Gorillaz compilation - Top 20

Kecseti Hunor

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    Hi, last year before going to my first Gorillaz concert, I created a list with my favorite Gorillaz songs. Please check it out. Thank you :)
    See the playlist below.
    I don't own any of the songs in this video.
    All credits go to WMG on behalf of: PLG UK Frontline.

    20. 0:00 - Momentz
    19. 3:17 - M1 A1
    18. 7:05 - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
    17. 10:32 - Tomorrow Comes Today
    16. 13:45 - O Green World
    15. 18:15 - November Has Come
    14. 20:55 - Strobelite
    13. 25:27 - DARE
    12. 29:32 - On Melancholy Hill
    11. 33:20 - Saturnz Barz
    10. 36:21 - Stylo
    9. 40:52 - Sleeping Powder
    8. 43:37 - El Manana
    7. 47:27 - Plastic Beach
    6. 51:14 - Empire Ants
    5. 55:57 - Feel Good Inc.
    4. 59:38 - Andromeda
    3. 1:02:57 - Rhinestone Eyes
    2. 1:06:15 - Kids with Guns
    1. 1:10:01 - Clint Eastwood

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    1. Ирина Андреева

      Я бы на первое место feel good поставила бы. Обожаю эту песню

    2. MoonGurl

      21 Dirty Harry 22: Humility 23: Tranz 24: Latin Simone 25: The black Phantom

    3. 2-D

      Ah yes

    4. Yotam Glick

      El Manana is the best background song ever, fits almost everything

    5. stjimmyfelipee

      La mejor es EL MAÑANA

    6. Carla Cecilia Silva


    7. Limbeck k

      This band has some amazing songs, but the vast majority is embarrassing garbage. Much like this compilation!


      mi top 10


      gorillaz la mejor cancion

    10. piolardo

      all of these songs are shit, the good ones are de rap songs

    11. 2koolken

      Is this YOUR greatest hits? I would've added more or replaced some on this list with other noteworthy hits. Rhyme unintended.😜

      1. Kecseti Hunor

        You're totally right!

    12. Said -z

      EL manana que no era el mañana? soy gil no me acordaba que no utilizaban la ñ perdon I'm an idiot I didn't remember they didn't use the ñ

    13. Jessie Lopez

      soulchild remix

    14. viviennewlk27

      Those day 2000 Year. The best pop group

    15. Jp Russel

      Thanks for the video, you saved me the damn ones, I announced a good like to the video, of course, carnal

    16. Haiven M.

      I love O Green Worlddddd

    17. Igor Rosa


    18. FinnLe :]

      Clint Eastwood is number 1, as you should, as you should.

    19. el hijo del papá

      A like that

    20. 2-D Fachero


    21. 2-D Fachero

      El Banana

    22. Channel Electronic

      Foda de mais

    23. The rib Co

      you are the best

    24. Zach Montgomery

      is anyone there??? helllllloooooo

      1. Kecseti Hunor


    25. Zach Montgomery


    26. Revolucionário E

      Two well wasted hours listening to this on repeat

    27. Bad Bear

      these fuckers are so fucking dope as fucking the dopest shit fucking ever!! Long live Gorillaz!!!!

    28. felix cabrera

      My Top 5: 1. Saturns barz 2. Andromeda 3. Dare 4. Strobelite 5. Stylo they work so welll ☺️

      1. Cottagecore Geek

        Dare and Strobelight are made for listening back to back. You can't find change my mind :D

    29. MRmota98pt

      ta maomeno

    30. Sabrina Gallardo

      Momentos psicodelicos...

    31. The rib Co

      I love dare and feel good ink

    32. elias perez

      el manana

    33. NiCOLAS A

      Dirty Harry where? :/

      1. Kecseti Hunor

        Yes :/

    34. césar vicente

      this is one strange top 20 wtf

    35. GermanK7

      I disagree

    36. woah

      finally one of these playlists that isnt just feel good inc and clint eastwood (i love those songs honestly, but most playlists only have their most popular lol. i just like how this guy included less known ones like M1 A1, Momentz, and Strobelight lol)

    37. bersuleria

      i had never heard something as amazing as plastic beach and on melancholy hill. they gave me chills...

