H3 Podcast #22 - Jake Paul & KTLA Reporter Chris Wolfe

H3 Podcast

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    Jake Paul joins us along with Chris Wolfe who broke the original story
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    1. Veki Paz

      Anyone else notice how ethan says Almost In a way & i feel like When hes trying not to offend someone

    2. BruhAnt


    3. Kay Bee

      Heila low key fan-girling over Jake is kinda everything

    4. Michael Macbeane

      Hey Ethan would you like to do a rap verse for me and we then make a song with said rap verse and have Dan and zack produce it and have a special feature with Mr shoe nice?

    5. Kenil Monpara

      OKay guys He was just trying to rap not actually rap so lets chill out

    6. Weirddd TV

      2017 Jake: I don’t like beefing with people 2020 Jake: Literally beefing with multiple UFC fighters

    7. Guy Incognito

      Jake paul trying to hide his balding receding hairline by not cutting his hair or brushing it!

    8. BruhAnt


    9. Luke Gore

      Around at the 50 minute mark they treat him like a asshole

    10. TheBluePanda

      Fuck Jake Paul.

    11. Grande Nation


    12. pood doop

      I think Jake hates his brother, the way he talks seriously about their competitive nature and then adding that Logan slept with his girlfriend, I think there is a burning hatred there and it’s scary.

    13. Analise Nichole

      Usually after watching someone I don’t like on a podcast, I can come to understand them and like them a lot more. With Jake however, the more you look the worse he gets.

    14. AllyIsAmaziing

      Who’s watching this in November 2020?

    15. Tobias E.

      22:25 I am German so correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Arkansas pronounced Arkansaw?

    16. Chloee Elizabeth

      I don’t like Jake, but he’s actually very polite. I think he’s just dumb, as well.

    17. T

      Honestly the kid is just fairly low inhibition, he’s a 20 year old kid or whatever with millions coming in every year. That shit is serious for a young guy let alone anyone. You have to give him credit for coming on. Surprised me to be honest even though I know your persona in videos isn’t going to be how you act always, it’s a job, whatever brings in the most money is what makes sense. That money is change your bloodline forever type of money.

    18. Charley Spence

      You should do this every day, bro

    19. yeshwanth outlaw

      It's been 4 weeks until my comment pops

    20. Brayden Morton

      Jake Paul isn't a bad person, but lacks judgement I think. He'll probably look back on himself 20 years from now and be embarrassed, as most of us do.

    21. Liz

      "But I've been growing from all this", yet watching this in 2020 he just got raided by FBI, looted at BLM protest as a privileged white guy, and held COVID parties risking the neighbors' health...

    22. Colin Horn

      Damn 3 years since the most awkward podcast ever

    23. Pixie Poser

      jake paul likes to get drilled his own words...

    24. Saad Khan

      TBH the autotune joke at the beginning was pretty funny

    25. BeasEasel

      Honestly if Jake was more chill like this in his videos then I might actually watch his channel. I find his hyperactive persona so obnoxious and hard to watch whenever I see clips of him, but I actually really enjoyed listening to him talk in this podcast. He had a few moments where he seemed a little oblivious, like when he was talking about the Post Malone thing and didn't seem to understand all the things he did wrong, but in general he seems alright. If he just stopped with the constant merch plugs and was just himself instead of trying to be an over-the-top character then I think he'd actually build an audience of adults who respect him instead of just kids who basically worship him. Of course it's fine to play things up a bit and be more enthusiastic on camera to be entertaining, but he seems to take it to a place that only appeals to kids, which of course is a problem when it's paired with the constant aggressive merch plugging and stuff.

    26. Akram El Hachimi


    27. Akram El Hachimi


    28. Akram El Hachimi


    29. Akram El Hachimi

      Jane non

    30. Indy RAWR

      "R- Kansas"

    31. Cassie x

      It’s weird watching this now. I think jake actually had good in him back here. He was just a young kid who got rich and successful so quickly. Now he’s lost the good part of him he had here

    32. coffeebeann1

      JAKE PAUL = SHITTY BLUR of poo

    33. coffeebeann1

      PAPA BLESS love you post lol

    34. coffeebeann1

      "i feel like a zoo animal" -Jake Paul

    35. m0d08

      Take a shot every time Jake says "like" what a fckn douchebag

    36. iz mizzle

      "I like to be drilled." -Jake Paul

    37. Jaxon Lurie

      Shout out to 2020 Jake Paul for spreading Coronavirus!

    38. Cucber

      you can feel the Hampshire in some parts of the vid

    39. Megan Gilmer

      Wait hang on lmao - did Jake just say Arkansas like Are-Kanzas unironically? Was this not called out!?!?!

    40. puppy yeet yeet

      I would assume Jake lived in a gated community... But obviously not. As kids wouldn't be near his house.. Wouldn't he be rich enough to live in a gated community?

    41. valley valley valley

      “ he’s the coo of team ten “

    42. Tamara Karlas

      The way jake said “Arkansas” really shook me

    43. Djay NOK

      Gotta respect his work ethic

    44. Axel La Flamme

      wow he really isn't an awful guy, pretty polite and seemingly self aware and fairly honest, he's just playing the game like everyone else on youtube, small channels hussle to make money on yt and jake is just better at hussling than the others.

    45. bekah venezia


    46. Vital Mendoza

      I just think he lacked proper parenting. He literally said "I like to be drilled" like an orphan missing a dad talk. Judging from his later interviews you can tell he is kinda lost in life.

      1. Skyler loggins

        I believe Greg Paul was a terrible influence on Jake and Logan's life, He was so busy making them successful he forgot teach morals and how to be responsible. Now they are paying the price because of his crappy parenting.

