Gorillaz: 'The Now Now' Live in Japan, 2018 [Boiler Room Tokyo]

GZ 23

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    Recorded at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, Japan on 22 June, 2018.
    00:00:13 Humility
    00:03:35 Tranz
    00:06:24 Hollywood
    00:11:35 Kansas
    00:15:55 Sorcererz
    00:19:10 Idaho
    00:22:58 Lake Zurich
    00:27:24 Magic City
    00:31:33 Fire Flies
    00:35:30 One Percent
    00:38:29 Souk Eye
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    1. GZ 23

      00:13 Humility 03:35 Tranz 06:24 Hollywood 11:35 Kansas 15:55 Sorcererz 19:10 Idaho 22:58 Lake Zurich 27:24 Magic City 31:33 Fire Flies 35:30 One Percent 38:29 Souk Eye

      1. Camila Elena


      2. vagner santos

        Where are russel e murdock?

      3. Pariza Rodrigue


      4. Elizabet Hernandez


      5. Hugo Arturo Baéz peréz

        que bueno grabaron el concierto por que me lo perdi hace 2 años

    2. Isaias Gomez

      My favorites:humility,tranz,kansas,socererz,magic city

    3. Katja Ross

      My hard my soul

    4. Katja Ross

      My love... Believe...

    5. Allison Negreiros

      Magic city, fantastic. Souk eye, in-fucking-credible. I really really really really like this album.

    6. Zuchtsau

      Autoplay, but had to come back to this 20 times because of Souk Eye! 😮

    7. Serge Lipatnikov


    8. Serge Lipatnikov

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    9. Serge Lipatnikov


    10. Serge Lipatnikov

      Gorillaz: 'The Now Now' Live in Japan, 2018 [Bioler Room Tokyo]

    11. Serge Lipatnikov

      GZ 23

    12. nels Zamorano

      fireflies en vivo es perfect

    13. Douglas Holden

      Gorillaz. Right what i need. Right when needed. Here you are 43 minutes Playing for me. You are all there is Gorillaz Thanks For I AM THAT. Peace!

    14. Véronique Salvador

      Des cerfs volants fuck jeu de mots ou cerveau lent😶 ou 🪁 je sais c'est nul 😔

    15. Véronique Salvador


    16. AmosAlofSteel

      How nice that Noodle gets to come home 🍜 ❤️

    17. Véronique Salvador

      J'adore super son 🔊 trop cool ! 📢🎧👌

    18. Maria Crane

      Cooles band ever????????????????? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. LTBT75369

      25:46 that`s amazing!

    20. Véronique Salvador


    21. Pablo Padilla


    22. Chadd Lee

      Notice the graffiti of the demon from the Exorcist series in the beginning.

    23. Josh Goulart

      I decided this was how I wanted to experience the album for the first time... I was NOT disappointed. wow...

    24. Churro The Rat

      *me curious on why they are touching the crowd and how nobody is wearing masks *realizes that it was made in 2018

    25. ch df

      Chulada 👌🏽🖤

    26. swala191

      Almost three years since this album was released... Time sure flies by.

    27. BiG BOi

      2020: Covid People in 2018: Wtf is covid

    28. Ryder Scheeren

      The bent pantyhose conceivably wish because credit muhly moan till a well-groomed comma. condemned, boorish kitten

    29. Chamaco enojon UwU

      Gorillaz in Japan, the beautiful thing

    30. that omnic mechanic

      I just want these visualisers as a computer/ipad/phone background.

    31. Franco Martinez

      Listen to this on lsd is the best experience on earth

    32. lil tea

      listening to the live version of souk eye always gives me chills, best song on the album

    33. lil tea

      one percent is CRIMINALLY underrated, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album and rarely gets any love 😔 god it’s so beautiful

    34. sergio braga BRAGA

      Excelente, gostei............................

    35. Louise Thacker

      Kansas is pretty much special as fuck

    36. Sanji Vinsmoke

      Souk Eye best song of The Now Now

    37. that omnic mechanic

      I like how jamie and damon are having a fake argument. Least thats what it looks like to me

    38. LJ McC

      why do blacks have such difficulty fitting clothing?

    39. Riccardo S.

      Seria bom um álbum desse show no spotify

    40. PastelGuts

      Damon has a certain fervor that I love during his live performances that he doesnt have in studio. Its really a shame tbh because I'd love to see 2-D belting out some of these songs (for instance look up lowlands Souk eye, he has this part full of emotion that isnt in the studio recording) ik the point is that 2-D is kinda mellow but still I'd just like to see him put all his emotion into a performance like damon does in the lives, as if he was breaking, it'd add a lot to his character.

    41. Adilene Aguilar

      Fire flies 💕🔥

    42. Samuel Oronoz Delgado

      1.bye 2.hello 3.hola 4.adios

    43. Francisco Diaz

      Aguante Gorillaz, un fuerte abrazo de un Argentino x tierras Aztecas 😉👍🏻

    44. Marie-Ève Beauchamp

      Been listening to Gorillaz since teenager (2000) and still enjoying so much after 20 years ❤❤❤🇫🇷

    45. 25- Ocampo Katerine

      i miss this

    46. MrTchellus

      Jack black, bom demais!!!

    47. Louise Thacker

      Well that’s epic in every sense

    48. CUCHU


    49. BlackEyed Zombie

      G is the Magic Number .... At the end ...

