I Ate an EXTRA 1,000 Calories for a Week: Science Explained

Natacha Océane

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    The science on fat gain, bloating and muscle loss during my week of eating an extra 1,000 calories a day.
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    Hey my friends! I got the idea for this video because I’m getting a lot of people sending me messages about being worried they took a week off, didn’t train or eat like they do usually and fear losing their progress in the gym. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I don’t really focus on the physique side of things and think of our bodies more as machines capable of doing so much. But I know that appearance can be a big goal for a lot of people so I thought I’d go into the science of what happens to our bodies during short periods of overfeeding. I hope you enjoy the video and I hope it can let you relax even more about taking breaks and enjoying life (:
    REFERENCES - here are some of my favourite studies I used for this video:
    Video on not training for 2 weeks:
    This is where I get my youtube music from! share.epidemicsound.com/zBRBF for a 30day free trial (this is an affiliate link so it helps support my channel without costing you extra, but if you’d prefer not to use it that’s ok too ❤️)

    My workouts are centred around making me move and enjoy training, during busy times, I just like challenge myself and enjoy my training sessions (:
    - 10 min warm-up (see this video for how I warm up: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLA2h...)
    - Forward burpees with plate - 3 x 12 (total burpees)
    - Clean and press - 5 x 8
    - Front bar walking lunges - 4 x 16 (total)
    - Resistance band sprints - 3 x 15sj
    - Superset 1: Pistol squat walks with weight - 3 x 10 (total)
    - Superset 2: Pistol squat walks - 3 x 10 (total)
    - Jumping sled pushes - 4 x 10
    - Hack squat jumps - 8 x 10
    - Chameleons - 4 x 8
    - 10 min stretching and cool down
    Workout outfit: gymshark vital seamless in blue: gym.sh/Shop-Natacha-Vital
    (this is an affiliate link so it helps support my channel without costing you extra, but if you’d prefer not to use it that’s ok too ❤️)
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    1. Natacha Océane

      Let’s talk about what happens when you eat a little more than your body needs while you’re busy making memories and enjoying life 🧡 And remember, the way you look is the least interesting thing about you anyways ❤️😘

      1. •Boba Tea• I LOVE FAIRY COMMENTS

        Currently in recovery rn & IM not soposed to, but after every meal i do a 15min hiit workout cuz I have to eat 3000+ kcal everyday so this was INTERESTING to watch

      2. N C

        Where are your necklaces from? They're gorgeous

      3. Gabriela Solis

        Natacha Océane I loveee your videos! Very helpful tips! Can you do a video on training to be able to do pull ups? And how to increase the reps of pull ups? And a workout to follow along for pull ups? I can’t even do one pull up and I really want to do pull ups so I can be ready for Marine Corps boot camp.

      4. Jaskirat Singh

        Love your videos♥

      5. lollo 123

        Love that expression❤️

    2. J N

      Question: doesn't it matter about your own metabolism? I mean a fit muscular person with a fast metabolism would surely react differently to an increased calorie intake (even if it was junk food) compared to an unfit, overweight person with low activity levels?

    3. Wolfiiie

      I just ate a carrot

    4. K Sree

      I've watched your videos before but I hadn't seen this one and I REALLY needed it after having my first exam of the semester about two days ago cuz my routine basically paused and all-nighters make me really hungry so I was stressed about losing progress/gaining weight. Thanks!

    5. Lizzy Teryoshin

      "Gyms, in general, will always be there" me: *laughs in 2020*

    6. Maddy Le Brocq

      "the gyms not going anywhere... Unless it gets shut down" 2020 really did that

    7. Angeline Hatcher

      You are truly helping me build a better relationship with food. You are so smacking

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    14. Janine Marsh

      I'm always so confused when people talk about "Bloat". to me, bloating is stomach distension, not water retention.

    15. Caitlin Orsborn

      I know this video was posted a while ago, but I’ve only just watched it and I just wanted to say I hope you realise how many people this will have helped, including myself. I don’t realise until I look back a few years that I had a really bad relationship with food- I used to think that everything I ate had to be burned off (I was only 15/16!!), because of extreme diet culture. But now, at 18 I know that eating a bit more than normal here and there won’t make a difference at all, as long as I have a positive mindset. Thank you so much xxx

    16. Christian Girl

      If anyone is feeling empty, lonely, depressed etc, I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He is the Only one who can make you feel true love, happiness, joy and peace. We need to repent of our sins and turn to Him and start living for Him and He will be there with you every step of the way.

