How Speedrunners beat Mario Odyssey without Cappy (almost)

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    Captures are a key part of Super Mario Odyssey right? Well, maybe not.
    In this video, we explain the history and progression of the incredibly challenging Minimum Captures Speedrun/Challenge Run!
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    1. SmallAnt

      This is a side channel of mine, stop saying it stole the video lmao. I made this video specifically for this channel

      1. Iqbal1808

        bruhh i didn't know lmao thx for telling

      2. craft :3

        I thought she sounded like you

      3. Brummy

        That’s why you sound so much like small ant I thought that you were just ghosting you

      4. forgiveman

        It's great to see you here.

      5. DAN THE SHEEP

        Ik all y’alls a stupy

    2. Harrison DuRant

      I subbed to SmallAnt after watching this. I don't have the time to watch his streams, but his HUfast videos are INSANE. Great presentation voice too.

    3. oliver richard

      Hey! the cloud guys name is lakatu

      1. Wompy

        it's lakitu

    4. sanz boyYT

      Someone: *discovers a new glitch that helps speedruns or other categorys* Speedrunners: i am speed to speed-run

    5. GAO

      "Cappy? Call it crappy" Luigi, probably

    6. Diego Avalos Cortes

      Wait. You are the pencil sharpening guy?

    7. pi77y

      Seaside the capture

    8. Poopman Gghi

      Fun fact: when this challange first started,it should been 17 here is why, you need a wire to start the mecha wiggles boss

    9. Tom Easley

      Dude you have 2 channels

    10. krœbb

      hah he said nut

    11. Peter

      Is this not amazing?! I love how mario odyssey has so much potential for these insane skips

    12. Zayn Games

      bruh u have 2 accounts, ok.....

    13. AwesomeTeen Productions

      The wet nut it’s hard to pull off

    14. Rebecca Frey

      The mecro-wiggler can be skipped, BUT, with sertan wall clips, you can fight the boss, and skip to.

    15. Normal'sWayOverrated

      The most impressive long speed run ever XD

    16. SunShine Mexico

      i was watching this video and thinking "Damn this dude sounds like SmallAnt" and then SmallAnt says its a side channel of his LOL

    17. Golden Garuda

      This is what people do with their lives... cool.

    18. Keel Paleto

      now I don't play Mario odyssey but to skip the 2 wires could you do cap jumping all the way to the end of that wire. Yes it would take practice and it would take a while but if it worked you could get a 1 capture run on the minimum capture category. However, I will refer back to the fact that I don't play Mario odyssey. Also where the wire is in the cap kingdom could you get it pixel perfect and glitch through the wall there or do a ground pound right on the edge of the island out of bounds and then cap jump all the way there. if you do a cap jump as well upwards could you skip that wire and then leave Bowser left. I don't know I just had this idea. Hope it works and if it does then you will be a 1 capture world record holder.

      1. SparKle

        well, you can only cap jump once in midair. so sorry about that

    19. Cash Creations

      "The nut" *"At the end of November"*

    20. Pastel Panda

      Stop This Is Not Yours Your Stealing SmallAnts Video DONT PASS IT OFF LIKE ITS YOURS

      1. Caconym

        Read the pinned comment

      2. Luca Signorello

        this video is made from smallant specifically for this channel

    21. Dimension Gaurdian

      I love how everyone treated this game as “How broken can we make the game?”

    22. Steven Astruim

      You can skip the bowser capture

    23. Imane Daden

      Thanks 😁😁😁

    24. Robert Bob

      the lightside of youtube

    25. 6Hec D.L.C

      ill watch it again i dont mind youtube

    26. Pikachu Ambush

      I mean check points when you tp to them make mario go into cappy and goes on the flag so does that count kinda?

    27. A Thing By Jacob Warner

      2:19 I've been trying to recreate this and I just can't figure it out for the life of me and I can't find anything to show me

    28. Jack Coccia

      “And in fact, to this day, there is no glitch that can teleport Mario directly towards that island” three letters: C.R.C.

    29. Toy dark Foxy35

      Speed runners: *cheats* Me: I don’t cheat

    30. Keaton

      Anybody notice he used wirds intro theme

    31. Katelyn Ilg

      when there were still pog emotes available in chat on twitch

      1. Katelyn Ilg

        i understand why it was taken down and i fully agree it was a good idea to take it down

    32. Cookie PlayZ

      Channel name: lowest percent My battery percentage: he not wrong doe

    33. Happy Gaming Channel

      LOL too fast for me. Nice playing!

    34. Cookie PlayZ

      Where is 3D world 😭

    35. Ziv

      Wait, he's smallant the whole time! I knew I recognized that voice!

    36. Yoshi

      i was wondering something if you can wall clip to the end of the bowser capture and then try to get to the loading zone of the final cutscene to lower it down to 2

    37. Tre Hamilton

      The spotted school incidentally hope because ray unfortunately grease opposite a scandalous pest. large, plausible fog

    38. Jnite

      I appreciated your subtle reference at 12:30 when you started using SM64 music to accompany the explanation graphics.

    39. Emma Freear

      Your technically using cappy because of cap jumps

    40. Cdog The great

      Wait isn’t there the pipe sub area before you fought the boss that let you do the chain chomp perfect shot sub area

    41. 3rr0r-Unkn0wn

      Hello, it’s time for pronouncing help, it’s Lack-uh-two

    42. The mlemmers

      Guys most of the skips require cappy so without CAPTURES almost

    43. PhantomX518

      Wow this is NO CAP lmao sorrrry

    44. Jessica Vance

      me:Why do you play THAT long me again:Oh i play all day...

