HAPPIEST SEASON Trailer (2020) Kristen Stewart, Comedy Movie

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    HAPPIEST SEASON Trailer (2020) Kristen Stewart, Alison Brie, Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza Comedy Movie HD
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    1. A K

      Best movie in 2020

    2. mahan zep

      I want to see a part 2 🤣

    3. chelzhi

      Dan Levy is the reason why I am watching this lol

    4. Sophie Ismail

      XDDI love when she says no they think I’m straight to

    5. New Life New Rules

      Gay woke, no coloreds. 😅

    6. Kit

      Where is the tralsated trailer and the movie? Why isn't this film out in other language?!

    7. JP NET


    8. Tetei Colney

      I hate Kristen Stewart

    9. MxD

      Feels like a SNL skit.

    10. mercy Marlen

      i just finished watching the movie and am crying sooo much😢😢😭😭

    11. mercy Marlen

      nothing spells lesibian like a couple with one of them still in the closet!!!

    12. Andrey Malashenkov

      I dont think you have same security clearence as nsa,

    13. Evelyn Antuche

      Buenísima,deberían de hacer la 2da película 👍👍❤❤

    14. Anjali Jainwal

      The film was great but what happened to the fish?

    15. Rashmi Bareth

      She's so cute and beautiful in Twilight movies

    16. smoketinytom

      Having watched Catch Fire or Burn, then more recently Terminator, seeing Davis in this both strange and out of character, but just shows how adaptable actors and actresses are.

    17. LisEvina

      Just one I'm thinking about her *KRISTENSTEWART* she was the best actress for me can do every character on movies.

    18. Bethan Braint

      Best movie 🙌

    19. Karin

      What a beatiful christmas movie - thx Clea 👍😉

    20. just a mexican Angel

      ok this looks amazing and i love aubrey plaza

    21. Stop Hating

      I’m crying because this is only on Hulu .. I’m hurt now

    22. A. Madison

      This glorified Lifetime Xmas movie, lol. If it were more true to real life, Kristen would have cheated with Aubery Plaza and Harper would have dumped her at the end and stayed in the closet.

    23. absoluteacw

      I've only just watched say the first 12 minutes of the movie and it is enjoyable and me smile. Daniel Levy plays his character really well, quite believable. I know I've met someone like him:) The two main characters appear to click. I'm liking it so far. Happy holidays!

    24. Mushanz

      Spoiler warning: but if you have seen this movie I hate how she didnt end up with Aubrey plazas character, I really thought it would happen but now I'm kinda mad it didnt.

    25. asia lewis

      my parents are not gonna let me watch this..........time to call some friends i got 50$ for ya hehe

    26. s0ska nerealka

      Где все русские? Я ужасно хочу посмотреть этот фильм🌚🌝🙂

    27. No Thank you

      Feels like this shit show has been funded solely because it’s about lesbians...

    28. Eu chiii

      I just finish watching this movie, it was really good, it was really fun and I cried too, and it's funny cause I'm straight yet I love it, seriously. Ps:love Kristen Stewart, she's really pretty.

    29. Vicky Sondarva

      Kristen ❤️

    30. Stéfanie Tremblay

      So disappointing

    31. Tha Likely Lad


    32. Nitya Singh

      I think that story before realising movies. Movie writed by me.

    33. Jessi Swan

      Lol people are just embracing this movie because is lgbtq but this... This thing is one of the most terrible things I've ever seen, the movie is bad that's it, Clea DuVall is a terrible director and writer. Next to movies like Call me by your name, love simon or portrait of a lady on fire, the happiest season is pure trash.

    34. Princess Ketchup

      I saw it and it is good actually !

    35. Mediocre Demon MD

      If only i had hulu...

    36. Juliana Carvalho

      here for aubrey plaza and alison brie

    37. Afrolicious delicious

      So no one gonna mention twilight okey

    38. Amber Squires

      Girl: “What are you doing in the closet?!” Me: “Coming out duh”

    39. Sabrina Moura Rodrigues

      I seriously think this movie should've been called: "Saddest Season". It's not a comedy, but a bad drama. What Harper and her family did to Abby was awful... Even the Kids were not nice. Dan Levy saved the film! What a huge forced "happy ending"!...

    40. lakendra pipe

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    41. Mahalia Hargis

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    42. georgene dolmajian

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    43. Missy Georgette

      "00:24" 😂 Why waste your time when only *𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠* 📌 does it for everybody

    44. cassi mirabelli

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    45. edwardo prebish

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    46. Cushman Keck

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    47. christanaallport Hopper

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    48. Armisengabriel Aniston

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    49. Rosemary Jeanette

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    50. Meda Jesus

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    51. sharla couley

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    52. santo riedl

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    53. Nagy Avery

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    54. Britney Kaufman

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    55. Meda Jesus

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    56. Junita See

      "3:30" The best one to get passes is *𝑾𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑯𝑫𝑨𝑫.𝑪𝑶𝑴* believe me is the best try it and comment below

    57. lexi lex

      I love this movie!!

