GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" M/V

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    GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" M/V
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    1. samuella

      They are so talented, JYP is really lost the best group ever

    2. Pak Kpopper

      We missing you got7 plz...come back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    3. Telaşlı Pancar

      Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7 Got7

    4. IGot7 Forever

      Last spin of the day...good night

    5. Nia RT

      Ahgase let's stay together! GOT7 x IGOT7 forever!

    6. misterpiece 1/7

      All.need is you

    7. Divya Suryawanshi



      1. Nasala Shakya


      2. Divya Suryawanshi


    9. Lisa Espinola


    10. Elina Jha

      Cant believe GOT7 left the JYP today, so now they are not together, are they? I am gonna miss them, I just got to know them few days before... :(

      1. Nasala Shakya

        Chill :) Follow them on insta .. and Mark has a channel with 990K + subscribers "Mark Tuan". They aren't going anywhere. you're most welcomed as Aghase 💚

    11. PAYATO Vlogs

      My class was doing breathing exercises. But I wasn't I was listening to this song because whenever someone says the word breath, this is what comes to mind.

    12. Jem

      im just here to make a quick spin to read some comments, you know what IM A SHOEBILL mode

    13. Lili C.


    14. Suga is a cat

      Non living agashe 👄

    15. Aubrey Lee Acosta

      How can I sleep? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    16. Jackson Wang

      Just, forever, seven people 7 or never 7 or nothing if it's not seven, its not GOT7." - Wang Jackson, 2016

    17. marisa muangsiri

      Thank you "The moment we're breathing together" time from now on. Fight together.

    18. SS For 7

      They are NOT disband people! They have GOT7 copy right means they will be back anytime! Ahgase, Trust the 7 of them, they keep reassure us they will continue as GOT7, 7 or never remember. Also, If you heard or saw some antis words that hurting you, just ignore them and comeback to Ahgafam, we have each other, we need to unite, we can support each other, Ahgafam is not a normal fanbase, we are friends and family too. The waiting will be really long, for the time being lets just support their solo activities. Until then save your money and be prepare, we got lot to do to support them.

    19. Rani Jkt

      Merindukan kalian

    20. kokoro 彡

      You make me breathe ~

      1. Jem

    21. Tessa Wang


      1. Jem

    22. Divya Suryawanshi


      1. Jem


      sou apaixonada❤️

    24. mo momo

      im here 570

    25. Eda

      B.O.L Station (Breath Of Love Station) Exit 7 OMG details....


      Confiem e continuem apoiando os meninos ahgases!

      1. mo momo


    27. IGØT7 Marta

      For anyone that is worried because of what the boys posted: we knew that already, it's nothing new and nothing to worry about. I think we all know why it's a good thing that they left the eintertainment, so no worries! again, they never mentioned disbanding and they always tell us not to be scared about it. Lets keep fighting for GOT7's joy

      1. Divya Suryawanshi


    28. Marri Ane


    29. suiramochi

      This Breath is sad, because "addiction" and "Frightened".

    30. LVAE Acosta

      GOT7 :)

    31. Lavinya 1

      GOT7 FOREVER !

      1. Jem

    32. def: ur leadernim 3!!!

      our journey will continue -jayb

      1. Rani Jkt


    33. Ahgase got


    34. Citlalli

      Me encanta!!! Los amo

    35. Tsogoo Bold

      i love it

    36. Tsogoo Bold


    37. Lee Naila

      yokk semangattt!!!

    38. Lia Ahgase


    39. WV


    40. büşra

      Next eclipse mv

    41. minky 9397

      GOT7 "Breath"

    42. Espacio Melody

      Jinyoung masum velet haha

    43. Lia Ahgase

      I will always be here fighting for GOT7

    44. Espacio Melody

      Bambam Secret garden daki eşortmanı almak istiyormuş sanırım hâlâ almadı ama ona almak çok isterdim

    45. Pornpana Umpaivit

      SO PROUD OF YOU GOT7 ^___^

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        @Lia Ahgase With You ~~ >_^

      2. Lia Ahgase

        With you Poom

    46. Gözde Nur Çelik

      Ya bu nasıl son m/v olur yaa 🥺

    47. amani jungkook


    48. Sherly Arianzya

      Today is got7 left in JYP☹️☹️

    49. sekar pertiwi

      I am still watching got7 mv because got7 but unsubscribe this jype youtube

    50. Pon Sophorn


    51. Ratsamee Srisakhot


    52. hana_xi 09

      قوتسفن الابد 💚💚💚💚.