    38. BlacktuZ GD

      Where is Doncamatic? :l

    39. tom_ar


    40. Persephone W

      G e t t h e c o o l s h o e s h i n e

    41. Ezequiel Barroso


      1. Gracie Isbell


    42. Death by Paperclip

      I remember being in school in 2001 and wondering hey this Clint Eastwood tune sounds like Damon Albarn from Blur, cool. 20 years later Gorillaz are more than a band, they're a musical force of nature collecting all of the best artists from around the world. Being a Gorillaz fan is fucking awesome

    43. Chamaco enojon UwU

      I love all songs

    44. Not Felix

      my top 20 1. On Melancholy Hill 2. Empire Ants 3. Souk Eye 4. Feel Good Inc. 5. El Mañana 6. To Binge 7. Aries 8. Demon Days 9. Hallelujah Money 10. The Pink Phantom 11. Slow Country 12. Stop the Dams 13. Opium 14. Rhinestone Eyes 15. We Are Happy Landfill 16. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead 17. Strange Timez 18. Clint Eastwood 19. 5/4 20. Kids with Guns

      1. Not Felix

        @Gracie Isbell thanks!

      2. Gracie Isbell

        good taste!

    45. 朝 • ʙ ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ғ ʟ ʏ

      Cómo no escuché a esta banda hace 4 años. 😔

      1. jaime edher Talavera

        Nunca es tarde de escuchar estás joyas...

      2. animatownes2233 Torres ramirez

        Yo apenas la conozco😅

    46. Muertoz


      1. Muertoz

        5 feel good inc

    47. Nihal Babu

      whos got this playing as their work from home playlist?

    48. Alejandro López

      sleeping powder is just incredible, cant believe ive never heard that song

      1. Tron

        Every single Gorillaz track you've never heard is a "I can't believe I've never heard this" track

    49. fp45

      this list sucks

    50. Reaghan Locke

      my top five 1. Sound check (Gravity) 2. Rhinestone eyes 3. O green world 4. To binge 5. Aries

      1. Vincent Wright

        really hope to hear Sound Check in a live set one day... that and New Genius were at the top of the fan request poll during The Now Now tour... never saw either and New Genius has never been played

      2. Sofianne Asselin


    51. Mixtli Barrera Fernández

      Momentz is fucking shit

    52. simon ortiz homez


    53. Ksaweq

      34:55 from then on this song is good

    54. Katherine Ebel-Hayes

      This band is the only band I can have playing in the background of homework or a project without bopping along.. wait that's impossible XD

      1. Shiruho Mndz

        justo en este momento estoy revisando la tarea de la secundaria de mis alumnos

      2. Starbackpack

        absolutely agree, gorillaz is like the gap between music you love to dance to and lofi beats to study to. But when momentz or Saturnz bars come on its o v e r

      3. Mongo Pongo

        Bopping is totally a productive way to improve your work ethic, maybe not your handwriting though

    55. s4ta

      Hi. I want to udloap my favorite songs of gorillaz on youtube but the video is blocked by copiright. How did you do this video??? thanks!

      1. s4ta

        ok. i will do my best to udloap. Thanks!

      2. Kecseti Hunor

        Unfortunately, this video will not have a long life. I had another one, created years years ago, that was blocked by the same issue.

    56. maria clara

      Nobody asked but... My top 20 1-on melancholy hill 2-chalk tablet towers 3-saturnz barz 4-tranz 5-kids with guns 6-aries 7-empire ants 8-dead butterflies 9-o green world 10-plastic beach 11-ascencion 12-pac man 13-every planet we reach is dead 14-superfast jellyfish 15-the valley of the pagans 16-strobelite 17-friday 13th 18-rhinestone eyes 19- with love to an ex 20-november has come

