Hide And Seek In A $30,000,000 Mansion - FaZe House

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    Hide And Seek In A $30,000,000 Mansion - FaZe House featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Rain @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz
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    1. Console Cryptic

      At 1:47 Jarvis looked like his young self

    2. TGJ EPIC

      Yo I would be teequo

    3. Parambir Bains

      Adapt shouldn't make fun of Jarvis' head

    4. Lin Jessica

      stop being mean to jarvis

    5. Boogie3times

      Subscribe to faze Kay lmaoooo

    6. LA3I- SCOPED

      2:53 Jarvis head shaped like a potato nlg !!

    7. Samuel Garcia

      Samuel Garcia TKO 100000000000000000

    8. Lutf Ismati

      Jack your a snitch



    10. Samuel Garcia

      Samuel Garcia TKO 100

    11. Icyy Yunginn

      God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    12. Prxstige 2k

      Jacks a snitch, he literally snitched almost everybody out

    13. Sarbjit Janjua

      5:53 LOL XD

    14. Titus Ledward


    15. Burning itup

      Dang adapts head is busted

    16. amazing ayaan2520


    17. Nelson David


    18. Amin Barati


    19. Frost Torando

      Yo bros why give away other people's spot if u do u will have a SPIDER IN YOUR BED !!!!!

    20. Giovanni Diaz

      Alex look at your head

    21. TGR Reaper

      Everybody:litterly Kay & jarvis:Licherly

    22. Gxt wreckxd Yt

      Sicizor you sure are a sitch

    23. Victor Burgos


    24. Omer Golan

      Did you know mrbeast is rich 🤔🤔🤔 😆

    25. aroofyy

      what a snitch tbh

    26. Eileen Rule

      cizzorz is a snitch

    27. kishothan thayalan

      Why do I always take a piss when I am hiding?

    28. Trangulex

      I subbed to ALL the faze members and now i have 100 years of good luck 😃👍


      me to

    30. Michael Alves


    31. Marshmallow _

      "Its 2020 everybody has their phone on silent" FOR ME

    32. Adrian Espinosa

      He got kicked out of the house for leaving to get donuts lmao

    33. KIDZ GAME

      'Holy Bro' 😂😂😂

    34. Ben Yaboi

      Adapts commentary is actual the funniest thing ever

    35. Shachar Geva

      bro jack is a snitch

    36. Sebastian Pillai

      Jarvis: I’m so cold. Me: no dip Sherlock Faze adapt is right about Jarvis.

    37. Nax reat Clayton

      Go in the bath room and lock the door

    38. De only one dhimatic YT

      So Many stairs

    39. De only one dhimatic YT

      So hardddd 😍😍🥰 love

    40. Jeff Horsborough


    41. mmerakai

      Jolley bro

    42. Exotic Clan

      I wanna join FaZe clan

    43. Cian Kelly

      Love your vids

    44. Tommy Healy

      No one: Absolutely not a soul: Kay:YoU’rE iNsAnE BrO

    45. Mystical Weave

      Subscribe to mr beast too

    46. Lykos

      Dude, watching this made me smile so much

    47. Cedi Derricott

      Adapt you are my favorite bro please text me back

    48. Cooper Thornely

      Jack is a little snitch

    49. baybeegirlb_

      Temper is BEYOND fine🥺🥺😩

    50. ruben aldaz

      on the bottom they have averyone except for teawap

    51. Bjorn Tellefsen

      I have watched 2 hide and seek videos at the new faze house and in both of them someone has had to poop

    52. Hector Ponce

      Adapt your head looks like a oval

    53. Trey Peterson


    54. marcus lowe

      Theres gonna be a team of people looking for you looool when banks said that

    55. Leviathan

      9:27 HoLy bRO 😂😂

    56. Foreverman69

      holeee bro

    57. Fazeicy 69

      Watches video god dam this is just a flex

    58. MDK_skirrt God

      I wonder how many times did Faze Adapt AKA Alex say something so stupid

    59. Claxisfy.ツ

      Next time use fart spray on corners and boxes

    60. 2024 Ryan Fontanez

      You stupid

    61. cultures


    62. Fresh Nigga

      For the house to be so big they picked the worst hiding spots😂💯

    63. Masumi Motsileng

      Why is so many youtubers liveing here

    64. BestGamer Josh

      Jarvis his head shape is fine

    65. BestGamer Josh

      Adapt ain’t smart and his head shape is weird

    66. Alex Lovecars


    67. Littlesupa09

      Who agreed with me to respect Jarvis

    68. Littlesupa09

      Respect Jarvis

    69. Littlesupa09

      Javis hater is a bot

    70. Tina Gould

      how did you miss him?

    71. Owen Erickson

      Jack you snich

    72. JustinPlaysMW

      Frazier pops up holy bro then jack re acts it had me dead😂😂

    73. Tanner Nichols

      Is rug still in faze

    74. Trevor Railey

      That is not right that is not cool

    75. Teacher’s Class

      Wooooow what a house

    76. PP Big Shlong 15

      This is why i unsubscribed from Cizzorz

    77. Lacey_Jay _Hayden

      Cizzorz is such a snitch

    78. Eguono Eghujovbo


    79. Mattelda e Cat


    80. Yahir Jimenez

      Jack kinda ruined the hide and seek for snitching?


      I want to join Faze Clan.

    82. namz gaming mobile

      This is funny that s why i wanted to join the faze but i want to

    83. ironic_ Iuxury0

      Faze rug is better than you stop being a copycat it get a life

    84. ekan fn

      Holy broo

    85. Jack Ricketts

      most spoiled youtubers on the planet

    86. Jake Hancock

      Why does faze sway not do any of the videos

    87. Ahmad hh Ahmad


    88. chris moerkens

      This is not the FaZe that everybody loved

    89. MaddoxHarris 24

      Bro jack is such a snitch wtf

    90. Jami Cannon

      Yo can I come visit

    91. Robert kolinsky


    92. Mikey Savage

      Yall are so lame

    93. Yishi Gaming


    94. Hi

      Frazier gets caught Frazier : ho lee bro

      1. SnipeZ

        This "joke" is so old smh 😒

    95. Irene Charaf Eddine

      My dad would have won this he is playing this game for 15 years

    96. Catherine Dziallo

      One of them went to get donuts

    97. LilCash 30

      That line was insane bro

    98. Frankie Porter

      New house every season?

    99. swish squad

      adapt sister is ugly just like jarvis

    100. popehub lol

      it 2020 alex is busted