Halsey - You should be sad


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    Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. David Haworth

      Number 19 Triple J hottest 100

    2. Y K

      this song sucks

    3. Beard Nation Poker

      What up steller song gurl.

    4. rawdawg_666

      Thought she was ugly af with short hair but damn she looks good af here

    5. chris kerman

      bit of a nod to old English history at the end...Lady Godiva....riding horse naked

    6. Jeferson Garcia


    7. Amelia Thornton

      So sexy

    8. hey its morgan

      i feel like she looked like jeffree star in that bang hairstyle 😂

    9. Gary Giordano

      My X plays this in the car when I'm 2 feet away from her and I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO CAUSE IT

    10. jesus 1st no meth 2nd

      I'm a legend....

    11. micha bou sleiman

      halsey you have an amazing voice thank u for all your powerfull songs

    12. domisaul

      yes quarantine

    13. Angela Innis

      Ok, so its official. She could turn me.

    14. Sorour Salman


    15. Serrafina Jennings

      The fact that the majority of the people in the comments don’t know who Shania is makes me sad.

    16. stephen baker

      Anyone else notice Shania twain outfit being reused?

    17. Yehoshua Schuster

      Halsy:"I want to start it off by saying I wanna get it off my chest ". Me:can't get off her chest.

    18. Owen Naberhaus

      🤩🤩 QUEEN 👑

    19. Yami Sukehiro

      Jimin playlist lol.

    20. Liz Hlinka

      I NEEDED to hear this..from someone other than my own thoughts

    21. Omar Faruk

      2:46 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "Ric Flair"

    22. Ottoman Empire

      who thinks she is much more cooler in shirt hair?

    23. Tim Talks

      Very well put number 1 I can feel your spirit down to my very soul of Jesus your Swagger and your moves and your physique is down to the perfect finesse and the perfection that you show of what you're singing is so true

    24. Megan H

      Shania Twain?

    25. Jon Wilson

      Oh... my... goodness.

    26. Olivia Dixon

      How does she look like so many different people by just dressing different.

    27. JoshuaTree International

      icant sleep Halsey...

    28. Jasmyn Irene

      Best song for a toxic person

    29. Jeon Mllk

      bts 😏

    30. Jackie hiner


    31. Sadeq Hassani

      Hope to see you in Tehran 😉

    32. Sarah Elaine Pippin

      Love it

    33. TrapMastery

      I’m so glad I listen this music once and ain’t coming back cuz holy shit the CrInge is so fucking real.

    34. Fernanda Gondim

      Such Hannah Montana The movie vibes

    35. Ruben Rybnick

      The lyrics are so brutal and still while being classy, then you add the visuals and she got way more then her point across, you can literally hear her fire and pain in this song, she didn't just burn and murder her ex she erased them from existence, you don't come back from that! The classiest F* U I think I have ever witnessed. 10/10 would recommend!

      1. Courtney Hayes

        👌👌👌 I am living vicariously through her with this song and video 👏😍

    36. Elizabeth Catlion

      Funny backstory behind that horse.

    37. SüßSauerVidz

      G Eazy filled that Hole well with girls, money and cars, just watch Still be Friends hahahahah

    38. Злата Гончар

      she's fucking awesome, agree?)))

    39. Paul Rodriguez

      Too bad she had to ruin a great song with this video. Why would anyone be sad that they didn't stay with a woman who likes orgies?

      1. Randa Alshwawa

        its her song and her vid fuck off her page if u don't her


      There's something so satisfying about the way she says "ran so fucking far"

      1. Caroline Millington

        SO satisfying.

    41. jurika barnard

      It took me a while to get this been listening to this song and she channeled shania twain man i feel like a woman and that don't impress me much

    42. Cee

      Love the shania Twain moment

    43. Kalani Garcia

      Fucking BEAUTIFUL 😍

    44. The Gathering Within


    45. blimy

      My Queen Halsey ♥

    46. Cringeyidiot Cringeyidiot

      Hahahahaha I am sad

    47. s i

      "Nobody should objectify women but definitely, we can use our body(for absolutely no reason) to get like, view or fame and that's not objectification at all" - logic of women nowadays

      1. soft bunny

        @s i first of all,you don't know me. we can disagree in things like Example : why i don't like the end of 13 reasons why. And other stuff but when we are talking about minority groups,it's when your opinion stops being an opinion. For what I understood in your coment you are questioned if halsey and other women deserves respect bc their showing your skin. Which is slut sh4ming someone. But when men do it,is not questioned. When men talk in songs in a way that is not so great Ppl clap for them. But when we show our body,we get crap and coments like yours. That's it. If she wants to be naked,she deserves respect. yes maybe the video doesn't go with the song or it's metaphor,we don't know why she wanted to do it. Perhaps she was comfortable with her body,and nothing wrong with that,human body is gorgeous. it's her problem is she wants to be naked or not,that doesn't make her any less

      2. s i

        1. I know what kind of man I am, so I am not taking your comment into account. But from your comment, I surely know that you are definitely the kind of person who thinks if somebody does not agree with his/ her thinking/perspective, then that somebody is a bad person. 2. This video does not go with the song at all. That's where the question arose. You can say so many things in so many ways but deep down you also know that showing body helps to get some extra views or attention. That's what many artists are doing nowadays. 3. Philosophical arguments are interesting. You can deny the exact thing you are doing(or you believe) by giving some high-thought philosophic reasoning. I wonder, why is it only the women who feel comfortable showing their body in Cannes or other film festivals, music videos, or in other places, why women's provocative image is often used as a thumbnail of the video.

