Gym Fails is Hilarious!


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    1. IND terang

      You are dream yeaa

    2. J&T Gang

      That had to hurt that hit right in his chest and bounced back on his chest

    3. Astartes 777

      Soooooooo what's that Thumbnail?


      They said gym is for the body, so they left their brains at home.

    5. lognlognplays

      If he says he’ll ya one more time

    6. Aditya Khapre


    7. NS FagFarm

      Stick to what your good at pewds

    8. Maljunma

      *planet fitness plastered all over the gym and equipment* pewds: what is this gym called?!

    9. Penn

      2:38 r/suddenlygay

    10. Lacy Lemelin

      It’s planet fitness and that machine is to help with pull ups he was just using it very wrong (that way is fun tho 😂)

    11. AHarice

      Pewdiepie follow Jeff nippard he's very good with scientific explanations of certain things including diets he even shows studies against others

    12. MosK1

      This is so funny

    13. Andrew Lizano


    14. Zeno 04


    15. Levi Tollefson

      The machine you kept asking about was for assisted dips for when you can't do dips with your own body weight. But there's plenty of better exercises to train your chest and triceps until you can dip your own weight.

    16. madregular

      now that I think of it, back when I had a planet fitness membership there was a dude that would dance in between reps. he'd be there every day.

      1. madregular

        yes I said reps.

    17. Ghoster_ 07

      Grammar Fails are Also Funny! (You Title)

    18. Thee Chad Slayer

      Not that important but i think ot is but pewds said that people in america that have fat muscles have big stomachs but a really strong guy said on youtube that at a certain point in deadlifting the stomach starts to get to a big gut look but its hard muscle not fat

    19. geirthemuss

      Planet fitness.... the gym for people who dont workout

    20. Antonio Macias

      I need a Shooting Stars meme of the guy at 9:02

    21. Micah Brunet

      Describing Planet Fitness as a normie gym is 100% accurate

    22. lbrxndonlYT _

      Bro keep being humble you your amazing bro ❤️you have a great personality

    23. lbrxndonlYT _

      Prewdiepie is hilarious

    24. VXS

      The guy at 6:40 is doing quick turns for wrestling, it's an exercise that helps turn and tackle better. (I think)

    25. Sidoxenizer RS

      Is it just me or is the distorted speaker sound that covers his curses extremely annoying, plus when its like in every sentence, i had to stop the video because of it lol

    26. Mike Moran

      They give you a pizza when you join. No joke

    27. Lance Roark

      Carb isn’t spelled, “cable.”

    28. Nikkiegamingz

      The guy was practicing wrestling moves, I do it all the time at the gym. It just looks funny because he doesn’t have someone to practice with so he’s doing the moves by himself

    29. Lame Eon

      Where is the girl from the thumbnail

    30. SKarY Zyconnn

      That's so true XD in America I saw a creepo peeking at some leggings (if you know what I mean) and then proceeded to put a barbell on his butt then doing push ups on the rowing machine

    31. Andhika Po

      Hello iam from Indonesian

    32. Cow Games

      If any of you need good gym advice; jeff nippard is the place to be.

    33. Roman Kozlovskiy

      495lbs drops on your chest what the fuck lmaooo

    34. Cow Games

      and that's why you don't lift with thumbless grip when benching heavy.

    35. David Hedvall

      1:25 vart har du hittat materialet?

    36. Jonathan W


    37. Me Me


    38. Karmin Mra

      1:50 I am sure.. that man has broken his ribs after that much weight.

    39. Michael De Jesus

      Lord forgive me but I died of laughter at the dude at 1:50

    40. Dixie Normous

      1:35 BRAIN GAINZ

    41. joseph jo-stalin


    42. RekeBear

      1:49 the green guy is holding it wrong :O

    43. meow senpai

      Where is the thumbnail??

    44. Aditraj Singh

      1:05 f1 drivers workout *intensifies*

    45. Mark Joseph

      The machine pewds does not know the name of is for doing dips

    46. Mark Joseph

      3:18 is for doing dips

    47. SpiritSlayer


    48. Jacob deLeon

      You have to be careful when doing the shit where you squat while lifting the weight could end up with your ass on the floor

    49. Jelena Balog

      Hell yea hell yea hell yea hell yea hell yeaaa 🤣

    50. every day gaming

      That one guy in the blue shirt that was shadow wrestling he was doing a shot and sprawl

    51. Disjsj Shshsjs

      Pewds lost 1m subs...

