grandson - Overdose


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    Music video by grandson performing Overdose.

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    1. חנוך תורג'מן

      your songs get me out of hard times keep doing it your good

    2. Bulletproofweasel

      The lil peep imagine hurt

    3. Muhummad Khan

      I don't do drugs, i do league Drugs better honestly

    4. Tristyn Alfred

      can we make this one song bigger??

    5. PennyLayne Broom

      okay, this song might remind me of my mother and i might cry each time i hear it-- but i love this song no doubt.

      1. Alex marquezz

        2:41 (hear)

    6. Samuel Bilodeau

      Moral of the song: DON'T DO DRUGS OR YOU'LL OVERDOSE!

    7. Cleveland Hall

      Yes it does

    8. GLITCH08

      i'm hearing "gimme more" after reading these comments pls

    9. anakin skywalker

      This made me do a pro gamer move on the Jedi council

      1. fooking lazer sights


    10. Robin Ranum

      I have a feeling something is gonna happen today wonder why.

    11. Bob Ross

      Listening to this after Portland legalised hard street drugs

    12. this is ThatOneGuy57

      Funny I find this now considering I OD'd 3 weeks ago

    13. fooking lazer sights

      What a good song and badass music video

    14. Jelly Filling

      Oregon: *now I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move*

    15. MACIUŚ


    16. Jeremiah Waur

      This song made me stop with sleeping pills🙏

    17. bob bob

      Finally a artist that talks about real problems

    18. emma ryan

      Did anyone else realised it sounds like gimme more or I need more

    19. Frenchie

      as someone who nearly died of an overdose on prescription drugs, i find this video quite powerful.

    20. K a i ب_ب

      this reminds me of the first time I tried weed with some friends and I felt like I was about to die.

    21. Crystal Stephens

      you rock

    22. Tomura Shigaraki

      Grandson needs more followers man, like this stuff is amazing I’m not just taking about the song (though it is great to) but the meaning behind the song is just.... perfect

    23. Daniel Mendez

      This song is a drug of its own ngl

    24. Zla_Gad

      "The more, the merrier!" - Said Pooh, before dying from an overdose.

    25. Ayden Simmons

      It does 😂

    26. Paige Moody

      Don't mind me listening to songs ab overdose while knitting and drinking my coffee

    27. Wiktor

      The best to listen on morphine

    28. fooking lazer sights


    29. Lune granite

      just do a riot, not drugs

    30. Gamer

      Congrats to drugs on winning the war against drugs

    31. yuri gagarin

      It would be ironic if the Poles put this song in the video of the cow dancing

    32. Andrija Čamagić

      "This is America!"

    33. Unikitten131

      *all fun and games till I hit the floor calm my toes* So true 😪

    34. Soham Goswami

      REALLY i gota leave the town

    35. Splicity

      I accidentally overdosed on painkillers and now my liver is swollen and painful...listening before I die 😭😂

      1. fooking lazer sights


      2. Oble Wobble

        MAN ARE YOU OK???

    36. MrHex DK

      I hit the floor comatose, woke up, looked for another dose.... Life as an addict is killing me, yet, as the idiot i am, i keep doing it.. why.? Cause i can't stand this world without the escape that my drugs provide..

    37. robloxmaster

      Very few people relate to this but everyone loves it

      1. fooking lazer sights

        Wrong a shit ton of people relate to this

    38. Tremayne E-B

      No mistake there

    39. intel pentium

      02:09 is that Philip Seymour Hoffman?

    40. Death Is upon us

      Hello people in 2020 and almost in 2021

    41. Spirit Vision

      this music video slaps

    42. meltuplogic


    43. meltuplogic


    44. Sariah Mohammed

      when he says "tryna feel like a rockstar" he's calling out post Malone for promoting drugs this is not my comment i was thinking to comment it before then i saw this so i copy and pasted it

    45. Alterra

      In conclusion, over 2 years later, drugs have won the War on Drugs

    46. Wyatt Harrison

      Got High once off Benadryl then was deciding if I should purposely overdose, but stayed alive for the memes and to just see what happens if stuff goes ape shit there always plan B

      1. fooking lazer sights

        Also yeah there's always plan b

      2. fooking lazer sights

        Getting high of that kinda feels good 😅 I just turn into a brick and fall asleep

    47. Kelo

      hey, you probably wont see this. But. Thank you for writing this song. Im struggling with the urge to use and this song is my go-to to help battle the urge

    48. Pog Champ pog

      guys let’s keep this song secret they already got blood // water those tik tokers are like zombies taking any life from good songs then making them “tik tok songs”

    49. meløman

      Rip lil peep

    50. LilithVI Lu

      Kill me

      1. sami zahi


    51. Jessica Oursland

      Listening to this on acid hits different.

