How to Remove Scratches on an iPhone Screen? - (Not Clickbait)

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    After scratching phones for the past 8 years... now its time to figure out how to remove scratches and make phones look brand new again. The machine we use is this one: This video is not sponsored. In this video we see how much work is involved with getting minor scratches removed from smartphone displays. Can we remove a level 6 scratch? We'll see what levels of scratches this machine can get rid of.
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    1. Rayvon Robert

      Toothpaste is another option right?

    2. Вова Истомин

      It's great that you can remove minor scratches from the screen! What oleophobic coating did you use at 5:33? And what would you advise?

    3. Rezhwan boss

      I want to buy for my living room 💁‍♂️

    4. Joshua Arandez

      Just out of curiosity what would happen if you place your for over 24 hrs hmm?

    5. Melvin Hamlin


    6. Joel

      I want to drink the magic sauce

    7. GOPI NATH

      *We never thought your video as clickbait*

    8. Metalero William

      I'm gonna buy two of these machines for removes scratches of my Nokia 6. Well, but my Nokia 6 doesn't have any scratch at all but anyway i need two machines in case if i need them. Not one, but two. 😂

    9. Official Cat Bot

      Everyone: wondering how to get rid of scratches Zach: How to remove lvl 6 scratches Everyone: But at what cost

    10. Sourav Gangopadhyay

      Gorilla glass is shit

    11. roblox tutorials

      I would rather buy a new phone than buying this machine

    12. Matthew Abela

      This is cool and all, but how stupid can people be, glass screen protector cost like 5 bucks

    13. Frankie M

      I'm keeping level 9 far away from my phone.

    14. THE TUBE

      Jerry Jerry Jerry You are the father ......🧐🧐🧐

    15. Alessio Flammia

      For the day scratches will start at level 7 with deeper grooves at level 8, humanity ll be living on Mars.

    16. Ashu XD

      i use screen protector so i don’t care XD

    17. Jared Fuller

      Is deeper grooves at a level 7 just a meme now?

    18. summit 1_1

      Amazing content!!



    20. Coris Master

      Should have called it how to sand a display clean

    21. 9a3eedi

      I wonder if I can do something like this at home manually with that polishing fluid and maybe some microfiber cloth. Is it possible/worth it?

    22. Galaxxico

      6:42 ayo the glass is lagging

    23. Ziyozi

      How much to do my phone

    24. The Tech Dude

      I haven’t even started watching yet and I can guarantee it can’t get the scratches out of my iPhone 12

    25. Sufail Abdulla

      Please do poco f3 zack

    26. Load Saved Game

      So it doesn’t really remove scratches, it just turns it into one big scratch.

    27. Jacobbgross

      Would be interesting to see if you could fix those scratches with a clear filler

    28. Braydin Mattison

      The quote from jerry “Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7” will go down in HUfast history

    29. Pháñtòm Drágôń

      Is the thing grinding the screen ?

    30. seena kay

      you’re a living meme my friend!!!

    31. BonnBonnBunny

      How about “how to remove scratches (without being rich)”

    32. Carson Edwards

      How long doe you need to leave it in there before the entire glass is gone?

    33. Manik Hasan

      I don’t know why but I'm very curious to see what happens when you keep running it till the whole front glass is gone. Anybody with me here?🤐

    34. guily6669

      Does anyone know where can I get the UV curing oleophobic oil and for a small price???????

    35. FreekShake

      I take baths with my phone

    36. mtb rider rishu

      Hey can you give me one Nintendo switch please 😶 I'm a middle class family 😓😢 I'm 14 years old boy please reply Nintendo switch is my dream 😭😭

    37. Yaseen Muhammed

      Everytime he says pros and cons, I'm like: _"Ok he's gonna say that the con is the glass getting thinner"_ Is it just me? 😅

    38. Jé Hogue

      Would this technology work on a Samsung "Edge" screen?

      1. BJ 654

        Likely, but I don't think it would get rid of the scratches on the edges.

    39. Shumpy Wumper

      Finally, I have seen the level 8 and level 9. I thought I'd never ever see them

    40. Zach Low

      What if they use ipa instead of water , would it be safer for the phone?

    41. Sans The Skeleton

      its not really worth $3400 to remove some scratches from a phone where for the same price you could get two new iphones

    42. Eric Pinckney

      Anyone know where he got that oleophobic coating? I would love to have some.

    43. noone mate

      Reminds me of when i use to give in my cds/dvds to the video rental shop to remove scratches on the disc for $5... same process as this

    44. anonymous _

      25 minutes later:- screen is totally gone 💀

    45. Penguinz 1

      A lot of people gonna be taking their headlight polishing kit to their phone after this video 😂🧠💡

    46. Tribal Memes

      I’ve got deeper groves at a level 7 on my phone 😐

    47. XceleRayte

      Just me or was level 9 lagging?


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!!!!


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!!!!


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷

    52. Bernard Barcelo


    53. Laura Rodrigues

      Pleaseee, do a video showing how to fix scratches on the chromatic parts! My A80 got some and it's pink so I'm afraid of polishing and remove the paint and not sure if repainting would be a good idea.


