Highlights Real Madrid vs Deportivo Alavés (1-2)

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    Deportivo Alavés beats Real Madrid in Valdebebas with a penalty goal by Lucas Pérez and a goal by Joselu after an error by Courtois. Real Madrid goes 3 days without knowing the victory #RealMadridAlavés J11 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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    1. The Lucas 345

      Joselu toty

    2. timur bazarbayew

      malades atabay

    3. Lucas Souza

      Deyverson só apareceu pra apertar a mão dos cara, ai não piscadinha

    4. 0926 Choi

      son in

    5. Thompson Leonard

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    6. ласий кошик ромни

      Куртуа уступает место ЛУНИНУ!!!!!! LUNIN!

    7. Lorenzo Farinotti

      So unfortunate from Courtois: he’s such an amazing keeper and a good guy 🙈

    8. mohammed mechennef

      That's awesome ❤️❤️😂😂

    9. Сергій Вазік

      Go for lunin!!!

    10. Gregorius Rex

      They should sell the whole squad too many Champions league Winners who no longer have any ambition to do anything. These guys are too rich to care about losing matches

    11. Szebasztián Szegedi


    12. Szebasztián Szegedi

      Xd yeeee

      1. Szebasztián Szegedi


    13. Ghost Rider

      That's right

    14. Cosa Nostra

      VAR MADRID 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    15. Ghost Techno

      bench kroos or put him at 10 (attacking midfield), his current role make him so lazy at creativity because he's too deep

    16. المدرب الأفضل


    17. Yxng Abz

      Real sociedad winning da league cos of David Silva n oyazerabal n Jose n Porto

    18. Manuel Vera

      Kurtua te pillaron en la alcantarilla

    19. Fatehi Shargabi

      Real Madrid collapses .huge changes should be done .first,they should remove all over 30 age players.Zidane must leave .Madrid become normal team.any team in laliga can easly win madrid.




      ho zidane un conseil que je te donne liquide varane il porte mal'heur ; lucas vaskes aussi le fonfaron et hazare l'er reure fatal c'est un tres mauvais achat mm achetè bounejah et leMAITRE RYAD MAREZ

    22. Bajram Gegollaj


    23. NAMO GAMER

      Real Madrid 😤😤👹👹👿👿🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

    24. Дмитрий Кеменев

      Fake penalty

    25. BabsW

      1:24 I don't care if that's my best mate, if I play for a big club like Real and we lose, I'm not smiling.


      Alavés always manages to defeat big teams 😂

    27. hasan amayrah

      Real Madrid with no penalty shit 👎👎👎👎👎

    28. 1 KK

      Miss Cr7?

    29. Hammed Abati

      That is a penalty on hazard no doubt

    30. Yoric Ricci

      È sempre un piacere quando quei ladri del Real Madrid (i gobbi d'Europa all'ennesima potenza) perdono. Mille di queste partite....per fare pari con quelle che avete rubato

    31. thomas swords

      Real are struggling big time this year

    32. Kerim Hrustanovic

      Courtois the "best goalkeeper in the world" 😂

      1. Julius Lambert

        and you, you're nothing but a poor guy

    33. Ronald Berríos

      TSJPV la

    34. JW 23

      Real 💩

    35. Nicolas Weber


    36. Kamal Babayev

      Haha madrid

    37. Abdallah kanjovu

      Why real madrid everyday??😓

    38. Big Balls Billy

      Zidane is damn fraud manager Overrated Hazard

      1. LogicalSymmetry339

        @Krisna Mahendra no

      2. Krisna Mahendra

        @LogicalSymmetry339 still more useful than Hazard though lmao

      3. LogicalSymmetry339

        @buse demet don't bring Fraudmann into this conversation he's just about as shit as Messi

      4. buse demet

        Griezmann is better than injuryman.

    39. Ibrahim Alfaifi

      Real madrid seems to mimic its rival towards losing the championship.

    40. Syafiq Tengku

      Shitmadrid and shitlona are noob team today.. Im confident and pretty sure my team atletico will win la liga this season.. Mark my words and trust me all 100% true what i said

      1. Bassam Aleshamly

        Stfu athletico got lucky with the own goal against Valencia and my team Barca won comfortably and were coming back

      2. GTAVictor9128

        Partido a partido. Overconfident bragging is not a part of Atletico club philosophy.

    41. Ashley Siyakatshana

      I’m a Real Madrid fan, but I honestly think Perez bought the title last year. This team is bad

      1. Krisna Mahendra

        @Ali Fatima never

      2. Maurice Dobson

        @Ali Fatima tell them again

      3. Ali Fatima

        Barcelona will come back glory soon

    42. Akopian Oleg

      Courtois stupid mistake

    43. Anis Rahal

      Is zidane actually ok playing hazard

    44. Anis Rahal

      That’s what happens when u play nacho

    45. Jimmy Vegas

      Another robbery...

    46. Albert John Nielsen

      Penalty again

    47. Irakli Samsonia

      5' Lucas Pérez Martínez (Pen. 0-1); 49' Joselu Mato (0-2); 86' Casemiro (1-2)

    48. Ra im

      Отскочили )

    49. Арсений Лол

      Кто нибудь из русских вообще есть тут?😂😂😂

    50. Kamil Goglezar


    51. costa rica centro

      Keylor Navas

    52. Roman 007

      Please se hazard half price!!!!

    53. Masoud Kivalle

      We miss cr7

    54. Bekzat Sadykov

      What a terrible highlights video. Guys, you can do better. Just take a look how Serie A do their videos.

