I Recreated My Mom's Modeling Photos | Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio

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    Hey guys, check out this awesome day that I had with my mom recreating her old modeling photos.
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    We had so much fun shooting this with Bryant and it was so cool to see the pictures once we were done! I hope you enjoy watching!
    All my photos featured were taken by Bryant. bryant
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    1. Alicia Martinez

      I love how at the end charli goes: " all my social medias will be linked below... as well as dixies"

    2. mujer christian


    3. Smoothiex Zora

      me when i find out heidi is in her 40's : BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE IS 20 WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    4. Missmia

      I think maybe if mom left she would have done better 🤷‍♀️

    5. Codruta Irina

      Hi i like you


      they dont look alike

    7. somebody new

      Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS dixie is

    8. Julie Wester

      Dixie seems uncomfortable in front in of a camera and really unenthusiastic about this video 🙁

    9. Sam Semeta

      lol here after shes getting hate ehddahdhvduvdabd

    10. Alli Dolphin

      Old? 😂 Bro she is so beautiful

    11. Indiana Poppy

      Dixie is so pretty like omg😻

    12. Thisci venzon

      ok, it looks the same in the 2 photos, just tilt a little more the head

    13. Vera Skopak-Whiting

      Charli should do it next

    14. ThatGurl Lai


    15. ga dA

      she’s so nice

    16. It’z Gacha hana

      Ur 7 million sub :)

    17. zeerak faiz

      this is how many times they said I feel like I I I

    18. Jessica Chea

      dixie and her mom looks almost identical they are both models to me

    19. Lillian Mueller

      100% liked 100%subbed 100%notificated 100% want a reply 0.1%you will respond 1000000%Love your vids and tiktoks and 100% 9 years old

    20. Lesky Shashy

      Dixie looks a lot like her mom and charli like her dad

    21. Cadence Olivia

      I stopped watching when I realized noah wouldn't be in this

    22. Jay C

      Oh my goodness Heidi is beautiful! She should be the top social media star xD

    23. Rachida Ben Atiya

      Love dixie

    24. Rim & joudi Almostafa

      Hii Dixi my Fan ❤

      1. Zene Nuelary

        But why is your pfp charli d'amelio

    25. Julie Brooks

      guys this was on my bday

    26. Jinglin Lu

      Anyone watching this after Dixie broke up with Griffin?

    27. Zerda Tilki

      so dixie couldent u just go to ur moms closet to get the clothes instead of buying em (lol guess that was the only excuse u could use honey for but I still love u❤

    28. Kaitlyn Hinds

      Does anyone know where that strapless dress came from? I'm obsessed

    29. Shaes baby dolls

      Dixie you really should be a model

    30. Ryleigh Barrett

      6:08 DASCOSTANG

    31. King RM

      are we not gonna talk about Heidi getting ghost up the stairs in the background😂🤣😭😆1:06

    32. Okey Okey

      she looks like a model thooo!🔥

    33. Zafirah Baraguir

      Why am I this late, to the point that Griffin and Dixie are still together....

    34. SoHighToday

      xylme(dot) com delete space bar to get best cases for phone :)

    35. Audie Moo

      When Griffen came she seemed like she wanted him to leave

    36. Rafael Rivero

      Diosa 👑💓💗

    37. Nikki Gallien LeRay

      I think they look exactly alike!!! Same mannerisms and everything!!! Both gorgeous!

    38. Emily Frazier

      I know I’m not the only one who goes into the mirror and acts like they have a HUfast channel and does a grwm

    39. Islam Ouhrou

      she is so pretty

    40. ben bower

      None of the pics are the same

    41. Angel Medina

      Am still watching this lol

    42. Mayelin Liriano

      Por que en Navidad solo hablan de santa clous???si en verdad se celebra el nacimiento de Jesús ? Eso demuestra que somos materialistas........

    43. Léa Renna

      that might have been that one day noah knew dixie was the one... i mean look at her

    44. Imani Annissa

      Charli looks more like her mom and Dixie looks like her dad

    45. Lux Davilla

      Dixie: filming a vid Charlie in backround: spiting up / skipping stairs

      1. Lux Davilla


    46. Ian Hodge

      Modeling brings out the true looks of a person!

    47. Arthur Flek

      This is a yt video.... Change my mind..

