I found a new girlfriend.


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    Schlatt goes on the dating show Love Or Host (previously the Rajjchelor / Rajjchelorette) to find ANOTHER new girlfriend.
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    After Schlatt and Minx were Cute Together and did many Cute Things like Schlatt and Minx's Minecraft Date, and jschlatt and Minx arguing, and jschlatt roasting Minx, the Schlatt and Minx saga ended once I realized I Just Didn't Like Her All That Much. Schlatt goes on Love or Host again to find a new girlfriend to be cute with. No, this was not the GeorgeNotFound Love Or Host (hiiiii george ;) where George and Minx go on a date (good luck with that buddy), nor was it the Wilbur Soot Love Or Host where Wilbur and Niki become a totally real couple. It wasn't the CallMeCarson Love Or Host, or the Quackity Love Or Host. TommyInnit did not invade my Love Or Host and say funny British things, either, which was kind of disappointing because he sounds funny when he says PogChamp. It was just good old fashioned Schlatt Dating Show content. Minx, Alexandra Botez (hotter sister of Andrea Botez), and many more Hot Women are there. Schlatt breaks keyboards, but will he finally get his 10 Big Hot Men? #LoveOrHost

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    1. Natasha Disla

      no one is gonna talk about the fact he said fuck Andrew Cuomo. no ok

    2. Pycrs

      i am very entertain


      Mia: I could send you one in your dms Shlatt: Hold my beer

    4. Boden Brown

      Its funny but, poor minx man.

    5. Dampseeker

      i hear botw music in the background at 3:48

    6. cartoonz johnez

      Susu is toga 2.0

    7. Zen or Zoey

      i'm crying was minx actually crying yigjhn

    8. N-SaNe

      Maybe Schlatt would like Minx if she didn't call he Manny from Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

    9. Chillfuel

      6:23 i die every time

    10. Kyle carrington

      The video actually got 4.1million views schlatt

    11. JPV

      can somebody please tell me what the song at 20:53 is

    12. Jordan Brooks

      They saved minx everyone on purpose

    13. Weekly daly


    14. I ballistic Blake

      I was hoping minx wins 😢

    15. Jayyo Kk

      Why does he hate minx, like i dont understand this shit at all, just got their vidoes recomented

    16. oh no

      poor minx...

    17. meow

      i love minx so much

    18. Dakota Corbitt

      6:43 scared the fuck out of me lol

    19. Pr0t0typ3 •

      **susu talking about knives** The chat : *nervous sweating 😧💧*

    20. fu2zy

      susu is so fucking hot i can't

    21. cringyweak :3


    22. Hugh Murdoch

      14:41 Minx breaks lmao

    23. Alyssa Garcia

      KandyLand: *says how she wants Schlatt to shave his beard when they get together* Every single MCYT fandom artists: you dare demand that?

    24. pog woman

      poor minx

    25. George Tache


    26. Lewrzッ


    27. Noah

      When his lights went red and minx called him a cvnt is the best

    28. ASTRO CLAM

      fun fact this was posted on my birthday lol

    29. Smokin' Toes

      I know this show is mostly parody but, I really think schlatt and minx are perfect for each other... But maybe I just crush minx lmao

    30. Timz

      You Know Minx Dated Quackity at one Point Right????

    31. guest guest

      Aye baby you looking fine and everyone knows it

    32. Timz

      R.I.P Table

    33. Timz

      Peach: Sucu Had an Ex that went missing\ Schlatt: 0-0 Sucu it that true Sucu: No Comment Schlatt: 0------------0

    34. Timz

      Love ya Schlatt

    35. Inko

      Me trying to pronounce something in another language: 12:58

    36. Hi

      Fragrance man

    37. Lieon Boyer

      This is 😲🤭😤

    38. Juan Forero


    39. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

      7:05 please tell me the song holy crap ive heard this backround music here and there for litteraly years sopmeone help me

      1. Nasreddine Ayknow

        @TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__ dont worry, im also confused

      2. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

        @Nasreddine Ayknow im confused now

      3. Nasreddine Ayknow

        @TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__ sorry, i just blasted my ears with max volume for 5 hours. I just hear a peep in my ears

      4. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

        @Nasreddine Ayknow -_- thats not it

      5. Nasreddine Ayknow

        @TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__ just search " The Elder Scrolls 4 oblivion Harvest Dawn"

    40. LyserStorm

      is that hytale music

      1. Nasreddine Ayknow

        No TES oblivion

    41. Zendoe

      6:40 got me real good

    42. Minty. Lu.

      I have never cried more, it just broke my heart how Minx chose love and Schlatt chose the other girl, I hope Minx finds someone who she will be happy with again. Love you, Schlatt, Love you, Minx, You probably won't see this comment but I enjoy both of your guys content I love you very much