    55. Harish bhandari

      F*** madrid 👎️👎️👎️👎️

    56. saad zia

      Marcelo should've gotten that penalty for his hair being pulled

    57. Andy

      It's time for Zidane to resign because Real Madrid lose important players in James and Bale because of Zidane's ego.

    58. Henry Alexander Sequera Orea

      Ya es un hecho el madrid solo se enfocará de aquí en adelante en jugar para sus jefes del cacino codere así ganan hasta más

    59. Tshelang Sugape

      As a Chelsea fan can I say good riddance 🤧😭

    60. Sim Dotwana

      Sack zidane

    61. lahoucine benbihi

      the club that sold keylor navas to buy courtois deserves that.

    62. Sauron

      Courtois KEKW

    63. ionutfaraz

      When Lucas Vasquez played the best in your team there is a clear sign that something needs to change. Vascuez in my opinion is a player for secunda division

    64. Cortes do Bolívia

      Fala galerinha, vejam o que o Vinícius Júnior falou sobre o treinamento com o Sergio Ramos kkkkk hufast.info/plan/vide/pIuoi86Ful_FfGw

    65. Derrick Altenwerth

      La historia dice que si eres primero no pasa nada

    66. Le Prof

      2020 anything can happen

    67. DenziloPlays

      Hazard you are always welcome to come back

    68. am 2


    69. Arnold Martin

      What a keeper 😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Бульвар Депо


    71. jan duzy

      Kroos is stupid.

    72. Anton А

      Maybe its time to give a chance to Lunin?

    73. Mpumelelo Lawrence

      I truly miss CR7

    74. Raphael Gamer


    75. Leonard Gauci

      The commentator sounds like someone who's suddenly remembered that the toaster timer is not working.

    76. buse demet

      Congrats Alaves from Turkey!

    77. alcalde mayor

      El mejor fin de semana es cuando pierde Real Madrid y Barcelona ya perdió el Real ahora falta el Barca 😁👍

    78. Bismark Kofi Asante

      Is it just me or are La Liga highlights terrible compared to Serie As?

      1. mohammed mechennef


    79. Daksh Froster123

      Hahahah real madrid is soooooo bad barca is wayyyyy better

      1. Daksh Froster123

        @Alexander Shishkov Na even VAR saw and said all were wrongly decision and trust me we've lost so many games due to you guys cheating

      2. Alexander Shishkov

        @Daksh Froster123 “13 points because of penalties" - each of these penalties were crystal clear. We get 5 penalties against us in 3 games, today we get 2 penalties denied and everyone is quiet

      3. Alexander Shishkov

        @Daksh Froster123offside from a corner? 🤡🤡🤡 Deluded

      4. Daksh Froster123

        @Alexander Shishkov You do know last season 13 points were counted cause of penalties and only 1 point should have been gives cause of cheating oh and ramos hit lenglet and lenglet just touched and he fell so bad and I'm sure messi touched the ball first and at camp no they were both offside so stop acting you guys are good even yesterday without your biased luck you lost 2-1

      5. Alexander Shishkov

        @Daksh Froster123 no you didn't, Casemiro touched the ball first. Not to mention Lenglet caused another penalty in the first half that wasn't even reviewed. And did you forget last year when we were denied two stonewall penalties at Camp Nou?

    80. Szymon _

      Very weak referee and VAR system. Hazard penalty? For sure. Marcelo penalty? Yes, and red card. Sorry but LaLiga has worst referee in Europe from years, and VAR didn't change that.

    81. Abyor Lintang Buwono

      Madrid Chamartin B

    82. Hello, Bye!

      kroos has become an arrogant egoist, Odegaard should start over hazard and asensio obv.

    83. Hikmet


    84. sherwin peters

      He made a mistake but saved Madrid twice during the match. Are we gonna crucify Kroos for not squaring the ball when he had two chances to do so?


      And I thought we were bad against alaves 🤣

      1. LA Kobe24

        No just that nothing was going out favor. See the Alaves penalty. No penalty it was above sleeve. Hazard got fouled now he is injured and Marcelo got his hair pulled and nothing was called. What a horrible officiating game.

    86. The gamer


    87. muslim muslimov

      Дыркуа 😂😂😂😁

    88. G Glodz

      InjHazard getting paid to be injured? He had everything at Chelsea but chose to go in his own free will. Not disciplined enough to keep on a healthy diet to improve his fitness

    89. Andrea AntigoBBo

      Capròn Madrid! Un interista che sta godendo

    90. niklas karvonen

      Var is joke

    91. 정우재

      0:18 fucking why isn't it penalty


      Lucas Perez in form, So sad arsenal management believed he was not good enough

    93. Ishwor Paudyal

      The team with ronaldo and without ronaldo, matters a lot

    94. Ishwor Paudyal

      Real madrid and Juventus both shocks without ronaldo

    95. Piluriak TV

      Barca today WIN MUHAHAHA

    96. Andrew McDonald

      So Real & Barca in the Europa league next season then?

      1. De Ouders Van

        That would be VERY funny if that should happening one time

    97. Iron Dong


    98. PLAY GAMES

      Guys don't insult Courtois you guys just insulting for his 1mistake see the saves he made in this game so instead of seeing one mistake appreciate him for his saves

      1. pandanjagi

        We criticize him for a mistake, but we do not congratulate him for the four decisive stops he made, it could have been 1-5 without him

    99. Alessandro Pinto

      E si godeeee

    100. lil peep boy

      Пенальти было ошибочно он прелетел в плечо а не вруку