Happy Hippie Presents: Don't Dream It's Over (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande)


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    Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions - Don't Dream It's Over performed by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande Click here to donate: happyhippies.org/donate To launch The Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley created a new Backyard Sessions series and invited special musical guests to perform with her to make these music video collaborations. Founded by Miley Cyrus, The Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations. Click here to find out more: happyhippies.org Watch more of Happy Hippie Presents: the Backyard Sessions here: miley.lk/bysplaylist
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    1. Brittany Dusch

      u guys sound amazing 2gether

    2. Brittany Dusch

      I have a feeling you guys had some good psychedelics that night...lol and if not that's fine too. lol

    3. Candie Wolford

      Favorite song 💓😍

    4. hydrated cactus

      As a New Zealander I love this and can’t believe I didn’t find it until now

    5. Brian Lane

      She said I'm so sorry a lot

    6. Brian Lane

      There good

    7. Vanessa Estrela

      how could u possibly dislike....

    8. Андрей Севастьянов

      So cute song and girs)) 😜👍💞

    9. natalia kotecka

      bro the way miley says hey now girl let me pass away

    10. Gustavo Comigual

      Beautiful 😍💚

    11. Vanessa Vasquez

      Ariana es muy linda igual que su voz.

    12. Alexia Gallien


    13. Naljun Curias

      The flash brought me here

    14. Lily Russell

      crowded house anyone?

    15. Car Leng VLOG

      Its 2020 But i still love listening this Song ❤️❤️❤️

    16. Esther Moldovan

      I’ve listen this so many times...

    17. Ari Chama

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    18. Rosina cochina

      I love Miley I always did man shes my idol ❤❤❤❤❤❤


      WHO'S LISTENING TO THIS IN 2020?????

    20. Junnett Payawal

      Omg!!!! I love this!!!!

    21. Gabrielle B.

      “are you a mouse or a bear?” “uuummmmm” 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Dante Esquivel

      Arianna she's totally perfect

    23. Dante Esquivel

      Perfect match


      Amo essa música sou muito seu fã Miley Cyrus

    25. Michelle Andruss

      Goosebumps all over right now

    26. Michelle Andruss

      They sound AWESOME together, should do more songs and I LOVE MILEY FOR SURE

    27. Afro NB Sides

      First time seen this Wow

    28. Alba Alvarez


    29. summer glow

      I see them looks 🌈 love you queens 💕💕💕

    30. Chioma Uche

      I’m sorry Ariana grande is fake

    31. Binita Gurung


    32. Neytiri Shanelle

      Miley sounds like she smokes hella cigs and Ari looks like she’s eating the mic

    33. Paulo Abalos

      Iloveyou both

    34. Art L

      When they miss que 😳

    35. Katherine Zuñiga


    36. Janey Cat

      This duet singlehandedly proves that this generation can sing!

    37. Jaime Alarcon

      Adoro esa espontaneidad de Ariana y Miley, preciosas 🤩🤩🤩

      1. Emilly Evelyn

        Adoro as duas nesse vídeo 🥰😍

    38. Brittany Bardot

      Do Americans actually know about Crowded house?

    39. Regina Simões

      Demais essas duas eu amo amo Perfeitas kk 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    40. Rossandra Ortiz Torres

      Cutest call on ever I ship it.lol

    41. Vicky


    42. Katherine Zuñiga


    43. Precision rifle reviews

      Miley you’re the most attractive person on earth. It’s a yes from me, Let’s get coffee,,,,, “sorry I was flirting”lol.

      1. ravid shaham

        What have she done?? i can't see any flirting :///// ariana didn't even look at her at that point

    44. 僕はユニコーンです。

      are they dating?

    45. j. Barnhart

      Would have been cool to hear Ariana sing this without Ellen degeneras fucking it up. 🤣🤣

    46. suiteii Sairep

      miley my ldol🤗🤗

    47. Camila Johelia

      There is freedom within, there is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road while you're traveling with me Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in They come, they come to build a wall between us And we know they won't win Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof My possessions are causing me, suspicion but there's no proof In the paper today tales of war and of waste But you turn right over to the T.V. page Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in They come, they come to build a wall between us And we know they won't win Are you a mouse or a bear or a.? Um I'm a unicorn if you can't tell You're the cutest unicorn in the world That's fine, we can just go to riff on it Sorry I was fucking up, I was drifting sorry I was flirting sorry, sorry I was flirting, sorry Alright everybody, sorry I'll fuck off, here we go, I'm sorry here Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in They come, they come to build a wall between us And we know they won't win Hey now, hey now, don't dream Hey now, hey now, world, you're an angel Ariana Grande Hey now, hey now Hey now, hey now

    48. DisusedMind

      love how watching this always manages to put a smile on my face no matter what.

