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    Ever wanted to blow up the whole world? Well now you can with Solar Smash! But also... why would you do that?
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    1. Markiplier


      1. nick bee 31


      2. Asher Hardin


      3. Ella Docherty

        play the machine world its fun

      4. Jaz Turner


      5. Spieler Bogy


    2. timereaper65

      im watching this with my friend named percephone right now XD

    3. Miku’s foot


    4. Lucas Rodrigues

      There is no way that we could breathe in mars because of the atmosphere you better wach 'BRING HIM HOME'

    5. Uzair Durrani

      I'm gonna get this game just so I can destroy Terraformed Mars.

    6. vic lester

      whoops, lol sorry destroyed earth aha

    7. Brayden Wilford

      16:25 that face.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Corbin Dallis123

      8:01 reminds me of bo2 zombie map selection... just with a lot more holes

    9. Dalton Monroe

      “I can’t destroy that new apartment complex, it’s too beautiful 🥺…ah well time to destroy the house I grew up in!”

    10. Pengu Studios

      I HAD THIS APP WHEN I WAS A KID BC OF MY HYPER FIXATION ON SPACE... i thought it was bc of adhd and later learned it was me being autistic😩✋

    11. charmeleon evolves


    12. Pengu Studios

      I just got that weird daisy perfume commercial- I am scared now😔

    13. Introverted Potato

      Now that I'm thinking about terraformed Mars, wouldn't it be even more vulnerable than Earth? I mean, while Mars is still within the green zone of the Goldilocks Zone (the habitable zone), it's still really close to the blue zone. It's not in the exact same position as Earth is, so trying to terraform Mars so it will be almost exactly like Earth despite it being where it is in the Goldilocks zone feels a little bit farfetched to me. It sure looks beautiful, not gonna lie. It also makes me wonder how Mars was like millions if not a few billion years ago, since scientists have theorized about how younger Mars could have been a lot more like how Earth is today. But since Mars is how it is today, the fatal mistakes people will do when they will try to make the planet their own will be even more fatal due to it only having 0,1% oxygen in it's atmosphere, while almost the rest of it, aka 96%, is carbon dioxide. I'm not an expert though, I had to look up the amount of oxygen Mars have. I do love space, I just feel bad about Mars being polluted with humanity's bullshit and all. If there are anyone who wanna add on to what I said or have something new to say about all this, feel free to comment! I love to discuss about a lot of stuff! (I also don't get to have enough discussions to my liking offline)

    14. Julian T

      Why put the fake ass globe in the thumbnail when the earth is flat anybody with discernment knows that

    15. Chris

      This game is fun for like 10 minutes

    16. Neil Walling

      Shoot the sun with the the laser beam it will cause a super nova and destroy the EARTH

    17. Kristen Salisbury

      9:20 ~iTs JuST a GaMe~

    18. Diamond Davey

      The highlights of the video are simply his reactions, from the black holes to the terraform mars planet is just hilarious

    19. Timmeh and Kweek

      markiplier killed my contry

    20. Funny Bunny

      I know this does not have nothing to do with this video but I will cry like that will happen to the earth if we keep doing what we are doing all the people are ruining our planet and The earth will be like that if we keep

    21. Dadoboplayz


    22. ShawnGaming

      17:54 what is that music called?

    23. Raeanne Curtis

      I would write “Markiplier died here because Terraformed Mars didn’t look how he had hoped”

    24. Raeanne Curtis

      I would write “Markiplier died here because Terraformed Mars didn’t look how he had hoped”

    25. Destroyer xv 1

      In the end Markiplier so inspirational

    26. Potato Tomato

      Mark talking to Persephone: purple bitch who even cares about you. Also mark: Persephone you ain't looking so bad.

    27. Antonio Sonntag

      Exterminatus at 16:25

    28. MNA

      Markiplier after summoning God and destroying America killing 1b people: "kinda pitiful"

    29. Ave Imperia

      "It's Subnautica, but space!" Apparently Mark hasn't heard of Breathedge.

    30. Tyler Young

      next mark will do city smash

    31. The Lying Triangle

      Imagine mark as your dad just telling war stories and random stuff

    32. Swayed

      8:30 Keanu reeves

    33. zach Heckart

      You didn't destroy the barrier on the machine world

    34. Rahmat 484

      "accidentally" p/s I copied Marks comment lol

    35. zach Heckart

      "Don't worry about the laser cutting earth in half, we're just expanding the grand canyon"

    36. Melissa Poulin

      Imagine Herobrine playing this game

    37. Aesthetic Motorcycle

      God be like


      imagine liking this one girl and you ask where she lives and she said mars, you ain't seeing her anytime soon

    39. Tobias Crafter

      Yes, 4 billion dead from 1 black hole, "underwhelming"

    40. Lucas Kaleekkal

      15:58 Mark's face killed me

    41. Aaron Bayette

      The robot world is indestructible.