    52. Say Mums soul!

      6:30 im pretty sure that guy is a wrestler from they way they train

      1. Stkrdknmibalz

        Something like that

    53. Kaiziak

      I go to planet fitness which makes this funnier. Still can't get used to the lunk alarm going off every time someone walks too loud

    54. Kaiziak

      to work out my neck I lay on my back, raise my head off the ground with my neck and rotate it different directions back and forth, that way you're actually holding your head with your neck. I couldn't do anything efficiently for my neck while standing cause it always felt like I was using a different muscle.

    55. George101YT

      3:20 the machine is working out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Ali Naif Nizaar

      1:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Raquel Cantor

      Hey pewidepie Ones im 21 im gonna travel to england to see you Pls let me live on your house plsss.

    58. Makala O’Siggins

      This video should be titled “Pewdiepie discovers Planet Fitness”

    59. Jay369


    60. Ashish 4056

      13:40 it’s correct btw

    61. Adugna Dereje

      why does he curse so much and he likes when people get hirt

    62. Thom

      So the guy at 6 minutes 33 seconds SEEMS to be doing wrestling drills

      1. Sharon Castillo

        6:33 for people who are lazy to find or on mobile



    64. Gian Trujillo

      Please don't let it be clickbait! Edit: major f---ing clickbait -_-

    65. Crappy Animations

      i really liked that

    66. Kai johnson

      its a gym for disabled people

    67. Psʏᴄʜ

      Imagine tom platz and dorian yates trains at planet fitness Gym: i am out

    68. Snipersnowman 28


    69. GD Shane

      Amma be honest I kinda want him to react on fake muscles and crossfit fails

    70. 16_DEBJYOTI SAHA_1202

      I'm still confused how he got that much subscribers.



    72. Abhinav Vinod


    73. yannxzz quotes

      Adaa orang indoo kahh disinii

    74. Die1PumaSchildkroete

      If You don't know how to use the machine... Sometimes there are Tutorial Pictures on how to use them... At least at FitX it is.

    75. Yalemwork Mulat

      It is not fun

    76. Iphoneklinikken Kvadrat

      3:35. you stand on your legs and can either to dips on the sides or pullups on the bars up top

    77. DJ Palisade

      You'll find 'em all at Planet Fitness...

    78. Violet Omelette

      Even though he's got 108M subs, so why he's views so damn low???

    79. Aditya Jain

      Clickbait ?

    80. Ella Morgan

      We just treat gyms like playgrounds cause we're all children

    81. Djs Animations

      3:38 First off he needs to face the other direction so his knees on on the seat of the machine and you basically push down with your arms(facing direction of machine) and come back up.(its kind of like doing a reverse dip). And usually set the weights 20 lbs give or take of your body weight ie you wight 160 so you can go 140-180.

    82. Brennen Koehl

      We enjoy life

    83. Brennen Koehl

      Yo we from America

    84. Pelican Follower

      Luv me sum juice

    85. Smooth smoothie 68 419

      I hate watching people get hurt doing things with heavy weights, but people using things wrong? That’s good stuff

    86. NikoVidya

      I guess there's no rules against bad/dumb exercises, but it does take equipment time away from people who are more serious. I feel like there should be some gyms exclusively for people who aren't doing bad/meme exercises

    87. omer khan

      this is so cringy

    88. Yeet Man

      6:31 thats a wrestler doing takedowns and sprawls

      1. Jorge Patino

        This whole video reminds me of Tony Ferguson

    89. alle hermionie Kitchens

      It's planet fitness

    90. Meryem Altintas

      That's why I hate working out in gyms...people around judging you, personal trainers joking behind your back, it's really horrible... I wish the atmosphere in there was more friendly and welcoming for the new people It's really easy to be a jerk and feel like a king around other people working out if you're already jacked and buff

    91. Chilled Wanker

      R2H have 2.1 crore views in a week.

    92. SocTheSecond

      It’s a dip/pull up machine

    93. Joshua pere

      Pls guys don't say Omg

    94. Nicholas

      The reason why NASA rejects most applicants:

    95. Soup_Dad64

      Pewds lookin like he bouta sell liberty mutual with an emu

    96. stillchris01

      Take your "I was here at nice-million subs" ticket here

    97. George Zaharia

      why do u have a pornstache?????

    98. Some Q-Teb dude idk

      I really think phones shouldn't be allowed outside your bag or pocket in gyms to prevent people from infringing on people's privacy by uploading these videos all over the internet

    99. Raaj Thakur

      Man your moustache is looking awesome 😂😂❤️❤️