Gorillaz - The Now Now (Full Album)

Ita Depeesa

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    1. Solllux jaja

      0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:01 Sorcererz 18:02 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye

      1. Fiona Schlender


      2. ronald jonson

        God bless your soul

      3. Tania Aranda


      4. Mediii

        @Ita Depresa pin it

    2. J.R.P Sanchez

      you had me at wario

    3. Juana FD;;

      _this album makes me cry and i love it

    4. Vlaynie C.

      hollywood hitting like a plastic beach song with demon days drumbeats, fuck

    5. bippeli

      incredible album

    6. gnat felton

      Every time there is a new Gorillaz album, I am always terrified it will be bad and then kick myself years later when I finally listen to it and realize it's better than ever, every time. Gorillaz saved me more times than once.

    7. Mars

      i feel like a lot of this album is abt finally being free from someone whos been hurting you for so long. this came out in 2018, which was the year my uncle killed himself. lets just say he caused a lot of pain and sadness upon me when he was alive :/ but now that he's gone i sort of miss him but i also feel free. its weird, really.

      1. Mars

        @your local sasha blouse kinnie thank u sm :D

      2. your local sasha blouse kinnie

        i really like that take, mars! i hope for the best for you ^^

    8. retard. jake

      best summer bummer of all time 🙏

    9. Yonathan Tribiño

      Excelente recuerdo del día en que se lanzó, uffff

    10. Luigi55555

      When I listened through all of the Gorillaz albums for the first time I forgot this one. I’m kinda glad I did because then I got to listen to it separately and take in on its own. It’s now not only my favorite Gorillaz album but one of my favorite albums ever

    11. ManOpeace

      man they can take all the time between albums they need if th is quality keeps up hotchie matchie

    12. Potato Couch

      this whole album made me feel like I'm in a music video

    13. Potato Couch

      2D's voice is so smooth sometimes i dose off listening to this album bc of how chill it is

    14. ducky_S14M07

      I think fireflies is severely underrated lol

    15. シᘜ卄ㄖ丂ㄒㄚ

      Better than the Humanz album (◍•ᴗ•◍)

      1. Ryan Stein

        Plastic beach is better than both

    16. Veminek Comunista

      0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:1 Sorcererz 18:2 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye :)

    17. Abhijit Rajan

      This is like walking through the video of the world. Probably New York. Gotta be there. Gotta let the music guide me there. I want to swim it's soul winters and whole summers. I need to find my tribe there. Sweet sensations and correlations of confetti air. Anxious but beautiful people. Write myself into this video. One day at a time. I got this. Thank you, Damon!

    18. Chidosote Studios

      Besto album XD

    19. kaketeageru

      Fire Flies is my favorite song on this album because it's such a 3AM, drunk and cant sleep VIBE

    20. Świteź Anka

      I love this so much 😌

    21. here's robyn

      god souk eye makes me almost cry everytime i listen to it

    22. Gorillaz-lasagna


      1. Mr. Cheese


    23. Narciso Martínez Guerrero

      tranz i never heared it when i heared it i was like wow i can feel the rythm is so good i hear it when i wake up

    24. G0at ch33s3

      Every song and album hits different after learning about the full backstory of the band

    25. VenomSans

      My fave album of all time

    26. Blacktuz

      ¿Alguien más siente que escuchar este álbum es perfecto mientras haces tu tarea? O bueno mientras haces un trabajo largo

      1. Sofia

        BRUH literalmente estoy haciendo eso

      2. daniel villarreal

        While I'm working!!! Cool!

