Hot Peppers Tier List


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    The Liquid Ladder is a zany new measurement system that you can use to safely rank things that many people deem too dangerous to rank. Our patented system goes all the way from S to F, so you can be rest assured that you're getting the most precise information possible. In this episode of Liquid Ladder, we force feed Charlie the hottest peppers we could get our hands on. Will he survive the scorching heat?
    Meatier Productions

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    1. Rick Sanchez

      i wish you had cooked them first charlie alot of the capsaicin is released from the seeds when they are cooked even an ordinary jalapeno can become far more spicy once cooked.

    2. LeaF MaGiiC

      Charlie : trying to enter another dimension his friend : I think he needs more

    3. Tuxse

      “oh thank god it’s mild” **YOU DIED**

    4. Tiernan O'Driscoll

      I didn't realise that bell peppers had heat

    5. mathias

      If you were extremely hungry with no other food, would you eat these to survive?

    6. thefishyslayer 06

      As soon as he started crying I knew it wasn't going to be a good day for him.

    7. Ricky Heide

      I love jalapenos

    8. Ricky Heide

      My dad makes salsa with Serrano peppers and it's not spicy

    9. Boldişor Dorin

      Would you eat a carolina reaper for a million bucks?

    10. jdhreiss

      Anything for a buck...

    11. Guralraz

      He looks like suffering Jesus.

    12. Viktor Stalin

      Bell Pepper "100 Scoville" when it has no Scoville unit for the bell pepper as it doesn't hold any capsaicin which is why the bell pepper is at the lowest level of the Scoville unit at 0

    13. He

      I like how the other guy's face at 29:03 Just went from ._. To 👁⚫️👁

    14. private account

      When you eat habaneros on the daily because your Liberian >>>

    15. ً

      what a loser i can eat a Carolina reaper

    16. ANuclearStabilizerYT

      Can only imagine him eating a Carolina Reaper.

    17. Marathon Houston

      I love eating raw serranos lol, my grandfather grows them in the summer.

    18. Wulfe

      I'm 14 and I love seranos and jalapeños. I especially enjoy jalapeños on my sandwiches and pizza

    19. Fumikage Tokoyami

      I hear aizawa, present mic, midnight, and all might

    20. Joshua Hollenbeck

      you forgot your tampons

    21. Joshua Hollenbeck

      what a melodramatic girl

    22. Joshua Hollenbeck

      this lady is weak

    23. Donovan B

      17:40 That's why they're both my least and most favorite pepper. The flavor is absolutely fantastic but, as someone who uses only serranos in my sals, good lord... Habaneros just hit different.

    24. poornima krishnan

      Jalapeno is sour not spicy 🙄

    25. The Weeb Master

      He seems so polite, he's literally feeling the fart of satan in his mouth ans still says "please" and "thank you".

    26. Psycohwyd

      why does this sound like a prono

    27. The Weeb Master

      I'd call the aftermath liquid bladder

    28. Isaack St-louis

      bell peppers are 0 on the Scoville scale but ight lol

    29. idioticpaperclip

      Charlie really is the Coyote Peterson of food isn't he

    30. okiefreemen

      God this guy is embarrassing to himself, what a baby 🍼

    31. Aidan Hart

      bell peppers have heat?

    32. Mason Hambley

      One chip challenge?

    33. Bu Toa


    34. gfwefwe gwegweg


    35. shisui edits

      this makes me wanna eat takis till I cry

    36. Calvin Banh

      11:40 the moment you activate the edible by talking shit about it

    37. Allie Robertson

      It’s a poblano!! The other chilies are a light green

    38. Edmon Navarroza

      Charlie blink twice if you are held captive

    39. W for Wavy

      moist is a tiny man

    40. W for Wavy

      moist looks 6’3 sitting down at his desk

    41. BlakeKevin Gaming

      Alternate title: charlie moans as hot peppers pleasure his tastebuds

    42. Brett zzstu Dorsey

      That was a carolina reaper, it's 2 million scolville units

    43. päivi hämäläinen

      That red long chili is the only one and first chili i bought from store just for try i bited half of it and i just ate fucking snow as long as i got home

    44. Zanngeii

      He’s making peppers look good

    45. Hoshizora


    46. God's Blessing

      Quality content indeed. Thanks Moist!

    47. Shad0wmoses

      me and my coworker to kill time, ate habanero straight. it fucked me good. i ran to the bathroom with bloodshot eyes and tears running down.

    48. Shad0wmoses

      the Anaheim Anal Gland is probably the most refined and tasty pepper in my experience. and i can say im somewhat of a connoisseur of peppers and glands of sorts.

