Home Alone with My Cat (OwlKitty Parody)


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    Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! This is a parody of the holiday classic Home Alone starring my cat OwlKitty. #OwlKitty #HomeAlone #30years

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    1. jennifer perez

      Ccghvht2 csd CD

    2. Caitlin Morris

      not so alone when he has a cat with him

    3. Dean Thorton

      THIS IS AMAZING!! Absolutly made my day!!

    4. Stéphane Sagot

      0:24 : my cat and me ! :)

    5. TèMyra Davis

      So funny

    6. No Face

      My sister is a vet and she said that noise is called a 'cat activation noise' you can search it on youtube

    7. Dian Med


    8. Laura Širvienė


    9. Kimalee Wright

      hmm hahaha thats funny at the start he was screaming hahaha im laughing right now

    10. Luuk van Raalte

      This is so funny

    11. ·KarølinaPLAYUwU·

      0:35 this is the best moment. And put owlkitty in IT chapter 1 or 2 pls I want to see this.

    12. Stop motion GOD


    13. Daily Random Videos

      Cute kitty hufast.info/plan/vide/Z6CVq6unnYWmqoU

    14. Vitalia Barrera

      Coool al reverse loooc

    15. The Hacker

      Ohahahahahahahaha! I Need to lauch so much! Hahahahahahaha! 😹😹😹😹😹

    16. ytcat 497

      mrr :3

    17. BatCatz

      This is so good 😂😂😂😂

    18. Dima Dovgan

      Very cool, I also made a similar video with my dog hufast.info/plan/vide/qq3Grb58z6PHnac

    19. Scorpions Oracle

      I send your cat videos to my kids.

    20. Kev S

      I love that mrrrr sound he makes

    21. Aiana 3D

      my friend showed me this, and I love your videos ❤

    22. Renzo Animations

      😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:03 0:24 0:38 o(*°▽°*)o

    23. Elizabeth Castro

      Genial,está el video

    24. Arifin Gozali


    25. FinnThomas

      this is proof we need a home alone movie with a cat

    26. Khamstra bg pro


    27. CRSR DASH-8 40B

      OMG this was too adorable! I would like to see the kitty in an 80's rock video.

    28. Charlotte Dove

      That’s amazing

    29. That Girl

      haha! this made my day!

    30. Vaclav Pelikan

      I love Owlkitty

    31. Vaclav Pelikan

      This Is best chanel on the world

      1. Driqqo YT

        You said that because it wasn't funny dummy

    32. Hamad saleh [official channel ]

      Kevin do cats and theifers

    33. Irene Pichler

      The End is so sugar

    34. Z4CK 0512

      age restrict this PLEASE

      1. Driqqo YT

        You said that because you hate cats 🖕

      2. Driqqo YT


      3. Driqqo YT


    35. T H A N O S

      this is really good

    36. Hairy Potter

      Merry Christmas, you furry animals

    37. Camp Freddy

      Love owlkitty reminds me of my late Boy.

    38. freddy20erick godzilla


    39. Allisha Wildman

      Even pets are family

    40. Stéphane Sagot

      Une adorable petite fripouille !!!

    41. G A M E R H A Z A R D

      WOW amazing animation

    42. Zarrow Gaming

      They aren’t funny, but they are amazingly edited.

    43. Mister Vacation


    44. Viktor Коstykov 37 лет

      Home Alone with My Cat (Owlkitty) Parody)

    45. Dee Kay


    46. zzz zzz


    47. aleksi toriashvili


    48. Tornade de braise

      she is so cute and beautiful



    50. InterNational

      Kevin alone and cat 🙂

    51. InterNational


    52. Adan Walsh

      God, these are sooo purrfect!