      3. soft bunny

        it's different. we get objectify for the male gaze,but she does shows her body bc she feels comfortable. you are probably a man that think that girls should ne respected if they are pure,right?. women have been shamed when we expressed our sexual desires,society does slut shaming just like you know. there's a differenc between objectify and portray women bodies without objectify

    48. Andrew Tucker

      100% tacky

    49. Itz grace playz

      Jimin save this song in jimin playlist lol

    50. Dale Dutcher

      To bad I had a baby with her 😕

    51. Lalinha


    52. Angrist Man

      Plastic but nice

    53. Brittany Scott

      This is so empowering

    54. Ernest Bamburg

      I'm listening to it

    55. Max Dyszak

      this may be one of the best music videos i've ever seen, every segment of it is so beautiful and it's also available in 4k- 💖👄💖 not to mention how amazing the song itself and the lyrics are too....

    56. Castilho GG

      Nossa, que aglomeração, gentee... é gente demais hahah

    57. Tre De

      0:22 my love video :X.

    58. Crismeidi Obispo

      Halsey ❤

    59. LaFlacs

      I like the song ..but the video has me like wtf? Lol..beautiful girl...but whats the vid got to do with lyrics?

    60. LaFlacs

      Was that a nod to Shania Twain in that leopard get up!!? ❤👏

    61. Bustincue 4U

      Halsey is a beautiful creature and she knows it, great song. The sound is very rich

    62. Eunice SY Ng

      Thats not kid friendly?

    63. Derin Polat

      Türk olanlar beğensin

    64. Magnolia DeVore

      Ok but the shania outfit

    65. Rsilver Quinto

      You so nice my name alessandraquintoo

    66. Serkan


      1. Serkan

        let your loved one be with you :))

    67. Cristin Puppe

      can we talk about her super sexy body ? aaaaaaaw g-eazy 🤣 i‘m not sry!

    68. Tia Namjoon

      i wish i was pretty like halsey , beacuse i fell like shit...........

    69. Melissa Smith

      They sure are good at social distancing

    70. Ольга Ефимова

      Am I the only one who feels the disconnect between visual and lyrics?!

    71. SonnySide Ranch Nova Scotia

      G-Eazy should be Sad.Trust me; he is sad and sorry.

      1. rawdawg_666

        He's not but ok

    72. Joshua Cranford

      If sex had a billion dollar budget for one billboard for one day on 5th avenue. This is what it would look like.

    73. Shiann Dillenbeck

      i still like yungbluds music much more no offence

    74. Shiann Dillenbeck

      is this song against yungblud?? hmmmm

      1. Sïlvěř fíìšh

        G eazy not youngblud babeee

    75. lucius black

      U naughty girl.....

    76. stephanie p

      I regret who I had a kid with..

    77. Shasha Croce

      why can i find my dad between these words? ... that's so s a d.

    78. Ida Brun

      My ex from 7 years ago keeps emailing me sporadically telling me he misses me so I sent him a link to this. He tried to trap me with a baby so I got an abortion.

    79. j glory

      Imagine if bts bts see this means.

    80. Daemon Knight

      Oh shoot - I took a wrong turn - was binging on old metal and then this?!?

    81. Mansur Hasan

      Halsey's voice is damn aesthetic.And that music in the starting.... Can't get rid of mah mind.

    82. Ayabelle Alenio

      Imagine, jiminie watching this 😮🥺

      1. j glory


    83. Ayabelle Alenio

      Imagine, jiminie watching this 😮🥺

    84. Lilith

      Great song but the MV does not match it at all it feels so weird...

    85. Vernon Gouveia

      You are my 2 favorite song

    86. No

      I came for the cleavage and I stayed...welp that why I stayed too.

    87. Destiny Adderley

      It's already been a year, wow!!😅😅

    88. B

      My new fkin theme song

    89. Kim Woods

      I'm here 2021 vibing 😩

    90. lesa judkins

      I love the shoutout to Shania Twain with the leopard outfit

    91. retiredsearge

      She would be so much hotter without the basement doodle tattoos.

    92. TheMrMused

      How did I end up in this autotune hell?

    93. Gorjuz BourassaXoXo

      Money, girls an cars !!

    94. sleeping beauty

      sigh yall remember where were actually able to closer than 6 feet lmao

    95. Joshua 123



      97,151,458 a por los 100M

    97. Paul Negrean

      huuuuuh what's this :D

    98. scott jones

      Shes so freaking 🔥

    99. Savannah Lundell

      I felt this song so deep in my soul cause I went thru all this shit for four years

    100. emptiness

      When you've been through a toxic relationship that always hits different.

      1. Kira Kira

        Watching one of my friends go through some shit rn. But she’s the one being absolute trash and playing the victim. I hope nothing but the worst for her.

      2. SpectralTime

        Ain't never been in love, but I've been in toxic non-romantic relationships, and yeah, it catches somethin'. Wish I were better at cutting it off. ...Also, you know, wish the music video were less... you know. But I still like the song.