How Boncuk the dog waited days outside Turkish hospital

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    Boncuk, a devoted pet, spent days waiting outside a hospital in Trabzon, Turkey, where her sick owner Cemal Senturk was being treated. Boncuk followed the ambulance that transported Senturk to hospital before making multiple visits to front door. According to Senturk's daughter, Aynur Egeli, she would take Boncuk home but the dog kept going back. After six days apart Boncuk and Senturk were reunited when he was discharged
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      i am from turkey türkiyeden selamlar



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    4. Liz Schneider

      Very very touching!!! 😪

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      Sweet thing

    6. Canx Margera

      I love Turkey people, so kind to dog...

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      00:33 that look to staff :D

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      Boncuk vefali kopek🤗🙏

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      turkish hajiko dog

    10. Liam Stephenson

      I like dogs very much so this story touched my heart!

    11. Hye Oh

      So lovable story, makes me teary and reminds me of my puppy. I miss him so much

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      BEAUTIFUL -- So smart -- so loyal

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      Az ember a kutya legjobb barátja.

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      Hello people who are here from You can sit with us!

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      Ah! How sweet!

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      Me and my 34 cats down voted this video.

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      Köpekler bambaşka be. 😍

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      She was just waiting for him to give back her smartphone

    19. Ryan518

      what a culture! Turkey is the best. So kind people. Love from Iran

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      2. filozof atakan


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      uugggh i remember hachiko

    21. Lct master

      remember guiliani and his owner donnie

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    23. 초코에멍


    24. Елена Буянкина

      Ура! Бончук дождалась своего хозяина ,надеюсь им не придется больше расставаться.

    25. Konstantinos Mpoudronikolas

      Is this a kokoni ?

    26. Cris Flores

      Nuestras mascotas nos quieren mucho. Por eso siempre están Con nosotros...debemos cuidarlas...

    27. fort one

      what a lovely story.. treat your pets right, they are loyal ,better then humans sometimes

    28. Smriti Agrawal

      Unconditional love ❣️❣️❣️

    29. Moh S

      what is the breed of this dog ?

    30. Mstph Yhn

      There is so much happening in Turkey and this is the only news you can make ! Really !? 😒

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      There’s no faithful companion like a dog’s company. ❤️Humans best friend indeed

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      Love from India

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      Find a partner that will love you like this dog. No wonder dogs are a man’s best friend 🐶

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      Plot twist: it just wanted the sandal

    35. Shain Andrews

      You don't see a cat doing that do you?

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    37. Alka Kochhar

      Great video what a loyal Dog

    38. Sebahattin TORAMAN

      🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Merhaba Hola Hallo Ola Bonjour Ciao Ni hao Kon'nichiwa Marhaba Assalamuo Alaykum Zdravei Privet Namaste Salem Salve... I'm from TURKEY... 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷👋

    39. Dasein

      The line that on the inner corner of her eyes is made by the teardrops its went viral in Turkish ig and made me cry too

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      100 % pure Love 🦋🦋

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      100 % pure Love 🦋🦋🦋

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      Unbelievable. Pure Magic. ❤

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      That's pure Love❤️


      Dog will love you more than your own kids

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      OMG....thats made me all fuzzy....lovely dog, just a lovely little dog...beautiful.

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      Please don't eat it

    48. Kailash Kanade

      Wish i could have one

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      LOVE!!! Awwww! And Boncuk playfully biting her owner's sandals at the end. Haha! Animals are the BEST!

    50. Walid Hassan

      I love it !

    51. dulsen2011

      Turkish people love animal What a humanity. Remain that the way turkey people Love ❤️ from Kenya

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    52. Yalniz kurt33 dzkk

      Türkey dog 😔🇹🇷🖐️


      Reminds me of the movie 'Hachiko a dog's tale' beautiful and emotional 😢❤

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      00:34 Now, I want a dog too.

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      Bukuroshi, embelsira janë vërtet me besnikët në botë. I love Boncuk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      What kind of soulless sociopath down votes this?

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        @Putri N GO CATS!

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        They’re probably cats

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      That is so sweet 💖 dogs love us even when no one else will.

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      My dog is just like her but in Cream color

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    66. frank frank

      Give it his masters shirt to lay on and smell. I do that nightly, i toss it on his bed, he loves it. A master is a pet's whole life. Food, petting, walks, water, and we have thumbs that open the refrigerator door to get cold chicken and cheese which they will get part of.

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      What a loyal dog

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      If it was a pitbull it would wait six days to bite him.

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      The dog patiently waits outside he doesn't try to go in!

    72. Glynis Morris

      Sorry I am crying. Love happy endings! Dogs are nothing more than 4 legged angels!!

      1. alpharen

        @S Bashir funny haha 😐

      2. S Bashir it isn't, it's a 4 legged dog!

    73. Bill b

      Turkey sure do love their dogs. Nice to see a happy story for a change.

      1. MikeJ 2016

        Yeah but if this were in China the dog would be made into soup in five seconds and served to a family with 11 kids after a long day in the sweatshop.

    74. Jeanne & Dave Smith

      Just like a dog :-) Yea!

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    76. Professor McClaine

      Imagine if politicians were this loyal to the people.

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      So awesome, dogs love with their whole being. A lucky person is someone loved by their dog!! She is an angel.

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      I clicked on this video thinking "finally, a Guardian video where Politics will not skew and divide us; just a wholesome loving tale." It's wonderful.

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      Dogs are more loyal than humans

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      The mother of all therapy dogs.

    86. Sunbeam Virtuous

      This got me 😭

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      We need more stories like this one. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this.

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      Dogs are just better than people

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      😭😭😭 so pure

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      I love this so deeply. I love my dog Lola, she is sixteen.

      1. I have a very small pp, but

        @Елена Буянкина English please

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        здоровья вашей собачке.

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      The love of your dog I just lost my wife of 31years she was my world and I'm broken my Hart hurts so much and my dog is keeping me going.

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        I wish you so much strength!

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