    53. Gf Gf


    54. Gf Gf


    55. Miso Ahgase 7


      1. IGot7 Forever

        :) :) :)

      2. night shine

        :) :)

    56. Vicky Low

      Let's don't forget to spin all Got7 masterpieces

    57. ahgase08 NOS


    58. IGot7 Forever

      Ayy ayy alright ~

    59. Tala Talaaa

      Youngjae is vveerrryyyyyy talented he's beautiful . talented. he's full man i love him

    60. Elifnur Sataaldim

      Yorum yapmak için yorum yapan ben

    61. Elifnur Sataaldim

      Muhteşem değiller mi

    62. jini love

      Ay Ay

    63. I'm a Borasaek Girl

      The average is usually 400 views. The following is the record of the last few streams 36 548 529 548 734 549 041 549 400

    64. GOT7 BIAS

      19 Jan 2021( Freedom day )- This historic day I am watching all got7 videos .

      1. GOT7 BIAS

        @Ana Eliza yaaayyy ❤️💚❤️💚

      2. Ana Eliza

        me too

    65. Mhasi Metha

      Of all their MVs, this one is a masterpiece... The perfect transitions and editing.. 👍👍💚💚💚

    66. Athiksha Anandan

      Why are people saying Got7 is disbanding? Like bruh

    67. Mhasi Metha

      I'm commenting in every Got7 hits since they are free from today Haha.. 💃💃💚💚💚

    68. green fox

      love jinyoung 's part

    69. Pornpana Umpaivit

      Breathe In, Breathe Out ~ And don't forget to Vote too Ahgafam!! ( SMA / MUBEAT / KKING / IDOL PICK / ETC... ) ^___^

    70. Kpop_ Multifam

      The moment you realize you can't breathe because of Breathe



      1. Pornpana Umpaivit

        With You ~~

    72. park jin young

      vote got7 in mubeat for mv of the year ( last piece) :)

    73. A. Ş.

      7 or never 7 or nothing

    74. Rencel Nido


    75. MINT CHOCO

      Breath ♥

      1. Pornpana Umpaivit



        ♡ Hollow heart

    76. IGot7 Forever

      The whistle!! Lol I'm whipped for this song

    77. kslkrh aew

      36 540

    78. KPTing_ah

      Honestly that's one of my favourite songs from GOT7. What a good chilling vibe!!!!!

    79. Ace Ace

      JB GOT7😀😀

    80. Thannicha Vipukanjanakij

      GOT7FOREVER 💚 Will be supporting all members in new side of music Artists forever.💚🐥💚 JB Mark Tuan Jackson Wang Park Jinyoung Choi Youngjae BamBam Kim Yugyeom 💚🐥💚

    81. nedensizliğin nedeni

      Ne zmandır yoktum nasılsınız ahgakuşlar hemde bi diyelim Günaydın

    82. Nancy Lopez

      Freedom to my boys finally 💗💗

    83. kslkrh aew

      always here for me GOT7FOREVER fighting

    84. snow fall


      1. snow fall

        @IGOT7SUNSHINES good !! :D


        @snow fall Hii how are your studies going? :D

      3. snow fall

        @IGOT7SUNSHINES hii sunshine ^^


        Hello snow!!

    85. Dani C

      The whistle is so iconic and i can't whistle, this is like torture for me 😔

    86. Peach Gemma

      Have you voted already????



    87. Divya Suryawanshi



      2. MINT CHOCO


    88. Kim N

      Vote for Last Piece for video of the year on the Mubeat app!!

    89. Theoneu don'tknow

      I am kinda disappointed, its such a great song too. Imagine not promoting this song😒

    90. MINT CHOCO

      36,532 ~


        36,547 ~

    91. Eva Z

      I’m back! #GOT7NEWPAGE


        Welcome back!

      2. snow fall


    92. Jem

      "Everything makes me go crazy It’s suffocating I want to get out I can’t endure it anymore Now I’m Do it like, do it like We only live once..."



      2. MINT CHOCO


    93. Endah Puspita

      Thanks guys for 7th years, we love u always ✌

    94. Weirdo PlUsh


    95. Peach Gemma

      Please vote on SMA ... we need to be on top 5 to secure their Bonsang!

    96. Onie


    97. JAY B

      Got7 forever

    98. Suhara Salam

      All i need is youuu

    99. Sangtei Chhangte

      Lets celebrate by spinning all their Mv's...

    100. Ahgase XCIII Got7 Blackpink

      Guys plz plz vote on SMA, we need to enter top 10 atleast... we mst win this & show how powerful we r even without an agency

      1. Rani Jkt