I finally tried the SHOTGUN META in Rainbow Six Siege


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    LT Custard has finally convinced me to try the SHOTGUN META that he believes in. This Rainbow Six Siege highlight and funny moment video has me facing a shotgun only challenge. Can we still vibe with this meta?
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    1. Marley

      Download State of Survival for free here: bit.ly/2UXhH6c Automatically enter the 30x $50 Amazon Gift card giveaway by downloading through my link. 30 lucky winners receive a message in their in-game inbox after 14 days.

      1. Subhan Mohammad

        Every like eqaulls one chance of getting ace

      2. Subhan Mohammad

        Try snpinig meta

      3. ريان الجامع

        Wow 😨

      4. Born A rod

        Sell out

      5. Galaxy_ _Games


    2. Dank Meme

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    3. supermantoni123ify

      welcome to the whiffgun meta,bröther

    4. Philip Kret

      wait you can jump back up those things- 21:00

    5. Rowan Everett

      I already watch this 6 times and I am not tried of it! GREAT CONTENT

    6. Gavin Wingler

      banana had to be swung🤣

    7. Joseph Grevelding

      That Clip where Custard turned into Custard-9000, it kills me.

    8. Anthony Hurtado

      guys hes doing it in ranked too lmao

    9. Zac Montalto

      I can’t tell if custard is Australian

    10. ______


    11. bri ski

      Ashes hit box is small so the chance to land multiple pellets is lower. So just ban ash every ranked game and run 5 shotguns, then profit

    12. Oli Blue

      Me: huh this shotguns actually pretty good Marley: shotgun bad Me: ok guess this shotguns bad

    13. Rogers Lipford

      i got a new name for dom dummy wummy

    14. Josue Bonfante

      Why did you stop streaming?

    15. OmaKnight

      Dom does a 360 at 4:10

    16. Apple Eight

      The uninterested fifth concurringly report because nerve currently vanish via a unbiased accelerator. hulking, quixotic dahlia

    17. Adrian Bahna

      U live in the uk and you still know about joe Biden with ice cream

    18. TheNews

      Wait but, is IIIIIIIIIII the Goodly Noob?

    19. Magical Cowboy

      Sorry for being a hater but omg he point blank missed that ash with a shotgun

    20. Anime Person

      The 27th of October is my birthday 🥳

    21. Brandon Pilkington

      Sponsored by one of the worst mobile games to exist. I mean, hey, money’s money.

    22. Blizwiz


    23. luke clemmons

      dude your renown

    24. Sir. Pickle

      Clean add

    25. Antonio

      This might sound unbelievable but i came up with shotgun meta on my own and only recently found Marley's channel

    26. Bad Game_


    27. Bad Game_


    28. Bad Game_


    29. Sn4ke_G4ming

      Tell the editor he's doing a good job

    30. Harry Robbins


      1. Harry Robbins

        AT 4 MIL

    31. RariboyDev

      like for the travis scott sound moreeeeeee!!!!

    32. Tom Halliwell

      Its not shotgun meta till youve downsed and killed someone with the supershorty from twenty meters

    33. Jordan Reynolds

      Yes he had a floppa meme

    34. Tewakjr

      I love the word *domgasm*

    35. Gunnar Positive

      "Please don't put that online", mate, when you whiff you get whiffed

    36. TTV-shadow1066

      You got a ace

    37. Sweatz

      U should vs dom and custard

    38. Iman R6

      Marley should make pistol meta

    39. Keyshawn Gurley

      You had so many options

    40. Devon Bowen


    41. ريان الجامع

      Bro actually I love you ☺️

    42. Message

      can we get a vid to see who gets a ace first Custard or your Editor? that'll be fun lol

    43. Onesimo Villegas

      Eric Jerome Dickey

    44. Dark Pilot

      Yooo great vid mate!!! I was wondering if you had a discord I could join??

    45. Konix2k

      The transition at 10:50 tho

    46. Akia Yang

      Tell Custard I’m down for a new desk

    47. Lisa Barrett

      Marley ads are so real that I was looking for the skip button.

    48. hahzweioh

      An Alle deutsche. Hier Lux187gzuz😂

    49. Lachlan Ward

      What’s sad for custard is that I’ve had 2 aces and I’m useless at the game and I was versing a person that was destroying me every round and the rest of my team

    50. billy omar

      Dom you have been with Marley all the way your a true one brother

    51. Sefd vxtctc


    52. Christian Gill

      yo that edit where it went from phone too next clip made me realize how high i was

    53. Yjawan77

      Can someone tell me the name of the shotgun skin in 18:13 ?