    52. Amit Ben Ami

      Y’all it kinda reminds me when people say ohh look smoking is cool but a few a months later u get sick of it

    53. Constant

      Overdose x6 all fun and games till i hit the floor comatose !!

    54. misfitcentral

      my cousin just died from an od. before christmas. a mother of two. a daughter. a human

    55. Canan Gökçebay


    56. Carson Arson

      youtube turning comments off left and right is pissing me off rn hope you guys aren't next

    57. Kat Khaos

      This is prob the best video for someone to relapse to and legit be like whaaat theee fuuuucckkkkk.... reading all THAT STUFF is important BUT for most addicts the images are enough to LEGIT beat the message trying to be said...but I like the song either way

    58. ARS0N THE_CL0WN

      Are you the mother mother enby, or the grandson enby? Bitch I'm both-

    59. Aqua_wolf111 GLITCHED

      I love how all of Grandson's songs are about real things and people can relate to them. He also helps people realize they aren't alone and they can talk to people about it without being criticised.

    60. Dalton Yates

      Always remember kids stay in drugs and dont do school wait fuck no

    61. Yan-chan Ex

      Corey Montieth at 1:11 and Mac Miller at 1:25 got me right in the feels

    62. Keep Praying! !

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    63. Stephen Bouw

      Follow your spirit guide and Far-Har-Hareat shall reveal your pure energy self and you will understand reintroduction into the hive of pure energy. Please come with me


      the picture of peep gave me chills

    65. Sonia Cottle

      im obsessed with this guys music its so good and is the type of music i have been looking

    66. •LazyGamer 21•

      In my opinion (Yes I know this was made two whole years ago) but, this just shows how fucked up things are for people. A majority of drug addicts use drugs because they want a void in them to be filled (They feel like their missing something and turn to drugs to help fill that part of them).

    67. Jack Walker

      HIT KIDS NOt JUULS Don’t worry I’m joking just joking dont do either

    68. Todd Howard

      Brother OD'd a little over a year ago, serving in the army fucked him up and the government didn't do shit to support him.

    69. Candyman&Scar stinks

      Get high and don’t cry

    70. Emily x._

      I love the zooms in.

    71. Audrey Kent

      I can't wait for this to be a historical video for 2016- It would be so cool listening to this during a class while learning about the 2010s

    72. Mr Buzzkill

      Sad to see macs face ain't on here neither juices

    73. ThatOneKid

      My Brothers Friend OverDosed A Few Weeks ago

    74. ꧁꧂Alastor꧁꧂

      *That moment when you overdosed while listening to this song lmao*

    75. wolf Reese boi


    76. Ape X

      When the drugs stop working, I take a tolerance break. ~Me


      You are a drug

    78. Truth Messenger

      Yeah hes def dying by overdose

    79. Joana Tovar Rojas

      My heart sank when I saw lil peep😞

    80. Dakotaraptor

      *How did I get here from a I am a snek video-*

      1. Dakotaraptor

        @Lilly M. Pfffft

      2. Lilly M.

        I. can't. stop. laughing.

    81. Tristyn Alfred

      when he says anymore it sounds like he says I need more

    82. holy fungus

      It's my last day at rehab and found this song, can relate. Very beautiful

      1. fooking lazer sights

        It's been a month since you made this comment how are you now?

    83. Haider Ali

      one min in this song you will get gussbum

    84. Ariadne Arielle Moreleon Castillo

      It's normal if this makes my cry and feel wrath?

    85. Lieutenant TeddyBear

      Use Mugs not drugs

    86. Endy World

      “Now the drugs don’t work 1. anymore” 2. I need more” 3. , any more?”

    87. yusuf koyu

      02:00 lil peep :(

    88. Nilanjan Biswas

      2:03 rest in peace legend

    89. Saiko Entertainment

      Thought I'd be respectful and ask first. You mind if I use this song for an AMV?

    90. Nibba Hours

      Guys it will get better.... Sometimes....

    91. Mr. Pizza

      I love grandsons music so much ❤ its the best

    92. Jeanette Rodriguez

      “Don’t do drugs, and if u do, do them safely” (Only OGs know that one)

    93. Martino Blasted

      rip peep

    94. Oscar Hernandez

      I like how this song has meaning unlike any other song

    95. Kenny Shaffer

    96. Ghxtz.x

      A powerful message which everyone should here

    97. Elia Daibes

      overdose :)

    98. 10 18

      33,215 is an average for America's overdose deaths over a course of one year (365 days)

    99. Werther's Original

      Anyone else hearing *Amir Obé - WISH YOU WELL*