      3. Dinosaurio de Plastico


      4. Charlie Waffle

        Yoplait 🤚... Aunque no voy a la escuela

    27. andre setor

      🔊🎶"parabens👏vcs conseguiram fzr, como c não havessen terminado o primeiro albun ...ten o mesmo vocal,ritmo,percursão Legal

      1. Faça Festa Festas e Fantasias

        Discordo, craque

    28. Aladato

      Many cool songs and for some reason, I really dig the album cover

    29. simplysofia

      this album makes me so happy

    30. Angie Santacruz Arratea

      i love this album ¡

    31. sabina palmadessa

      so trippy

    32. Griffin, Eternally Bound

      Fire Flies hits you different when you think about your ex that used to listen to it with you a lot back in the days...

      1. beth sansy

        I havent even HAD an ex since before back in the day

      2. jauriadelcartel


    33. Cristian Vergara Carvallo

      thanks a lot brou

    34. JoulesDocs

      at least in this album you can feel that the band is making the music compared to the previous album (Humanz)

      1. Diego Zavala Xed

        @Raphael Brown agreed!!!!

      2. Raphael Brown

        Naaaah they was all so Making the music in humanz as well imo All there albums are 🔥 but to each their own I guess

    35. ZOERINHA45


    36. Draco

      new gorillaz is shite

      1. Tomoko

        You're shite

    37. B4TT3RY

      Damn that song Kansas almost as boring as the actual Kansas state

      1. B4TT3RY

        @Ryan Stein Ok Ryan Stein fuck off back to middle of nothing Kansas

      2. Ryan Stein

        May I say jack-assery at the degree you have shown is just insane

      3. B4TT3RY

        @yes no Nice to sleep to maybe

      4. yes no

        its nice to vibe to

    38. Paula O'Shaughnessy

      albums are kinda crap, just listen to the song plain

    39. Paula O'Shaughnessy

      my fav is tranz

    40. Paula O'Shaughnessy

      I'm a bit confused???????!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

      1. woah


      2. ño thanks

        Thou haveth the name paula smh

      3. woah

        why must thou' be nameth P A U L A

    41. ger_うつ病

      Literally fell asleep while listening to this, because its really calming and relaxing. The best 30 min of sleep that i had in 2 weeks-

    42. Eat The bottle

      when 2D sings everybody cool down, he sounds like pooh bear singing

      1. Skeletr0n

        @beth sansy Bro same, same

      2. Rorch

        El chavo xd

      3. beth sansy

        At the risk of being ostracized by yet another group online, no thank you

      4. Skeletr0n

        @yes no he is

      5. Redard

        @yes no he is

    43. FocusFactor

      Yikes this album has 0 great songs. If Plastic Beach was a 10, whatever this is gets a 2. Awful

      1. Ryan Stein

        I like plastic beach as well but this one is also rad af

      2. woah

        i mean this is one of my favorite albums, but its understandable to not like it

      3. Zal Moxis

        Let’s agree to dissagree.

      4. diseased worm

        no need to be negative. to me this album is amazing. everyone has different taste.

    44. G G

      I thought there weren't any song transitions but one percent-souk eye

    45. Reena Jensen

      Yeah this album is the absolute SHIT.

    46. fa liporace


    47. Heser T.


    48. Anthony Martinez

      i play next car game in my xbox series x how can you do that

      1. Mr. Cheese


    49. Laura Salutari

      How tf have I lived this long without

    50. Sebastian Iosif

      Maan, i love this album!!!!!!

    51. zybereqwilfish

      after lisdtening aoll the songs i like just humility and hollywood rest is average songs

      1. The funny has arrived


    52. WhoWantsPancakes

      Kinda hittin different

    53. MrJason005

      This is brilliant!

    54. bingus

      This is by far one of my favorite gorillaz albums, I hope more of their future songs have this Now Now type vibe

      1. su !!

        song machine :D

      2. Spectro

        SONG MACHINE!!!!

      3. bingus

        @Spookyy yep 😏

      4. Spookyy

        Bingus be vibing to Gorillaz my man

    55. Starbackpack

      Now Now hit different at 1 AM when you're cursing at your computer because your final Graphic Design assignment isn't behaving the way it should and you just want to get at least 7 hours of sleep for the first time in 6 days but god damn your morning brain is even worse than your night brain lemme tell you-

      1. Angelus Nielson

        you OK dude?

