Hot Ones with Beyoncé - SNL

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    Beyoncé (Maya Rudolph) has a hard time being interviewed by Sean Evans (Mikey Day) after eating an extremely hot wing.
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    1. Wes Evans

      How did I not know that this was a real show? They nailed it! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Trixie Cat

      I swear if I hear anyone else ask her about a Destiny’s Child reunion I’m gonna lose it.

    3. Mark Biernbaum

      Maya is BRILLIANT!

    4. Tyler DeLaune

      Real bad impression of Sean Evans

    5. Nahomie Joseph

      The fact Maya said janky is too funny 😂😂😂

    6. Matt Curley


    7. DB 326 after seeing this, Maya Rudolph DEFINITELY needs to go on the REAL show. Like this comment if ya'll agree with me

    8. DaxxAx

      snl, please make skits that are more funny. They used to be sooo good and now they don't even make me laugh.

    9. drjay teamk

      where's the parody? this is pretty much what the show is. sean asking and guest sweating

    10. Henry Z production

      He didn’t say “ooh, careful around the eyes”... not exactly, and they totally missed the huge reverb when she reacted with a yelp...

    11. Tim Thaloff

      The guy playing the hot ones guy was good, Minnie Ripperton's daughter was terrible, but at least I didn't have to see the real BeastYonsay.

    12. Gemini Stahr

      I LOL’D FOREAL 🤣🤣🤣

    13. Tori G.

      I love Maya!!!🤣😂

    14. ExP Gabe

      like if Beyonce now needs to do the real hot ones

    15. Yoyokilla

      The ending is a description of one of there pizza parties

    16. Leigh Harold

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 devil's diarrhea though!!

    17. lena ely

      They had yvette come out too. BeYAWNce is trifling like this spoof of her portrays and worse 😂

    18. lena ely

      This wig; the actress; the costume 😂👏👏

    19. lena ely

      This thumbnail made my day

    20. Chaze Kreuiz

      I've seen this twelve times. Never gets old. Still gets me every time

    21. Svetlana Parker

      Thats funny 😊❤😊

    22. Conan Bylenok

      it's beyond me

    23. Danny Conkerton

      Howling 🤣🤣🤣 got my ass drinking milk now room temp milk 🤣🤣🤣 i haven't laughed like I did in ages! Brilliant

    24. Troey Couch

      i cant stop laughing yo this was the funniest skitt i have ever seen

    25. Shontae B

      Maya Rudolph was definitely giving me Tina Knowles vibes!

    26. Antonio Tassi

      That is hilarious and most likely accurate!! 😂😂 you know that team exists! Lol....

    27. Eralen00

      but B, you on ca-ma-ruh

    28. Fuck BLM

      Wow they are running out of materials. They are literally imitating some shtty youtube show... Please just get off the air.

    29. Fuck BLM

      How is this funny? Why is SNL still on air? This is just cringey and sad... It aint the fkn 90s.

    30. ravo terrell

      She say I don’t want the footage to exist PERIOD😭😭💯💯💯😭

    31. Roy Lomeli

      Never in a million years did i think Beyonce would partake in this! Lmao

    32. Rich Wainwright Films

      The only flaw in this parody is that the questions need to be at least 300 words longer.

    33. Jona Jager

      Now put my whiiig back on.

    34. цветок

      she forgot to smile every time she talked lol, just a permanent slight grin... why do I know so much about Beyonce's stereotypical speech patterns

      1. Roderick Stockdale

        She didn’t nail the voice though. Terrible.

    35. Carl Fonticella

      "If you leave here without signing an NDA, you will be shot." He’s talking about The Beygency.

    36. Maenad Green

      The most accurate part was Sean telling his guest not to touch their eyes wHILE they are touching their eyes lol

    37. Eve

      Gosh, SNL is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!

    38. Horror Movie Scream Queen

      Haha I need to try this challenge lol

    39. Steve from Yellowstone

      ''This wing came correct'

    40. Shannon Hartman

      🐝 dont let the beehive attack

    41. jage

      NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement . Funny bit.🐥

    42. Charles L

      Room temp milk, for real? 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Emily Doyle

      beyonce head wet

    44. Klahanie

      We get it. There been about 60 of y'all commenting that this is a reshot/retake/mistake/mishap of a skit. We know. Watch till the end or don't brah but this shit is good. And if one of y'all comments some shit about "well the original is better" ooo don't try me tonight

    45. Selv

      The worst.

    46. Anthony Baioa


    47. G B

      This isn’t funny

    48. CapeNTiara

      the entire laugh i needed! even as she slowly melts dying, Beyonce is P-r-e-c-i-s-e 6 ice when she said janky ass show it took me out!

