How To Build An Amazing Butt | Advanced Glute Training Science Explained

Jeff Nippard

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    I'm 5'5

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    1. Empress Of The Sun

      Get back with that girl.

    2. Maria Mizia

      Thanks! Maria Mizia from brazil!

    3. James P. Ostojic

      hahaha midget

    4. Raluca Cococeanu

      Omg, you are so beautiful 😍

    5. Hector Lopez

      I'm sure someone else mentioned this, but at the beginning of the video when she names the functions, she says "hip extension," but performs hip flexion.

    6. Catherine Munyarari

      Great content! Very informative, thanks for putting the effort into the research! ❤️👍🏾

    7. Chris Carrow

      I see what you did.

    8. MorTobXD

      I even have trouble with hip thrusts without weights :D I'm scared that my butt is not sexy :( But then again I'm a guy so it's irrelevant :P

      1. Pepin Cuatro

        It's often mentioned by women as the most important muscle in terms of attraction.

      2. Top Lad

        An ass is not irrelevant on a dude lol It's aesthetic af when built, regardless of gender and is frequently mentioned by girls as an attractive body part in a dude.

    9. Idid Love

      My butt is 46 3/4 around. I actually lost inches prior.

    10. Nima Elyasi

      Jeff runs weird

    11. George Washington IV

      All the whores, fuck boys, and Kardashians are taking lots of notes.

    12. George Washington IV

      Might as well call this the "whore" and fuck boy workout. How to build a whore and fuck boy instead. lol

    13. a p r i l x o a b e l x o

      There are so many weirdo guys here.. 🙄 anyway I will be using this advice now so thank you :)

    14. Leman Russ


    15. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

      lal matir Soraney , amar ar Calculus sekha holo na, holo na...

    16. Kathleen Clarke

      Just watching your video now but I wanted to say thank you for doing the research for everyone - this helps a ton with my own workouts

    17. Orange Archipelago


    18. TheMadMarcellos

      I came for ass thats all

    19. KathyCádiz ProfessionalTranslator

      Just run into this, but congratulations for your serious scientific research.

    20. Grease quala

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    21. maldives-joshua joseph

      Everybody knows the theory. Just show the exercises without talking about the theory. All information is on the google. Be practicle instantly ! Thanks.

    22. cami's toast

      I looove to exercise but I noticed that I keep on losing weight even though I try to eat as much as I can. (My body was responding weirdly to food a few months ago because I’ve dealt with anorexia a year ago and my intestines were just like nope).

    23. T Minor

      Bro her body is fucking flat 😂😂😂😂

    24. manonidhi bharath

      Hip extension and hip external rotation are both wrong in the demo. Abby demonstrated Hip flexion and Hip internal rotation. Going forward I'm not if your content is reliable

    25. Neil totheKing

      My height lol

    26. Srinidhi Madurai

      this is too much thinking for my 2 braincells. i am gonna stick to doing home workouts and running and pray to god my butt grows lmaoo

    27. Prismatic Charms

      Holy shit the anatomy here.

    28. Luisa Grigorescu

      I'm getting a 404 on the My Glute Hypertrophy Program :(

    29. Steve Naraine

      I love Abby's weight free HIIT workouts. They really take me out of my comfort zone.

    30. Jaydyne Overton

      Any of your plans made for home workout only? xx

    31. Heather Cleveland

      Can you burn fat and get a flat stomach without using weights?? I usually workout at home

      1. bruh fyt


    32. Crystal Wieler

      I'm a bit confused. Activators take 2-3 days to heal but they are in day 1 and day 2 of that sample program.... Can anyone clear this up for me?

    33. Snæbjörg Bjartmarsdóttir

      Who wants to have a big ass 😊

    34. Little Kitten

      i knew it was you!! i know those flutes anywhere

    35. Jade De Leon

      Well made video that is still relevant thank you

    36. CrazyCoderAl

      Yeah I'm only staring at you glutes because it's the largest muscle. I'm definitely not thinking any other thoughts. Nice camera angle by the way

    37. Green Power

      *Broken link in the description*

    38. Alice Carp

      Awosome content

    39. Samantha Campanelli

      The best video I’ve seen about how to structure workouts along with different types of workouts there are. Please make more informative videos like this. I am trying to learn !!:)

    40. katsan88

      You should have shared an actual training program withreps and everything.

