Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD

Mark Pakula

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    Heart w/ Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center in HD

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    1. Christopher Nickum

      That was amazing.....😎

    2. DieTryin

      Nancy Heart drilled this shit!

    3. Tom B

      This is shit. Poor man's Cream.

    4. Mirian Oyola

      Can NEVER get tired of watching this💖

    5. Tom Schaum

      I don't know why, but when Jason looks up at 5:49, that moment specifically is the most emotional. The whole group delivers a truly KNOCKOUT performance, and in that moment, it's as if he's looking to his father and saying "Thank you, Dad." Tears every single time.

    6. Ferenc Tebeli


    7. cablezilla

      This never ceases to amaze me!!!

    8. Ham Channell

      I always love seeing Led Zep's emotions as the performance progresses to it's end. A truly great Tribute performance.

    9. Patricia Salazar

      This song has moved me since my first memory of it at 2. Riding in my dad's car and the windows were open. The wind was stinging my eyes, my eyes burned and were full of tears...Such a beautiful voice and I always asked my dad to play the Feelings song after that.

    10. Brian Baxter

      This is just so awesome. Every time I see it in the side bar I click on it. Lost count how many times I have watched it. It never gets old.

    11. Stefan Kramperth

      Wow. WTF Wow.

    12. Robert Barry

      Auld sit on the fence obahma there 🤣🤣🤣

    13. John Gardner

      So blessed to have seen Heart perform at the Boston Garden in 1986, and to have seen Zeppelin receive honorary Doctorate degrees at Berklee College of Music.

    14. DOK

      I find myself listening to this version more than the original lately. Getting old is scary lol

    15. Si Pham

      Shelton can play a mean guitar!!

    16. Andreikas 74

      One good reason to press dislike

    17. Dalibor Smiljkovic

      Barače Obama okreni se ka nama

    18. Alexandre Andrade

      I hope we have more of these moments, now that you have a normal human being as president again.

    19. David hughes

      Who are the 2 lady's singer and guitarist

    20. Jaime Archundia Zermeño

      Me quito el sombrero ante esta banda , para mi la más grande de todos los tiempos.

    21. Mirek Walczak

      at such moments, life takes on a deeper meaning. Greetings from Poland.

    22. Tom Wilbur

      Whew !

    23. Delores Stevens

      Jeez girls still got it even better with age ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

    24. RaDiOhEaDanDmUsE

      Increíble, perfecta, bellisima interpretación y el rostro de los integrantes de Led Zepellin lo confirman.

    25. Evandro Cunha

      Show, espetáculo, explendido.

    26. Samuria 1397

      no better honour.....

    27. twovans


    28. MIT Go

      I was enjoying it until Obama ruined it for me....

    29. EDOGG62

      Still chokes me up. I mean... not me, you guys... yeah...

    30. EDOGG62

      Hence Jason pointing up and Bobby P's reaction... standing and pointing. He was a surprise for them.

    31. EDOGG62

      From an interview with Jason Bonham about this event: "I was the total surprise for [Robert, Jimmy and John Paul] that day; they had no idea I was going to be there. I remember Dave Grohl comes into the dressing room and said, “They’re not supposed to know you’re here - right?” And I said, “No.” He says, “Well hide quick! John Paul Jones is just about to walk into the dressing room!” I remember, like, diving behind the couch like a Navy Seal as he comes walking in the room. And [Grohl] was like, “All clear.” But when they told me we were gonna do “Stairway,” I’m always a little dubious; it’s like the song you don’t touch. I watched it back when it aired, and you get the “Wow” effect of the choir and all of them wearing the bowler hats in honor of my dad.

      1. Brian Baxter

        so that is why Robert Plant had that surprised look

    32. Theresa Hawkins

      Their symbolism will be their downfall.

    33. Adam Jackson

      Some balls you gotta have to play Stairway in front of Jimmy Page

    34. Olas


    35. Marcus Nilsson


    36. Belinda Hill

      Fantastic job from Heart. I had cold chills

    37. Steve Gregg

      Jimmie is having a blast.

    38. Matthew Besson

      Nancy deserves to be mentioned in the "Guitar God" discussion. For real.

    39. Dianne Taylor

      Great tribute!! Wonderful performance!❤❤❤

    40. Kilimanjaro Dfarni

      Debbi Allen’s reaction, eyes closed, smiling, hands in the air... worth the price of admission every viewing for me...👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    41. 27trains

      Why is she bijing the stairway to heaven

    42. ash mcdoyle

      when he strts crying

    43. Howard Hanes

      Fantastic!!! Hell of a Tribute.

    44. Daniel Valladares


    45. Movie and Game reviews

      Why is the last 20 seconds making me cry? Stop it.

