I really miss you... Chill vibes

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    I really miss you... Chill vibes
    Just relax and enjoy this chill mix: bit.ly/chillvibesmusic
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    Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
    ♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
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    1. Love Life Lyrics

      Listen to this: bit.ly/Louis_The_Child_COIN_Self_Care

      1. siewkong chin

      2. vitalii nim

        73 >

      3. Ava Griffin

        I love this song

    2. Merlah Pandita

      Filipino here ❤️


      never not :)

    4. Wittle Muffin

      is this suppose to be sad cause its relaxing I find it yes im watch in 2021 and don't mind my profile pic


      This really helped me allot

    6. الهام محمد

      The gullible gusty male additionaly scream because road clasically unlock an a befitting estimate. flaky, lovely tie

    7. Isabella Romero

      I am sad when I see this song cause I remember my grand-pa a d I feel sad

    8. Isabella Romero

      I miss my grand-pa who died in 2019

    9. Yulissa mendoza

      For me love is a weakness the person you love can just break your heart to 2 piece

    10. Balqis jamil

      He said he missed me if I disappear but it turned out that he was the one who disappeared

    11. jhonilex elarco

      Cheer to the people who've been hiding their real feelings for someone's happines


      who ever compiled this, thank you sooo much clean sounds and soft, you made my day and i even got some some some if u know you know

    13. ali moussa

      Hy I'm from morocco I'm moroccan

    14. Терновая-Кассиопея

      это прекрасно

    15. Griixy

      lol i was writing a paragraph and it put me here im not disappointed

    16. Brigette Chloe Franco

      I have a song!!!! . I can tell you that I love u I love u I'm shy I'm shy I think who I can say it u say u gonna go I really hug u I really miss u AND I RELLY LOVE U 😰😥😢😰😭😓

      1. Brigette Chloe Franco

        Is true I love u Ill protect u but u gonna go I miss u

    17. Shem Cabahug

      wtf, i'm crying not beco'z of music. Guys! i'am crying beco'z of comments, fuck!

    18. Bryan Lajola

      Can you drop the songs that are here ! Thank you in advance :)

    19. kasheica bayotas

      i miss someone that broke my heart alota times.

    20. imunk jr

      the song is nice to hear

    21. Dayang Nooraini

      I really miss you momma 😞

    22. Jay Edrian

      This title. Before are you go. Not i really miss you :(

    23. Dnoces Efil

      It's non-working holiday, but as part of the Admins, I had to report to get some things done. Good thing I had playlist like this keeping me going. Felt motivated. :)

    24. Alaa Mahfouz

      bruh..this is fireeeeeee

    25. LEE YOONG-XUAN Moe


    26. Lo Nhu

      Is my is my mother goose club out.

    27. CHE

      Great idea ; )

    28. Chloe Smith

      ;~; dis is before you go ._.

    29. Allissia Anson

      i miss you jacob 🥺🤍

    30. Jay Avila

      Bunch of cringey comments.

    31. Brendy Ramirez Toma

      as she walks by

    32. Frans VanhX

      1) 0:00 - Before You Go // Lewis Capadli 2) 3:38 - Forever // Lewis Capadli 3) 7:06 - 12;45 (Striped) // Etham 4) 10:10 - Never Not // Lauv 5) 13:34 - Always, I'll Care // Jeremy Zucker 6) 16:00 - Heather // Conan Gray 7) 19:19 - Falling Like The Stars // James Arthur 8) 22:50 - Impossible // James Arthur 9) 27:06 - Too Much I Miss You // Chelsea Cutler 10) 30:11 - No Tears Left To Cry // Ariana Grande I don't know the rest... if someone does, tell me in a reply and I will add it!! ^^

    33. Lorin._. Abdallah

      He said he love me so much He said i never leave you Now im here and not with him ..... He left me .. He said im nothing for him ... Now he is happy And Im in pain ...

      1. alta usedcar

        dont be sad, god always with u

    34. Esaias Meyer

      Sad but true

    35. Catarina Santos

      that no tears left to cry it's just awful

    36. yuba vlog

      I really miss you

    37. Glizzi

      Loving someone is something that can't last long if it starts off badly. Either your loved one will backstab you, or just break up. Loving is painful if it goes bad, but meaningful, but how can it be meaningful, if they don't even like you, but use you? They cheat on you? 3 years? 4? Love is a heartbreaking story that can be told to anyone.

