I took a 3080 eGPU apart!!! - Aorus Gaming Box


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    eGPUs, they're nothing new, and we've checked out a water-cooled one before, but Aorus did something interesting with this one that has a 3080 in it. Alex decided that we should take it apart and check it out!
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    1. ShortCircuit

      Sorry for the Audio issues!!! Our mic had issues during the recording, it'll be better going forward.

      1. Seynoon Rae

        Hey can you make a follow up video, testing the card with its cooler in a normal desktop, without the constraint airflow?

      2. TheD3dicateDGamerS

        What happen when you plug that into the desktop, will it give you a better performance with that cooler setup?

      3. Jacob Wilson

        Is this the Ursa 12K’s built in? Pleasantly surprised if so

      4. Dylan Kelly

        @ShortCircuit It really wasnt that bad atall but jesus the amount of negativity from some people, Linus Media Group has some of the highest production value in all of youtube and is constantly trying to improve and people get so mad over slightly less than perfect audio. some big channels are still uploading in 1080p and people are here complaining 😂 Some people are just always gonna complain no matter what

      5. danwat1234

        Isn't someone listening to the audio with headphones while recording so they would catch it in real time?? The Legion Duel video has similar issues.

    2. Júlio Queiroz

      I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! you used the same internal GPU for both tests trough passtrough... and trashed the EGPU Please have Anthony to review it again! I'm actually very hangy because I have an RTX 3080 Auros gamingBox and I know for sure it performs awesome. Have you turned on hybrid performance mode on windows? Have you updated the Laptop thunderbolt firmware? also playing on the laptop screen will take 20/30percent bandwidth from the thunderbolt connection. this was really untechy and very lame review. not really expecting that.. disliking ....Completely bias towards desktop graphics cards, don't kill a GOOD IDEA we need better connections and more portability #BTW the front USB is for the living room VR scenario.... This fully proofs you wrong hufast.info/plan/vide/fWe0bKeJnXXHaKM

    3. Christopher Solano

      It’s not really a custom pcb it’s the same one used on the gigabyte gaming/vision oc 3080s. It runs really cool compared to those two cards and does not have the same oily thermal pads that the other gigabyte cards have.

    4. Sky Dream

      Audio kinda scuffed? 🤣

    5. Eddie Cheong

      3080 & 3090 gaming box is different, 3090 got back plate. i got 3090 2 months ago. its pretty hot for junction temperature can heat up 110c.. i put some heatsink attach to back plate to cool it down 102c now..

    6. Aryan Rai

      It's a crime taking 3080 apart is crime😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    7. Jason Smulders

      I know literally nothing about eGPU usage and can feel this was done incorrectly and under tested.

    8. Charles Fasano

      Put it in that desktop and see if those missing PCI-E lanes actually hurt it.

    9. Andy NQ

      Have you disabled the dGPU inside the laptop ? i got MUCH better perf with my Thinkpad X1 Extreme + eGPU with 1080ti tho :v

    10. Umair Hassan

      throw this card into a desktop or a test bench then we will see what happens

    11. Brandon Bajc

      My FormD T1 with a ryzen 9 5950x and rtx 3080 is the same size as that thing lmao a d it's a whole system!! 🤣

    12. Abhishek Gupta

      "I will not call it TRAVEL SIZE, because of the travel WEIGHT". Argh!!

    13. ruediix

      They really need to improve the thunderbolt protocol. It just doesn't have the necessary bandwidth.

    14. Juliusz Maciejewski

      Come on guys, you shouldn't be using Valheim to check performance of the GPU, it's a CPU bound game, not only that it have server-side performance issues when you discover large world and modify the ground.

    15. ClimateCTRL

      I get that this is supposed to be a quick first impressions channel, but I feel like it should have been tested on a couple of different systems across a couple of different games before drawing a conclusion.

    16. Jope's Tech Lab

      ...god damnit they used the laptop's video outputs and not the egpu's ports. This pretty much cuts the performance in half.

    17. Mysterio2243

      And wow, even the power consumption numbers are totally wrong, it doesn't cosume 300w when you push it "really hard" it uses 320 stock ... if you push it you will get near to 370 depending on the card. Not a very well researched video.