    41. how the jam

      I need more videos with Jeff's butt

    42. marirocga

      Split squats single leg hip thrust and walking lunges

    43. naina shah

      Heyy I have a very important question. If you can answer it will be so helpful. Can I grow my glutes without drinking any protein shake? Pls reply

    44. Joe Mamma

      Little manlet hahaha

      1. MelficeN7

        Nice one dude 😂👌 you sure got him

    45. Anandeshwar Unnikrishnan

      Not here to see the charts and graphs

      1. MelficeN7

        then fuck off

    46. sewer king

      im not sure if she is qualified to be giving me advice here, she needs to sit on my face so i can find out if she knows what she is talking about

    47. Henlo

      The hip thrust might be fine but the bench kills my back.. I've seen people using leg flex machines to thrust on, would that be equally good? Haven't tried it yet.

    48. 360lympia

      I want a butt, I came for butt, I leave with butt

    49. LEG Ness Monster

      Thanks for the toes inward tip! It

    50. LEG Ness Monster

      Thanks for the toes inward tip!

    51. swaggastronomer

      1:00 5:04

    52. Giskard Reventlov

      Some diet advice?

    53. Shoshana Gitlin

      I absolutely love this - this is exactly what I was looking for!

      1. BeFitnomenal

        great video i agree

    54. mike77588

      But in the newer vid with your girlfriend you say to push the butt up *over* the knee hight, so do american instead of traditional. But the study showed traditional was better? Kinda weird how it can be better with less range of motion? i have no idea

    55. Joe Ashley

      Oh my. I like her.

    56. Daniel Barnes

      Change it up 1 to 3 months loooool bit of a big difference mate lol

    57. Cherry Von Rot

      Anybody notice the bench move backwards on Abby’s hip thrusts? Not safe. Someone should have stabilised it.

      1. Eva Schiess

        Smart MMA put weight behind legs of bench

      2. Smart MMA

        Any tips to stabilise the bench if you're at the gym by yourself?

      3. Reema RAO

        I noticed and it's really very dangerous...... They shouldn't ignore such things

      4. philosophical monk

        Hip thrusts saved me from low back pain

    58. Octavio Arruda

      Well actualy as a man I gotta say that I suffered a lot from not training my glutes over all those years. Got many knee issues since my hips flexors were weak asfk

    59. keym

      Dummy T H I C C

    60. eunjoo hahm

      Omg i love how organized this vid is and also how it is scientifically proven by studies. thank u!!

    61. jazzy Angel

      Do u increase weight for bigger results?

    62. Timothy

      Why is the female arching her back at the 30 second mark to make her bottom look big? this is not good for her spine, and it's lying to the viewer. I like watching Jeff's videos because they are real....this is unsafe and fake

    63. Yur Jhr

      In 6 months when im better trained ill check out your program! Im a noob. Lol

    64. dadondutta

      chicks that dress like that chick in the gym are so desperate for attention

      1. a p r i l x o a b e l x o

        How? She’s wearing a normal sports bra and leggings..

      2. MelficeN7


    65. D M

      the butt as a whole.. sorry had to laugh about that one

    66. Philip

      You can not generalize glute medius is slightly more slow-twitch dominant. It should be heavily depending on how you train and the sports you like.

    67. Dolf Dervish

      00:35 "ya gurl ain't got no ass; she just poked it out." ~Guru

    68. Philip

      If you worked out with heavy weight and many variations for many years, your glutes would be supposed to grow a lot. This video might help many people. However, it makes this topic complicated.

    69. Dre Day

      oh my she has an amazing ass!!! damn!!!

    70. NiNi

      pretty interesting, wow. doing your plan now on week 5

    71. Branden's Outdoor Channel

      I want a checkmark by my comment too

    72. Philip

      If you activate hips in advance, you are ready to go.

    73. bangle vision

      @00:12 sex stamina science. Me too Jeff, me too

    74. Lowdninja

      With respect, 1:35 is an injury waiting to happen from the bench sliding back. Otherwise great video!

      1. Lowdninja

        @Ruzica Popovic Personally, I'd have it against a wall or bolted down.

