I'll Never Love (Extended Version - Radio Edit)

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    I'll Never Love (Extended Version - Radio Edit) · Lady Gaga
    A Star Is Born Soundtrack
    ℗ 2018 Interscope Records
    Released on: 2018-10-05
    Producer: Lady Gaga
    Producer: Benjamin Rice
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Tom Elmhirst
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Randy Merrill
    Composer Lyricist: Natalie Hemby
    Composer Lyricist: Hillary Lindsey
    Composer Lyricist: Aaron Raitiere
    Composer Lyricist: Stefani Germanotta
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    1. Charboneaux Alexander

      This movie and soundtrack came out during a time in my life where i lost 4 people close to me. And watching this movie almost made me feel i needed to commit suicide. I still think about it. Especially since im an alcoholic like bradley cooper plays. . and it almost motivated me tongo thru with killing myself. But i really love the soundtrack...

    2. denisse del rosario alvarez vera

      Es.lo que hoy vivo ..con mi corazón hecho pedazos..ill never love againt

    3. king zian

      I've lost the love of my life 9mos now..the pain and my longing for his presence and love keeps growing...I don't know until when I can keep going.. I miss you dear..

      1. christine quayle

        Sorry for your loss, I do understand byour pain, I was widowed 4yrs ago December 7th, my husband ended up alcohol dependent, didn't get to say goodbye to him, he had bpassed when I got to the hospital, I miss so much, it is so unbearable going through grief, God Bless you

    4. Eliana Veloso Mendes

      Linda,linda linda demais!!

    5. Rose Branco

      Nossa fiquei super fã de lady

    6. Rose Branco

      Este filme me fez acreditar amor verdadeiro lindo dimais

    7. nilvania nilvania

      linda demais esse música

    8. nilvania nilvania

      linda demais esse música

    9. derla malafaia

      Alguém q acabou de assistir o filme na globo e veio atrás da música?🙋🏽‍♀️🤭

      1. Cantinho da história da tia Edi

        Eu kkk vim correndo atrás

      2. Alice Ap Francisco

        Eu. A música me tocou profundamente. que filme lindo. Chorei

    10. sara queiroz

      Todo o amor e dor que eu escondo simplesmente vem a tona quando escuto essa musica. Doi a alma!

    11. Kevin Lever

      Uhh.this song.i abselutly love it but hate too.why???cos this song.film came out at time my girlfriend. Of 5 years.my first and only love.she left me.was i hurt.lets put this way.i can't discribe the pain.i longed death..but now a year on.in new relationship..whell hopefully.nut that woman taught me to not cheat.,why cos I did it to hery best friend.love of my life en...now I know how much pain I put that poor lassie through.ill never EVER forgive myself.but when she left this just came out.it was as if it was wrote for how I felt.what I wanted to say to her..I'm sorry.always will b till I die

    12. Linda Preza

      I love this song sooomuch!


      My fav song🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 i love you so much my lady gaga💕💕💕💕🥰

    14. Emma Pargeter

      Wish my husband would listen to these words no truer words !!

    15. Ania Kr


    16. Intan Farhana

      i crying heard this song for the first time hmm

    17. Mary Ingolfsrud

      I cried with the rest of the movie theatre audience when Ally lost her love and sang this song. It was 💓 heartbreaking and the movie was ,And is one of a kind. Young people and lovers of every age can relate to this love story. It's timeless.. Stephanie and Bradley belong togetheron screen and hopefully offscreen. Love their music.xoxo

    18. Feitansbitch

      Sang this to my love on her death bed. Cried but it felt right

    19. Gabriela

      My mum has been listening to that song for the last month every day since my dad died 💔

      1. Florence Mouity Nzamba

        All my prayers go to you and your family 🙏🏽 Love ♥ & Light 🌠, dear Gabriela

    20. Lizeth yovana Mamani coronel

      Ame la música... ♡

    21. Edlira Muhameti


    22. Angel Griffin

      My favorite of 4 songs she sing

    23. Lori Wise

      I Don't want to give my heart away to Another Stranger ..x

    24. rüya karakaya

      don' wanna give my heart away to another stranger... this part hits different

    25. Rossella Rossi


    26. pip pip

      I met the love of my life to young and my wants got the best of me and I cheated and she forgave me but her trust in me has never been the same way and I love her and want to worship her and want to love every inch of her being and how the song says "I don't want to feel another touch I don't want to start another fire" I want my kids with her I want my life with her and I would rather die alone then not die with her I would rather no t have kids if it's not with her she is my life I want her to be my life 😞🥺

    27. Eva Skvasikova

      My love♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😎💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎼🎼🎻

    28. Keylie Goodwin

      I'm going to sing this in front of my boyfriend, when I do karaoke. I just hope he will listen to the lyrics. I've broke my heart in two, trying to save a part him. I don't want anyone else but him. I can feel it deep down in my soul. I never thought I would find myself lying in his arms but I am. If I lose him I'll never get over him, and I'll never love again...