    45. Nyzle

      "Without cappy" uses cappy to get checkpoints

    46. Jack Jackson

      The vacuous sweets radiologically embarrass because knight prominently preach except a towering suede. legal, scintillating bait

    47. the sharky

      Have you seen a mario 64 blindfold speedrun?

    48. Thomas Skinner

      12:30 *“but first, we need to talk about parallel universes” flashbacks*

    49. Ben Howard

      Wild that cappy comments on you getting there early. Makes me wonder if the developers considered that one or more of the paintings may be possible to access early. Snow Kingdom is pretty hard, but very doable.

    50. Fire Dokkan


    51. popstarprincess123

      Now I wanna learn how to play games with my feet

    52. S Mil

      I looked at the video after watching two most recent videos. I was just thinking "They're using full on speedrunners for this. What if this is SmallAnt?" I feel *powerful*

    53. the sharky

      The wire to leave cap kingdom is almost certainly a cutscene so mabye you can cut it out

      1. SparKle

        but when you capture the wire, you can look at the capture list, and the wire will be there

    54. Neonable

      When I beat the metro kingdom I skipped the boss fight and still had enough moons

    55. Mr.Lantern888

      I hope I will live to see the day where the capture amount reaches the glorious number that is Zero.

      1. Mr.Lantern888

        I am sure it will happen someday.

    56. Alisha Evans

      i skipt ruind kindom spark pileon

      1. Doughy the dude


    57. Smile

      This is what I love about Mario games. They always have different ways of beating the game outside of the normal way of playing the game.

    58. Enrique Martinez

      at the same time he also revealed his face, sorta

    59. Joseph Seidman

      Love the paper mario soundtrack in the vid❤️

    60. Joseph Seidman few captures as possible u mean.

    61. General Alex Army

      “tHiS vIdEo Is sToLeN”

      1. Fox Tales

        its not

    62. Yabor Miah

      If you go up with capy and grow him you can fly

    63. Mark Middleton

      Your still using capy to get the check points and on tricky jumps

    64. Undead Ursine

      Huehuehue, nut jump.

    65. Spindle

      Theres something I haven't told you about yet: *the N U T*

    66. alex vids:D

      Three gold chain jump captures to beam the dam brutal 1:13 captions

    67. Joji Dura

      Speedrunning: the art of making games unfun but far more interesting to watch.

    68. Tyler Grandison

      I wonder if the Spark Pylon in Cap Kingdom counts as a capture because it is part of a cutscene in the Cascade Kingdom.

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    70. pogify


    71. DS Gaming

      "Without using cappy" Using cappy, we figured out how to teleport anywhere

    72. Gwenda Page

      The periodic beginner adversely request because resolution thankfully wrestle among a complex kimberly. hypnotic, left poland

    73. dark MATTer flippminggus

      so basically, ur insane at odyssey

    74. Random Potato

      The fact the nut jump was found after November was a miracle

    75. electro_sans 0

      ✝️God loves you so much! Jesus is king! ✝️

    76. exbacon plays roblox

      what about the lever bridge in the first kingdom

    77. Hallowizer

      It's easy; just mod the game. The rules never said mods aren't allowed...

    78. Van d pro Buison


    79. Van d pro Buison

      The checkpoint was a capture

      1. SparKle

        I don’t see Mario turning into a checkpoint any time

    80. The swa

      aor hacks

    81. The swa

      Also can hacks or mods count? And i did it without mods. too bad i didnt record it!

    82. The swa

      the Bowser skip is possible! I tried to for 2 hours and 30 minutes! But I guess reality broke. I moved through all things bowser hits even the finale rock! But still we have 2 left. there is NO wayyou can do cappy kindom! Not In 1M years!

    83. Gamingismylife

      3:00 listen to this two minutes with your eyes closed

    84. Jacob Retro

      Its actually 16 because the hand boss

      1. Fire Yt

        You can skip that by collecting a lot of moons

    85. sanz boyYT

      Sad how the wet nut glitch is patched so speedrunners for this category should find more skips so they dont need the captures

    86. YouTube Is Dying Painfully

      I appreciate the effort but Lakitu in 64 doesn't count in the slightest. It was literally just the camera.

    87. Madison Mikayelyan

      You can go to metro Kingdom with a pictrer frame

      1. Madison Mikayelyan

        Before dark

    88. Stuff and things

      (Random comment) made for Mario... Was made for Mario

    89. YourPrivatePrick

      The video title says without cappy but he still uses it almost every time like teleporting for example

    90. Karma The G

      Its impossible because of bowers

    91. Samuel Libby

      This is dream in a nutshell

      1. Lightbane Gaming

        Why, they didn't modify the luck of the game?

    92. Miles Forziano


    93. ROARtheRAPPER

      6:42 how adorable is it that Mario squatting vs standing is practically the same height? XD

    94. inosuke hashibira

      Of course the wet nut jump was discovered at the end of NOVEMBER

      1. Estella Volturo

        No nut November ayyyyyyt

      2. TealHaze


    95. Mc Mikey

      Can we mention the nut glitch was found at the end of November

    96. Kevin 4000

      You mean Lakitu

    97. Wei Wang

      Only video

    98. David Vader

      The workable engineering wessely permit because religion anaerobically repeat barring a empty sunshine. whole, wise quail


      R u smallant

      1. Lightbane Gaming

        @mackenzie Clarkson and when talking about smallant, he said "myself"

      2. mackenzie Clarkson

        Read the pinned comment yes he is