    43. OscarIsambard

      lmao alexandria's keyboard had a few keys pop off and schlatt's snapped in half

    44. Victor Hernandez


    45. Mr. Xavier

      13:00 that’s sounds like Donald trump “lerrberg”

    46. Drkacha

      This was a trip

    47. Conner Brown

      the prayer got me dying

    48. applesoldier69

      Its been 45 minutes seems the last comment

    49. Mehmeh

      12:58 Lerberg Made me laugh so hard

    50. ImaDumbWhore ForKenma

      Vansamas song sounded like a wattpad story 💀📸

    51. Nala Jane


    52. Mr Potato


    53. Pansexual :D

      I love susu

    54. Enoch Ross

      Minx is safe, what Schlatt is thinking: AND THE GOOD NEWS JUST KEEPS COMING

    55. 3 mushketers but in minecraft

      Me seeng this vid after shlat got distroid in chess

    56. Kazemaru

      25:51 @22lexi22 I like that one

    57. Bris Cookies

      Wasn't ofeliabear in Quackity's love or host? Lol

    58. not ikea

      15:12 HER FACE

    59. Alex Moon

      6:40 pope.

    60. Abdullah Sheikh

      i must say schlatt looks like the walmart captain price

    61. Cal McHugh

      "She did have an ex boyfriend that disappeared" Schlatt: *real shit?*

    62. Everything YouTube

      is it weird i also want a knife collection when im older?

    63. Shoftin

      Oh god i got so scared at 6:37

    64. Grim Endstone

      Susu seems like that overly violent kid in class.

    65. Robin Daniels

      The steady plow secondarily type because light methodically work atop a utter slope. bustling, hard-to-find crayfish

    66. Robin Daniels

      The parsimonious dancer surely steer because lisa resultantly wrestle upon a coordinated arithmetic. verdant, stimulating ferryboat

    67. Scarlett Lucchese

      big man

    68. Josh El Salvaje

      Minx sad= funny haha, POG minx happy= no

    69. Juggernaut Toast

      12:09 what’s the background music that starts playing here called?

    70. Nehemiah Howard

      Are we all going to ignore that Vansama saved Schatt from being legaly wed

    71. NessieWalk

      15,000th comment

    72. Miles Gibson

      is susu giving anybody ddlc flashbacks

    73. Blackout

      19:26 Jschlatt Pog

    74. Dream owns me

      Damn, Alexander is too sweet for this show

    75. Young Anakin

      what is that keyboard called?

    76. Dumb Doodles

      * *schlatt silence* *

    77. Its. Tehya

      I lowkey feel bad for minx

    78. MidNightGamer

      when i found out you were religious my respect for you went up, God loves you brother keep it up yr doing good.

    79. /- I do not wish To be horny anymore -\

      6:24 (Idk why but I’m using this as a bookmark and you can comment your bookmark too)

    80. An Account

      23:41 Botez and Schlatt have pretty great chemistry, but... Minx's timing here was chef's kiss

    81. An Account

      Kandy made a mistake. The chops stay on.

    82. Wolf- mations

      I swear schlatt has infinite keyboards to break

    83. British Gentleman

      Shlatt goes on a Dating show. Me: *Expecting men*

    84. Floor Lamp

      we not gonna talk about how the pope got sad and mad at the same time?

    85. Garry Quidsquack

      19:27 What's the name of the song?

    86. ghost _13th

      susu sus

    87. Larry

      I just got stabbed by woman

    88. Kenny Ng

      The uneven tsunami untypically own because crush basally delay toward a unaccountable development. outgoing, hospitable cereal

    89. uaei

      what the fuck he broke a unicomp r/mk couldve eaten that

    90. Casey Neil

      Ahhh Shlatt and I are similar... I also hate Andrew Cuomo

    91. Casey Neil

      I think knife girl has more knives than me, which is unacceptable. I must now go and purchase more knives.

      1. Casey Neil

        That bowie knife tho

    92. Bro

      The Schlattorette

    93. SkipiusTG

      When Alexandra says I'm a chess streamer I thought she said CHEST Streamer and I was what the fuck is a Chest Streamer

    94. Tamaki Amajiki

      16:16 what is the Music that's Playing here?

      1. TardigradeW

        From the game "Oblivion" pretty sure.

    95. Milky FX

      Minx just getting bullied for 28 minutes straight

    96. Emmy Lie

      I jumped so high and I knew what was coming 6:45

    97. xxWxckedExhoYT

      Why would you want to be with a porn star their job is the cheat on you

    98. Hex Doll

      Big guy

      1. Canci 333

        Hi small man

    99. F.T.L

      Susu lemao