7. SuspiciousEgroll

      I'm on a huge Gorillaz kick right now.

    8. edieoteque

      hbd gorillaz

    9. mvv

      at about 26:32 can anybody give the me the Track ID for the song that's playing in the background while Jamies is talking? Seen this doc about 10000000 times and have always wondered what that sick song is

      1. klara

        Skitz - Fingerprints of the Gods:)

    10. Edgar Demián Hernández González

      Watching it on their 20 anniversary Anyone else?

    11. Michael Justen

      12:00 a bass guy from the Studio 1 times, who played for Augustus Pablo and Lee Perry??? He doesn't look like Flabba Holt or Robbie Shakespiere, but i'm all in now

    12. Michele Donahue

      Obviously this guy never saw anyone do the cigarette trick It's been around for years

    13. Warpath1337

      Definitely not satanic... soo there is that...yall need to wake up.

    14. Geoffrey St. John

      This whole documentary is a Godsend

    15. Edgar Hernandez

      Daaaamn, I had a feeling that the gorillaz had that type of relationship...

    16. Matthias Cerebri

      Obviously Damon gets his creativity from his hyperactive and playful side! 😆 Which fits him perfectly, and I would say guitarists as well

    17. SingaporeSkater

      Dennis Hopper’s stage fright, bless. Damon should have offered him a cigarette.

    18. Trenton Krzyzowski

      You mean 4 gorilla humanoid cartoon characters don't make all the music?

    19. nena

      latin simone/que pasa contigo one of my favorite gorillaz songs, and seeing the dude who sang it was rad

    20. rosieee


    21. 7KT SWE

      you can almost hear the audio....

      1. rosieee


    22. Rhett Neuer

      1:24:18 - R.I.P. DOOM . ALL CAPS FOREVER

    23. Dylan got the variety

      2 years after plastic beach came out. 😩

    24. Frankie Albarn

      Jamie is such a sweetheart. I could listen to him talk and ramble for absolutely hours. I feel like if I saw him in the street I’d give him a hug.

    25. WillowJon T.V.

      I loved it! Thanks for the awesome video!

    26. Jacob Mallia

      Some of the stuff is missing from this why?

      1. Jacob Mallia

        @klara ah shucks

      2. klara


    27. Monky Monkerson

      Damon: "Busted and Blue" Also Damon: *yOu LoYiN' Li'l MoThErFuCkA!*

    28. Ray Main

      I'm an American, and the thing I learned about Americans from people from many different countries. Americans don't handle ambiguity very well and the Gorillaz music doesn't fit any direct process or outcome, it's pure creativetey.

      1. Mister Dj

        And that's one of the reasons I love it

    29. Ray Main

      Learning learning learning. Never watched a documentary like this before.

    30. OreoVII

      Okay... is it really a documentary if all you do is record footage and not ask deeper questions? This isn't a "documentary", this is "DVD extras"...

    31. Andy Mills

      The audio on this is shite. I can barely hear a word they say. Then, the commercials wake my neighbors. Very interesting, though.

    32. Sebastián Ushiña

      Saludos desde ECUADOR

    33. andy bink bonk beep

      at first i couldn't tell if that was a grave yard or a city

    34. Neve


    35. IrpeMedia

      Thank goodness for that woman looking out for the child choir at the Apollo. True Guardian.

    36. Lo Co

      Track at 17:30?

      1. Elliot Downes

        Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz album: Punk (De-punked Remix)

    37. Francis Breen

      one of the greatest, most genius accomplishments of the gorillaz is to get ibrahim ferrer to sing on their album and to expose such an amazing singer to a bunch of tweens

    38. Tarik Lazri

      28:27 why does it look like they've been brawling? I know for a fact that these are good lads! WHY their faces look like that?

      1. •bat blossom•

        they were filming a little movie thing, I think it was called Charts of Darkness? but it's just makeup! :)

    39. the sunshine kid

      on a genuine level, i want to know If they ever watched the mighty boosh. they both contain the same amount of weird-pseudo-real-world-ness. does anyone get what i mean ?

    40. 《 Spazzedout 》

      Ahh i love this artt id love to have one of these sketches🙈💞💫💞

    41. NightPhrogz


    42. Snake Boy

      Omg Damon with the guitar XD

    43. Alex Rundhaug

      Lol did any one notice right at the beginning when they’re doing the radio interview hung over and and Damon takes his first sip of beer and almost gags, ahhh the old hair of the dog

    44. ReMZ & FriendZ


    45. Lifetime 2

      16:05 epic

    46. Anthony Ho

      The substantial lawyer pertinently balance because cicada ipsilaterally suck barring a supreme bowling. mute, scared reason

    47. Richard D

      3:04 Is he talking about Trump? xD

    48. Ellen Leighton

      'damon it's the police they want you to stop playing the fuckin flute'

    49. EJT006Cleetus


    50. JP O'Keefe

      They were ALF icons.

    51. Michael Anderson

      I’m 31. I took me until last night to understand. I just found my new music love

      1. Alia DiDondiaa

        they´re in their 50´s, i don´t get what your age has to do with it

    52. Spamzz

      1:43 LMAO

    53. C S

      5:39 yay illuminati!

    54. Zara

      Damon and Jamie is the best double act lol, forget Ant and Dec

    55. Elliot Downes

      Anyone know the song 56:09?

      1. Murdoc Wife

        Rock it

    56. Elliot Downes

      47:13 😜🤪😜🤪

    57. Elliot Downes

      37:13 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 🤬!!

