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    Official audio for the song 'Darkside' off a modern tragedy vol. 2, available now on Fueled By Ramen.
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    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe it
    push too far you’ll see
    the kid has got a dark side
    back against the wall (la la la la la)
    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe
    it’s the last trick up his sleeve
    the kid has got a dark side
    that you don’t want to meet at all
    They always picked on him
    in the class
    He would wake up with anxiety attacks
    Until he put the semi automatic on his back
    He Got murder in his eyes
    He Wore his silence like a mask
    Now he’s making up for all the violence in his past
    Took it from his father who never bothered to ask
    What his son had on his mind
    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe it
    push too far you’ll see
    the kid has got a dark side
    back against the wall (la la la la la)
    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe
    it’s the last trick up his sleeve
    the kid has got a dark side
    that you don’t want to meet at all
    He never went to check under his bed
    He was living with the monsters in his head
    Sick of getting beat up he listened what they said
    told him do some very bad things
    and when the time comes that he count to ten
    Ain’t nobody ever gon fuck with him again
    Feeling all alone it was him against them
    Decided when the lunch bell rings
    that He’ll sing
    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe it
    push too far you’ll see
    the kid has got a dark side
    back against the wall (la la la la la)
    the kid has got a dark side
    best believe
    it’s the last trick up his sleeve
    the kid has got a dark side
    that you don’t want to meet at all
    you can’t run
    you can’t hide (hide)
    you can’t run
    you can’t hide (hide)
    someone let me off this ride (ride)
    you can’t run
    you can’t hide
    the kid has got a dark side

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    1. დÄbby-Çhãńდ

      *¿Alguien más habla Español?*

    2. Caleb Lewis

      I'm always quiet kid

    3. Strawberry_ Star

      I was that one kid who was the quiet kid who everybody picked on in 3rd grade, then i came back from Summer break and was the kid everybody wanted to be friends with cause I became a badass 4th grader who would beat up 8th graders.

    4. Samuel Bilodeau

      THE BEAT DROP AT 1:15

    5. That Onecrustydino

      When you are the only quiet kid in school that secretly a girl but no one knows😏

    6. bente thomasen

      The text is perfekt if you ting abut Mikael myers

    7. SauleMel

      I just noticed that's it's most likely about school shooting. Like I'm not from America, but I am a fan of pumped up kicka

    8. Maryam Ali 2052386

      when he 'talk-sings' he sounds like Ethan Nestor. XD or maybe its just me softboi's voice is stuck in my head.

    9. FireRavenWolf

      "Ain't no body gonna fuck with him again" *fanaticizes about killing my enemy feeling badass* *while drinking my Capri-sun*

    10. ઽτ૯llα -૮ђαท

      I'm a kid ;n;

    11. JustaMemer

      Jokes on you, *i am the quiet kid group leader at my school*

    12. Tyler Geerts

      January 10th 2021

    13. Tucker boi

      How did I realize what it was about almost instantly

    14. Mya Chaney

      Your music is the best and it’s helped me a lot so thank you

    15. lynx commando

      I wanna have too Dark side

    16. bxtch

      jokes on you, i am the quiet kid.

    17. Gabriella Monko

      2019 - Nightcore 2020 - Daycore/Slowed 2021 - originals

    18. naruto uzumaki

      i think that a bit weird kids have x on eyes

    19. Matthew Perez

      Thought it said darktide, like the warhammer 40k video game.

    20. Sinn3r 5001

      Jokes on you. I am the quiet kid

    21. Emiki Senpi

      So my friends think i listen to bright things. Me: **Listening to this song** My friends: **Catches me listening to this** Me: Hey dude.. **Smiles** So funny story I Have a semi-automatic.. you should be very afraid

    22. Abigail Krysinski

      No one gonna mention how this sounds like Oliver tree is singing it

    23. I'M THE WEIRDO

      HAHAHAHA my boyfriend is the quite kid....


      I feel evil on this song~

    25. Jazmín González

      me re encanta la cancion sono re mal como lo dije pero esta re buenaaa la amoooo

      1. Jazmín González


    26. ENAT UHAK

      People say I have too much power cuz I became the quiet kids friend and made sure they along with the suicidal kids were okay and helped them talk it out.

    27. Kyle James

      Me: listening to this in french the girl sat next to me: the kid has a darkside

    28. Grace DeForest

      I'm the only lesbian in my class, no one picks on me because I kick people's shins during our recess i have no reason to worry :)

    29. CaroOo

      I was one from 13 to 17. I dreamed every night of killing them all, make them suffer and regret what they did to me. What saved me from doing it? Honestly I have no fucking idea today now that I am 40yo. I guess none of them realize the chance they have to be alive today eh. This song triggers so much anger, but today I would never think of doing something wrong to others.

    30. billy bob

      this song makes me wanna put 11 nerf darts ina 10 dart mag

    31. Josie Weget1000

      ...=_× 🖤

    32. Josie Weget1000

      Is litt 🖤🎶🎶🎶🎶

    33. X•D•v•e•k•u•X• X•X

      Mha fans Villain deku The kid has got a dark side

    34. Genevieve Roy

      "Hears knocking on front door" "jokes on you I ate my front door"

    35. Xxvenus_thecatxX

      Im labelled the “quiet kid” im not even quiet

    36. Kar Kee

      Nice house with radio tower across the street and amp written on orange electrical cord connected to house! How many woman and kids did you play this game with??.

    37. Jiraiya Fk


    38. Yishaizuk Kol

      And I thought no song will be as good as blood // water.

