How to Beat the TRIXIE VIRUS in "THE CRAZIES" (2010)

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    If a military plane loaded with a biological weapon crashed into your town's water supply, what would you do?
    In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the town Sheriff, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Trixie Virus in, The Crazies. If you think you have a better way, let me know in the comments! If you like these how to beat videos, consider liking and subscribing.
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    1. Nerd Explains

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      1. Mr Crabs

        I would beat it with a dab of butter then eat chocolate then dab

      2. DangerNoodles

        You can never use to many strategic nukes

      3. Ledri Tërholli

        I know just lock em up and then bomb em outside

      4. Insanity Compromise Entertainment

        Hey just so you know small towns are mostly full if 80-100 year old houses and most will have full wood doors and you are not kicking them down with how small of a room the closet is and the fact that she would most likely be too weak to be able too. Trust me I have tried with full running force and a good shot right by the knob maybe you could break the frame but still not likely again as the wood used in houses back in the day would be stronger and heavier than any houses nowadays.

      5. Thor Eriksen

        Maybe clean the body in the erinking water

    2. The Canadian

      I got a cold war zombie ad

    3. Vaccinium augustifolium

      Say what you want, but for a 20 millions budget they did a fantastic jobs, the atmosphere was really good even if the overall movie was not terrible To me, that movie definitely stand out

    4. Mlgkitten654

      this reminds me of L4D2

    5. tootallforyou112

      These people are so stupid

    6. flore gayot

      Hate to be that guy but it's an AH 1Z cobra not ah64

    7. bz_ shifu

      when he said they cant let people out of quarantine me after 2020: Boi do I have news for you XD

    8. Bresmer boy

      35:15 hate to be that guy but that’s an AH1G or a H model hard to tell what, not an apache

    9. Commie Dog42

      "I've seen some parkour videos, you just have to roll when you hit the ground" is the funniest thing I've heard in a while

    10. Becca Jude

      Do the 2010 movie frozen.

    11. fiery

      He should have said didn't your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full

    12. nibbless spelledwrong

      that helicopter wasn’t an apache

    13. Bob Is dead

      That's a Cobra... (35:14)

    14. Calvin27

      Is surf shark the sponser?

    15. Lord Thicc

      HOLY SHIT that surf shark sponsorship transition was smoot AF

    16. Blonde Quincy

      You just gotta roll when you hit the ground

    17. accessart

      you should do how to beat the conjuring

    18. Happy Cheeseburger

      That wasn’t an ah-64. It was an AH-1 variant


      The first way to beat the movie is to not make biological weapons

    20. Player

      *How to beat the trixie virus* All those Trixie named people: 👁️👄👁️ 💧 💧

    21. haffaman

      The staking lilac nearly melt because swim correspondingly milk forenenst a noisy morning. groovy, cute physician

    22. trebull 890

      "Strathholme must be purged" is the vibe i got not gonna lie

    23. sayed umar

      u see it only affects men cuz they have mental strengths but not womens so ladies and gentlemen heres ur answer

    24. Lifeisoverated

      I don't drink water. Because fish fuck in it....

    25. Failedpuberty6x

      Wait until the next time I watch a horror movie, I'm roasting every thing in the film thanks to my new accumulated knowledge from watching like 12 of these videos: animals, kids...trees

    26. Limbu Sundeep

      If i had a wife like that I would just say goodbye to her

    27. Alex Michael

      Just say no, it can’t infect you without consent

    28. Chase Beneitone

      Kill everone Is how i would survive

    29. Yash Fradkin

      The young betty concordingly disarm because timpani logically found atop a far pen. material, unique airport

    30. Yash Fradkin

      The understood beer complementarily force because sousaphone orally satisfy since a educated cormorant. sincere, cynical join

    31. KF42

      So... the first 4 minutes is all "what the deputy did wrong" in a Film. What happened to Beat the Virus? 14m in, and still no "okay, here's how we beat this thing!" Oy... I can't take anymore droning on and on. Thumbs Down. I want my 14 minutes back.

    32. ivano k. d.

      Pov: if you watcht to the end ur a fraid to drink water

    33. Little Chicken Nugget

      I’m prepared for the world to end :). You won’t kill me yay

    34. XANNY RN

      on 32:30 he Assassins creed that bih 🤣

    35. Kacper Q

      35:15 It's AH-1 Cobra, not AH-64 Apache

    36. Demarticus Stone

      You were close on the Attack Chopper, it was a Bell AH-1Z Viper.