    49. Harmonie Cat

      they really should stope having this ww ply black women. it just looks extremely weird. and she couldn't even get Beyoncé's speech patterns down.

      1. Vanessa Loy

        Maya is mixed race.

    50. Cabrini Copia

      "Got my ass drinking milk now!" 😂😂😂 "room temp milk foreal??!! oOOh Solange in trouble now!"

    51. Maddy Jackson

      2:41 to the hive. I know I wasn’t the only one who shouted wrong year 🤣🤣

    52. Christal Morgan

      i think she was actually eatting something hot

    53. Oriana

      SNL is so not funny like how do you manage do do this show dirty

    54. Carina Pearson

      Never gets old.

    55. eftalya

      why are the people laughing every SENTENCE? like chill it aint that funny

    56. seand67


    57. Jeffrey Kleeven


    58. Stephen Carella

      the sound of the spray bottle is sending me

    59. Dorian B


    60. Witch House Arts

      I just realised that Maya Rudolph voiced Hormone montress in big mouth

    61. Limanol Adams

      A laughed so hard watching this at 2am, that I feel sorry for my neighbors 😂 UPDATE | I re-watch it with my coworker and I teared down 😂

      1. jage

        U not the only 🕐

    62. Katie Madonna Lee

      Bill Burr said the milk line on his episode of hot ones, LMFAO!

    63. ももsincerely

      Is that really beyonce? Jay z’s beyonce?

    64. Zachary Slater

      As a huge fan of Hot Ones since the beginning, the gentleman that played Sean did not do a very good job. Sean has an energy that drawers the audience sir.

    65. Shepard

      I would like to think Maya actually ate hot hot wings on camera for the effect. It makes it funnier in my mind.

    66. TheTermin8tar

      IM SCREAMING 😭😭😭

    67. Zanicuh Z

      Why is snl even a thing I swear this how I know the Illuminati exists

    68. Juan López

      Maya Rudolph is the best. My favorite Beyoncé after the real B off course.

    69. Charles L

      Whats more hilarious is that this could be Beyoncé or a Mariah Carey skit. The accent might change but the mannerisms would still be the same 🤣

    70. Helena Jones

      I just know Beyoncé is somewhere laughing at this. The milk bit took me out lol.

    71. 3SevenStangVids

      this isnt even funny :(

    72. Riley X

      Maya Rudolf is a treasure.

    73. Jon Hall

      I hate how they all stare towards the camera these days

    74. kthxbye13

      God, I freaking love this show!

    75. Cocoa Bean

      the gloves tho

    76. Fredric Fredrickson

      This Sean evans impersonation is horrible lol

    77. Cecilia Sandoval


    78. Storm Williams

      I didn’t laugh once at this... the real hot ones is hilarious

    79. Andrew Pearson

      I swear ever drag queen who goes on drag race and what's to do Beyonce for snatch game take notes

    80. Dtrn254

      I'm sorry but Maya Rudolph looks more like Teena Marie than Beyoncé here.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Jorgumander World Serpent

      Love how they shortened the skit by skipping to the end of the line lol

    82. rneumeye

      "Oooh Solange in trouble now!!!" 😅🤣😭

    83. Trixie Cat

      I just realized he’s completely calm as if he doesn’t hurt at all.

    84. Imagin3869

      "This wing came correct" "Room temp milk-- for real?!" 😂😂😂😂 Maya is something else.

    85. Toria Adams

      "Beyonce don't quit" I am literally dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. James De León

      So now we know Beyoncé CAN be done in Snach Game! 🤣

    87. America Project

      2:07: The sheer nervousness and awkwardness of debating whether it’s at all appropriate to address the closest thing to American royalty by their first name 😬

    88. zero2


    89. Boris Can

      Tbh I love Sean Evans, he makes interviews so much fun

    90. AbbyKeetie

      good thing is a critique on Shawn Evans work and not on his persona... nice roast on the queen B tho.

    91. Brit tany

      Wish the guy doing Sean would have studied him a bit more. He sounds nothing like him:/

    92. Girlifornia Magazine

      Best snl preformance from Maya ever!!!!!!!!

    93. Da prank Zone

      She played that part😭😭😭

    94. Da prank Zone


    95. donsknots

      Why is Mikey Day still on SNL. His impression was terrible. I don't get it.

    96. kght222

      i love the name of the sauce they used to replace the bomb. it seems more accurate.

    97. VLBlackmon911

      Pure genius 🤣 Maya Rocks!!!

    98. Mauricio Jordan

      maya rudolph is a treasure

    99. stacey switzer

      Beyoncé head is wet

    100. bethany wholihan

      Funniest as ever Maya😂👏