      1. Tron

        Song Machine brought a lot of favorites to the table for me

      2. William Lopez Ruiz

        I have made a top 60. 60. Intro(Demon Days) 59. Intro(Plastic Beach) 58. M1 A1(Gorillaz) 57. Song Machine Theme Tone(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 56. Last Living Souls(Demon Days) 55. Rockit(D-Sides) 54. Phoner to Arizona(The Fall) 53. Sound Check (Gravity)(Gorillaz) 52. Re-Hash(Gorillaz) 51. Double Bass(Gorillaz) 50. Punk(Gorillaz) 49. Friday The 13th(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 48. Rock The House(Gorillaz) 47. Pirate Jet(Plastic Beach) 46. Amarilo(The Fall) 45. Honk Kong(D-Sides) 44. Humility(The Now Now) 43. Stop The Dams(D-Sides) 42. Slow Country(Gorillaz) 41. Desole(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 40. Strobelite(Humanz) 39. O Green World(Demon Days) 38. Strange Timez(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 37. Feel Good Inc.(Demon Days) 36. The Lost Chord(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 35. Superfast Jellyfish(Plastic Beach) 34. Left Hand Suzuki Method(Gorillaz) 33. Pink Phantom(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 32. Ghost Train(G-Sides) 31. Latin Simone (English Version)(Gorillaz & G-Sides) 30. Hip Albatross(G-Sides) 29. 12D3(G-Sides) 28. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head(Demon Days) 27. Stylo(Plastic Beach) 26. El Manana(Demon Days) 25. White Light(Demon Days) 24. Dirty Harry(Demon Days) 23. Aries(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 22. Plastic Beach(Plastic Beach) 21. Every Planet We Reach is Dead(Demon Days) 20. Saturnz Barz(Humanz) 19. Tranz(The Now Now) 18. Fireflys(The Now Now) 17. The Valley of the Pagans(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 16. Sleeping Powder(Sleeping Powder) 15. Andromeda(Humanz) 14. Demon Days(Demon Days) 13. 19-2000(Gorillaz) 12. Tomorrow Comes Today(Gorillaz) 11. Clint Eastwood(Gorillaz) 10. Revolving Doors(The Fall) 9. 5/4(Gorillaz) 8. Rhinestone Eyes(Plastic Beach) 7. White Flag(Plastic Beach) 6. Don’t Get Lost in Heaven(Demon Days) 5. Empire Ants(Plastic Beach) 4. Pac Man(Song Machine Season 1: Strange Timez) 3. Some Kind Of Nature(Plastic Beach) 2. DARE(Demon Days) 1. On Melancholy Hill(Plastic Beach)

      3. SomeoneUKnow 17

        No Clint, no Dare- no top 20

    57. Ocean Bacon


    58. Hightide999

      Love melancholy hill so much

    59. Shrek te Ama

      Nobody asked but this will be my list of top 20 1. Empire Ants 2. Don't get lost in heaven 3. Plastic Beach 4. M1A1 5. Fire Flies 6.Superfast Jellyfish 7. Rhinestone Eyes 8. The Lost Chord 9. Souk Eye 10. Clint Eastwood 11. El Mañana 12. She's my Collar 13. Revolving Doors 14. 19-200 15. O Green World 16. 5/4 17. Re-hash 18. The Valley of The Pagans 19. Amarillo 20. Andromeda And I need more space to do a list because I can't put the songs I like in just 20 places

      1. Kecseti Hunor

        Very good list! Empire ants ❤️. Do you see how difficult is to chose only 20 songs?

    60. Maggie Gibson

      Hong Kong is a really good one too

      1. Kecseti Hunor

        I totally agree with you. I like that as well. It is very difficult to choose a limited number of songs out of many many.

    61. ramana0001

      Love the list. You could have added the Binge song also

      1. ramana0001

        @William Lopez Ruiz Yes

      2. William Lopez Ruiz

        You mean To Binge.

    62. Criztian Cruz

      muy buen top



    63. Rosa Lane

      21: Humility

    64. Nestor Isaac Estoque

      Why does this sound a lot better than the version in Spotify???

    65. sandra lazaro

      me encanta gorilas es mi banda favorita

    66. シValeteシ

      gorillaz:LA LA LA LA LA LA HEY me:poetic

      1. Learn German with Marzipanfrau

        0:43 I love them.

    67. Alpha Lax

      Idk if it makes much sense to put a remix instead of the original but ight

    68. ZONNEL

      I keep hearing "It's the MOOMINS"

      1. Davethehat Atkins

        and now I wrote that, .... you can't unhear it.. ;) lol...