    18. Mysterio2243

      Yeah use Valheim, a 99% CPU Bottlenecked game to try and game on a dell XPS with a 3080 eGPU, worst use-case with one of the worst games. And then not even check CPU usage or anything else. Sorry but this is not a good video.

    19. Elitedestroyer00

      EGPUs will only be viable for the average consumer when external PCIE makes it to the consumer space.

    20. RedMage Gaming

      But why did the quality of the games visuals drop to absolute garbage after switching to the eGPU? I don't have Valheim, but I assume it performs much the same as Conan Exiles or ark etc. There has to be a different issue going on in this setup beyond just "eGPU is stoopid" Considering the large market of happy egpu users. Then again Valheim itself could just be the issue not likeing the external GPU at all. or it just didn't even properly switch gpu's but lowered the graphic settings and that was the reason for the performance gains. Something seems suspect.

    21. Zu Han

      Audio kinda sucks

    22. aPo G

      what brand is that keyboard? :)

    23. Nuno Estalagem

      This video makes me love the desktop I built about a year ago with a 2070 super even more. At first I was kind of gutted for building a machine right before the 30 series but now I am glad I did that. Seeing someone saying " instead of a e gpu just build a good pc with the non e version of the gpu and it costs you 2k ish" . The problem here is, when is this bs going to stop?? Here in Portugal a 3080 is almost 2k and a good ryzen cpu that does not bottleneck with that gpu ( im not even talking about intel for obvious reasons) is at least bloody 300€. Why should I pay 2k ish for a build thats worth 1k less? Sorry im just here at the comment section clearing my head but the world has gone berzerk and this gpu situation is totally crap. These mining bitcoin douchebags are hopeless, contributing 0 on society and buying gpus without limit and dont get me started on scalpers. Those are just douchebags who want to make proffit at the expenses of other people which is as crappy as buying 20 gpus and limiting stock, plus doing 0 for society. Nvidia and amd are not going to make a thing about this as theyre still getting their money at the end of the day. This crap may not be ending until the end of Covid or who knows, never? So glad I built my pc three months before this stupid shortage, even though I have less 20 fps or stmh than the 3070. I even thought about switching and pay 200€ (selling my gpu and buy a 3070) but now I am just happy I have a gpu and a ryzen cpu unlike all those unhappy gamerz that cannot afford the stupid unreadonable prices atm, I feel you guys. The reason why some people might be buying e gpus is because even though some might be willing to spend 1.3k on a gpu and build a pc, their country might even not have one on sale. Think about it. Sorry for this long comment, I was just clearing my head while writting this. It just makes me feel so bad the fact that there are people who voluntarely want to fool others(scalpers) / buy huge ammounts of a product to do something that contributes absolutely nothing to society. Oh you have 20 gpus mining bitcoins, thanks a lot for doing 0 for society and contributing to a huge shortage making thousands of people unable to build a pc

    24. Animoon

      it looks like a bento box

    25. Niki Enchev

      I have Razer Core X with RTX 3090 and I see no issues at all. Also I have the mini 1080 eGPU from AORUS and it works perfectly. Not to say that I successfully moded a HP eGPU with a water cooled 1080ti and it worked amazing. For portability I am searching for an ITX RTX GPU 2070S or above to update the mini AORUS eGPU and in combination wit the portable ASUS ROG monitor and Razer Blade Stealth 11th gen Intel, it will be a beast.

    26. Adrian

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an eGPU supposed to be stationary on your desk, connected to your monitor and peripherals... and it's the Laptop that you connect to it, that's supposed to be mobile? *thinking face*

      1. Adrian

        I realize that people can use a device however they want... I'm speaking to the reason these devices were made in the first place when they first started popping up to market.

      2. Adrian

        Looking at the carry case scene, and talking about how heavy the device is, and commenting on it being too heavy to carry around... like huh?

    27. Laura Brown

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    28. Peter Franko

      We gotta see the whole car from near the ground all the way around. Nobody wants to go look at a page to see what the front end looks like. Check out Regular Car Reviews 😊

    29. Muhammad Hassnain

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    30. hatrer

      Getting FPS drops on a laptop and dont check the CPU thermals/clockspeed ? !