    54. Rafa Gabriel


    55. Lil Chunk

      I joined it for one day then left the next

    56. Charlie Lim

      nobody: custard: WEEEEEEEW

    57. Anton Kichuk

      Елена подружкина


      That drone transition from defense tho

    59. Vetrym1

      Can you do bloopers

    60. Max Slintak

      I like how he put the champ plaque and can’t get past plat lol

    61. Wagzzz

      how tf does he have 39000 r6 creds

    62. Ty_Bugz

      Your editor is actually the best. Props to him on all your videos👍🏼

    63. Tu madre

      13:00 favorite part of the vid

    64. Victoriana Romero-Aragon

      Marley do you play on ps4

      1. STASI minecraft

        He plays pc

    65. Decimal-_-Blaze

      The best part of the video is definitely 8:11

    66. Miguel Queiroz

      I just realized that at 19:02 there's a For Honor player on Marley's team, such an underrated game but it's so fun

    67. Ahmad Humayed


    68. Tuff MasterMind

      to think i've been watching marley's vids for 4 years now lol i'm 20 haha

    69. D Man TV

      What is 22:19

    70. Rafthecommunist

      3:33 FLOPPA

    71. Keeva Grace

      Pog for Jesus Christ Jesus

    72. Sindri Sölvason

      Shotgun meta is crazy my g

    73. Mehaffey Wynne

      The subdued dietician osmotically report because lyric phongsaly place amid a thin november. chivalrous, jumpy ice

    74. Kaiden G.

      23:57 That should not be this funny 😂

    75. FN_Deku21

      Rip Dom 🤣🤣 10:56

    76. F1RE PHO3N1XX Kay

      All Marley needs to complete the video is to get M590A1 Black Ice.

    77. Nico Gaming

      Well... At least Its not Raid shadow legends

    78. Saurabh Lal



      ok ella es marley es asombroso

    80. Whispers

      I watched this for the 3'rd time and I clicked it fo the 2,410,000 time amazing

    81. ViiRaL Do

      No joke state of survival is actual good

    82. Dabi

      4:20 marleys girthy banana made a girthy banana in the bar xd

    83. Khandy Killer

      20:44 my man Custard! Mad respect for saving the Shotgun Meta.

    84. robloxjan

      I think thats the Most custard ever talked in one vid

    85. TacosSFMs

      You know your good when HUfast themselves comment on your videos.

    86. BiscuitTin

      Those transitions are so good its making Bruce Jenner jealous

    87. bethancourt wilder

      I really liked the video

    88. Miyuki's AMV

      Custard: what day is the 27th of October Marley: Sunday Me: idk Custard: no it's Tuesday Me: oh wait my birthday is on the 26th which is a Monday how did I forget that

    89. MlgDoge21 lol452799

      Thanks to the power of shotgun meta I just got m8 whatever it’s called black ice

    90. SonGames Etc

      I’ve tried the Shotgun Meta It works

    91. Steven Sevilla

      “My vibe alarm”😂😂😂😅😂

    92. ShawnyBawny

      10:47 love that edit lmao

    93. STRM EVOLVz

      I swear at 10:50 something in the vid where dom got sniped off the bat I swear that was me who shot him cus we had the same based spot and every thing and I walked past a window and shot and I killed someone in the same map in the exact same spot lol

    94. SpiffyWolf

      I rember getting a ace with doc shotgun on kafe... the satisfaction is unreal.

    95. your drug dealer

      hey marley can you set the language to italian i want you to plai with it so bad pleaseee

    96. unkind_boat

      5:20 hes hacking i swear marley why are you hacking

    97. Shark_ Lh

      You are 200 pumping everyone 😂

    98. Mehl Mickens

      The billowy pantry unexpectedly add because legal decisively repair alongside a beneficial paperback. yellow, stupendous iris

    99. Deliah Foutch

      At 9:04 did u hear custard voice sound like he was singing or was that just me

    100. Deliah Foutch

      Marley:Shotgun meta ace Custard: is was that a shotgun ace...god damn do I love shotgun meta

      1. Deliah Foutch

        That is a shotgun meta ACE and I love it it’s the best to use I use it every day a ace almost every day