H3 Podcast #39 - Post Malone

H3 Podcast

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    1. Rico Anthony

      I remember 3 years ago when h3 posted this video; before ethan was a TOTAL grimey POS.

    2. MonkeyMaster62

      Damn. I like the crew, but this show was so much more real when it was just the two of them.

    3. Abbi Morland

      I am a big H3 fan, came back to this ep because I was watching post on hot ones. I got to say I miss this era so much, never though the current podcast was trash but I reckon I'll struggle to go back and watch new eps thinking they are high quality compared to eps like this

    4. katzeneck

      I just want to point out that germans do not stress the ‘G’ in singer. Ethan is just weird

    5. J W

      they are so jewy

    6. Artism Jr


    7. nicolas ortiz

      Cap af malone didn’t Ben 90k with 100 lmao maybe with ten racks but he’s to stupid to win that much

    8. will

      I'm not a huge fan of his music, but god damn is he a good human being. I want to be his friend. He's so genuine.

    9. hbh Tcr

      I’m sorry, I was hungover once at work and was about to puke like, I was struggling to talk at a table because it was coming up, and I managed to get through it. And then it went away. That girl was not trying hard enough.

    10. NFH_240

      3:05 "So Post, what do you want to do today?" "Hang out with your Mom"


      What is this white and green device with a keyboard that's on the table in front of Post? It can also be seen in the episode with Joji.

    12. BruhAnt


    13. zenia morejon

      The sophisticated cycle mainly yawn because animal undeniably follow since a pastoral action. hot huge, obedient argument

    14. MEGGIE A

      Holy fuck at 58:55 Ethan referring to the islands they’re building in Dubai : “I wonder if someday they just go broke and it turns into a ghost town” this legit happened

    15. SaintMBMJr


    16. We Remotely Low

      Damn, I miss seeing these 3 together ❤

    17. Angie Martinez

      Now I know hila has no gag reflex

    18. pixiepqueen

      Is it true he is smelly? My daughter told me he is smelly? Some fan spewed when they smelt him? Is that true or is my teenager pranking me?

      1. Lil Hellboy

        pixiepqueen no it’s not true lol

    19. Noah Miguel

      Back when Ethan was skinny lmao

    20. kick moji

      “He was walking behind there! That’s not a screen!” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    21. Liv

      As if the whole Patrice thing wasn't scary enough, he really put it over the edge with the damn robots 😖

    22. moshe lo

      He is my favourite singer

    23. Mike_litoris3000

      Anyone here in 2021

    24. Hannah Foster

      I'm in love with him

    25. Thu Nho


    26. A Hippy

      I wish he hadn’t tattooed all over his face. He was so dam handsome before.

    27. Kathi

      No singer is pronounced with a soft g like in engineer, I hate people makin fun of german. Your whole fuckin english language descends from german.

    28. Pastamenu

      what people don't understand is that phones do listen, but not in the way we think! they're like toddlers hearing ice cream and immediately thinking that we're going for ice cream. so kinda like they're tone deaf until you say the right word.

    29. Dana

      15 grand? What a collosal waste. Its not even really gambling for Post Malone because of he wins, great but he was already set up for life. And if he loses? Who cares, it won't impact his finances one iota. Gambling usually implies some kind of risk. No, this is more like flaunting your money with a card game. If it was really about this fun of playing, he would need to spend so much money. Here is a thought, select a table with a much smaller buy in & then give other $14,900 to someone or some cause that actually needs it. 🤷

      1. Lil Hellboy

        Dana he’s allowed to have fun, chill

    30. DrRisk01

      he is so fucking cute!

    31. HeadPopBodyDrop

      Post is such a genuine human being need more people in the industry like him

    32. MylffieG

      I think Post is so wholesome. I wish i could meet him I know for sure he would just act normal. Thats one of 5 celebrities i wanna smoke a blunt with hands down. No need for anxiety nervousness. All chill.

    33. Sosa fam

      I HATE Ethan Klein

    34. Sosa fam

      For every time that Ethan Klein‘s podcast automatically plays after a video I’ve watched I’m going to comment I hate Ethan Klein in STARTING today.

    35. BlendedBeautyXO

      Not me watching this at 4am to circumvent my nightly anti-attack instead of facing the things causing it 🤪😆

    36. meggs nbacon

      Joel Osteen is the goat and the church's parking lot is an underground garage it was flooded and he got an award for how much he helped during Harvey.....I live in Houston I saw that it was flooded but whatever people who hate on him are just mad bc he makes ur demons uncomfortable.

    37. Pugs Rule

      "Stop short and cop a feel!" Great!