    37. thekingofjays

      the heli wasnt a apachi it was a ah1z, its an older heli before the apachi was made

    38. Fenjaei

      i dont like judy very much

    39. poofy poof


    40. Izuku Midoriya

      World weakest giant explosion

    41. Global Warfighter

      35:14 says that's an AH-64 Apache when its actually the Bell AH-1 Cobra. I'm the spirit of mislabeled military vehicles

    42. Jailbrokein

      ok not going to lie that was the cleanest transition into a sponsorship ad damn

    43. iamjuda

      47:20 idk why that made me laugh, just seeing them simply getting shot that easy

    44. Zion Iceshadow

      if this really hapend u wuld die first or become the aposalypse god

    45. VIBE

      This stack helicopter you’ve mention isn’t Apache, it was Cobra.

    46. Brandon Wright

      how I would "survive" I would be infected but like the age old cliché goes "my love will keep me from being a monster" And me being "sane" I would cut my had and show a soldier that in charge of the gate that I am infected but sane. side note: it's not hot temperature that makes you infected it's black blood (like in soul eater an anime).

    47. Dave Dick

      Hi I did it

    48. Edmund Jumat

      some games use stat,like you have 100 stat point and you balance them all on intelegience,strength,and luck, look like they only use them all on strength and luck

    49. maverick ownage

      If only they had masks it would be no big deal

    50. Maxwell Aufmann

      nerd explaines: a vpn wont help you in a blackout. me: here we go.

    51. etoniqe


    52. m a c

      (35:13) That's a U.S Marine AH-1 Cobra as it's thinner and has less weapons, along with the built in 30mm in the front.

    53. Jesse Garrett

      i always drink either soda or bottled water anyway, so i think i would survive. i just gotta get more ammo, then id be good

    54. Silent Etiam

      35:12 that isn't an Apache, it's more likely an AH-1 Cobra

      1. 19867070

        Thank you I was just about to add that in Thank you until I saw your comment Thank you good day to you!

    55. Jess Frey

      Best line in the movie when they're in the car wash. "Something was moving!" "Randall! Everything is fucking moving!"

    56. Mr. Anarchy

      Sorry man, but that wasn’t an AH-64. However, it did seem like an AH-1Z, although, the view is a little weird, so it could be an AH-1G or similar, older Cobra model

    57. Shxdier

      If the wife was pregnant from all the stress she most likely would have had a miscarriage she is pulling a Terri girlie is LYING

    58. Pato Demon

      You should make a video how to be cooties.#Cootiea.

    59. Pato Demon

      😎 #like

    60. Sagertio _


    61. timebomb456

      If you made a cup of tea or coffee with the water would it be any safer I mean one could argue that boiling the water would kill the virus Still not taking any chances

    62. San Barbas

      The heli was not a apche it was a cobra it was used in the veitnam war

    63. Oscar r

      this ´seems like one of the shittyest movies from 2020

    64. Muzammil Faisal

      They created the weapon so i am pretty sure they know how to test if u have been infected with it or not

    65. fon knight

      Judy is a Karen I think

    66. R3dshot

      Got a total of 20 ads, love the channel👍🙄

    67. Patrick Wentzell

      someone or people have been watching the Crazies and survivors in town. these infected people are not zombies because memory is fully intact it's rational thought no longer possible. It seems like the same situation in the movie Quarentine when an apartment is closed off from the world. or if anyone prefers to call it Dome trapped like Springfield and by the way no human could blow up a Dome the size of a town. Homer Simpson would blow his ass up before even putting so much as a crack in the Dome. the town itself would never have anyone be able to dig out from underneith. here is another rediculous impossible situation Muppets from Space. the movie which explains an alien race like Gonzo coming down to earth for a friendly goddamn invasion. I like the Muppets however my logic must reveal there is no such thing as a friendly invasion that just sounds stupid. case in point Mars Attacks had these aliens come to kill all damn humans and keep some for experiment purposes. secretly a government agency might have adminitered a cure to a couple of survivors to satisfy curiocity. taking pictures filming evidence would have been helpful to so many others. now if a mayor or stupid president won't shut off the water perhaps even have scientists have a cure for this. well the human race is fucked everyone dies without waiting 28 days later. or following Shawn Of The Dead into a pub waiting for everything to blow over which that is never gonna happen. come on people are we waiting for Alice and Jill Valentine to come into the city with guns blazing an save everyone? it would be nice and Jill is beautiful and I'd be thanking her oh yeah Jill hello come on over sometime. 😍😃 oh and Batman Arkham Asylum has the vigilentie in rubber fighting criminals and to stop Gotham City water from being poluted with Titan. that green venom turning Bane into a angry monster like Randy Orton. the public should know better to avoid any person on steroids. in the movie Speed Jacks partner was limping on the leg that did not get shot. Dumb and Dumber whoops moments check them out sometime also watch Saturday Night Live moments. I want the people to know we have no branches left in the government and life is much better I also want the public to know that song I'm calling you is so annoying your brain will explode.