    38. Laura

      0:00 - Before You Go - Lewis Capadli 3:38 - Forever - Lewis Capadli 7:06 - 12;45 (Striped) - Etham 10:10 - Never Not - Lauv 13:34 - Always, I'll Care - Jeremy Zucker 16:00 - Heather - Conan Grey 19:19 - Falling Like The Stars - James Arthur 22:50 - Impossible - James Arthur 27:06 - Too Much I Miss You - Chelsea Cutler 30:11 - No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande

      1. luisa cardoso


    39. Falishawn marcos

      I really miss you lola

    40. Lu

      He said he love me more than anything in his life and now I miss him more than anything in my life 💔

      1. Aubrey playz Roblox


      2. Faheema Ismail

        I love 💘 her ami

      3. Aman shivhare

        Good things fall apart. Love is not enough...

      4. Lu

        @Rudra shekhawat it hurts so good . .

      5. Rudra shekhawat

        People change feelings fade and its hurts..!!

    41. Giovanna Menezes

      Amei muito essas músicas

    42. Юлія Жирохова

      Неймовірна підбірка!!!!!! Incredible!

    43. Khyd Anas

      my fav song by lewis while reading comics damnnnn so gooddddddddddd

    44. 200 MiloX

      this reminds me when my cat died to kidney failure he was the best cat.

      1. 200 MiloX

        I had 2 other cats that got killed by our other dogs

      2. Vanessa Bravo

        im sorry for your lost i felt the same thing with my dog but she was killed not kidney failure hurts it really does

    45. FBA MGMT

      check out Jehry Robinson

    46. Happy Teacher TV

      I love this collection...

    47. Autumn Sumner

      The tedious prison summarily manage because jasmine startlingly interest during a subdued cornet. receptive, awful headline

    48. Dat One Crazy Gurl

      Damn most ppl missed the old me, nowadays ppl just... lose interest ig

    49. Ds Sd

      She said she loves me I miss what she made me feel, but nah. I have to forget her, and disappear from her life I know she didn't love, I know she liked her bestfriend I don't know why I thought it may be different just because I was her first girlfriend I don't know why I believe in all the promises I don't want to feel this It hurts She seems so happy now, she says that she didn't love anyone before him So, what about me? It was a lie? She's a lier

      1. Lu

        She doesn't deserve u and she doesn't deserve ur love

    50. Geolius Espinas

      Am i Allowed to use this for my livestream>????

    51. Marcelo Binwag

      What's the title of the second song??

    52. Abbey J Foley

      Listen to this: bit.ly/Louis_The_Child_COIN_Self_Care

    53. Abbey J Foley

      I don't miss nobody, I miss myself ... I miss the person I used to be before

      1. Yushin Gaming


      2. Celia Bicego

        Oh... I- I just don't know what to say about it... Just, yees~

    54. ASHKID OÂH

      I'm from Morocco :) Hbu?

    55. christhian jeanpier nancay ortiz

      ummm hola soy nuevo escuchando estas canciones los escuche por casualidad y nose si alguien me pueda enviar los nombres de las canciones y en castellano o a lo menos los links porfavor en verdad nose q significa y bueno quisiera saber por q suena bien la musica y me gusta ummm xfavor gracias

    56. DUDA

      queria acordar desse pesadelo.

    57. Leonardo Pereira De Aragão


    58. 민하나

      i still miss him but he is now happy with my bestfriend 😞

      1. Lu

        u deserve someone better honey!

    59. aca gatakut gendut

      hey, imu rn. but i can't tell u abt this. hope u okey there, hope u still remember our last conversation. do you know? i always listen ur voice before im sleep. i love u, forever.

    60. mik srey poch

      I really miss my first and last 😔

    61. ernney sion

      miss someone while listening to this.. i hope he will find someone worth loving out there...

    62. Dory Brown

      Chill out remix

    63. ᴀʏᴜ ᴡᴀʟɪᴛɪʏᴀ

      Hey , I miss you so much . You dont know how happy i am able to see you without talking to you . I've been dying to see you face .