    29. Marcos Rodriguez

      This song kinda reminds me of Lana del rey's Dark Paradise

    30. Juvelyn Robles

      Love the song...the story as well

    31. Dale Aldridge

      Great song but love is a p powerful thing

    32. olga gostynska

      Bellissima canzone bello testo.

    33. Itz Jonah

      This song is like the 21st century of " I will always love you" by another diva , Whitney Houston 💖 Like this if you agree

    34. Michelle Smith

      This is the best song ever and explains my heartbreak so perfectly.

    35. concettina gulino

      Questa canzone mi trasmette un'emozione che non si può descrivere..grazie Lady Gaga.😘

    36. Mitch Johnson

      You both are so gorgeous 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌I love you both 🥰👌❤️❤️💜💜😘😘💋💋💯pc 👌 Michelle Australia 🇦🇺

    37. EZAmy逸安


    38. Frank Smith

      skip to 2:27 silly :) hufast.info/plan/vide/qmjLab6q0XSdc6c

    39. Nelson Gabardo Jr

      Wonderful music, this music is exactly like my life

    40. 충심최


    41. Lori Pietripaoli

      My best friend just lost her husband suddenly....just awful....My heart is broken for her. This song says it all right now

    42. Rafael Evando

      This song awakens pure love, only that which is felt when the heart is opened. That one that only omnubilates all thoughts

    43. Lorenzo Tarabusi

      Porco dio che sinfonia...... Stupenda

    44. Theresa B

      I can’t listen to this song without tearing up but I wanna listen to it because saying “I’ll never love again” ... that means I’ll never love if I lost my husband or my children. I’ve never lost anyone other than aunts, uncles and grandparents. I can’t imagine losing a spouse or a partner ... I don’t think I could handle it. I AM SO SORRY FOR ANYONE THAT HAS LOST ANYONE (that has commented below). I know that this song is based on a movie but there is also a thing called “real life”. Bless you ALL and God be with you all.

    45. Alvaro Rodriguez

      Son un amor siento que. Trasmiten amor al mundo

    46. john slay

      This Song and movie Is so famous it's crazy this beats cardi B

    47. Lisa Lane

      More Then 💙Beautiful 💜Amazing ♥️Music ❣️❤️💙❤️💜♥️💗🥰🤩🙃😘😁 Soooo True.

    48. Manny Sadoguio

      so much like this song specially the lyrics.so much touching and truly been encounter the deepest hurting feelings up to the soul..!!!

    49. tom gi

      Elle n‘est pas un produit marketing non, elle est une vraie artiste et elle mérite tout.

    50. Marie

      will never love like this again

    51. Rebbie Swift

      Beautiful lyrics..makes me cry reminding me how I've felt since my husband passed 11 yrs ago..I havent found anyone because it took me yrs to heal..

    52. Márcia Lima

      Coração não aguenta 😪😪😪😪😪

    53. Eva Jezek


    54. Eva Jezek

      Lady Gaga. Ist super. Gut. Ihre Stimme Ist sehr schön.

    55. Eva Jezek


    56. Eva Jezek

      Feels very well to me. Leidy Gaga is the best. Singer.

    57. Christine lacourse

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I listened this movie yesterday.....God....I cried all my tears.....Miss Lady Gaga you are a perfect shinning star! Christine from Quebec, Canada 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    58. P

      As a woman, I never felt the feelings while listening to other old love songs. Then when I fell in love with another woman I now know what heartbreak really is. How I feel crushed beyond anything I've ever known. She will never know how this hurts me to not be around her, to see her, to be together the way we used to be one year ago... From this month I would have not known that this will have been the very last time I'd be with her. How can this go away and move on. For me I feel dead inside. I cried soo many times walking home from work thinking I'd never get that time again with her. She loves someone else and I can't forget her. I forced myself to stop thinking this way. Now I'm doing god and I'm doing what I can to help myself. If she's not with me she's not for me. If time comes around again to be like we were ill probably have moved on and it will all just be memorable and I'll live with this for the rest of my life that she was my 1st and the next woman will have to hide in the shadow of her secrets. Heartbroken is an understatement.