      2. Shenendoah Thompson

        now now hit different now and then

      3. LuckyLifeguard


      4. Davi Days

        I'm literally doing that right this minute. I mean not your final graphic design assignment but still like 2 weeks worth of assignments.

      5. Silver Melon

        Yes please

    56. Disciplinatha

      What have you done?

      1. Cricket-Kun

        What have YOU done?

      2. Alejandro Sánchez Hernández

        What have YOU done?

      3. mhtsooos

        what have YOU done?

      4. yes no

        what have YOU done?

      5. Daniel PadronCenteno

        What have YOU done?

    57. Cosmos Traveler

      (stoner thought three hundred somethin) can we get a band like these guys called the Godzilla's lol like a band of godzillas from different generations playing music like this ?

      1. Zal Moxis

        Untill then... you have them. Thank the Lord there are still brave sons out here.

      2. lucacat

        as a fellow stoner I approve of this

    58. benjamin desantis

      this album is soooo amazing

      1. Larkyn Lee

        tis the best

    59. benjamin desantis

      awesome album

    60. benjamin desantis

      snoop doggy dog

      1. Marscael 04

        Snoop dog song machine 2 pls

      2. Skekko

        bark bark

      3. Itz_Holly


    61. ilse yucra

      que linda canción

      1. Top Kali

        Son 11 en realidad XD

    62. ritz

      just realized how the album is kinda short lol

      1. HobsCrk

        quality over quantity my guy

      2. MrLithgow12

        Still better than humanz

      3. Vlaynie C.

        @negro i think they're referring to the standard edition

      4. Bethanys Wings

        Priceless songs💫

      5. G G

        @K-leb you didn't know about the heartbeat demo from reject false icons movie? Just watch the 3act on HUfast and go to the last scene it playes heartbeat after honk long

    63. Vivian Alfaro C


      1. Mr. Cheese


    64. Gaytan Diego Alberto

      Ace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lo hace

      1. Blacktuz


      2. Kneviji


    65. Gianmaya Villavicencio

      Sin duda ...mil veces mejor que humanz. Este album es fresco,tropical y melancolico :')

      1. Ikeoner

        @Brian Joaqui Error. Calificas The Now Now partiendo de Humanz. Y Humanz es fenomenal por su narrativa, pero es tan disímil de The Now Now, que es un disco realizado en gira. Por eso digo que no pueden ser criticados con los mismos parámetros, cada álbum tiene contexto, intenciones y condiciones distintas.

      2. Brian Joaqui

        @Ikeoner porque Damon Albarn se dió cuenta que el álbum Humanz no fue tan bueno entonces se puso las pilas para sacar el de Now Now, hay músicas de Humanz que se pueden rescatar, y obvio no se pueden comparar a las de este álbum porque es más melancólico y las letras de algunas canciones eran dedicadas a Murdoc

      3. Shaad

        @Ikeoner En efecto, y más tomando en cuenta que hablamos de Gorillaz. Son muy diferentes.

      4. Ikeoner

        ¿Por qué insisten tanto en comparar los álbumes? No entiendo.

    66. Nibblet

      these songs are literally the best

    67. Art Generica

      Humility Gorillaz Calling the world from isolation 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained 2020, amirite?

      1. your local sasha blouse kinnie

        tbh we should have stayed in quarantine longer instead of taking "mini breaks" on it cuz some people take a mile when you give them an inch

      2. Glenn グレン

        Don't worry we got this

      3. Victor Chanalet

        @DuckOverlord so you did heard it too many times but not everyone i guess

      4. Victor Chanalet

        @DuckOverlord i've thought about it but ive never heard it 🤔

      5. DuckOverlord

        Haha yes so original I definitely haven’t heard this joke a 100 times by now haha lol

    68. Trve wôrld Prinz


    69. ofir.c. MTB

      this album is GREAT on acid i bet it will be just as good later when im not on acid

      1. Nick Fanchette

        @Woo Sucky My Balls I don't want to be pedantic, but something being labeled narcotic isn't because it's illegal, it just means (very generally) any numbing psychoactive compound (Hippocrates, for instance, used the term this way). It's just in the US where narcotics is so strongly associated with legality, because well, the government there is so draconian on drugs.

