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    1. eggs are superior

      This song really jus goes hard... most of grandson's music goes hard

    2. Rafiqul Hassan

      Can anyone what yes theory is!?

    3. Prithivi tw

      I'm here because of yes theory .🤙

    4. Zero Tudja

      Yes Theory!!!!!!!!

    5. AuthentiK

      Wtf is yes theory lol

    6. Soledad Perez

      Ghostemane Adam jensen Confetti Gradson

    7. Soledad Perez

      Yo creo que no quedaria mal una colaboracion con confetti o adam jensen

    8. Dmitry Platon

      Мне зашло, а вам?

    9. Less G


    10. TECH HUB

      Are there similar songs to this ??

    11. Sofia H.R

      grandson i am so glad i found your music like 2 years ago


      0:14 same

    13. Leland aka Angeles

      Found this on my recommended now I'm just on this channel Jesus this music's good

    14. Ibrahim Abd Elrahman

      If you pause the video exactly at 0:05 , it looks like a gay skeleton *rgy

      1. Ibrahim Abd Elrahman

        And I love it

    15. Ibrahim Abd Elrahman

      when I saw 0:05 I immediately thought "It would've been perfect if grandson published this in October"

    16. Srqunzo

      Who the hell is yes theory

    17. Fiona Schlick

      This was the very first song I heard from him 2 years ago. Still a huge fan! XX

    18. Jonata Santos

      Sou um fan 😍

    19. Jonata Santos


    20. Phycotic _Dragon

      This is my go-to Vibe music im not kidding its so great

    21. Medina Ayhan

      Best song ever İs never gonna be bored

    22. vaxam

      ''Just reading out flaws I didnt' know I had'' well F

      1. Shitlord :D

        lmfao it's too real man, it's too real

    23. Fabiola Aki


    24. Microwaveable Selfie

      Fallout 4 radio mod...

    25. Cystinosis_Queen4 Life

      This is what I instantly go to when im really mad about something and need to calm without punching something

    26. Crimean Government

      mmmmmmm monke

    27. Amit Ben Ami


    28. Amit Ben Ami


      1. Amit Ben Ami

        @Antonio Oviedo Ik ;-;

      2. Antonio Oviedo

        Now reading that was cringe

    29. Charlotte Moore

      Grandson Nirvana Alice in chains Rhcp Ratm Sublime Tyler the creator Current joys Eyedress Tame impala Molchat doma Cage the elephant

    30. Aneesha Rahman


    31. Amit Ben Ami

      This song makes me go CRAZY FR LOL

    32. Outkast6

      Yes theory?

    33. jungwoo dior

      2020 yall- I’ve liked him for 3 years now still listening to him cause his music is fire 🔥


      Hi its me grandson!!

    35. AntiSocial Cucumber16

      Grandson took a very different turn, I’m glad he did but I wonder what it would’ve been like, if he lived the life he didn’t.

    36. ShaqGaveMe Head

      beat cool

    37. RandomKaty

      Listening to this and playing Mario Kart 8 online is a journey

    38. ༻кυяøмα ༺

      No one gonna talk about how this song is exactly 3:00 minutes long lmao

      1. i am dumb

        Wait that's so satisfying

    39. Alex2K

      Seek discomfort!

      1. anghelos._.diamant

        Which video is it from?

    40. Dingoa

      2:18 is so GOOD

    41. Joy Chavz

      Grandson is the best

    42. Ahmad Abdelrahim

      Yes master

    43. 1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI

      this song is depressing

    44. JeanPaul Guzman

      Literally who gives a shit if you came here from yes theory or not, were all listening to this song because we all think this song is good, yall are so edgy

    45. Squeelee Lou

      Dark pictures anybody?

    46. honkhonkhonkhonkhonk honkhonkhonkhonk

      You know.... People have been saying.... I ain't ever seen two pretty best friends

    47. Henryy sour

      Yes theory stuupid

    48. Lylus Woods

      I love this song

    49. don't look at my profile

      I never learned from my mistakes Until I'm too late to do anything A screen glows in a dark room Laptop talk of a change that never came Oh no, no, no So console me Just what to do and how to fix it, I'm lonely Sitting in this crowded room All of my best friends Like to go and get fucked up Then they talk about all the lives they never got to live Oh, they're still waiting for some sort of invitation It's never coming along, oh no, you'll get just what you give Getting high with your best friends I'm just reading about flaws that I didn't know I had Watching ads for things I didn't know I need Oh no, no, no Pour a drink just to stop the shakes Blowing smoke until my eyes bleed Mm, mm, mm, mm Oh console me Just what to do and how to fix it, I'm lonely Sitting in this crowded room All of my best friends Like to go and get fucked up Then they talk about all the lives they never got to live Oh, they're still waiting for some sort of invitation It's never coming along, oh no, you'll get just what you give Getting high with your best friends Sometimes you gotta leave that city to love that city and start all over again But it doesn't look so pretty to get your hands dirty and start all over again You gotta leave that city to love that city or else you might get trapped Oh, you might get trapped Just like all of my Just like all of my Ooh! Oh, just like all of my best friends Like to go and get fucked up Then they talk about all the lives they never got to live Oh, they're still waiting for some sort of invitation It's never coming along, oh no, you'll get just what you give Getting high with your best friends

      1. don't look at my profile

        @anghelos._.diamant thanks bro

      2. anghelos._.diamant

        fkn legend

    50. I don't know what to write lol

      *me seeing the cover* me: THAT CANT BE TRUE I AINT NEVER SEEN TWO PRETTY BEST FRIENDS yea im not funny ik

      1. Tintschi

        9 people thought you were. more than enough.