    48. Osana-najimi

      Bruh i dont like griffin so much that when he started poppin up in the video my face is just like. : ugh ew disgrace no one cares what you went through to get a milkshake you cheater. Bt other then that OMG DIXIES MOM IS SOOOO PRETTYYYYY AHHH AND ALSO DIXIEE EEEEE

    49. Carmen Anatella

      Hi dixie

    50. Natalia Northcitt

      i cant be the only one who thinks charli looked like she felt so left out 🤣

    51. Alan Gonzales

      This why we should celebrate Decades week.

    52. llexxii babyy

      She talks like her mom too

    53. Mirla Maria


    54. Erika Zayas

      I liked your music video but the one charli made was trash

    55. 神

      I love her omg

    56. delilah balderrama

      ehem whos here after griffin cheated and her and noah are dating

    57. stranger child

      Omg I just thought of something- what if there was a show called Dealing with the D'Amelios as a reality TV show 😅 🙃


      You are the same as your mom

    59. Dream of Dixie and Charli D’Amelio

      Hi l love you dixie!🥺💞💖

    60. Mariem Benfredj

      dixie looks like her mom and Charli looks like her dad. that is it

    61. Elizabeth Seejagat

      Both look alike actually

    62. Saniya Khales

      charli running in the back like: (┬┬﹏┬┬)

    63. allison sky

      Whose here after dixie and Noah break up

    64. Godly Smash

      when i watch the first second of ur vid i start laughing for no reason!

    65. nimo guleid

      Who thinks Dixie should be a model 🙋

    66. Ellen Zireva

      I didn't ask for episode 1 of keeping u with the D'Amelios🙁😏

    67. The Flippin’Chicken

      Your Mom is literally the most gorgeous human being I have ever seen

    68. shaymaa muflahi

      That would be cool for all three of them to do this

    69. shaymaa muflahi

      Charli should try this

      1. nimo guleid

        Why does Charli have to come in everything ughr 😒🙄

    70. Kaylee Wayner

      Why does Dixie's mom look like a young Holly Marie Combs in those pictures... I love it

    71. Dudesons0. 2


    72. bangtan swag

      2:36 it reminds me of kris jenner saying, “Kim, don't take pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail.”

    73. taybi abderrahman


    74. Eunice Esteban

      hahaha these are the times that Dixie and Griffin were still a thing

    75. Jessica rolfe

      Charlie shouldve done these photos of their mum as she's the one that looks like the mother

    76. Caiden Bruns

      thats cool

    77. Ruki xoxo

      Who's here after Dixie and Noah are officially DATING?

      1. Brooke Barrow


      2. DENEE HAN Moe


      3. Nice Car


    78. nocosx

      Your mom must be beautiful and inspirational for you to do this 💞💗💗💗

    79. nocosx


    80. :D

      her mom looks like Sheri Easterling-

    81. Seth Everman

      Thx for honey I have lot of money


      They have Suh an awesome family!!!!!! Marc is THE COOLEST DAD ever Heidi was an AMAZING MODEL Dixie is AN AMAZING SINGER (plus a model now i guess ) ;) and lastly, Charli is AN AMAZING TIKTOKER!!! LOVE THIS FAMILY SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

    83. Isla Philpott

      I love your Music!

    84. Isla Philpott

      I love you Dixie!

      1. Isla Philpott

        I love your music!

    85. Somborn

      Time to recreate mom's looks.

    86. Linnae Urbina

      she looks rlly cute in the first photo like if true plsssss

    87. Sudha Raj

      is honey safe and reliable

    88. yara utoh banja

      And Charlie to obvi

    89. yara utoh banja

      Dixie and mom are so pretty

    90. Maryam AlShamsi

      why does the first photo of he mom looks like Addisons mom

    91. emma barrera

      Dixie gave Charlie that stare as she walked up looking for anything that could possibly have belong to her 😂as a sister I recognized it.

    92. Alxurxlia -

      20+20 then hiedi said 23 years so make 3 20+20+3=43

    93. Alxurxlia -

      So hiedi is like by now 43

    94. Emma Schien

      lol this was filmed on my b day

    95. Jo Defranca

      why is Heidi the cutest thing ever

    96. Aya Hazem

      Zammn that's a one toxic mom she is trying to cover it with her laughs but it shows hard

    97. Abby Avila

      who's here when noah dating dixie 👇

    98. no one

      good bye

    99. Junior uluthando

      Wait their Mom doesn’t seem to age at all😦🤯

    100. Sarah Strong

      i don't think ya'll look alike