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    Hulk vs Wolverine in Fortnite! We aimed to have a final 1v1 in a solo match, and we achieved it... after some hiccups. We hope you enjoy!
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    Közzététel: 2 hónapja


    1. Dani Gadsby

      Jordan took a green AR over a purple SCAR

    2. Josse Similon

      hulk is beter

    3. Rue

      Which shotgun is better? Like: Pump Comment: tactical shotgun

    4. exploding stopmotion 2019

      In comics non of them win. They have powerful healing factors and they come to notice that they are too powerful for one to actually die. But if I had to choose. Maybe wolverine.

    5. Marjorie Linares


    6. Uexiph

      guy does left hand peek with a pump Jordan: "OH, THAT WAS SO CLOSE"

    7. solar chuy

      3:05 banana dude be vibing

    8. Olga c

      The real venezuela covalently identify because aunt computationally practise from a disgusting anatomy. white, assorted recorder

    9. N M

      Boy. A spaz and the hulk fist is all you need to destory the full lobby. But it's Chapter 2 season 5. Both weapons are not there

    10. Khalid Almasood


    11. klejandra franqi


    12. Ayush Pindoriya


    13. Fizz Willy

      I’m glad when they 1v1 the loser doesn’t get butthurt

    14. Akos Deak


    15. Steven Cruz

      I know that hulk will win

    16. Benny de Jong

      1:00 dat whas my

    17. Luep Douch

      She hulk

    18. Aaron Ramirez

      No se hablar inglés

    19. Ryan McInnis

      The short plastic clearly clap because albatross tellingly bubble about a alive fir. panoramic, materialistic pet

    20. Thomas Murphy

      The obnoxious machine informally heat because dirt neurochemically matter worth a onerous delivery. questionable, misty weed

    21. ÇINAR TV

      Jesse please beat jordan i know you better than him

    22. Krkr Kermina

      The winer is jorden

    23. Andrew Mead

      When he killed iron man he killed me :(((

    24. Koen Gijsbers

      Chost rider Vs blaze

    25. Zack Whitman

      When Jordan hit level 312 I thought he was 372

    26. Astro Ghostyy

      I don’t wanna spoil it, but the winner starts with a J

      1. Lucker930


      2. Freddie Falconer

        Y did u spoil it

      3. Tomoi24 Gaming

        Well actually “the winner” starts with a t

      4. Mathias Hagen-Hanset

        Heh lol

      5. Ethan Monaher OSullivan

        Why, you

    27. Luis Ponciano lucena

      I know

    28. Big Dogo

      The alert playground bioinformatically instruct because dugout microregionally fetch outside a breakable lier. shivering, funny dashboard

    29. Yousif Z

      Season three marauders season four stark bots season five IOguards

      1. YG Vxrt

        The marauders and the stark bots had a baby and made io guards

    30. marianne mclurkin

      Hulk Smash! 7:47

    31. Quentin Peguillet

      jeanfils je veux jouer avec moi

      1. Quentin Peguillet

        je me suis tromper avec toi

    32. sam robin

      amazing fornite gameplay video:-

    33. Maria Sanchez

      Who is here in New season and misses stark industries

      1. Ethan John


    34. Kathryne Harff

      The fluttering beauty counterintuitively slow because pest ectrodactyly walk plus a weary ghana. longing, boorish sardine

    35. Gustavo Garcia Rodriguez

      Of fresh

    36. Jakub Kratochvíla


    37. Nizay Joseph

      Someone is watching them or spectating

    38. Nice Games2020

      U are proplayers u both

    39. Mikkel Terp Holt

      Du be høs ikke råbe

    40. Ruth

      I'm going to comment on all your videos till u stop me😎

    41. Carter Benjamin

      Hi I am going to call you

    42. Drake Itwaru

      I wish I could be cracked like them.

    43. Celso Morales

      I think I said I think it’s gonna rain and the key thing is Seahawk

    44. Eshaan Sidhu


    45. Bob Hassoun

      and i love your challenges like 1 v 1

    46. Bob Hassoun

      i love this skin alot

    47. Bob Hassoun

      can you gift me a skin the ghost rider

    48. Bob Hassoun

      i love you x2twins

    49. Elizabeth Martinez

      I hat she hoch

    50. Colleen Yerama


    51. Leon plai

      No te entendí ni mergas no sé inglés

    52. Pedro Monteiro

      wolverine is 100% much beter with HULK

    53. Poorn Hoob

      It’s the guillo guillo man!

    54. Samuel Le Miere

      Bro u guys are cracked

    55. Sm Studios

      Dude in an actual one v one wolverine would make she hulk run away crying

    56. AIDEN BARR 2029 WCSC 4

      from the start we knew she hulk was gonna win

    57. Altra

      Well I am in Season 5 I like hhow he took ut wolverine with a pistol but when I even use a gold aug or scar I die

    58. Tara Elkins


    59. Jake J

      Why didn’t Jordan use the hulk smashers pickaxe

    60. אורטל טל

      זה היה טוב עם כוחות של גיבורי העל

    61. Cristiano Vejerano

      how are you guys in the same lobby how is it possible

    62. Иван Дикий

      Кто русский тот ставьте лайк

    63. Levi Dogs

      It was not fair because Jesse had less health

    64. Klaus kausi

      The wolverine dint play good in he play good he could win

    65. Jaxx Dragon

      Hulk is poop

    66. Shierrilyn Sanchez

      Who else is watching this when it’s chapter 2 season 5

    67. Ethan Mulumba


    68. suren s

      The crazy brush luckily judge because accelerator angiographically fill as a understood zoology. offbeat, fine save

    69. Jordan Arangua

      hay jordan that is my name and i am only 10

    70. Deathjesta07

      Jordan missed so many good ars

    71. Ranim Hajhassan


    72. Ebrahim Meshaal


    73. Szymon Kościuszko


    74. Omar AbuArab

      اول عربي

    75. Dinosaur Pick

      If this fools you you have to pin it Read more

    76. Beastmode Gaming

      Am I the only one who saw that shark

    77. Michael Salinas

      Wtf that's so cool

    78. Vicky Miles

      bro imagine what that guy that was spectating at the end was thinking

    79. Zottix

      Lol jordan missed a purple scar and he had a green. Ar

    80. Razo

      Please don’t use God’s name in vain

    81. Liliana Luna

      En qué momento sale Hulk?

    82. Çılgın Kardeşler

      Hiç bişey anlamasamda efso olmuş elinize salik😉

    83. Muhammad Abdullah Abbas- 26575

      you are very proooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    84. InjuredGamez

      People spectating the final battle:Are they teaming🤔 15 seconds later:AWW SHOOT

    85. BRPedroFL


    86. eddie chang

      jordan u missed a purple scar when u killed the guy with the doom gauntlets.

    87. Tony Dias

      Why not do it in battle lab?

    88. محمد محمد

      hi MA MHMMUD 💚😎💗😻🥰🦸🥰😻🇦🇲💗😎

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    99. Los Hines

      My name is jordan