    50. mch

      me encantó esta versión de Idaho, me hace sentir tan bien esa canción

    51. SuperFistaszek


    52. Duly Ignored

      This should've been a live album. All of these songs are infinitely more fantastic live. If they literally just used this version for a live album, I'd be over the moon.

    53. Brian Johnstone

      such an underrated talent,love this track,and this album in general...another great album from mr albarn..

    54. FlaFla Flamingo

      I watched this with some friends in a call the day it streamed... I remember thinking Tranz was the shit (it still is). When One Percent and Souk Eye played, not a dry eye among my group. Thank you Gorillaz.

    55. Nate Edwards

      Solid set! I miss live music...

    56. jass INC

      Love this band...

      1. Kateeok

        Me too:)

    57. SrNoodle


    58. headass steph

      this live version of souk eye hits so different. also is it just me or before the studio version was released, I was expecting the bird cawing sound to be in the beginning. guess it’s only in here!

      1. Kateeok

        Same dude me too:(( it’s so beautiful

    59. Franco Martinez

      Idaho warms my heart

    60. [Dystopic Tapez]

      The Now Now = The Fall 2.0

    61. Ramiro Dominguez

      I think Gorillaz live is better don't @.

    62. Belinda Swanson

      Love This Lovely ....

    63. Cassandra Sam Elkins

      I miss the good ol' days when it was the animated band performing at us

    64. Yataro -

      the souk eye visualizer makes me emotional..

    65. Radomir Castillo

      i like the albu

    66. TrentisN

      It's a live show, why so many cutaways of the music videos? We can watch them anytime.

    67. Guilherme Pavão

      Damon looks so behaved on this presentation, is almost weird hehe

    68. Arcadia Ashworth

      pandemic:hits me: I don't wAnT tHiS iCoLaTiOn

    69. ФОКУС - ПОКУС!

      36:41 omg this bass...

    70. Matthew Rowe

      Humility hits different in 2020

      1. Maria Castillo

        Ugh Ik Gorillaz were ahead of the times 😔

      2. simplysofia


    71. Michael Murdoc Niccals

      I watched this live. Huge fan since MTV’s Beatmaker before Clint Eastwood was even aired on tv!!!!!

    72. NoanProduction

      This album sounds live so much better... smh

    73. Scruffy

      man 2 years later and this album still goes hard

    74. Fausto Eduardo F3RR

      me acabo de dar cuenta que el baterista es russel con esteroides

    75. 街角フォト


    76. dmurphy1578

      Ace is always KILLING IT

    77. Orange Temp

      Damon gave us this live show, it being the introduction to the entirety of the album, was it glorious damnit

      1. Maria Castillo

        @The Legend in His Own Mind ugh totally

      2. The Legend in His Own Mind

        It was ...

    78. AnemoEnemy

      One percent was just... Damn wow.

    79. Nayla Herrera

      I love the noodles watching the show

    80. Noodle

      when he sings Tranz he sings at a very low tone...but in the video it sounds a little higher pitch, explain.

      1. Ryzza Baldovieso

        He probably got tired and accidentally made his voice higher, but the show must go on so he changed the tone throughout the song

    81. yeshua Miranda Calixto pc uhikskse

      Me gusta yo también voy a acerlo

    82. elbeto191291

      Sorcererz before Idahoes, amirite?

    83. Brezh0neg Bzh

      Sorcererz was so amazing in this live show

    84. theGizmonkey

      lake zurich let me dance all night ilovethisalbum mexico

    85. Abé Cédaire

      Au Top !

    86. Paulena Ford


    87. Cheese Ball

      souk eye is fantastic

      1. Noodle

        I agree fellow cheese ball

    88. Mask_jpeg

      hearing souk eye, kansas and magic city on live hits... different

      1. dildonius

        Same with ALL GoRiLLaZ jamz tbqh...

      2. Noodle

        I love Kansas and Souk eye

    89. Brian Johnstone

      in my opinion this is some of the best music damon and gorrilaz have made,i really like the now now,the guy is a genius

    90. wild_salmon

      in humility Russel is just like "nope. you dont get happiness. not for you, 2D.". but it was nice to see 2D happy :)

      1. TritnewVG

        @Noodle 2-D was acting a bit too full of himself, lacking any humility (literally). So Russ snapped him out of it.

      2. Noodle

        well he is actually just tryna make 2D realize that there isn't only happiness, or hes tryna knock him out of a drug trance.

    91. GGTTM 147

      It’s so mesmerising just the visuals of the background combined with the absolutely beautiful music created this surreal experience.

    92. Illumi Lilium

      damon forgetting so many of the lyrics of fire flies hurts me lol

    93. Riqui Fer

      Magic city, one percent and souk eye are 🔝

    94. Super Aaron

      Is souk eye about murdoc

      1. Noodle

        yes it is. he was sad that Murdoc wasn't around

    95. Emilio M. M.

      08:52 damn, the way Snoop slid in on the beat there was nasty.

      1. Noodle

        That sounded the exact same as the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the recorded video 'corse)

    96. Javier D'Elio

      agan una mucica mas uena por favor



    98. sammakesstuff

      its been 2 years since the now now released and i just spent one half of the video crying and the other half of the video losing it over seye adelekan

    99. WalkingHeart5

      41:07 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Noodle

        Muds, we missed you

    100. sararixxx