I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Logan Paul

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    That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Elkhan Karypov

      Yo r u good why r u not posting vids

    2. Ethan Hanna

      Y he not uploading for a while

    3. gabi_son091

      logan co myślisz o medium logan

    4. Isaiah Bouvier

      When are you coming back we need you.

    5. siphon duel

      Up load

    6. ApeGoneFat

      There is a 99999999% chance you won’t see this but I am a you tuber trying to reach 1000 subscribers it will mean a lot if you had the time to subscribe to me I’m telling you I won’t waste your time it is worth subscribing.


      5 years ago i had that card and now its lost and im pissed

    8. Grant Byrd

      Lana looks pissed

    9. Andrew Hudson

      Where are you

    10. Hamid jobs Sheriff

      Logan Paul I m missing your vlogs Love from guinea Conakry

    11. alex

      My respect for you after that tik tok 📈📈 arriba 🇲🇽

    12. Brayden McGurl


    13. Zyan Wilson

      Hey I decided to come back to this channel after years bc I heard there was Pokémon content from a friend but anyways how’s it hangin

    14. ARtaps

      Ayo post something

    15. Damian Garcia-Ramirez

      Yo where’s Guccifacejacob

    16. Ahmed Saad


    17. Alessandro

      where are you logan we want new vlogs :D

    18. Viper Iguana

      pls upload again

    19. Recep Berat Sungurtekin

      Enes Batur crashed with her car

    20. 123 l

      Fck you Logan.KSI BETTER

    21. seeni sumbol production

      im a beginner I'm trying to make my channel grow I need more support I'm trying my best I post lots of videos

    22. Aseobang bang

      Solid and passionate deal!

    23. Lourdes Mendoza

      he never upload for now

    24. Tfue

      This nigga really said I got money off HUfast imma dip again

    25. T_I_k_O 649

      Why is logan not posting now

    26. Lipache

      L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur

    27. Jesper Wiersen

      Omg logan gang for life

    28. パラレル

      こいつが例のキチガイ魚野郎か 自分の国で堂々とやってから日本にこいよ 汚い顔してんなあ

      1. ItzBryanXlp


    29. Zayan Zulqarnain Khan

      Me a few years ago: OMG YES O GOT THE MEGA CHARIZARD EX!!! Logan:

    30. Ansh Barouliya

      Ly dude❤

    31. Cameron Fucinari

      You're a disgrace to humanity

    32. Z3CKR0M

      Bro, why's your thumbnail look like unbox therapy

    33. Matthew Yelton

      Aye bro post a video please 😂

    34. PADZspamL2

      It’s not because of the money It’s because there is a pornstar on my couch and I want her to sit there longer

    35. Mohamed

      ممكن دعم للقناة إذا اعجبك

    36. michael kinney

      Bro people really waisting this much money on cards, the fuck society coming to y'all some dumb ass people

    37. Shameer Khan

      why he is not uploading?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????its been 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Allan Gaming

      Is a 2009 mega charizaed x worth

    39. NoO dD3lz

      psa is so much worse than BGS! psa Sucks !

    40. miraç ozan pro


    41. Abartak Bhattacharya

      dude, I'm really concerned about their safety, the old man has millions of dollars lying casually at his home...

    42. Abdalla Almahmoud

      sub to airrack

    43. İntron Burada

      Türklere selam 🇹🇷

    44. JasianTheAsian 8

      First Logan Paul video I liked

    45. Fritzy_men YT

      I have this card and free

    46. ALPHA Adarsh

      Bitch uploadd moreeeeee

    47. DIVAHAR OP

      Please do post a video

    48. PES SCORER

      Always Your Videos very nice.And Keep Going

    49. Pedro Anthony


    50. Captain Deadpool. No, just Deadpool.

      I find kinda funny, that girl beside Logan don't give a shit about the deal 😂

    51. Fitri Ainun

      7×8= :V

    52. MaYeD-_-

      يا سحبه

    53. İbrahim Akkaya



      can u post again...

    55. x kurkiez

      come back

    56. İbrahim Akkaya


    57. J Chase

      However I will say congratulations on your success it's cool that y'all climbed up and its nothing but love

    58. Butter boy

      Pawn stars lost out lmao

    59. Dominic Patacsil

      Logan pls play among us

    60. Berjo Chua

      Bro logan i am a fan since 2018 and i watched your old vids the one with you shouting a rare pokemon in a park and i just want to say, bro i miss the old logan

      1. Berjo Chua


    61. undercooked hot pocket

      being a fan of logan since 2016, i never thought he’d become a pokémon channel but i’m not complaining 😌

    62. popato

      Logan becoming a Pokemon youtuber

    63. Kurtis Barker

      Hire airrack

    64. Kurtis Barker

      Hire airrack

    65. Kurtis Barker

      Hire airrack

    66. Kurtis Barker

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    67. Kurtis Barker

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    68. Kurtis Barker

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    71. Kurtis Barker

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    72. Kurtis Barker

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    73. Kurtis Barker

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    75. Kurtis Barker

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    76. Kurtis Barker

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    83. Kurtis Barker

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    84. Kurtis Barker

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    85. Ashutosh Saklani

      "With age comes wisdom" In Logan's case -" With beard comes maturity and wisdom "🔥😂 Had anyone noticed it or it's just me.😂 God bless you man. And yea enjoying your content, btw why the fuck aren't you posting huh

    86. Cake_120

      Everyone asking why he’s not posting it’s because lhana and mike broke up

    87. Jennifer Lily R.

      you suck logan

    88. Joshua Waldron

      Hey Logan we miss you man

    89. Sidharth R Menon

      I miss the old vlogs and he needs to upload more

    90. Adrian Santoyo

      When are you going to post

    91. Mohamed Ashick

      I am in need of money please help me

    92. Kaleb M

      Aye yo Logan I got some pokémom cards I'll give you 50 cards for $100 dollars please let me know I need the money

    93. Valli Weaves

      Who wants the old Logan Paul like here 👇

    94. Fat yeetus

      Logan is wholesome now. If it was 2017 he'd still be acting like jake paul

    95. Dakota Shelton

      And don't get obsessed with Pokemon I don't feel like watching my favorite HUfastr buy Pokemon cards

    96. Dakota Shelton

      BTW I was betting on u to win vs KSI 1 and 2

    97. Dakota Shelton

      When are u going to start boxing again?

    98. Dawn Weitzel

      make more vid ashole

    99. aesopr

      4:47 it worth 150-200k, offering 150k and said this offer you cant refuse lol