    38. Pugs Rule

      Really good show. How can we get you out to more people? Howard Stern doesn't amount to a pimple on the ass of this show. Keep up the good work.

    39. Krayton Be Thy Name

      Austin: There's no penetration in that game! CD ProjeKt Red: Hold my Bud Light

    40. Rachit

      Hey guys I don't know what they're talking about but please listen don't smoke cigarette or start after looking at this folks and thinking its cool. It is not cool. They're clown of their mind.

    41. aquatiq

      Post is who introduced me to peep 😣

    42. 360 Fov

      Shame they had a huge fall out

      1. Slrrt 12

        What was the fallout ?

    43. Nathan roeh24

      Dan would’ve sent Ethan that link before he even knew he needed it

    44. Chelsea McKinley

      The robot shit has me fuckin’ WEAK 😂

    45. K M

      I watch your podcasts while I paint

    46. Mike Jones

      There is bullet penetration in Pubg

    47. CMC Productions

      The part where they start talking about Lil Peep, who by the way is my favorite artist of all time, and Post brings up the fact that people don't ask to get hooked to stuff. He's EXACTLY on point. So is Ethan. They said, you can try a drug for the first time, and be ok, basically saying you can do a drug, and not get hooked. But if you have some deep psychological problems going on, and a certain drug just helps take away the emotional pain you're feeling, and you just want to keep taking it, and taking it, until it comes to a point where if you don't have said drug, you get sick from withdrawals. For example. When I was 18, I got in a fight, got sucker punched, and my jaw got broken, as well as my chin bone. They put me on Oxycodone for the pain. I also was a weed smoker back then. But. I took the pain killers until I no longer needed them, and was fine. Then, between then, and age 23, a lot of stuff happened in my life, and I ended up getting some pain pills from a friend who was selling them. I wasn't smoking weed anymore by that point, couldn't drink alcohol. So I kept taking pain pills, and became dependent on them. They helped numb all the emotional pain I was feeling. It got to a point, where I had to have them in order to be able to function. If I didn't have them, I couldn't even get out of bed. I was a full blown addict. I ended up getting my own monthly prescription of oxys, for back pain from a doctor. I'd get 120 oxys, and they'd be gone in a week. I was depressed, had anxiety ( I still do) I hated my life, and the pills made it all ok. I smoked fentanyl in 2015, and almost died. I've lost close friends to overdoses. I got off the pills in January 2016. But I'm still battling MAJOR depression, and anxiety. I sometimes take Xanax to help calm myself down. Which by the way, I've not got addicted to. But I'm on a medication called suboxone. Suboxone is a medication for opiate addicts and it keeps the cravings for opiates away, and keeps you from being sick. They refuse to put me on Xanax. Even though it actually helps my anxiety and depression. Helps me not want to relapse on opiates. So I have to buy it off the street, which is very dangerous because most Xanax that people sell, are laced. That's how Lil Peep died. He unknowingly took some that was laced with fentanyl. My best friend is also an addict and he's been struggling lately and relapsing. The other night, he took ONE Oxycodone pill that was laced with fentanyl. I found him laying on his face on the floor and thought he was dead. I had to get him up, and his body felt REALLY hot, and he was drenched in sweat. Just from ONE fentanyl laced pill. Lil Peep I believe took SIX laced Xanax. It's no wonder he didn't make it. But the poor guy had NO idea they were laced. My friend did. I've read comments from people talking crap, calling Peep a junkie, and that he had it coming, and this and that. Not to throw her under the bus. But I was talking to my girlfriend about Peep, telling her how he died, and she basically thought it was funny, and said that's what happens. She's not an addict, nor deals with depression. So she has no idea how hard it is. Unless you've been there, you have NO idea.

    48. Abby Lloyd

      prescription xanax is extremely abused, but when people get xanax on the streets (aka w/o a script) it has the potential to be cut with what killed Gus. Be careful.

    49. CMC Productions

      Post, and I would be best friends. We're both super nice, chill, laid back guys, and are funny as hell.

    50. Dan Alex


    51. Fatima Garcia

      2 cancers killing it💯

    52. S R

      Young Posty 🥺🥺🥺

    53. bob smith

      Shut up

    54. aSyMbolden

      Post is so cute

    55. Alexus leeann

      Hila needs to talk more, i love hearing her opinions and views on different shit

    56. Up Skill Or Die

      Post has soooo many more tattoos now compared to this interview. Totally different look.

    57. aslandies

      Back when Ethan was cool

    58. Robert Boehmer-Abbott

      How are you going to dress like that and when you see red white and blue you think of the British flag.......

    59. Loser Lemonade

      I remember watching this live, been a fan of h3 since 4th grade, no joke.