    46. Roger Smith

      Chills, I have chills, so good. Great to see musicians get so emotional watching other musicians nail it.

    47. bryan o'keefe

      Wow a beautiful song performed by even more beautiful people 💕

    48. Garry Kenyon

      What do you say.

    49. Cimex lectularius

      Just to play the intro ... fuck it ... one time in a century chance!

    50. refuzed74

      It took a whole choir X2 + Ann Wilson to replicate Robert Plant's magic. and they only got half way there.

    51. Perry Arrington

      For a decade these 3 men (Plant, Page, Jones and may he RIP, John Bonham) dominated the music scene like no band before or since. The true beauty of their music came from each man's ability to innovate and write. Truly magnificent.

    52. DoubleNoze

      Bring tears to my eyes

    53. Thomas Fernandez

      Hello algorithm friends, sit and rest by my fire...... ..***..

    54. Dawn Hauton

      The most perfect song........

    55. Heidi Karlsen

      When your goosebumps have goosebumps

    56. Tinky Winky

      that lead guitarist has the biggest balls ever. To play that solo in front of Jimmy Page......DAMN!!!!!!!!

    57. Rob Schick

      Great performance...Best rock song ever ...Bella..Bella..Bella.

    58. melissarxchards


    59. cag_rockz

      Im not that type of guy that gets tears easily. This made me Look like a little child.

    60. MADDMAXX

      This, really made me cry!!!

    61. Alessio Impronta

      This is so heart moving. Could be the 100th time I see it, and every time I feel Grateful for the power of music.

    62. Justice 4 All

      Nancy is one of the best female guitar players ever.

    63. Jimmy Waller


    64. Rahul Banerji

      It takes a whole company, a chorus to do what four guys did. That's the greatness of Led Zeppelin.

    65. Scott Baker

      The rock and roll gods have gathered here

    66. Dalila La Gioia

      The best cover. The best! I have goose bumps.

    67. Pedro Teixeira

      As homenagens são assim em vida a quem se quer homenagear!! Excelente homenagem enorme performance de todos os músicos e bem hajam LED ZEPPELIN muitos parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    68. Martin Husby

      I get goose bumps on top of goose bumps when I watch this!!

    69. Juha Ruohisto

      I give my headphones rating of 10/10.

    70. Emilio Gasparri

      Led Zeppelin mitico gruppo

    71. Emilio Gasparri


    72. crazyfunawesome

      vocal is obviously autotuned, personally can't enjoy it that much

    73. Radnaa Munkhochir

      they are still aliva

    74. Hector Batang

      I had a big crush on these 2 ladies when I was a 12-year old kid and now they're playing one of the best rock songs of the 20th century!

    75. Jim Kline

      Was Lenny Kravitz there as well?

    76. Ryan Soodwah

      Absolute justice to this masterpiece

    77. Jordan Donze

      This is awesome but at 3:35 doesn’t it look like Robert Plant says “yeah that’s bad”

    78. Peter Kociolek

      amazing !

    79. Fred Pitre

      Have no idea who the guitar player is but, I guarantee you he needed a moist towelette after the performance. Playing that song in front of Jimmy Page and the GODS of rock and roll. No pressure.

    80. Renee H

      Sorry for the language...but this is fkn awesome!!

    81. Rick Deckard

      They changed a generation

    82. Ricky Miller

      Absolutely blown away.. such a beautiful performance brings a tear to your eye.

    83. 오즈

      눈물이 나네요..^^ 오랜시간 동안 이곡을 들었지만 매번 들을때마다 감정이 리쎗되서 항상 처음의 감정을 느낀답니다~~

    84. John Muir

      What an amazing performance! Everything was perfect. John would have been proud of the drummer Jason has become.

    85. Christian Insua

      Que hace Ricky Gervais tocando la batería?

    86. Neil L Powell

      I always love Dave Letterman's wife's response when the second orchestra is revealed.

    87. T900BadBot

      Man, from some teenagers in a garage to THIS!

    88. K VS

      How can anyone 👎🏻 this !

    89. Bruna Letycia

      John enjoying. He can play anything

    90. Noah M.

      Led Zeppelin is number one!

    91. Mike Johnston

      Nancy Wilson said this performance was orgasmic

    92. Krzysztof Komoń

      Fantastic - super, pięknie.

    93. RE AIO

      The level sort orally tick because hardboard equally obtain aside a strong call. adventurous, zonked tooth

    94. Citizen Kane

      Fair fucks to the yanks, they don’t half go over the top but they put on a good show

    95. lolorenzolamas

      ça claque !

    96. pisceanwitchery


    97. Sara M.

      Jesus christ