    64. Klára Vladyková

      i love the song 1.

    65. dung nguyễn

      what's the name s-of the song??

    66. Emluukoi Tran


    67. Joshua Agarwal

      is the Ariana cover at 30:11 a joke?

    68. sarai paspuel


    69. Juan Jose Blandon C

      hola, soy un comentario en español, te deseo un buen día. hasta luego

    70. AnaMaria Marin

      I miss being calm..

    71. Maryam Ahmad

      I miss being a kid

    72. Hayden

      miss you by @Rxseboy is better...

    73. Emma Copley


    74. Trang Trang

      Who can tell me the name of song in this video pls. Thankssss :(((

    75. Philip bernard S. Formentera

      I feel comfortable this song when i heard on my neighbor song or sing and they sang for it see more......

    76. LavLav Gaming6176

      So many ads

    77. Sara Webb

      The beginning of the title where it says “I really miss you” I the way I feel about my dog who died on Feb 5, 2019 due to old age. Hear is a song that reminds me of her hufast.info/plan/vide/d5DVjciYw6anXqM My dogs name was Lilly and she was only 15 in human years and 100 something in dog years. She was my best friend and she always will be. Do you have a best friend who died? If you do then sorry for your loss! We will get through this together! I promise! And stay happy!

      1. Dat One Crazy Gurl

        Im sorry for ur loss, a dog is like a human. The bond is u describeable. I hope u feel better

    78. Clary Fashion

      Love this collection 👍😍

    79. *Berkat Samuel 21*

      ​i just wanna cry so loud

      1. Lorin._. Abdallah

        Same... :(

    80. -syauqiganter -

      10:11 what name the song??

    81. Guillermo

      Ánimo a todos soldados. Ánimo a todos.

    82. Guiller Jake Delos Santos

      31:05 what was dat??



    84. Icecreamshrimp

      When you've never had a boyfriend but still cry over imaginary break ups for no reason😂

      1. ShadowValleys

        lol dudeeeeee

    85. Julia

      Everyone needs music, so I put it in my Favourites now...

    86. Alicja Kmiołek

      Te piosenki przypominają mi o kuzynie(dalszy, przyszywany) i naszych wspólnych chwilach i czujeee.... Czuję... Że to nie tylko kuzyn dla mnie chciała bym mieć osobę której bym mogła to powiedzieć 😭😔😕🥺chce mi się płakać

    87. Yaashi

      Best playlist ever!

    88. claudia senem

      sim eu sou o comentario brasileiro que voce esta procurando mais ja que leu isso vc e uma pessoa incrivel

      1. •Myena Studies•

        @Jayshana Ephraim I'm Brazilian too, so I understood what she said, who didn't understand I think it was you, because "oxi tudo bom??" It's kind of slang here.

      2. Jayshana Ephraim

        @•Myena Studies• Did you even know what she said? She said, "yes I am the Brazilian comment you are looking for more since you read this you are an amazing person". That's what she said.

      3. •Myena Studies•

        oxiii tudo bom? kakakka

    89. Aliyah Isnaini C

      I miss him who is far there from me :D

    90. MoShna TV UOGC

      We didnt see many years, in real we dont know each other. We did see only each other. heh... Is unbelieveable what we did create Beast, isnt it? Only on feeling base. What a story.... I am sorry than I forgot. I didnt forget feeling. Is like a smell always the same and fill only to one.

    91. MoShna TV UOGC

      I know Beast. Me too. Heh...

    92. AdeIstami


    93. Isabel Fernández Rus

      Q horror la de tears left to cry



    95. story el

      Aku merindukan seseorang yang akupun tak tahu apakah dia merindukan ku.. 4 tahun berjalan tanpa Ada kepastian dan mencintai sepihak itu sakit... Kuputuskan untuk melupakannya tapi tak mampu untuk baik2 Saja.. Ku harap takdir itu berbalik 💖

    96. Alejandro Fernandez

      The aloof fibre sporadically fasten because mom antenatally back atop a impolite education. craven, medical wool

    97. Rana Erdoğan