H3 Podcast #11 - Ethan's Parents

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    1. brandon duran

      41:46 Gary saying no cap

    2. duckybear

      omg hila didn’t talk for the first whole 10 minutes and when she finally said something i was shocked because i didn’t even know she was there!!!!!

    3. cristomali456 m jeenifarty654

      The elderly nepal acutely poke because tanzania presently receive amid a dear spider. selective, false familiar famous hospital

    4. Brit Haviland

      HA, Ethan: "This is not a political show." 🤣

    5. BruhAnt


    6. hbh Tcr

      I hate that conversation about medical bills. Most Americans can’t foot $500 at all. HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT. We’ve normalized insane medical bills too much. An ambulance ride is $8000. America is the worst country. It’s only good for rich people. And you only hear from rich people here. So of course the narrative is “America is a great country” Fuck Hollywood and New York and fuck the American dream which doesn’t happen for 99% of peoples. We still deserve to live what the fuck

    7. Jeremy Tran

      this is my favorite episode

    8. B. McAllister

      Ethans dad looks like Stephen King.

    9. Sam yadig66

      i wanna kiss your parents so bad

    10. Natalie Salt

      I wish his mom would tell the truth

    11. Nicka Lah

      I woke up to this vid when YT was on autoplay... and while this vid is three years old now, I have to say that it's not just conservatives that hate the ACA. I was looking forward to it as someone who used to be a Democrat, but I've had varying amounts of wealth throughout my life, and when it rolled out I was poor... $9/hr as a customer service manager even with a fancy degree, and before I was a manager I was working part-time. All of that rime no paid sick time nor vacation, I had to earn sick time I wasn't paid for... Anyway, the ACA was horseshit for me. I qualified for a discount one year, but the next year I didn't, so I went from $50/month to hundreds of dollars a month (over $400 at the time so obviously I went without that year.) This was whether I made $11k or $20k (woot OT -_-, nothing like struggling for OT and still being poor). Even when I had it, I couldn't afford care anyway. It makes it more affordable for middle class, but was garbage for those making under 30k. I was excited for the ACA, but now it's probably one of the less obvious reasons I feel let down by Obama, and why I wanted nothing to do with Biden or anyone not in on M4A. Most Americans support it regardless of affiliation, close to 70% now.

      1. Slightly Himbo

        I appreciate all your points, and the ACA was and is beyond flawed. I just think obama (and the whole democratic administration) did the best they could considering they had republican confresspeople and senators fighting every single step of it. Hopefully Biden can do a bit better lol

    12. Katsuki Bakugo

      Ethan's parents remind me of Iron man's parents

    13. Christina Watson

      He got hives from the soap they used to wash the gowns. Im a housekeeper in a health care facility and the washers most facilities use can only use a specific type of soap and a lot of people are allergic to it.

    14. Ariel Guissarri

      Did Ethan’s mom voice Bojack Horseman’s mom’s character? Or

    15. k x

      Ethan's mom is hott

    16. Iron Lung

      It's like they're talking to an un-dumb, good looking, older version of themselves

    17. Iron Lung

      Ethans parents probably bone more than ethan and hila lol

    18. Harley Quinn

      Ethan's dad is a national treasure!

    19. Alexander Flåskjer

      Ethan makes no genetic sense

    20. Ryan Carpenter

      Hey Ethan, do you by any chance have tardive dyskinesia?

    21. fer jim

      Why is Ethan such a mamas boy

    22. Uchiha Madara

      How is it that Ethan looks older than his Mom her genetics may save him later in life

    23. The Big Succ

      “It’s not a political show” how little does young Ethan and Hila Know

    24. Chelsea Donae Byrne

      Ethans mom is describing astral projection(dreaming , seeing her body while floating above it )

    25. Sarah Amadio

      i'm begging you to have them back on again

    26. Benjo

      lsd can actually improve your eyesight and you can but it wherever you want pretty much, like in your belly button (with some sweat to activate it)

    27. Anne Cooperstone

      how did no one talk about how cute that scrapbook is

    28. TheLights045

      Ethan often mentions that his dad is creepy/they don't get along? But they seem to have a normal relationship here. Does anyone know the story?

    29. RK Luu

      25:05 ooooooohhh boy

    30. embryonicaristotle

      that present and card was sweet

    31. Anisah Cloud

      Hila looks like ethans mom. But has a personality like ethans dad 😂

    32. Andy SquarePants

      Your parents are soooo adorable 🥰

    33. Dewi Lew

      Why do your parents look like an older version of you and hila?

    34. Ali Barker

      Listening to ethans mom is bittersweet. Only rich people could speak so casually about all these health issues. Any "normal" persons parents would have just died i think. Idk.

      1. Ali Barker

        Peace and love. Love h3

    35. Ali Barker

      Listening to ethans mom tell her story, like omg how is she alive?

    36. jayne

      your mom is adorable! I love her! lol

    37. kelso alonso

      I’m so confused ethans mom looks just like Hila??????

    38. J Ruiz

      Ethans dad seems like he could be a narcissist...

    39. SCREAMqueen421

      I'm on methadone. And I hardly a bit. And have to pull it out. It much info, I know but jfa true.

    40. SCREAMqueen421

      Bring them back on.i love ur parents

    41. Samuel Carvalho

      You should invite them on again! They’re so sweet!

    42. Benny Mack aka Kiwi

      Not so proud of their son now. He is a garbage human being

    43. Lim jack

      The public tuesday intrinsically afford because parent postsynaptically fill to a annoyed weasel. disgusting, nonchalant ounce

    44. minnie K

      their cool i wish i had cool parents

    45. MrSimon1909

      why is ethan so ugly when his parents both look decent?

