I Have a Confession to Make...


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    This isn't easy for me to talk about... For the past 6 months there has been a shadow looming over my life. A pastry shaped shadow that has started to bleed into other parts of my day-to-day and I neither me nor my personal trainer can handle it anymore. You deserve better and, more importantly, I deserve better. And the only way to face this head on is to go straight to Pop Tart HQ and confront Mr. Kellogg himself... Wish me luck.
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    1. Momo Yuki

      What happened to mark ? Never knew he was a racist 😔 it really sad because he was my favorite HUfastr

    2. puppetmasterin

      What are Pop Tarts?????

    3. MotorMatt

      Mark? Has reviewing food finally broken you?

    4. Larissa Wu

      Did anyone else write a list?

    5. toxiclunch

      Frosted Pop-Tarts < Frosted Toaster Strudel

    6. Julianna Venisce Perez

      Oh my lord theres so much poptart boxes ;-;"

    7. Roman Sanchez

      I fell you

    8. Kars Aja


    9. Vomer Conch

      yeh but pop tarts are supposed to be like pie-ish things and pies aren’t frosted so if you wanna have a pie for breakfast get the unfrosted ones.

      1. Liandre

        @Vomer Conch you can just buy pie's XD its probably not the same than making them yourself but according to markiplier everything is better than pop tarts. they dont do those in my country so i dont know how bad they must be. But theres alot of unhealthy food anyway so idc XD

      2. Vomer Conch

        @Liandre but then you have to make a pie

      3. Liandre

        or just get a pie instead XD

    10. Cody Mendola

      Keanu Reeves.. anybody else or just me?

    11. Charles Moreland

      20:21 😂😂 *then cRaZy gOod!*

    12. Unbelievable Bravo

      Quarantine hit mark so hard

    13. The Chief

      I don't like chacolate anything because it's usually all cheap very overrated flavor.

    14. Nicole L

      Even Mooorrrreee unhinged........ (notice the same shirt as Del Monte video) STOP...get some help ( jk everyone)

    15. Zack Grech

      look at 3:28 😂😂😂😂his face is hilarious

    16. beefunny247

      so its not just me

    17. Fireball Flamingo

      Yah! Yah! Yah! (Whip sounds) 😂😂😂

    18. William Gabriel


    19. kerptic

      That you are John wicks brother 😎

    20. Baboonballs

      Mark. What did you do with all the extra Pop-Tarts?

    21. What the fuck is love?

      18:05 mark pog

    22. B1x

      554k people love cinnamon roll pop tarts

    23. Maya

      i love how mark has learned that his fans will watch a 33 min video about poptarts with a 5 minute intro and its just not questioned

    24. Rae Hammond

      Also, I've never actually toasted a Poptart :)

    25. Rae Hammond

      Evan knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he bought all those Poptarts.

    26. Smol Emo Bean

      Fun little story! So my dad used to eat PopTarts a lot when he was in college because his brother was so hyper that they never got sugary treats. He was a diehard, we're talking a couple PopTarts per day, but then one day he screwed up. He had this janky toaster that he bought for himself and would launch food out, but he didn't see the harm for a PopTart cause hey! It's just a worse strudel, right? And when it launched, it landed icing down aaaaand he had to go to the hospital for the burns. Idk, he repeats it a lot so it's funny to him and embedded in my brain by now man.

    27. Drips Forever

      Just give it away

    28. Eucis93

      I’m finnish and trying so hard to understand what poptarts are. Is it bread? Is it a cookie? I’m so confused

      1. Eucis93

        @Kim Eye that sounds gross. Thank you!

      2. Kim Eye

        Closer to a cookie texture than bread, but not even a good cookie. Very dry, and then the filling is like the sweetest most "fake fruit" flavored jam you can imagine.

    29. Celestial System

      I eat my toaster pastries frozen.

    30. CynicSaad

      Ayyy now I'm not sad for not being allowed pop tarts thanks Mark

    31. Ronnie-Lee Flynn

      mark dont complain because you love pop tarts >>>>>>>>>>>>:(

    32. Ronnie-Lee Flynn

      1: mark has been eating to mutch 2: MARK IS EATING THATS AGAINST HIS DIAT EAT AIR NOW MARK >:(

    33. JustBobby

      NAAAHHHHH unfrosted strawberry is the move

    34. Jordan Fleming

      his math was off. the number of poptarts that he calculated shouldve been multiplied by 2. there are 2 poptarts per foil package.

    35. TheRisingHero

      So fun fact that I just found out is wild berry pop tarts are called crazy berry here in Canada

    36. KidKaster KK

      Mark desserts better

    37. A Different Channel

      my toaster doesn't have the word toast in it...

    38. Amy The wolf

      “You guys won’t tell anyone about this right?” The five million of us: Yep! We won’t tell a soul!

    39. Terry Stover-Dodrill

      There are no words.

    40. Kyan Cuarte

      The editing of this video is Top Tier. 😂😂😂

    41. Rebel1121

      Didn't Poptarts almost kill you earlier in the year?

    42. John Roland Binamira

      Hes confession is just a fuckton of poptarts

    43. Meeks Animation Studios

      You’re making me hungry. How dare you....

    44. Eye8ball

      I can take like all of those poptarts off of you if you still got some :p

    45. Crèu Cat クル猫


    46. Ellie P.

      I have only ever eaten a pop tart "cold". With all the icing and stuff on top, I thought it would melt into the toaster and that was just a mess I didn't want to get yelled at for or clean

    47. Michael Holmes

      I like how he just insults companies that he wants sponsorships from while using derogatory language and references.