      1. P

        @Alisha Smead That's a serious situation for you to be living in especially if u have a child thru some arrangement. My take on this is that. If I thought she would be happier with me. ... Who's to say I'd be happy with her? That's what I'm now asking myself.. Better questions for me to get in gear and move on. I just know she's with her ex. Nobody sleeps on the sofa for that long and stay there if it's supposedly that bad. It's all lies. I'm sorry u have had it rough jeez ur so young. How cud u end up in a thing like that where ur stuck with the baby in the end? How hard that can be. I hope ur ding better than before. Good luck dear. 💐

      2. Alisha Smead

        I can relate.. i am a lesbain since i was 13 im 22 now and my ex brought me into some fucked up shit. She was married and i loved her enough to stay and she conned me into getting pregnant and i am blessed with a baby girl 5 weeks old.. but i left bc she was using me the whole time.. just like every women ive been with.. i truly can relate.

      3. P

        @Emma Ferramisco I hoped she would just be my only one. She told me that she loves me and that her feelings are still there. But she kept going back to the toxic thing she's living in. She painted a picture of what me n her cud be. I believed her. How can I love someone that's so far away from me so far away in her own journey in that relationship? She knows how I feel but I've stopped telling her a while back n cudnt message her anymore because of this. I wanted her to be my only one. My only woman. I've waited soo long for her to make up her mind. I didn't ask her to choose but she knows she wud lose me in the end. So I walked away. I had to save myself from this and not be used, torn, broken up by this. I wanted to run from work soo many times cause I was burying my feelings and my heart for her to not see how much pain this was causing me. We shared soo many happy times and days, nights together. How cud it just stop if it was real? My thoughts are that she cudnt do it. Her heart was someplace else. I do know that a person can love 2people at the same time but I'm not gonna be hanging around to wait any longer. One day she will realise that we cud have been. She just didn't see her opportunity to release herself from it and go with her heart. What was good for her. Some people just choose the life for them. She just didn't choose me sadly. I loved her with all my heart. I think I always will. Its the what if's. What it cud have been like and how happy she was with me. She knows this much. I'm moving in another direction and focusing on my path in this life. We only have one right? Best to use it and enjoy it and look back at these times.. What an experience in my life with her is beyond anything I've ever known.. We no longer can be friends.. Because of this. My heart can't take it. My soul can't either. I have to live with it. Thanks 💔

      4. Emma Ferramisco

        P your story is heartbreaking but one day you will find a person you loves you back and that woman will be just a memory. She will be always your 1 woman but that doesn’t mean she will be the last one💕💕

    59. Mitch Caniban

      Love this song 🥰

    60. Jaci Hooten

      My husband passed away he ment so much to me

      1. Sandra Brown

        😭 bless his heart he will in my prayers sweetie ❤️

    61. rachma andini

      the best song in this movie

    62. jb jm

      im in love again with the songs! after watching it in netflix today! I waited like forever for it to be available in netflix since I never had the chance to watched it while it was shown in the cinemas...lol

    63. bella morrison

      We been split up for over 4 years but you just can't shake that feeling or memories . I'm married now with children and he turned to drugs.hard saying goodbye to someone you grew with

    64. Patricia Eloy

      Adoro essa música....esse filme é lindo!!!!!

    65. Katherine Tagnipis

      This is the song that broke IRINA SHAYKS's heart.

      1. bella morrison

        this comment just made me burst into tears. She would of done this beautifully this was written for her. Lady gaga our new generation of soulful singers 👑

    66. Manoel Alves Neto


    67. Roland Naber

      What a B-eau-ti-full song is this! I tell the right story when you lost a loved one! I cannot stop listening to this! What a good job Lady Gaga!!!!

    68. Angge Calderon

      It really hurts💔

    69. Cheryl Main


    70. Sirley Bejarano

      ¡¿Cómo pudo crear una canción tan hermosa?! ¡Sos genialidad, Gaga!

    71. Leonilyn Guelas

      I miss you haim Sheli 💔

    72. outlaw87 outlaw

      We all have had that one person that we didnt get a chance to say how much we loved them before they died or went away my case I lost my brother to sucide and I would give anything to tell him how much I loved him and how much I miss him! We all take the people we love for granted and we dont know what tommorow brings ❤😪❤❤ miss you so much Gary that it still hurts


        A soulmate that I couldn't penetrate. Fought and lost. I do miss him. No idea how things spiraled out of control like that. It hurts my soul. "Friends" turned into foes, past lovers became strangers. 😭😭

      2. Judy DeBonis

        My Brother Committed Suicided After My Mom Death, Saw Him After 3 Years And He Said Did Mom gets The Flowers?? He Send To Her From California, I said Yes Tommy The Flowers Was Beautiful, And Blame My Mom Death On Him, Cause He Cause So Trouble For Her, My Mother Was So Good To All Of Us, I told Him Its Not Your Faults, Ma Would Still Smokes A lot, use To Give Her Cigarette Away Of Throws Them away I felts So Bad, She Paid For Them, I never Smoked But Have asthmas Now, For Taking So Much On My Shoulder, For Being So Young I Ran Myself Down, Then I Never saw My Brother Again Just That one Time, I got In Touch Of Social security To See What Happen To Him, And Bits of Pieces Came Out To Lets Me Knows he Wasn't around, He With My Mom, So Sorry about Your Brother Too, We Have so Much Sadness In This World Too. Thanks For Caring, Theirs Are Nice Peoples Still Outs There. I Was Always A Giver , and Helps Alots Out Too, Trying Still Takes Cared From Judy