      2. Davethehat Atkins

        lol.. yeah i get that.. good tune.. :) it's like on Ares I kept hearing Party time, when they were singing High Tide.. the way it loops.

    69. [Dystopic Tapez]

      Someone need to make a new version of this with The Now Now and Song Machine / Alguien necesita hacer una nueva version de esto con The Now Now y Song Machine.


      What about latin Simone and rockit

    71. Luis Gomez

      Ooooh is beautiful ❤

    72. Hope Soap

      Ight y’all here’s my list: *i physically cannot choose I love e v e r y song that they m a k e* 👨‍🦲😀😫⛑

    73. Yuuma Marin

      21- Tranz

    74. Miguel Alejandro Saucedo Castillo

      Min 43:37 I Love It

    75. April Stephany Gonzales Bautista

      comenzó a sonar M1 A1 y yo tipo :0 YYYYAAAAASSSS!!!!!!

    76. marcin rychlewski

      gnoje polskie !!

    77. Juana FD;;

      _My Top 20:_ *20. Momentz* _19. All Alone_ *18. El Mañana* _17. Rhinestone Eyes_ *16. Dirty Harry* _15. Clint Eastwood_ *14. Kids With Guns* _13. Sleeping Powder_ *12. On Melancholy Hill* _11.Plastic Beach_ *10. 19-2000* _9. DARE_ *8. Tomorrow Comes Today* _7. Stylo_ *6. Rock The House* _5. Ghost Train_ *4. Latin Simone (¿Que Pasa Contigo?)* _3. Every Planet We Reach is Dead_ *2. 5/4* _1. O Green World_ *Edit: my top 20 changes all the time XD*

      1. Juana FD;;

        @Cottagecore Geek idk

      2. Cottagecore Geek

        How can you decide :þ

      3. Nick Holt

        Not bad

    78. Cheeze-It

      Crazy how long they stood there, im suprised their legs didnt hurt

      1. hey there, want rabies?

        Yeah, but I will bet that despite 2D's gangly limbs, they didn't hurt in the slightest.

    79. TheWailingWoman scream

      Weird... But beautiful.

    80. David LG

      Dirty Harry? :/

    81. PandaCore


      1. Bogdan Bogdan


      2. Tommy Chen


    82. bruno mota

      eu gosto da música deles clipes são bem legais abaixei músicas deles queria ele voltasse sucesso

      1. Megapandy x

        eles tao fazendo musica nova amg

    83. Carlos Andres Zapata Olarte

      and rock it? xd

    84. A Aa

      Im is Russia im is Muslim im love ❤️

    85. A Aa

      Fil good inc love❤️🌚🌞😈

    86. Bryan X

      I don’t get it. Why does The Fall album get no love? It’s a great album with at least two that should be on this list. Did they just not promote that album?

      1. Kecseti Hunor

        I like Revolving Doors, but that's all think.

    87. Bedher Leonardo Zurita Zavala

      Kids with gunssss !!! Dios, unas de mis canciones favoritas!!

    88. Flip Mo


    89. Nick Holt

      Kick ass playlist brethren. You got them good tastes

    90. Jordan Daniel Chávez Vázquez

      The best mix

    91. Luis Castellanos

      i love dirty harry

      1. Marcela RIvera No

        I miss Dirty Harry in this playlist :c Last living souls, Faust, too

    92. Hector Abraham Medina Gonzalez

      yo hubiese puesto la de doncamatic en la lista. pero esta bastante bien la lista :).

    93. Gabriel Tkocz


    94. Lancelot Saint Leger

      top 20 what a joke its shit

    95. Indie Phantom †

      Nice top

    96. Fox ?


    97. Gab!Gab!

      10:32 This song reminds me of the old days of my group of friends, now we just discussed and it makes me bad

    98. Jorge Gallo

      Toda la lista esta genial , aunque le huviera agregado doncamatic.

    99. Kestrel

      29:29 its weird to not hear noodle throwing down her melodica.

    100. Inked Muneo

      Man half of the songs got me tearing up sometimes literally just because I know the story line and I'm a lil emotionally attached to these characters lolol. I be jammin tho -