    51. _ Dafoe


    52. SlumpRaVen

      I ain't never seen 2 pretty best friends 🙂

    53. Notorious2108

      LOL the start looks like the start of bill nye

    54. Braxton Pollock

      this song is a lot like his song bills

    55. LunaTheDoggo

      This song is so attractive AMD FOR WHAT

    56. ayu

      For anyone thinking who the hell yes theory is they are a dope youtube and they’re also close friends with grandson thats why they frequently use his music

    57. CatSoul Svk


    58. Samara Brutus

      Did anyone else find grandson because of Riverdale where Jughead "died" and blood//water was playing? No? Okay...

    59. Swoddy

      Grandson x slipknot please.. would make your music as prominent as it should be.

    60. rishabh raj

      Yes theory got me here

    61. Kailee Gray

      Seeing lots of comments from 2 years ago anyone here from october 2020??

    62. Ravenxxqi

      Ah I remember during December of 2019. I would only listen to Grandson and the vibes were *chefs kiss*

    63. Person

      I just happened upon one of their songs a few years ago and fell in love. I love this band! So stoked about their new record. It's so cool its gonna be half black and half silver! They also have a full silver one too. ^~^

    64. Victor Bui

      He deserves more views im here because of............B r u h ...Because of ...... My good taste in music...

    65. Ava Hamblen

      It’s been 3 year how have I not heard this song before?!

    66. Sonia Payne

      Me and my friends family loves you

    67. Zorran

      This song makes me want to throw knives at cops and commit arson. Don't ask, I don't know why.

    68. Meghan Shumate

      They talk about all the lives they never got to live.

    69. McTasteMe

      Honestly I found this band like 2 years ago from like anime montages or something but theyre still good

    70. La Boulette Professionnelle

      This song is my best friends

    71. Alex Alt

      I’ve only watched this cuz it’s my friends favourite song

    72. Katherine Parfitt

      Yes theroy has a good taste of music !!

    73. Madison Quattrocchi

      Me and my friends in a nutshell right here

    74. The Muggle Hermione Granger

      Exactly 3 minutes? My mind is at ease

    75. Ratree Duangsala


    76. india's finest beans

      that beginning riff is just ✖️👄✖️👌

    77. Slade May

      title: best freinds Me: *laughs in lonely quiet kid

    78. doodlebug ASMR

      What's yes theory???

    79. djaye

      Thanks youtube recommended this songs actually good :)

    80. Raized By Nerdz

      Here because my daughter added this to our Amazon music...and thought I would give it a listen and dug it..have no idea who Yes Theory is so guess I have to check them out now too

    81. I wasted time on changing my name

      How did I not discover this on my b-day why tf am I living under a rock 😤

    82. yoel Medina


    83. Sediw Quseynova


    84. elizabeta plamadiala

      Idk what is yes theory but i listen all of the grandson songs. They are the Best in the world

    85. weedcat420

      That beginning looks like a school's science presentation

    86. Zul Fikrie

      this song is literally my life as a teen

      1. jack cassdy2006

        @Gloomiy respect bro,

      2. Gloomiy

        @jack cassdy2006 yes

      3. jack cassdy2006

        @Gloomiy do you play pay day 2?

      4. Gloomiy

        @jack cassdy2006 u literally wear a mask in ur videos

      5. jack cassdy2006

        Edge lord alert

    87. Christian Sanchez

      Idk why it still surprises me when I click on songs I like but I just want to let yall know that *NOBODY* fucking cares whether someone else brought you here or not, and finding this without an outside source doesn't make you special or better in any way either. Just enjoy the damn song and talk about it with others, there is no need to fill up 90% of the comment section letting everyone know how you found it

    88. Sad Turn

      I’m here wondering where the comments about this “yes theory” Nah I’m playing I’m just jammin to the music

    89. b u g

      Can someone tell me what yes theory is?🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. nyah

        Yes theory is a HUfast channel about seeking discomfort and saying yes. They used this song in a video a few years ago. Its pretty good channel

    90. nyah

      I just found this song and usually I don't like much music but this is really good

      1. jack cassdy2006

        Nah I'm a tank

    91. GrellSaysTransRights

      I’m gonna be completely honest- I came from a Salad Fingers edit on Instagram...

    92. капитан FIRE


    93. quesowo

      ah, yes, the ultimate song of friendship

    94. iron cheese

      i dont know who yes theory is

    95. Noemi

      ive been listening to this for 4 hours straight

    96. Ge Light and love

      Yes I miss my best friends I will see y'all again and they know who they are love ya

    97. бо ба

      Such a deep song, I feel like I want to make my life better and do smth useful without my phone

    98. Alien Thing

      whats yes theory. ?

    99. r y l e e

      I just like good music....