    48. shinytbell10

      Mark: *admits he's been eating Poptarts for 6 months* Me: what's so bad about that? Mark: *reads nutritional facts*

    49. Chibi


    50. Elsa Lööf

      9:24 Me when i've been awake all night and knows it's school tomorrow

    51. Howdy 2 Googl Plex quintillion quadrillion Partner

      Me too my life is terrible to But you Gotta do Life have fun in the process even if it was terrible things in the process to


      have you ever eaten a slightly frozen toaster strudel?

    53. Gabriel C

      19:55 didn't expect this

    54. Maddie Lou

      All I have to say is cherry is NOT the best

    55. Mandi Divine

      I'm still confused as to why you have so many poptarts.. holy sheep.....

    56. Lance Biggers

      I feelso bad for you mark, but hey you made it thorugh.

    57. Skullboy707

      : ( I like cold poptarts.

    58. Tangle Hamain

      I eat them raw! >:3 ( aka I do not heat them up! *MUAHAHAHAHAHA!* )

    59. Pudlik Madafaka

      well i come from CE, watch this video anyway

    60. NuggetOJ

      I think he’s gay

    61. ————

      Oh great another youtube confession video

    62. Tony Girgis

      Markiplier: Trashes Poptarts for being unhealthy and mediocre for the entire video Also Markiplier: Asks for sponsorship from Poptarts

    63. sonof sky

      some serious walter white vibes at the start of the video

    64. Olivia Blake

      the video that nearly killed markiplier

    65. Just a weeb

      10:50 big mood

    66. Casey Bemis

      I’ve never eaten toasted pop tarts 😬 all “raw” or frozen

    67. lifeofdeathgacha

      I hate those thing i hate it is super sweet but it make me sick but have wonder full day markiplier

    68. Mark Jacobson

      Amazing voice.

    69. Zachary Mendoza

      15:31 this is where the blood flow gets clogged and he starts getting all dizzy Me:"First time?"

    70. Kryptos

      Pop Tarts are the root of all evil

    71. Francelys Paña

      Hello non-existing person how ya'll doing

    72. Sam Ryder

      No one: Mark: **cries in too many pop tarts**

    73. SuperIcemxePlushkid

      26:14 it was at that moment he knew......he fuck up

    74. J. W. K.

      *I thought he was going to admit he does his hair with an egg beater*

    75. JackTheBreadGuy

      I looked up a piano tutorial for River Flows in You how the heck did I get here

    76. mohmmad obeid

      Thats the unnus annus table

    77. Mike Chaves

      Pt: DUDE YOU HAVE AN ADDICTION!! Mark: * snorts powder pop tart * no I don't...

    78. Mike Chaves

      WHAT!!?? You've been busy snacking on whole boxes of pop tarts? THATS IT!! POP TART REHAB!!!!

    79. ·Atsumu Miya·

      Well im sorry me and my family too getto to have a toaster😒

    80. Abi

      Open box of pop tarts in the background lmao

    81. Mr. Kasshu

      I thought you were going to come out as gay.

    82. THE RED DEVIL Lamborghini

      16,000 cal now you got to go to the beach and jog back-and-forth at least eight times For the lose all that

    83. Marek Rokosh

      I always eat them raw

    84. The Wheel

      Annus never died on Unus Annus. He died because Alex beheaded him for eating poptarts.

      1. The Wheel

        I know they are "different entities" this is entirely funny juice. This was just pre-writen incase "mark not annus" pops up...

    85. Gnobba

      just watching this video gave me type 2

    86. Gadget

      Am I the only person eating a pop tart during this video???

      1. pupuwo

        what is a pop tart?

    87. Poison Mookie

      Ahh dude. Don't worry about it. You should see my coffee stash.

    88. orlando moyah

      this guy is an idiot and I could get through only 5 minutes before I had to turn it off

    89. orlando moyah

      Wow does anyone believe this guy because you need to have extremely stupid on your resume to even listen to this guy

    90. orlando moyah

      you see this is where the click bait comes into place...this person is not telling the truth...this person would not know the truth if it hit him in the face

    91. hopp hipp

      Lixian's confession... Bob's confession... Wade's confession... Marcus and Rachel's confession... Markiplier's confession

    92. Tyler Hyde

      "what was I saying? yeah, companies. Corporations. Bullshit right? Who needs em? I do, sponsor me." first vid I've ever seen of this dude and its fucking hilarious

    93. Kimi Nawilis

      mark..you okay? u need help my friend.. and i'll help you so i'll sub !

    94. IMELEEONLY 76

      i havent even had pop tarts XD

    95. Cam9Cam9Cam9

      Chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo, fudge, and brownie are my favorite flavors of desserts fpr most everything

    96. an oddtree

      this week on my strange addiction: pOptarts

    97. Coconut_ Hethens

      Markiplier is the biggest mood lmao

    98. Lucas Fraczek

      Mark: Imma eat these poptarts. Also Mark a few days later: So I'm in the hospital for an intestinal blockage... Mark, 2 days later on Twitter: I pooped.

    99. Ryan Ford

      These ones gotta be hot, so I’m willing to wait for this one.. but I’m not willing to wait and entertain ya, I’m gonna be on my phone. *entertains us with tasteful beep boop bopping anyways*