    17. Valium Marbles

      I'm sooo terrified of the temporary weight gain that comes with laxative withdrawal.. I'd mostly fast/restrict heavily just to stop taking these damn pills but it's really hard to avoid food when you live in a big family :(

    18. Sutinee S

      I'm rewatching this after the holidays pounds. It's a reminder to myself that it's okay to enjoy all of the baked goods made by your love ones ❤️ thank you for your contents!

    19. The Tvholic

      I love you so much! Thank you for creating these informational videos. I definitely learned a lot about nutrition this year because of you. And this video is hands down my favorite. It's like a positive pep talk every holiday when I overeat and panic about my weight! XD

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      seeing that water park in quarantine was torture:)

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      Natacha : the gym is always gonna be there , unless it gets shut down Covid 19 : wait for it ...

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      "Unless the gyms get shut down" 6 months before COVID Coincidence! ? Probably

    25. Margaretha Claresta

      natacha you are absolutely a blessing for sharing all of this knowledge and educating us to develop a more and more healthy mindset during our fitness journey. i hope you live a long healthy life :)

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      Me watching in 2020 with gyms reclosing AGAIN 👁👄👁

    27. kcred88

      My bday was yesterday so went a little bit in a binge . Was feeling slightly guilty but working with my holistic trainer and watching you has definitely changed my relationship with food. Understanding a balance is key to healthy . Food is no longer the enemy ♥️

      1. kcred88

        @Natacha Océane omg 😱 you are amazing ! Thank you !!!

      2. Natacha Océane

        Happy birthday for yesterday!! It’s all good to be relaxed during your birthday - being balanced is about being comfortable in states of imbalance 🎂 you deserve to be happy and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! All my love xxx

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    29. •Boba Tea• I LOVE FAIRY COMMENTS

      But what if i go on a 2 month vacay and stuff myself with junk everyday

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      I really love how you look at researches and explain everything based on them

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      As I’m watching this it is making me feel better because I haven’t been eating the best these past 3 days because the weather is getting cooler and I’m being lazy. lol

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      I feel so relieved after watching this video. I have been over eating extra 1000 calories for the last 3 days. I got terrible hunger pangs with my monthly. Feeling motivated to get back on track tomorrow :D

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      Thank you so so much for this video, I used to get absolutely freaked out by eating one piece of chocolate too much, or going to bed feeling quite full, your videos are incredible and help me so much with my anxiety about food

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      i tried this and gained 4 pounds, never again, but i’m happy to see other people’s results

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      Thank you so much for all the videos you post- they are really amazing 🥰 I just have a question i would like to ask 🙈 Is it true that you have to wait a certain amount of time between meals to lose weight? (3-4 Hours) or can you just eat whenever you want and as long as your calories are in check you'll lose weight? and also do you have to fast for at least 12 hours a day? (example from 19:00 at night - 07:00 the next morning)

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      U have no idea how many things I’ve learned just by watching you ❤️

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      she has the coolest accent :)

    61. veganesra

      why am i watching this on my diet while eating a salad :) anyway salad tastes good too !

    62. Lacy Daniels

      Thank you so much. I lost 50 pounds from January to now with a combo of good diet, yoga and strength training. But now for the past couple weeks I’ve been eating too much summer food. This video reminded me I haven’t failed. I’m starting back 100% again today! ❤️

    63. Darsana Varier

      But I feel like this works for you because you don't exercise like a normal person whose job isn't being an athlete. This kinda just makes me even more dejected at how fat I am because I can't stay thin without dieting

      1. Natacha Océane

        Hey! My life is focussed on running my two businesses: I am not a full time athlete at all. I make 3-5 hours per week to exercise when I can, and a lot of weeks I can’t even hit 3 hours because my businesses are my priority and not my training ♥️ you can make huge change with far less time commitment than people make out if you understand the science of training effectively: unfortunately the health and fitness space isn’t grounded in sports science as it should be. Hopefully videos on my channel and a focus on building some muscle instead of going straight to targeting fat loss can be a really big help! ♥️

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      I was doing so good with weight loss. But today my mother baked some pastries in the morning that smelled delicious I was planning on not eating. But then I did and I overate so much. Felt terrible afterwards and so guilty had the urge to binge since, I already messed it all up. But I didn’t and this video makes me feel so much better 🥰 When I see you do not restrict yourself so much it reminds me to not restrict myself either.

    83. Dorota Oríšková


    84. Kat 0602

      Watching this Video every day for the past day. I feel like it gets me out of this restriction/binge cycle bc This inspires me to eating due to emotional circumstances... this is making me happy and mindful about food. THANK YOU❤️

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    90. NeuroASMR 7

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