    58. Inglorious_Bastards

      how the hell does Kirsten Stewart keep getting a job?

    59. googlefuckedupyoutube

      I’m pretty sure just this trailer would make Mike Pence explode.,

    60. sadbeautifultragic

      I had an on/off vibe about Mackenzie’s character, but the turnaround at the end makes up for it I guess. But still, Aubrey Plaza is sophisticated, mature, smart, and hot in this movie and had chemistry with Kristen Stewart and I’m all for it. In a non-Christmas, highly-acclaimed movie they would’ve ended up together (one can hope anyway).

    61. Matowix

      This is horrible

    62. Natalie Di

      Does anyone think that this film is really basic? Like basic gay jokes, her literally in a closet? Looks really cliche to me

    63. Blueberry Forest

      Movies became just boring boring ..boring

    64. The Real Dirty Dan

      When Christmas is about lesbians and gays....the cringe is real

    65. Dee Jay Castro

      Victor Garber, Aubrey Plaza, Kirsten Stewart lots of LGBT actors 😍

    66. Silvana Moura


    67. Sreya Paul

      I am so happy to see Dan Levy!!!

    68. Federico Juric

    69. Besjana Selmani

      This is the most heartfelt, beautiful and human mirror of love and vulnerability. Loved it❤️❤️ Love is love

    70. Julia Cornell

      Man, I was so disappointed in this movie. Mackenzie Davis is forced to come out and we're supposed to... Feel good about it? Give me a movie where lesbians get to be happy 😤

    71. Søren Jørgensen

      Hollywood´s newst political correct "Oh My God Who Gives A F****** Shit"-movie is really looking great...

    72. D umm

      Where can I watch it? (I don’t have hulu)

    73. VanessaliebtSammy

      How to watch this in Germany?

    74. 03 AI

      average movie.

    75. so who

      et personne dans la famille ne remarque qu'elles ont le même collier... pour des "colocs"? j'espère qu'en 2021 nous aurons plein de films de Noel comme ça maintenant (et même avant) ! un peu de magie pour nous aussi !

    76. Yorokobi Sweet

      Oh and its starring Kirsten Stewart? I'm totally watching

    77. Vivian Ang

      That last scene tho. Very intense.

    78. Marvin Tan Valeros

      Got to watch it! It's amazing!

    79. Dixie Normous


    80. Brina F.

      so i really want to watch this but my dad is the only one with the hulu code and im not completely out of the closet with my parents but i really wanna watch it but if i ask to watch it they will defiantly suspect something

    81. Red rose

      🎄🎄❄️❄️Proud of u Kristen Stewart,god bless u🎄🎄❄️❄️

    82. Nunya Bizness

      Gay doesn't mean interesting. Look at Ellen Page...stew is just as boring and just as talentless.

    83. ꧁Chim Cham꧂

      :] she is great in this movie

    84. Josh F

      “I track everybody, if the NSA can do it so can I” This made me 😂

    85. Harshita Bartwal

      After having watched this movie, I think the main issue here is not whether Harper is ready to come out or not, but rather her terrible treatment of her girlfriend who she invited to meet her family for the first time.

    86. Shw Aie

      WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS!!! Its not available on Australia

    87. Aditta Sven

      Where's pattinson?lol

    88. Mr Brightside

      Wow a christmas movie about Lesbians

    89. Sadichha Pakhrin

      Just watched this movie such a beautiful movie love from Nepal 🇳🇵😍😘

    90. eshu orishas

      Lots of bigots commenting.

    91. Paul

      Dan Levy only has one facial emotion: shocked.

    92. Nataliyah Makea

      Honestly this was an amazing film, i watched it with my best friend the other day and loooooved it! Could even say its one of my favorite christmas films!

    93. Juliana Vera

      Wheree i can watchh???

    94. Tati Ortiz

      Así es como se hace un trailer señores

    95. Duca Ca'brál

      What are you doing in the closet? Lmao

    96. Tiggertron

      I'm mad she was caught *LITERALLY* in the closet though! 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ And it looked like she kidnapped a Zumba vac while she was at it😅

    97. Zach Young

      The scene where they're on the roof is my street in Pittsburgh

      1. Zach Young

        @jeffpro18 yes way my man

      2. jeffpro18

        No way 😮

    98. SHA

      I love this movie!! It's lovely!1 Can't wait to watch it with my fave classic, home Alone 2

    99. Gum

      Great movie guys good stories. :)

    100. Meli Melo

      What a great surprise to see Dan Levy here! I will definitely watch this! Oh btw if you haven't watch Schitt's Creek, go watch it! It is amazing and Dan Levy is in it! ❤