    53. iNtRo乂eRt

      This cat is probably the sweetest and best actor 😊👌🏻

    54. Mai Nem

      One of the greatest cat movies ever made is the science-fiction horror classic A L I E N The only survivor, apart from Sigourney Weaver, is her ginger cat - Jonesy Please put OwlKitty in A L I E N ... as the A L I E N Even rename it F E L I N E (hehe - each letter gradually appearing over creepy music) Then - completely ignore the humans and have OwlKitty and Jonesy try to claim their territory!

    55. Hage Maoh

      Your technique has improved so much over the years, some of these scenes may as well have been in the original film. Definitely better than actual special effects of the time these movies were made. And the fact that you added these multi-layer edits completely in post without any access to the original assets is crazy~

    56. GY

      1) your editing skills are god-level 2)his “prbrrt”s always get me

    57. Conya Alt acc

      0:38 owlkitty: omae wa mou shindeiru

    58. Conya Alt acc

      I have a owl kitty his name is tails 😍

    59. H S

      okay this needs to be made into a real movie

    60. Кот злой


    61. einzeller

      This dude is one of the most creative human being

    62. Scorch 2D

      Your cat looks a lot like my cat just older

    63. BramVram

      owl kitty is so smart

    64. Auditt13 blub

      Super gemacht. Grüße aus Deutschland

    65. Looe Davison

      When I am very happy with my dog 0:09

    66. Yousef abu daia


    67. IamSpacedad

      Cat and Kevin buddy-comedy Home Alone is a film I wish existed in this timeline.

    68. Casandraelf

      ...has nobody noticed that the sounds owlkitty makes are the same as the two cats in that video 'the two talking cats'? yanno, this one? hufast.info/plan/vide/r2m3ZdqZsHqdaGg

    69. Arlene Hill

      Every movie ever made would be improved by OwlKitty in it. Obviously!!

    70. Sorin Petrea

      love cat

    71. S C

      Genius !!! 😍🤣😆

    72. Faith fox YT

      Lol I love this it’s so funny at the end I might be able to relate

    73. Cheryl Verdon

      Please do an OwlKitty Lawrence of Arabia and Gone With the Wind.

    74. Cheryl Verdon

      my favorite!

    75. Лина Алмазова

      Смотрю и вспоминаю своего Тимошу , копия был ... Прям как братья - близнецы , эти видео не дают мне грустить так часто , как раньше , теперь смотря их , я больше улыбаюсь и вспоминаю его . Спасибо !

    76. B&P company member


    77. G WZRD

      Whaat? No Trump there

    78. GameOver

      It’s amazing what we can do with greens screens.

    79. Pamela Stadden

      I play this over and over again. I love it.

    80. CapralHarrison

      That last scene gave me a alien face hugger vibe, lol. Say... Maybe you can add a owl kitty into first Alien or Aliens?

    81. Hazmi Rasid

      How did you make this?! It's so realistic

    82. debintrunks gaming

      I like the robber got attack by cat

    83. tyryyr ru75


    84. Kelia Rodriguez

      pfrfr is

    85. Renagame56

      I want to pet her SO BAD!

    86. Jesse Harmon

      Just an FYI the individuals who disliked this video are apart of the radical left. They don't appreciate anything in life, that ladies and gentleman is a prime example of a sad, sad liberal.

    87. ytcat 497


    88. Hannah Maschkywitz

      This has got to be my favorite vid of owl kitty its so adorable!

    89. Bluish Figure

      The way he looked at the cat...

    90. Cats in wonderland

      This cat is a good actor lol

    91. 鳥井0


    92. Not that the name Matters

      I would watch that

    93. Bella L

      Your editing skills are phenomenal, a big Hollywood studio should hire you 💕 There are missing on some big talent.

    94. Whirlwind of Weapons

      Cool kitty

    95. holly brush

      Whoever made this you are the best and this is the best you video

    96. Xien Tau

      0:36 My favourite part. :D

      1. Olga Kirova

        Urrrrrrr ))))

    97. billbby_20

      Γιατί με αντιγράφεις ζιλευις το κανάλι μου