    49. PenguinPlayz ILP

      i taste no spice

    50. Maria Morejon

      is it me or did the eat the poblano twice and pretend it was a diff pepper hahha

    51. Nisus

      the seeds dont make em hot, its a chemical called capsaicin. itd kinda like and oil compound

    52. Synayx

      You gotta try this with a carolina reaper

    53. NinjaPugh

      20:00 I could see the betrayal in Charlie's eyes. That is true expressiveness.

    54. MrVodkaManMan

      He acts like a scientist lmao

    55. Mitchell Mills

      a friend of mine makes these...candies. they're chocolate and peanut butter, but with a drop of pure capcasin in it (hopefully spelled that right). i made the mistake of trying one while i was drunk, and spent the next hour regretting all my life choices. after that, eating the ghost pepper beef jerkey he had with him was postively mild in comparison lol. he also gave me a couple dried carolina reapers that i just havent found thr occasion to use yet.

    56. JVinluan

      at 12:34 i got an extreme sense of nostalgia while look at that, i have never seen this video

    57. Uhh Cool story

      22:32 Tampa Florida? Yes

    58. Izuku Midoriya

      “Are you a spitter or a quitter?” Well i... uh... no..?

    59. Cody Romrell

      “I’m entering the avatar state”

    60. Daily_potato’s Life

      Why did Matt eat the last hot pepper when Jesus himself said it was very hot and it hurts the ears 😕 idiots 😆

    61. CometStudios


    62. [Toxic] Top


    63. Kevin Acosta

      I expected charlies head to explode with all the heat

    64. Sean Avery

      Just swap the tiers around with F being S and it's pretty accurate.

    65. megan o'brien

      what the fok. bell peppers aren’t even spicy

    66. THE JACOB

      I hate a whole habanero. It was red, and it messed me up. Worse pain I ever experienced in my mouth.

    67. LiveFreeAndFast

      I really enjoy someone finally speaking truth to power. Spicy food is dogshit

    68. Nikhil Nair

      Satan's foreskin

    69. Nah

      Baby food tier list

    70. Txan

      "Pussy Pepper" ~Charlie2020

    71. BaconifiedOwO

      scoville. like the Google Doodle game

    72. The champs of Gaming

      I ate one of those Carolina reaper chips and even with my high spice pain tolerance my eyes were watering on heir own and the thing tastes like satan took a shit on it. Overall it’s tolerable but would not recommend

    73. Lol In a go fuck a gorilla

      First time I ever heard actual tone and emotion in his voice

    74. - Lavender -

      Look at you all. You made Jesus cry.

    75. Alain Martel

      Never never drink water or eat ice with hot pepper , always drink milk . That was very funny, thank you Charlie

    76. CZsleezy

      I’ve eaten a habanero before and I can tell you that his mouth was indeed numb from the long boi.

    77. kreepy cat

      the crunches were weirdly satisfying

    78. Bridger Mattson

      My headphones were unplugged and everyone around me thought I was listening to porn. 10/10 would watch a man die again

    79. Duplex Frog Jr

      Flamin hot Cheetos popcorn is 50,000 and I munch on those bitches

    80. conor s

      he really said 🥺🥺🥺

    81. conor s


    82. fakeperson1234

      the coyote peterson of spice

    83. tbomb 233

      The spine is the spicy part of a pepper, not the seeds.

    84. knapperige knaap

      Am i the only one that didn't know bell peppers are spicy.

    85. Ben R

      This video was so spicy that I had to unsubscribe just to subscribe again!!!! SEND HELP

    86. JSAS

      29:03 this should be the new pog champ face

    87. Limbo

      I can easily go through a Carolina reaper lmao

      1. mooflop potato

        who asked

    88. Dr. Bloodshed

      You should do the One Chip Challenge

    89. Genesis_1_7

      only to ghost pepper... my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    90. YoMamas TheMailMan

      I like bell peppers but I don't remember any spice at all. Then again I'm black and have a heat tolerance.

    91. Dar G

      "You should have swallowed it." *Nooooo...* *Noooo...*

    92. Mr. Squeaks

      Bro banana peppers???

    93. Zex Kronix

      20:40 umm is that what i think it is

    94. Brandon Darling

      You should definitely check out Johnny scovilles HUfast channel. He’s a hot pepper mad man

    95. Alyssa Grotjahn

      A man hopeful: 0:59 A man defeated: 24:04

    96. HlBIP

      I’m here for the asmr 😂

    97. lowlandrogue

      Charlie: *dying, almost crying* Charlie's friends: Did you eat enough of it?

    98. JQKER 9

      Charlie has the best helpless face

    99. bruhify 2.0

      bruhify raid

    100. unwary- demon79

      You should never drink water when you eat that type of stuff