    39. Yes Hmmm

      Im the quiet kid :)

    40. Persephannie Wrighte

      Jokes on you I am the quiet kid hahahah

      1. Evangelina Nightingale

        hahaha, as am I. If we all band together we could create an unstoppable force

    41. Dream chan

      I'm a quiet kid

    42. Mariana Salgado P

      the song of the school shooting

    43. Keishuri Yonbon

      I like this song-

    44. Connor Harrison

      The bass drop is LEGENDARY!!!

    45. Akaichuri Makii

      *Quiet kids all the way even though me and friend are one.*

    46. Nathan Rae

      Me: *calling it tech support* HUfast: ok what’s the problem? Me: my replay button does not work anymore HUfast: what did u do? Me: so what if I plays grandsons song dark side about 10 million times?

    47. Dillon Pinto

      Ha jokes on you I am the quiet kid

    48. UwUwatercat

      jokes on you im the quiet kid

    49. Francisca Lopez

      The song: the kid he's got the dark side Me: The kitty's got the dark side

    50. Cheryl Brown

      Me and my friends love this song

    51. Cheryl Brown

      I love this

    52. BRUH TEAM

      Bruh I murdered a man in a ally in roblox

    53. Holly Tarvin

      My friends? Lol I have few friends because I'm so demonic

    54. Vivian Ross

      @grandson I love ur songs!

    55. Shadow /YeyeYT

      Jokes on you, I am the quiet kid

    56. Persian Couponqween

      Xxx L

    57. •the fnaf fans •

      Me: **Looks into one of the camera boxes** Also me: WAIT IS THAT TRUMP I SEE Also also me: **looks in more boxes** also also also me: THERES MORE

    58. Pudding- Juice

      No words amazing

    59. Korben Greene

      Jokes on you i am the quiet kid

    60. Maki Meh

      Some dude said this on twitter: I put the monsters underneath your bed so you won't be lonely.

    61. Spartan War118

      Have you ever played a game that got a little too real for you? I played one like that once, and man, it made my mind feel like i was actually being bullied again It was weird because it was all just in a singleplayer rpg game But damn it hit like a truck, safe to say this song felt entirely fitting I pretty much locked up for the next hour after stopping, i felt deep levels of pure un-filtered hatred i hadn't felt in a long time Never bully people, some of them really don't tolerate being stepped on at all And for some, you might just end up doing the same thing as stepping on a live landmine

    62. Adrian Estrada

      The kid`s got the darkside best belive it push to far you`ll see The kid got the darkside back again`st the wall lalala


      Grandson and NF should make a song, that would be the best song to exist

    64. Chloe Haliligamer


    65. HlAyyy nul

      Grandson: I SAW THE BODY DROP HUfast: Cosentyx is cool, let's put up an ad for it😁👍

    66. Nina D

      Does this song remind anyone else of Theo Raeken from Teen Wolf?... Just me? Okay

    67. Thick Nuggets

      This song is fire

    68. Natth_hdz 7w7

      Alguien habla español y ve está canción en inglés 😅😅

      1. Natth_hdz 7w7

        @꧁ღUsagi worldღ꧂ jaj xd 😅

    69. 이브[Eve]

      2:34 I like it!

    70. Llama Corn

      Calling all quiet kids we attack at dawn ,I know your there

      1. Evangelina Nightingale

        I shall ride to your aid, we will be an unstoppable force

    71. Llama Corn

      Me my favorite color s are pastel pink,magenta,bubblegum pink and I listen to stuff like this.

    72. Wtanner 241

      If Grandson is reading this, I hope you know how much you mean to me. You have helped get me through a really rough time in my life and this song in particular helped me realize that some people have it worse than I do. Grandson, you are a magnificent being. Keep creating music!

    73. Reokagro Games

      his dark side is praying that you step on legos in the dark

    74. birdie

      so i showed my friend this pretty sure she thinks imma cereal killer or sumtin

    75. Sara Robles Gómez

      Mi parte favorita_ 1:44 a 2:08

    76. Happy Sketch

      I was just causally listening to this for a couple weeks now and I like it and I just got it- it's a school shooting song... I WAS LISTENING TO THIS I HOPE MY FAMILY DIDN'T THINK TOO MUCH ABOUT IT 😭

    77. Rohan Srivastav

      We knew a legend before he became a myth

    78. Breanna Mullins

      ok y'all are talking about how when the quiet kid listens to this you know its bout go down but what about the loud kids Example: me i'm loud and love this song?

    79. yeet idk

      It's funny when kids get mixed up with quiet and quite

    80. Anais Gossman

      the 1.4k people that disliked just got caught from their parents

    81. Indi French

      This is my first favourite song🎵🎶

    82. Ujjwal Sharma

      When you say hail hydra to quiet kid as a joke and he starts explaining you new plans......

    83. Shelley Holland


    84. Колючка Колючая

      найс,я одна русская...или нет?)

    85. HelloPeoples -3-

      When I listen to this in 0.5x it sounds like some cool dubstep/alternative/rock song and I love it

    86. Mihaela Draganescu

      ❤❤❤Grandson and 8Graves will be lit.🙏🙏🙏

    87. Leo Roblox

      Who else is here from a mha lyric prank

    88. Shattersoul Woods

      love this song

    89. asdf wasd

      when the quiet kid plays pumped up kicks, play this to assert your dominance.

    90. Easton Blevins

      naruto be like

    91. Jubee Davis

      this is one of my favorite songs it’s so good👌🏻✨

    92. Bat Rat

      This is what the quiet kid listens to

    93. makis lazaroy

      1234567890 !@#$%^&*()

    94. Ruth Espinoza


    95. Clay 425

      Oliver tree?????

    96. Ashley -_-

      I love this

    97. Lara Croft

      I have a dark side. My fake friend knew that her demise was true.

    98. Yumiii

      Hi brazil

    99. Orin games

      Love this music its so good thx