    58. Elliot Downes


    59. ProvsnooB 64


    60. atomicamelancolica

      i love seeing how meth can not only inspire, but give you the energy to actually see the finished product of that initial inspiration..... then you sleep for a week or two.... cheers! :)

    61. Ang

      Demon Days = legendary

    62. Ang

      As a longtime Gorillaz fan, how in the fuck *have I **_not_** seen this* 😫

    63. C L


    64. Hulian Sells Sandals

      hey idk if ur gonna see this but, because youtube disabled community captioning, would it be possible for me to send u an English CC that i typed up so u can input it into the video? damon and jamie both have strong british accents so it's already kinda hard to understand what they're saying, but there's also many ppl who are hard of hearing/english not first language, including some of my friends, that can't really watch this without subtitles and i would still like the documentary to be available to them.

      1. Fuentes Mota Michell

        I think that would be amaizing, English is not my first language and it's very difficult for me to understand their accents I just watched the whole thing but for sure I didn't really understand some parts:( I mean, I can understand but only after I repeat to hear a few times and get an idea of what are they saying.

    65. Someone

      Jamie is someone I'd definitely like to be friends with.

    66. Hector Gonzalez

      Damon finally nails the cigarette trick Jamie: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

    67. julien schurgerfoy

      when will they collaborate with hatsune miku

    68. 21longviews

      this documentary came out when i was born :)

      1. Alia DiDondiaa

        weird lol

    69. Ultimate Food Review

      1:16:00 Karen

    70. LuminousBean.

      I like how the songs are about saving the planet, being a go person.........having fun.

    71. Paulina Vargas

      The Gorillaz, la peor ridículez que hace Damon Albarn en poner dibujos animados.

      1. Paulina Vargas

        @Nadie que wey? Eso para mí es una idiotez de Damon.

      2. Nadie

        qué dices?

    72. mary cobain

      0:45 i know you saw murdoc in the mirror too

    73. Brigitte Eve Andrea Lowther

      LOL @ 3:00

    74. Emily wilson

      does 2-D have eyes?

      1. robyn !!

        yes, but they both have eight ball fractures which makes his eyes appear as black

      2. k

        his eyes are black beacuse murdoc hit a car into the 2d eyes

    75. Cue Tical

      I hate the interviewer in the first interview, and Damon looks like he wants to slap him in the first 40 seconds.

    76. AWPanzer

      looks like max payne

    77. Jukai Milo Serafini

      I’m sad cus English it’s not my first language and they have a vry strong British accent and I can’t understand shit lol

      1. Nadie

        I've read in a recent comment that they're going to add subtitles 😄

      2. Brian Bread

        Man that sucks but yeah even if you knew English sometimes it's hard to understand what they are saying.

    78. Femo Memo


    79. Corey Tripp

      oh so the identities have been known for decades and people have just been trying to make it a secret band for some reason wow lol

      1. miles keim


    80. J- Mac

      I dont know how I never seen this doc- fookin brilliant.,

    81. Pixelated Official

      27:27 kinda reminds of when murdoc was telling 2D to stop playing the banjo in the dressing room

      1. 2D._.c0s


      2. DaLemur Man

        It makes sense after all Damon voices 2D in the songs

    82. NixieSticks

      Damon's so fucking cute bro

      1. TaxiMaxi

        He kinda seems like a bit of an asshole

    83. willisattack


    84. Ella Banana

      59:23 holy fucking shit it's the feel good inc laugh but not edited. God damn that is funny.

      1. The Matt Hatter

        If Damon had a dollar for everytime that laugh is sampled, he'd be richer than he already is.

    85. Harrison CLARK

      wheres damon? that was my fave PART

    86. gloriakmm

      Definitive proof that Jamie and Damon are not actually one person. (I had my doubts.)

    87. shyguyshow

      Damon days

    88. Labrat

      I've seen this documentary over a dozen times and the banjo segment and that voice puts on when Damon says "I WANNA PLAY MY BANJO" still makes me laugh.

    89. ThatOneArtist

      I could watch Jamie draw all day.

    90. Masterquailz

      Really orange skin and bad leather trousers...sounds familiar

      1. The Matt Hatter

        Was he talking about Simon?

    91. Milica

      Wow Ibrahim Ferrer?!😮😮Cool!

    92. Volkstock tv

      brilliant i like this band even more now after watching this documentary , RIP Dennis hopper a true Legend rock on gorrillaz brilliant stuff

    93. caleb

      I swear to God Damon is so proud of that cigarette trick. He does it in every one of these Gorillaz docs.

      1. Bulete 34

        Me too

      2. caljackal

        As you watch the older docs to the newer one - you see him slowly get better and more professional at it; also if you watch the Magic Whip documentary he also does his trick in there? Lol

      3. 1777DK

        He’s good at it. He should be proud.

      4. EJT006Cleetus

        But the trick is the best so..

      5. ShoeString Movies

        well it is a good trick

    94. jonny moka

      Cocaine is a drug

      1. The Matt Hatter


      2. Oscar


      3. infinite Donuts

        no shit

    95. KoalaCrazeXD 106

      "I'm sure Phil Cornwell will be excellent as well" oh yes he is

    96. BigFatBucko012

      I went to one of their concerts in 2017, they had opened with M1A1 and there was an energy in the crowd that I’ve never seen at other shows and there’s a good amount to compare it too.

    97. Bananaso Network


    98. KoalaCrazeXD 106

      gorillaz could not have been made in any other place than the uk

    99. Old man

      I didn't know how punk Gorillaz were. ..are...

      1. ReyMHD

        @The Matt Hatter he still is in blur, and definitely wouldn’t call them “punk” and that’s it, they’re all into the sound but wouldn’t call them that

      2. The Matt Hatter

        Well Damon used to be in a kinda "punk" band called Blur.

      3. Wamfel

        yeah not so much anymore..

    100. Alex Lopez

      Fan since blur 2