      2. Ruzica Popovic

        How do you prevent it from sliding back

    75. sorry yao

      DO I SAW sex stamina science at the tab there at around 0:12

    76. Ego Ex Machina

      Honestly, I knew that was Abby's butt, can't not recognize perfection

    77. Eduardo Kikiriku

      My gym has been bombarded by people doing hip thrusts all day, every day. As if it was invented in 2019. No matter what time I go, the smith machines as being used for hip thrusts, people removing the bars from the bench press sections to do their hip thrusts. Jeff's videos are great, as they contain actual research behind the workouts.

      1. BeFitnomenal

        Yes, I agree. l love the research

    78. mmartinisgreat

      That young woman is beautiful.

    79. Shade On A Cool Day

      Is that hos new girlfriend?

    80. Elier' Maxwell

      Try my workout

    81. Elier' Maxwell

      Booty circuit ---------- warmup ------ Elevated double dumbbell deadlifts 60 superman hold (2min) Squat turns (13squat jumps1 jump turn both direction full turn) Glute raises 60 each side Or Steps 60 each leg Superman hold (2 min) Laying clam (1 min each side ) ------ Fatal 4 ------- 1.Single leg glute bridge 60/120 each leg 2.Kick back from all 4s(60/120) 3.Crab walks 60/120 4.Side laying hip abuction 60/120 each side (In between ) -------- 1.double Kettlebell squats on steps 30 2.Kettlebell bulgarian split squat 30 each leg 3.Superman exercise (on lift open & close legs reps)30 4.jump lunges 30 ----- Extras ---- Bridges (weighted bars / weighted ball /kettlebell )60/120 60 Bosu squats inside /outside (jump on top jump to outside squat) Back extension partner assist 60/120 Elevated double dumbbell deadlifts 60 Reverse leg lifts (open/ close leg)60/120 Bridges on the big ball 120 (5min) ---- Machine ----- Glute abduction machine till failure (5min) Helix 20 rev squat hold 10 rev stand (10Xboth direction) Standing Kickback glute go heavy till failure (2min each leg) Back extension Roman chair till failure 60 Leg press till failure 60 (more than body weight)

    82. tdreamgmail

      Stephanie was very close by

    83. Amy M.

      Way to Nippard in the butt!

    84. followurheart11

      Oh that bench moving for her. Yikes!!😳

    85. Donatella De Patre

      Barbell squat must be done in a butt routine

    86. Amari Brown

      What about sprinting and jumping?

    87. Philip

      Glutes mainly consist of glute medius and glute maximus.

    88. Philip

      That program might be useful when I take a break. However, that one should be beneficial when you train hip mobility not hypertrophy.

    89. ex catholic

      Keep your butt covered PLEASE! No need to expose it in order to demonstrate movement!

    90. Jennifer Nicole Lee

      great moves, but more helpful info here:

    91. Kelsie

      As an engineer, I love this type of video and the level of detail. Thank you!

    92. Mark Sholtes

      Jeff needs to drop some lbs

    93. E.T.C.

      Her hip thrust form is terrible! They quote Contreras but don't use his technique for effective thrust. Her glutes aren't great either.

    94. Michele Poss

      you lost me at 22 seconds when Abby demonstrated "hip extension" by kicking her leg FORWARD (hip flexion) instead of BACKWARDS (hip extension)

      1. ASAP_Hookgrip _

        Meh, she actually started extension as she was speaking the words. She did flex her hip to bring the leg up to starting position

      2. xxtine

        lmfaooo. I was waiting for a hinge movement too

      3. Preston

        Ya I know! I'm surprised there aren't more comments about that smh. Also, no glute minimus? I know it has shared functions with the other 2 but it wasn't even mentioned. I was skeptical for the rest of the vid after that extension mistake, but there was a couple good points that I wasn't already aware of.

    95. fenderman21guitar

      Pretty sure im the only guy in my gym that does hip thrusts 😂

    96. Boo Hoo

      4:50 damn daddy

    97. leah hugie

      you really showed receipts

    98. Kysha Fay

      3:37 I heard the but as a hole and can't stop giggling

    99. Robbypahlevy _

      what's the difference between traditional barbell and american barbell?

    100. Thomas Jefferson

      You might say, Jeff is a butt man. He kinda, wrote the book on it.