Highlights Valencia CF vs FC Barcelona (2-3)

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    Griezmann and Messi inspire the comeback win of FC Barcelona against Valencia CF #ValenciaBarça Matchday 34 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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    3. SuddenStutter

      he misses on purpose because he doesnt want the easy way

    4. Just For Share Jojoran

      Luar Biasa Messi...

    5. Mohammad Farhat

      Messi got a point were he misses the easy and score the hard

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    8. Charlie Walker

      Really need to see Messi in the Prem

    9. Mufasa

      Messi is terrible in penalties since no one is willing to say it

    10. Gurgen Minasyan

      Hay ka ?

    11. Gurgen Minasyan

      ARMENIA 🇦🇲1

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    14. dolimi jotoo

      Second half Messi was just something else

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      Pobre mi valencia😢😢

    17. Maronia Oroz

      Amunt Valencia!!!!!

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    21. TheBlue Sky68

      Why you don't show the hand in the area of valencia that was not counted????

    22. Baba Dtwo

      Is hardly for Barca to win laliga they on ready miss crucial point at Granada game, but may be in they beat ATL Madrid and Madrid miss the point in there remaining Mach

    23. Eşqin Umalatov ꪜ

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    28. Отец и Сын


    29. Edouard Modeline

      Messi is a legend

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    31. Sergey Football Сергей Михайлов

      мегакрутой матч

    32. DJ DRIP

      We were lucky

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    34. Best moments

      *Всем читающим этот комент, крепкого здоровья, исполнения желаний и всех благ!❤*

    35. Mizenberg

      Amazing goals from Messi and Soler. Ter Stegen awful form.

    36. neLayman

      *The number of people that dont understand sarcasm on that solar goal in this comment section* 🙄🤦‍♂️

    37. mr 7

      Lol ter stegen shittt

    38. Seint Wutthmone Phuu

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    39. yac bam

      No 27 goals

    40. yac bam


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    42. Adilet BS

      Классный матч

    43. abby sound


    44. Nhật Phúc Huỳnh

      when messi did a free-kicks easier than penalty :))

    45. Erkebulan Orazbekov

      Кто так бьет пенальти?

    46. XD XD

      Messi en el penal A soy re troll

    47. Gucci Jackson


    48. Dapsang B.

      Full version hufast.info/plan/vide/gI3OfsiHxYLDenk

    49. barry o'sullivan

      Its funny how 2 of the greatest players in history, Maradona and Messi, were never great penalty takers.

    50. Ttistán Moreno

      Que buena Toni lato regalándole los puntos al varcelona🤓

    51. Visca Barça

      Visca BARÇAAAAAAAAA 💙❤💙❤

    52. Julio Martinez

      Valencia espantoso no gano el barsa lo perdi el Valencia por inoperantes

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    54. Alejandro Arenas Gómez

      messi and soler golazos

    55. Тимур Галимов

      Меssi 👆💪💪💪 Kristina-Real 👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕

    56. Sandi Eržen

      Cool FCB ! LM10_Th

    57. It Pennywise969


    58. sako

      that commentator is sooo dead. .

    59. John Winterburn

      The number of people that dont understand sarcasm on that solar goal in this comment section 🙄🤦‍♂️

    60. Imran Ali

      Me: wow what a terrible penalty from Messi 😲😲 Scores amazing free kick Me: yeh he’s still the GOAT 🐐

    61. serz1885


    62. Safwat Mankarious

      Why did you cut the handball from the video???!!!

    63. Lesley Mapeka

      Football can give you heart attack!Spent few days without my normal appetite after Granada loss,thankfully after Valencia win food taste much better!!Messi did most of hard work but I can never forget to thank the entire team as well as All Barca fans across the globe!!Next project is Athletico Madrid,If I was Koeman i would organize a full week camp for the game against Diego's Athleti🤔

    64. Apex Beat

      That Valencia 2nd goal was wonderful

    65. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

      Great video,keep it up!⚽️⚽️⚽️

    66. Jay Shan

      Still #KoemanOut

    67. Дмитрий Стародымов

      Я бы лучше посмотрел не как они играют, а как они красиво живут)

    68. Emre Sonkur

      Messsi 🐐🔥

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    70. Arturo

      Cool 😎

    71. Francisco Carretero Olmedo

      Pofno en casa

    72. Sanwych

      no one talking about soler's shoot

    73. Crit Hit


    74. Osman 736

      The reaction of busquets after penalty. That's the fastest we've seen him move in a long time

    75. Rose Luca

      Which men on the earth take free kick better than penalty🐐

    76. Capi THE GOAT

      Messi the 🐐

    77. toby.

      Soler's goal was a thing of beauty.

    78. toby.

      This team is gonna put me into a coma I swear.

    79. toby.

      Messi missing pens so haters won't call him Pessi, but still scores a brace.

    80. Thiago de Santana

      Narração fraca ein

    81. Lexcher

      Ronaldo or Messi? Fast

    82. • Just some Random Guy

      Fun facts: Ronaldo has a total of 269 assists in his whole career,Messi has 292 assists in his domestic career alone(and including international,51, 343 assists).Ronaldo has 672 goals domestic and messi has 670(while international messi has 71 & Ronaldo 103)the reason why Ronaldo has more goals internationally is because European teams play more times than south American teams and also Ronaldo has played 3 years longer.Btw just informing people about these stats,not saying Ronaldo or messi is better I think both are absolute legends,real goats🐐(okay I am a messi fan more so I do like him more).I am just saying messi is more of a playmaker than Ronaldo but both do score goals mainly.These two players have had a big impact of the sport and there will be a huge hole when they retire.

    83. NĀWAF. MOH


    84. José Vítor Rodrigues

      Why is no one talking about the fact that this commentator is dead inside?


      Well done Barca

    86. albertazo0

      Comentarios en inglés.... Fútbol de aficionados dicen

    87. Kisio 773

      pq está en guiri y no en español?

    88. Kisio 773

      pq está en guiri y no en español?

    89. Atticus

      Was closer than I thought it would be - and what Valencia's 1.4 xG suggested. No matter, the only thing Real needs now is Barca to beat or draw with Atletico (and Real to beat Sevilla, of course!) and we're champions of La Liga!

    90. Ada Kesah

      i will not watch la liga until last game...i hate barca losing...all i want to know is they already win the league

    91. Aztec Blanchard

      No mention of the second penalty Barcelona should’ve had? This handball rule needs sorting out or the referees need to stop being so inconsistent.

    92. Rich Warega

      It has to be said.. Bouquets was incredible.. Always there to stop counter attacks, even when Messi missed the penalty he was switched on and kept the ball alive.. Great CDM.. Among the very best over the last decade.. Loved how he played

    93. Eriq Mpeke


    94. Charles emeka


    95. yYussuf Adhan

      It's easy for messi to score freekick than to score penalty

    96. Barcelona forever

      That freekick from the goat vamossssssss barca

    97. LUCAS 123

      we did well,but if we play like this aginist ATM we will lose.

    98. B A R A K U D A

      Пике хуёвый игрок. Как его ставят в основу ? Случайно Барса выиграла.

    99. StygianBlade97

      1:49 "Not bad"

    100. uselessdr1nk

      I'm more confident in messi's free kicks than penalties. He is the goat but get my man off penalty duty