      No I wouldn’t do it on my iPhone

    55. Ron Cyril Cabinbin

      The iconic “scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7”

      1. Alan Martinez

        That phrase needs its own shirt

    56. KrisRaps

      Its Not Removing Scratches, Its Removing Everythings Else, But The Scratches

    57. Jason Koloseike

      Can we steal this for making Dobsonion primary mirrors

    58. Faithful Edema

      Can I get the phone probably as a giveaway?

    59. Tim Tam

      Me watching this in the shower: Yeah I’d probably risk it.

      1. BJ 654

        Oh no😅 Be careful!

    60. Spooky - PUBG MOBILE

      Please send me that phone for the details

    61. Ady

      brilliant ;)

    62. As it Should Be

      i know rewa, they really rules! impossible is nothing for them!

    63. Jesús Li

      What about dual edge screens?🤔

    64. global warming Warning

      Next video: Jerry tries to tear down the machine

    65. Nizamudeen Sherif

      I thought he's gonna rip that machine.

    66. Pro Squirrel

      Does anyone know where to get that oleophobic coating from? Or what it is? I have tried so many different things because my phones become fingerprint magnets within a month!!!

    67. harsha okin

      " and i'll see you... around". wow. i had only heard him say that. seen it for the first time!

    68. Flying Craze

      I though this was a diy Video 😂

    69. Impeccably Ivy

      Remember, use protection when dealing with deeper grooves :>

    70. Skurken

      Can you please do this again but do it untill theres no screen left! Please like this so he sees it

    71. 19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]

      Does it compromise the structural integrity of the glass?

    72. Игорь Ф

      Только с олеофобным покрытием!

    73. 117 Roy


    74. Bill K

      Great u got scratches out.... but made it 50% more fragile so it will scratch much more easily. That is a complete waste of time and money

    75. 201 201

      The surroundings are all the other way around .. I have no idea why .. said of the present!

    76. Arvokm

      $2300... it is okay if you run a phone repair business. For consumers to buy this home though, it is an overkill. Just offer scratch removal (waterproof untampered phones only) for $30-50 (with the coating treatmrent) a pop, and it will pay itself back in a month or two. I would use this service to remove scratches from a modern $XXXX flagship phone before selling it.

    77. hasan kharfan

      Cool video but i really don't think it's that worth the risk .... Knowing the glass is thinner and less resistant to pressure..... And btw This "starts at level 6 with deeper grooves at a level seven" is dumb...... Just hear me out, You can scratch glass with softer stuff like good ol' aluminium, just hit it hard enough. A level 6 hardness object can do more damage than a level 10 hardness object if you press hard enough..... And the other way around where a level 9 does less damage than a level 6 if you press light enough.....

    78. Sam Davis

      Do refurbers use this type of device I wonder? It would be a good tool for local repair shops.

    79. Sam Davis

      Next, spinning my iPad screen?

    80. Nick Brown

      I'd think there would be a limited amount of times to do this to a phone until any more would severely harm the screen

    81. Nick Brown

      That latency from the level 9 scrathes tho

    82. brandon welborn

      Would it not be better to power the phone off?

    83. Shane Starnes

      This is super interesting. Good work Zack.

    84. Fakhar Gillani

      I have tried crystal armor fusso oleophobic coating in past and it did work well. However, I am looking for the same or better grade US/UK based alternatives. I know its a simple Amazon search but because I'd have to have it imported all the way to Pakistan to find out it's useless so please drop a reply if you have used any oleophobic coatings and let me know how they age! Thanks

    85. TheKillzone1511

      i would just buy another phone than get that machine, cost to much and takes away time from day to day life to "fix your phone"

    86. Syark Light

      Hey jerry can you share with me what brand and where did you buy the oleophobic coating on your phone..

    87. Luka Renoir


      1. BJ 654

        *Thumbs up for that.*

    88. asim shaikh

      Iqoo 7

    89. Sumit sharma

      here I m for my phone which has some like between level 8 and level 9 deeper scratch. my phone able to survive for 2 years. this comment is sponsored by Nord VPN

    90. Roar Me

      Where to get the coating liquid?

    91. Ike Karlas

      Why is he still putting no click bait we all know that he doesn’t clickbait and that he is smartt

    92. Dimas Joy

      You Have issues With your account? No matter what your problem is ( THECYBERPUNKZ) @ instagram is always available for you no matter the problem

    93. CutieHamster

      D e e p e r g r o o v e s a t l e v e l s e v e n

    94. B SECTION The tech MASTERS

      Everyone gangsta till level 10 shows up with ultra instinct theme in the background

    95. The Tech Librarian

      My friend that used to run a detail shop use to do this with a orbital buffer and compound

    96. siddarth chandran

      5:46 Calls and notifications will be silenced... Jerry : wait , let me put you to rest ☮️ once and for all😂

    97. siddarth chandran

      soon the channel will be renamed to JerryFixEverything. All the phones which faced the wrath of his cutter blade will be brought back to life by this machine😂 lol

      1. hoiy vinosa

        So as of today we learnt the new taxonomy of scratches : Level 6: scratches Level 7: deeper grooves Level 8: gauges Level 9: scores

    98. Chrez

      Finally I can fix lvl 2 scratches on my z fold 2 without breaking the bank

      1. hoiy vinosa

        I dont want a scratch remover, i want an macbook dent remover.

    99. Polash Das

      Literally no one have shown level 8 or 9