    46. Literally Aidan

      Yo Ethan's dad literally invented "no cap." 41:43

    47. Michael Gavlik

      My mom almost cut her finger off but still wouldn’t go to the hospital, it’s so fucking annoying

    48. Etticos

      Lol Ethan’s dad is low key on the level. “Milk of the poppy, milk of the poppy”

    49. Marissa

      And this is why I’m terrified of ever having surgery lmao. Thankfully I’ve made it to 28 with only one surgery which was having my wisdom teeth removed. I remember the left side of my face being numb for days and thought “I bet they cut a nerve and now my face will be fucked up forever”. I googled it, read several horror stories and cried while eating ice cream. My face is fine now though 😂

    50. Maria Velasco

      ethan's mom and hila look so much alike am I the only oneeee who sees thisss

    51. nicksimpson

      ethan has aged like 10 years in 3 years I feel like

    52. Bee 98

      Ethan's mom is such a gem.

    53. Hoggar Krababbel

      Why the fuck do his parents look like Hila's parents and not even a little bit like his own?

    54. Maart En

      Omg how many fuckups did these doctors have

    55. thyartissabrina

      "Shootin elephants with a BB gun ga'head" *goes head* "I hold onto the lil..." "The 'OH SHIT' handle, yeah"

    56. sixty syxti

      i wonder how much all that costed

    57. Benil gt2

      Ethan's mother is beautiful in the way a Chevy Bel Air is

    58. Erin K

      Does anyone know the breast feeding lady's name I'm intrigued and can't find anything

    59. Ribs

      colonel sanders is a savage

    60. Antony

      This is probably my favourite episode of the podcast

    61. Dane

      I feel like Dad is very demeaning to Mom

    62. Natasha Adams

      Damn the years have added a few pounds 👀 not insulating him btw Iv done the same 😏🍣

    63. K J

      Love Ethan's parents. Interesting show.

    64. Nichole Lopez

      While I agree the bill is high you have to figure in the cross to pay the EMTs that gave her Emergency Care on the ride but I do agree it is way too high

    65. Mor Gan

      Unpopular opinion your dad is a dick and your mom is an angel and he doesn’t deserve her

    66. Olivia Hamilton

      this is such like someone else’s parents vibe

    67. Shan Camp

      shoutout to qualudes lol

    68. born2shine4ever

      Ethans mom looks just like his wife. 😳

    69. Austin Janes

      damn yo ethans mom is hot

    70. lisa strahan

      ETHAN! pleeeeease stop eating during podcasts ☹ I watched almost all the way to the end but couldn't watch the last few minutes because of the chewing and sucking noises 😫 ahhh misophonia

      1. James Blue King

        You know this is 3 years ago right?

    71. Alexsandra

      Damn Ethan looks so good. But I was probably just as skinny at the time. And I miss it. Ethan I wanna get skinny again Let’s get skinny we’ll look so good

    72. Austin Craig

      Ethan's mom needs an onlyfans.

    73. Josh Davidson

      Me sitting 8n Canada with great health care 😶

    74. Joseph Olaynack


    75. Luca Jooste

      “So they stabbed the needle in my back......in between your ribs.....it hurt soooo baaaaad” “So anyway” “I started doing yoga....”

    76. c c

      His parents look literally nothing like him

    77. BleachEmpireBBS

      LOL wow beautiful family> we can probably conclude your madness does not come from your parents. Your mom looks like the sweetest lady.

    78. Mariah Daynell

      His mom looks like hila

    79. tony Wang

      Someone fire Dr Butter fingers PS anyone watching this in quarantine

    80. Jannika Gröndahl

      Your parents are so great!

    81. Raneem Haleem

      Well that doesnt look like a guy that watches porn excessively.....


      oh so they have Hook turns in Mexico?

    83. HchyBaby

      I still think Ethan's mum looks like Hila.... weirdo....

    84. Emma

      I scrolled past this thumbnail and thought it was Kamala and Joe

    85. Kira Linaris

      instead of gamer girl bathwater we couldve had meme mom lung juice

    86. K1MB3RL3Y88

      Watching this in 2020 and my god Ethan has gained so much weight!

    87. Shelby Reynolds

      Definitely can see the respect your mom has for your dad.

    88. paige bachman

      omg his mom is so sweet :,)

    89. Ankita Sehgal

      I see where Ethan gets his humour from!! His parents are soooo charming ♥️

    90. Far Z

      what a gorgeous couple! what happened to Ethan 😁

    91. Alex

      Its crazy cause u go into the hospital to get better and its like a test n trial until they fix it, its really daunting

    92. Tavi Kasata

      DAMN he is so slim here, its sooo weird , 3 years of difference.

    93. Drako

      So skinny

    94. Korinna Beckenbauer

      His dad is Stephen King?

    95. Skrink La Du

      I use the h3 podcast as an ASMR sorta thing. As long as he isn't yelling, I always pass out to Ethan droning on. He has a very soothing voice when he isn't being all hectic and screaming.

    96. pearl

      the comments about his mom lmao... yall really cant stop thinking about sex for one second? 😷

    97. EfrainDaLoc Playz

      It’s hard watching this with the same lighthearted charm now that I know Ethans dad watches porn on Twitter lol

      1. Sez

        I was thinking the same thing 🤢

    98. Brian Payton

      His gf looks like his mother

    99. Anon Person

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    100. amaximman

      skinny Ethan is cursed.