    60. yoohoo my tutu

      Why does he have the crown of thorns on his forehead? Sacrilegious much?

    61. Chad Walker

      Post is and always has been the realest dude out there. Dudes so kind and empathetic. Never gets old listening to him.

    62. Dani Rad

      As a blackjack dealer, I can’t imagine having post Malone gamble with me for my Whole shift. So jealous lol all I get are drunks and old people 🥴

    63. Bunny Xoxo

      This is my favorite episode officially of the podcast 😂😭😭

    64. alax1313

      1:24:44 sounds just like the Trisha "wtf" soundbite they have clipped

      1. Kylie Weaver

        I said "dan" when i heard that and then read this comment a few minutes later😂🙌🙌 thank you hahahaha

    65. Lim jack

      The hard-to-find knife singly refuse because liver weekly polish off a protective pet. redundant, poised tray

      1. Steve Young

        Da fuck

    66. its me

      Why the fuck is ethan smoking a cigarette and NOT weed???

    67. Teesh C

      Need an update on if post malone has seen wierd shit in the fame industry yet.

    68. OJmusic Official

      this episod is just ethan blatantly creepying out Austin daaamn

    69. OJmusic Official

      this episode is just An Emotional roler coaster jeeeeeesus chrisht dud

    70. 19 76

      you're insane and delusional you clearly live in you're own world, I don't know who payed you to do this or if you were expelled from dubai or you're a pill addict, these are the only explanations I have why you try to spread false information about the safest country in the world that would not allow such a thing to happened the UAE, its even is the most developed country in the ME whatever shit you say about dubai won't change the reality that its the city that everyone wants to live in work in.

    71. Joshua Hammond

      I didn’t know there was such thing as a fat crackhead.

    72. Ida Eriksson

      12:22 anybody else noticing Postie talked without moving a muscle.

    73. Articlaws

      I was asleep soo

    74. k

      43:14 “They always get up, they never forget.” 🤖 🤖 🤖

    75. Hunter Taylor

      I need a girl to look at me the way hila looks at post

    76. Boi Thi


    77. Not_BDA

      Really just watch a full 3 year old podcast

    78. Brian Clarke

      Going off of the Apocalypse topic, I’m thinking it’ll most likely be a second Civil War and it’ll most likely happen in 2024.

    79. OprahsKankles

      The shallow spandex beautifully pedal because knife ethically scorch forenenst a labored position. majestic, stupid sing

    80. Abraham England

      Them watching the patrice wilson stream feels like 8 year olds doing a ouji board

    81. Abraham England

      “But it also comes up with Minecraft adventure time” has to be the funniest plot twists ever

    82. Martha Weaver

      The squalid corn startlingly influence because grip effectively reign by a next toy. wasteful, ten soup

    83. Danielle Neuhaus

      Being someone that has overdosed several times and is now recovering from heroin and meth.....I wanna thank h3h3 for never being judgmental. Austin’s perspective is so refreshing. Thanks guys.

    84. Ehab R


    85. Saschia Dybdahl

      Catcher in the Rye is one of my fave classics 😬😂

    86. Karen Sunshine Runns

      "Your eyes look like hamburgers" 😂😂😂😂 imagine is post said that too you 😩🤣

    87. Ruben M

      I miss the chill episodes with Post :(

    88. KittyPawDoll

      I love how down to earth and chill Post Malone is and how casually Ethan calls him by his name. I wonder if they were friends before fame or maybe have friends in common because they both came up kinda young and have been very successful so maybe they had the same circle of friends. Idk why I thought that but... I'd love to hang out with these guys and just casually chat.

    89. ThLyricalLegend

      It's December 1st

    90. Kayla Mucciolo

      A pack of Facemask called Peppa Pig

    91. Diu Cho


    92. Krzysztof Kościuszko

      2:15 your eyes look like blueberries...ca-can I touch them?

    93. Ryu Fue


    94. pood doop

      A new PostyCast is far overdue.

    95. Camielle Parent

      I was stoked to see this episode with Posty... he’s such a down to earth, wholesome and awesome dude. I met him in Minneapolis and I have to say, a night I won’t forget. Hung out after a show at Sevens Steakhouse on the roof... it was EPIC.

    96. I Might Be Sha

      So Zach and Posty are related right?

    97. Binh Hoa

      if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

      1. JimTheKid

        ok? you don't need to be in church to pray btw

    98. Nefti Resto

      so they actually did go broke or had some issues and now its a ghosttown xD

    99. Michael in Awe

      Ethan totally called that "Ghost town" 59:00 [dubai]

    100. bad hair day

      Sorry but this was boring af, too much dead air and the video game talk... snoooooze