      2. Zal Moxis

        @Francisco Sebastián Lara hiciste tu parte, hermano. Dios lo vio, solo diste un consejo, si prefieren ser dormidos es su election, que lo disfrutan. Todos estamos libres de hablar lo que nos da la gana y escojer nuestra manera de vida SI! Pero si alquien desconocido te da un buen empujon, y tu le pones palabras que el No dijo en la boca, como contra-argumento, pues que me persona Dios entonces haga-Se Su Voluntad. Tambien tienes el derecho de exprimar tu opinion. Y No les a impuesto nadie nada, se atacan porque sienten culpa y los saca de’l enganno que prefieren sonar. 🤣 la verdad es dolorosa y la mentira es confortable, se acuzan sin ser acuzados o forzados de nada. Porque asi functiona la obscuridad, nadie loz critica, pero ellos si se sienten, el phenomena de reactancia los hace gritar con odio hace una persona que les quiere hacer bien, pero en sus conciencias saben que el vicio te impida a pensar y actuar en el maximo potential, solo amortadese los sentidos. Si dijiste esa broma, lo hiciste para hacerleis un bien, pero ellos No lo pueden ver. Yo si, y te doy las gracias. Paz para todos. Dios Vendra! Amin.

      3. grim

        @Zal Moxis it wasn't an assumption it was joke

      4. Zal Moxis

        @grim wrong. There are people that care. Logically: you’ve said “No one”, but I am one, I do care about my brother who cannot fully live his life. So your assuption is erronate. Errare umanum est. More than one care. This band cares, Residente cares, Orphaned land cares, Ska-p cares and the list is vast. You might have been right If you have writen: the majority does not care about their own freedom, well-being, health, souls. The majority was so for millenias now. we will so soon whitness His second arrival, and now He will come to judge, with glory! If I will not tell everyone the good they could do for themselved, He will punish me for keeping silence. Peace. Live more of your life and pray to Him. Doamne, deschide-le ochii și desprietreste-le inimile sa simtă lumina credinței. Amin.

      5. grim

        @Jasmine Spencer same bruh, im gonna move somewhere its legal

    70. omar albornoz

      0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:1 Sorcererz 18:2 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye de nada :u you are welcome :u

      1. lauti masaniz :3

        Youre welcome

      2. Papapu Papapi


      3. Gabi Scuriza


      4. Emanuel Sánchez

        15:01 Sorcererz 18:02 Idaho

      5. Tincho GS


    71. שילה עזריאל


    72. שילה עזריאל

      damn only 2353 views

    73. שילה עזריאל

      my favorite

    74. Marc7 Channel

      Un álbum más simple pero exquisito, como en los inicios de Gorillaz.

      1. Zal Moxis

        @Jay Burton a simpler, but exquisit album like in the begginings of Gorillaz. When they did not used to have more than one collaborations (feat.-s) It was missed. I hope you joked ‘bout the need of translation, still... here you go. You’re welcome.

      2. Jay Burton

        English please?

      3. Jay Exe

        Cuando no solían tener más que un par de colaboraciones. Se extrañaba eso.

    75. Illumi Lilium

      thank you ive been waiting for this foreverrrrr

      1. Larkyn Lee


      2. Esra Spoelstra

        I read this while the foreverrrrr was being sung perfect timing

    76. mrposs

      one of my favorite albums

      1. Maggsandcats

        same dude

      2. Alpha Lax


      3. Blaze Rivers

        Easily in my top 5 lol