    68. Damon Conant

      So in a apocalypse be the dad from ‘28 weeks later’ and you’ll have the best shot of survival

    69. ItsBanner

      Don’t blame anyone but the writter

      1. Zephyr Mist


    70. VoidedValor

      I’m pretty sure that standard police protocol would be to shoot the man as soon as he walks onto the field with a fucking shotgun.

    71. Insanity Compromise Entertainment

      Hey just so you know small towns are mostly full if 80-100 year old houses and most will have full wood doors and you are not kicking them down with how small of a room the closet is and the fact that she would most likely be too weak to be able too. Trust me I have tried with full running force and a good shot right by the knob maybe you could break the frame but still not likely again as the wood used in houses back in the day would be stronger and heavier than any houses nowadays.

    72. Sawyer Ramos

      a plane has crashed in every town. Dont u notice how dumb down we are?

    73. Flimflam

      Move to a different country problem solved

    74. Comrade Luke

      this is why the SCP Foundation is a superior horror format. They are competent as hell but still get their ass handed to them by scary ass SCP’s

    75. Jacob McCready

      Alright now I don’t have to watch it lol

    76. Panzer Ausf Productions

      I hate Judy, no one messes with my boy Russ, also that isn’t an Apache that is a Cobra the earlier successor of the Apache, the cobra was also highly maneuverable and very powerful but the gun on the Apache is/was better, and dare I say the Apache has better maneuverability than the Cobra, if you zoom in on the chopper and take the zoomed in shots and compare it to a cobra you can tell it is a cobra, especially as the cobra was very stubby compared to the Apache which is quite not stubby

    77. Thor Eriksen

      His wife burning him wilsols

    78. Kelvin Gant

      I actually subscribed to you for how truthful you was about Judy she held David back the whole movie with her emotions

    79. KWMgt

      Give a fake cure that kills them

    80. Landen Clayton

      How do you know I look behind the shower curtains Hhooowww!!!

    81. James Crowder

      This is amazing maybe you should do IT

    82. Zentralrat der Fliesentischbesitzer

      The Texas disposal depot story bumms me out too as the worst CRBN stuff is disposed off on ships. MV Cape Ray and others would be perfect for this and if the Virus breaks out you just blow up the damn ship to contain the spread of eventual virus remains.

    83. Kyler Workman

      Solution: Don’t drink your tap water?

    84. Awesomeak47k

      Just put on a

    85. Metal_Jack3t

      God damn you that was the smoothest ad transition I’ve ever seen

    86. Alchemys Eyes

      This movie scares the shit out of me for only one reason, it happens in a small Iowan town with a giant lake near it, and I live in a small Iowan town with a giant lake near it.

    87. One_Alone#Van alon

      A detail you've missed is that heempied his gun to make sure he won't kill anyone

    88. One_Alone#Van alon

      The guy searching up the info of how chemical weapons are stored and where is definetly on the watch list😂

    89. Cheter Deviñ

      I spit out my water watching this video

    90. GrEEnBlade L

      If it’s the water and unless you take showers who drinks the water like I get it they are in a town but they still get food so I just drink other things

    91. Zophiel Angelo

      That Helicopter wasn't a AH-64 apache, it was a AH-1 cobra.

    92. krychick SPP

      This was very informative whilst being extremely entertaining. Thank you. 🙂

    93. GravitySlave

      ...dont drink the water. There, I just saved you 49 minutes.

    94. Dira Luqman

      Why we had to be late on COVID😭

    95. Ryan Spence

      That wasn't an Apache it was a cobra there is a difference.

      1. Ryan Spence

        @Global_Silver See i know one person knows

      2. Global_Silver

        This bothered the hell out of me, it's likely an AH-1S

    96. Gummydalf


    97. Brian Baboolal

      25:41 HER FACE KILLED ME🤣

    98. Ryan de Vega

      as someone whose a 14P and studies VACR, on 35:10 that's a Cobra (AH-1) it's way too skinny to be a Apache (AH-64)

    99. The Scream Street Podcast

      Judy sucks dude, easily the worst thing about this movie

    100. Spray 9

      rEEEE THATS AN AH1Z Viper. Marines use those. Army uses AH64s.