    49. Loes C

      What kind of mic is that ?

    50. maring mg

      I'm wondering when will it reach 100 Million views ...❤️❤️ Happy birthday Miley

    51. Nichole Kent Portillano

      Uggghhh ❤❤❤

    52. Retsamsmel ylsrs


    53. Dr. Sunchaser

      So effortless

    54. Herculano Lima

      Eu Amo a Ariana Grande!💙😍

    55. Matt aura

      They sound heavenly together

    56. Fuzzymoon Beam

      Their voices mesh so well! Neither overpowering the other. Just pure eargasm. I hope they duet again.

    57. Carlos Osorio

      Esto es una salsa :v

    58. Mariana Cisneros

      Después de mucho tiempo, estamos aquí, es hermosa la canción..👉❣️👈🤭

      1. Alcides Rojas Solis

        Esta canción es de los 80 y reactualizada para una serie a principios del 2000 smallville y ahora Mayli Cyrus y Ariana la cantan espectacularmente. 👍

    59. OWMatty8648

      When Disney/Nick Collide "they come to build a wall between us We know they won't win"

    60. Josh Carter

      Poor miley.....goes to cali and looses her soul.

    61. Adria villada

      Que horrible

    62. ezarel

      this is just sapphic rights

    63. sushirolls09

      i miss this!

    64. Jakson clash


    65. sierra chimienti

      can this please come out on spotify pleaseeeee

    66. Dale Oberlin Ramirez

      Put this on Spotify!

    67. Diana C. Heredia

      I´m here after watch "Prisioner" bc I was scared... bring this Miley back hahah

    68. erica saint elmey


    69. Imaniar Rusyadi

      can anyone recommend me another song with this kind of vibes?

    70. Ceci Elisabet

      Omg it’s a gamine and an ingenue flirting with each other in pajamas. They are ADORABLE.

    71. mm falan

      the miley cyrus phase which shaped my whole personality fr

    72. Galicia O

      Lo sigo amandoooooo

    73. mara gomez

      🤩😍😘👸 I💖U

    74. Rommel Bernardo


    75. Kathlyn Guerrero

      Y uno aquí deseando tener un feeling así con la amiga que no tiene y nunca tuvo... I'm fine :D

    76. MC ZEZINHO

      2020 anyone?

    77. Amna Majeed

      Miley the queen of acoustics

    78. Kim Namjoon's wifee

      2020 anyone?

    79. HoneyBun Fifa


    80. Gloria Yomoguita

      Miley Cyrus CEO of HEY NOW

    81. fitra mokhtar

      5 years ago and i’m still in love with this

    82. Q U I N N

      Still the best thing that has happened

    83. ruggere matos moura Ruggere

      love these two, beautiful !!

    84. Melaina Is a baddie


    85. Girl Sexx

      MY SЕХ LOVE--->> miniurl.es/urflirtyjoynude17 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

    86. Aabram Tierranegra

      I need links to both of these onesies pls I’m tryna recreate this with my boo lmao

    87. Imlilbabie

      I love this so much so cute😭🥰

    88. Bitch Girl


    89. jerimy osmon

      When Ariana does the leg kick thing 😂

    90. miriã borges


    91. malie buggins

      This is why we need a loop filter

    92. malie buggins

      Your the cutest mouse bear I've ever seen.

    93. malie buggins

      Ariana is straight but like if she wasn't 🥺🥺🥺

      1. amyisaway

        @Moonlight she says in monopoly 'i like women and men' but she's never officially came out :)

      2. Moonlight

        @amyisaway lol no she’s not

      3. malie buggins

        @amyisaway omg I stan them now

      4. amyisaway

        she's bi actually!!

    94. 彡irina duarte

      jei nau jei nau cunado el muundo lleegaa

    95. Ana Lucía Acosta

      Awww so cute friends

    96. Ana Lucía Acosta


    97. Just Facts

      I'm an arianator but i gotta say Miley has one of the most unique voices in music She is impossible to be outshined ... And this performance says it all ... Two queens

    98. Beatriz

      Love this vid

    99. Barbii reguetoncita

      En este 2020 forever favorite love you ❤❤👍