    47. Bdizzzel

      Jake Paul 2020: gets arrested for looting XD

    48. Vax Gaming

      I hate that I gained a very small amount of respect for Jake while watching this

      1. Dylan Eaton

        looting ends the mans career

    49. Epic Lemon

      Perspective, I respect that. Oh yeah, clip art merch.

    50. themeatman


    51. Jack Lostumbo

      I don’t hate Jake but he is often dumb af.... but fuck his brother

    52. MC - 12ZZ 588858 Cawthra Park SS

      Opinions aside it’s nice seeing people talking problems and issues face to face and not getting too involved and angry over social media and stay mature about it

    53. kotux0

      “ I love his songs” Mumbles the first three words to his most famous popular song Checks out

    54. Stormtrooper 83

      Nice to see a human aspect to him...no doubt he is a narcissist and his brother a straight out sociopath....no regrets on not allowing my children to watch his content...we went next level though and talked about how and why his content isn't appropriate for children...up to the parents to monitor there children's viewing and educating them incase they do come across something. Can't always blame the HUfast creators

    55. Iron milk

      He says he hates drama lol, he loves that shit, but he cant handle the heat of it and thats probably why he says he hate it. He doesnt know the difference between loving/hating drama and beeing good at it.

    56. Maxwell R.

      1:52, thats what she said 1:58, double thats what she said

    57. MASSACRE 60

      Who came from mom’s Basement

      1. Raul H

        MASSACRE 60 me

    58. Niall Davidson

      Tbh I actually quite like this Jake, he seems respectful and calm

    59. the drunken ramblings north east UK

      Lowkey don't hate Jake. I think he's a young Lad who makes mistakes. I dont think he deserves at least 100,000 to a million people hating on him. There's a lot of people behind the scenes, youve got to remember hes associated with Disney - these producers and agents create a "Brand" and an "Image" usually a controversial one in order to feed their own needs. He's a young, dumb kid. I deadass dont see a bad bone in his body - even though hes made knobhead choices. Logan, however... is another story imo

    60. the drunken ramblings north east UK

      LMAO I knew this Nick dude wouldnt have wrote "England is my City" deadass, the dudes a northerner as well, very weird trans-Atlantic accent

    61. Aj S

      Lol listening to Jake Paul explain himself, is like listening to my little brother explain why he pooped his pants.

    62. Shan

      Omg he said England is a city? What a dumb fuck lol

    63. Jaroslav Valášek

      54:02 why does he opera sing the word "were"

      1. Dylan Eaton


    64. XtreamG57

      Jake is stupid, but at the same time he knows that about himself yet he dosent do anything about it

    65. dssvlogz444

      The amount of times Jake's says like u won't get it out of your head

    66. MaggotDiggo1

      He's a douche.

    67. Luke R

      I don't believe for one second it took 18 hours to go from starting to write the song to fully shot and edited and published in 18 hours.

    68. Barry Ross

      The dudes cringe but think back to what you where doing when you where that age.

    69. Hector Merc

      Jake Paul is not that dumb after watching this interview

    70. jeremy Adam

      when you use church it’s basically just saying yeah, or it’s good

    71. Willful Leopard

      Before I watch this I hated Jake Paul now I just dislike him

    72. Kay Lub

      I always had a feeling that Jake Paul was self aware at least to some extent. But now I understand how disconnected from reality he truly is....

    73. —

      Did he just call Arkansas Are Kansas

    74. Bogdy Yo


    75. Purple Dot

      51:30 what just happened

    76. John deneau

      I have no idea what he was thinking by coming on here.

    77. Cody Wellman

      This is literally the same as the presidential debate

    78. Matt I

      “I always wanna beat myself” - Jake Paul

    79. Gmen pg

      Jake “like like like like like like like” Paul

    80. Avi Joshi

      It’s clear his intentions are pure he’s just dumb as fuc

    81. Travis Conroy

      Jake looks like he’s wearing makeup from an Annabelle move, you rosy cheeked bitch

    82. Nick Keplar

      watching this in 2020 is crazy

    83. Breadquonda

      122 thousandth liker

    84. The Burger King

      It’s weird to watch this and think Jake somehow managed to become even more hated

    85. Jayna Howey

      Im not even famous and i want to be on the podcast hah.

    86. Dee Lambo

      Like x 1000 = 🤮

    87. Toot

      Jake has a soft brain

    88. ShinyRedHead

      Who came here after Jake blocked him on Twitter?

      1. Dania Beck

        Why did he block him

      2. Marwan Eskileeh


    89. Jotato Tot

      How did they film it's everyday bro in 3 hours... aren't there both day and night shots in the music video or am I just dumb

    90. Rick Sanchez

      Damn , this guy really played Jake Paul Really Well . He should come back to Jake Paul Vlogs.

    91. obomabo

      “I like to be drilled” - Jake paul

    92. alex schreiber

      It’s (arkan*saw)

    93. Bob Sagogi

      I don't understand why they're kissing his ass he's very manipulative

    94. SPF Mike

      He kinda acted like an adult. If he ever gets in trouble, dont send him tp prison, just make him work a shitty job for a year. He'd learn something from it.

    95. 0mine00craft000

      “ARKANSAS” “OUR KANSAS” are u fuckin serious

    96. 0mine00craft000

      Jake Paul is so full of himself

    97. Mr.pickle gamer

      somehow someone is worse than him.... Jaystation

    98. Chumpus Creenis

      ‘i try to forget all the things i get criticised for’ lol its all adding up

    99. Butters McFly

      36:41 , I feel like a zoo animal... I don't like your content, but that's heavy man. Stop what you're doing. That's no way to live bro. We are all humans. Find your humanity again, and nobody will treat you like an animal