      3. Judy DeBonis

        @outlaw87 outlaw Luv You Too, Thanks

      4. Judy DeBonis

        @outlaw87 outlaw Luv You Too, I had Identity Thief In June Had A Stoke So The Hospital Sent Me Up With This Fake Company, Was In The Hospital In June And The Fake Nurse Sends Her Girlfriend To My House, And I Got Drugged And She Swaps Offs My Whole Billing Information's That's was On My Desk, Shuts the Lights Off And says I Glad You Took Your Medicine, Lucinda Will Be Backs Tomorrow Morning And Laughs, I Have Her So Good In Every Directions That Her Head Will Spins. No-One Going To Druged Me And Gets Away With Its, She in Courts Too, And Attorney General I Filed A Criminal Complains Online, She Is History, Hopefully Prison Time.

      5. Judy DeBonis

        @outlaw87 outlaw Thanks my Prayers Are With You Too, and This Whole Country. Thanks For Caring

    73. Max ツ Xd

      Uf q profundo me encantaaaa

    74. Lilian Ñanco

      😭😭😭😭🙃🙃🙃Mmmmmmmmmm que linda la canción

    75. Lala Breton

      Gaga is just simply a Genius!!!

    76. Da Na

      I'll never love again! I'm just 30.. but my ♡ is so broken... Can't put myself together anymore 😭 He left with my heart in his hands!!😩

    77. Lina Semjonova

      I liked her songs but I was always shocked by her videos, I love this song - it is so true.. nowadays it is almost impossible to find love for life, but I found one the greatest and most amazing love ever - Love of my Creator. Be blessed Lady Nogaga

    78. Deb Rye

      Sweet song

    79. Katia Pereira

      Linda música 😍

    80. Thomas Johnson

      I want to write this out to a woman that knows she was loved just like this,I’m literally 51 years old and I have never looked at another girl like I did her. At first I thought I was something and got out there and screwed everything but my wife, now she is happy and can have anyone she wants,just because you can have relations ,men a old saying is true “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone “, I promise you it’s the truth. I will always love you jsw and I’ll never look at anyone again much less the way I looked at you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯🥂 may god bless you with everything you want.

    81. Jonathan Luna

      Listening this song makes realize that I may lose my wife she was diagnosed with cancer today and my world its collapsing...... I dont know what to do.... I am so sad....

      1. Bryan Chapelle

        So sorry... 😥😢

    82. Katie Ladybug

      The movie and album is in my opinion one for the history record of legendary!!!

    83. Graciela Campagna

    84. Estelita Jimenez

      Que hermosa canción me recuerda como es y sigue siendo el amor verdadero gracias a dios todavía tengo conmigo el mío mi amor Miguel y Blanca

    85. Pedro Perez

      LADY GAGA...... I,II NEVER LOVE.......FANTATIC VOICE.........ARG 2020

    86. Shinsoo Neo

      2 days later that uhu uhu uhu still gets me everytime

    87. Gabriela Arrechea

      es justo lo que siento hace muchos años...!! gracias gaga

    88. Kathy Jankovic

      Mwai. I will never love again. 💔💔

    89. Shinsoo Neo

      the part where she goes uhu uhu uhu slays me everytime

    90. Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng

      Und Karsten... Sei ei Ehrenman... Du möchtet doch nicht dass deine Brüder oder deine Eltern it heteingezogen werden... Stell dich einfach darauf ein ein... Du bist tot

    91. ana souza

      I love

    92. Bam Bam

      I shouldn't click this 😣😶

    93. Desmond Lee

      Wish I could, I could've said goodbye I would've said what I wanted to Maybe even cried for you If I knew it would be the last time I would've broke my heart in two Tryna save a part of you Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss No other name fallin' off my lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in No, I'll never love again I'll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh When we first met I never thought that I would fall I never thought that I'd find myself Lying in your arms, mm, mm And I wanna pretend that it's not true Oh, baby, that you're gone 'Cause my world keeps turnin', and turnin', and turnin' And I'm not movin' on Don't wanna feel another…

    94. Oscar Huichaquelen

      Bello tema❤️

    95. stephanie tineo


    96. 孫娟兒


    97. Marilene Batista

      Lindaa maravilhosa 😗

    98. Simone Flores

      Amei está música 😃

      1. Manoel Alves Neto

        Gaga linda demais 🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶♥️♥️♥️♥️