    42. Grim_ Kloud

      PLOT TWIST He’s actually predicting our inevitable death

    43. SpookyTim16

      12:04 ya wanna know how I got these scars?

    44. Telani Greyback

      You break building good, but Hulk break *WORLDS!*

    45. prospxrityyRBLX


    46. Mykie Dorsey

      10/10 earth fleshlight

    47. Xionide XII

      he missed so much stuff in the game i am cringing at the stuff he accidentally skipped lol

    48. wolfwriterRodger

      get you a man who looks at you like Mark looks at terraformed Mars

    49. Jamie Feddema

      I imagine Mark would be disappointed when he finds out Terraformed Mars is populated by cockroach aliens, not humans.

    50. Dragon Slayer 117

      If we go to terraform Mars I’m bringing a super shotgun and a chainsaw.

    51. Midknight Mangle

      "Welp Mark got access to the Death Star so now we live here on Mars" that is what I will write on Marks grave on Mars

    52. Ready PlayerK?

      Everybody will know the true power of Markiplier Uchiha

    53. Christopher Yao

      I’m sad that mark didn’t play Machine world

    54. Nyabe Ragi

      Earth:*being annihaled* Mark:PeEKaBoo

    55. Lexi Doodle

      Please tell me that there is other people that know where “Feed me Seymour!” came from. I love that he quoted it!!

    56. Rene' Craig

      That Checks Out. LMAO

    57. Kasim Divers

      “baby steps here” *burns hole through the planet*

    58. rufos

      Mark - "I'm not gonna destroy it" Me - "Do it. Shoot a hole into the surface of Mars"

    59. Angel Leonard

      no one tell him about elite dangerous.. then we might have a never ending series of it

    60. April Ulmer

      "those are some SMOOCHIN Lips"

    61. Original God

      mark: *puts black hole on africa* “oops there goes africa” me: “bye africa”

    62. M M

      “I didn’t mean to turn the earth into a flashlight.” Markiplier 2021

    63. Isa Siddiq

      The look of absolute fear of what he caused at 15:57 was incredible.

    64. Ethan Stewart

      Hey do missles damage 1 and amount 66

    65. The Louster

      The space worms look like Vlitra from Asura's Wrath.

    66. the oofer

      16:02 lmao

    67. Devyn Jordan

      11:49 pack mans girlfriend LOL

    68. Lost Danimal

      "Sorry Washington" Yea. Forget the rest of the planet.

    69. Jay Robison

      "you need eyebrows" *kills 2 million people"

    70. lynix vids

      i strongly associate this game with greystillplays

    71. nerdy nerd

      Bro imagine if they added the Death Star as one of the weapons

    72. Agent Coxack

      “Sliced in Twain.” Ha-ha. Get- get it? Like Mark Tw-

    73. Akiara the Fifth

      Everybody gangsta until the "accidentally" destroyed Earth looks like Pac-Man on the urge of death

    74. Sad Boy

      Elon Musk would like to know your location.

    75. Lupe Nava


    76. Liam Cooper

      I’d love to watch you play more ngl feels like there’s a lot to still do

    77. jOhNnYr1cO

      This is like a supervillan's pleasure toy!!

    78. CJ

      360,000 people want mark to die lol

    79. Liam Cooper

      Mark i cba to check if any one else said this but you could’ve fast forwarded with that laser alien

    80. Alan Koon

      Can you please do a part two of this

    81. Sam Green

      Fantastic title

    82. Flubberyest Flubber

      He killed 3 turtles

    83. Alexander Martens

      What's the name of that song he plays while waiting for the earth to be divided into to clean pieces?

    84. Deluxe. gamer

      Im watching this and I wish I could live on earth I’m born on Mars in newastria

    85. Limi

      Space bro punching the Earth reminds me of Mark punching the wall during Unus Annus

    86. Mason Barnett

      ill freeze my self in time so i can see teraformed mars

    87. kraken kid

      "Hey you shot it down"

    88. ColdAdam

      Earth's inner core: *exists* Aliens in Makr's head: Yoinkers

    89. heather gray

      “he died here cuz i liked the video. whoops.”

    90. emanon565

      Nobody: Me on a plane: 🙂 Pilot: 13:10

    91. Julia Nelson


    92. yogo bayat lamandau


    93. Thor August

      Do a supernova

    94. R4TCHino 237

      lol sorry i thought it was my taser

    95. End-er_

      I agree with your views on Terraforming Mars.

    96. Katsuki_Bakugo

      6.9 M views 😏

    97. Bloody Munchkin

      Netflix: Are you still watching? 20:47

    98. Asher The Cat

      did anyone actually know what game he was talking about at the start?

    99. Michael Van Sise

      Low rent Universe Sandbox? ;)