    31. RELAXcowboy

      I really hope Asus makes a full size GPU enclosure like this for their Flow X13

    32. vedomedo

      The gigabyte 3080's in general have those weird cables. I have the Gaming OC myself, and it''s the same. They use some weird pcb and then extention cables out from the weird ones to the normal 8pins.

    33. Mark Kroeker

      You guys should keep in more of the questions from the background, I like to see everybody's opinion on them!

    34. Crericper

      XPS 15 with a 1650 ti? That's 10th gen Intel. You should've tested this with an 11th gen Intel, preferably the H35 series, to get good performance out of it.

    35. matt2661

      Why do you need Ethernet for a Gpu?

    36. Darrin Fyfe

      Your smugness is annoying. Get another job.

    37. compsolt

      The problem is you are using a Dell

    38. Cali Qm

      The point of watercooling a GPU is to have it run at maximum power. Which an eGPU cannot.

    39. Justin Urhead

      All these people asking them to do extensive thorough testing on a short circuit video. This isn't what this channel is for. It's what the main ltt channel is for. Short Circuit is just for unboxing and taking a quick look at a product. Ask them to make a main channel vid of this e-gpu if you're so interested in it and want thorough testing.

    40. DaKrawnik

      Remember when everyone said these things were great?

    41. tractorman 77

      If you have a desk top just stream ur games frim that..

    42. Dan Phillips

      I love the credits haha.

      1. Javier Vergel

        What's that about? Do you know? The unemployed thing?

    43. Erik Ludwig

      I’m sure you did your due diligence testing and troubleshooting, but none of that is visible or referenced in this video. Honestly a really rough video to use as an example of why not to buy egpu’s.

    44. Shibby Chingching

      +10FPS for $1400..that's only $140 per frame!

    45. O!Technology

      3080s consume 300W by default, and spikes to 500W aren't uncommon.

    46. O!Technology

      The weird slim connectors on the GPU is also on the Gigabyte desktop GPUs. The adapters are what they use to extend the connectors to the end of the cooler shroud.

    47. darcy stabler

      get rid of the pixel phone

    48. Youtube Cult Destroyer

      Need another video trying to put it in a desktop and benchmarking it.

    49. Maximiliam Andersen

      I bought Valheim thanks to this review :D

    50. Splinta2010

      No , the bad fps is the games fault, got a lot of mates having the same issues with a varity of different gpus

    51. tydfil

      they need to train the inventory guys how to repackage everything properly after they have tagged it and scanned it in, the packaging is getting worse and worse, more scruffy as the vids go on. that said can you really call these "unboxing" vids when the products have already been unboxed and handled?

    52. おまえわしんでる

      Can we get the seed for that map?

    53. MisterZ3r0

      They should have connected the egpu into a desktop motherboard and benchmarked it

    54. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

      Using a game that isn't fully released, made by a team of 5 people, and only became public 6 months ago probably was a bad choice for any kind of "likely to be good" eGPU test/first impressions. I'd like to see it in a more developed game before I'd completely knock it. Understandably it'd be best to just have a GPU in a tower, but happy this niche solution is getting some development, even if it isn't for me. (I love the game too, but sometimes it can be clunky)

    55. Commander ZiN

      I've seen eGPUs work better than this, why was it so bad, was it the cable or port or drivers? Problem is I think all eGPUs suffer latency issues, they aren't a perfect solution and need more adoption or development. I agree you're much better off putting that money into a gaming PC.

    56. David Kalbermatten

      Valheim is notoriously CPU bound. Could it be that your terrible gaming experience came from the CPU and not the GPU? You'd think they would at least make sure to rule out a CPU bottleneck as the reason for bad performance...

    57. Stephen1R2

      That's an angry little fan on the PSU.

    58. unexampled

      but wHaT's ThE hAsHrAtE

    59. Dzho Silvier

      you can literally fit mini-itx build with 3080 in this sizes LOL

    60. slives

      Unless your going to use your desktop with your tv you need a screen + peripherals so you can't get a desktop and laptop for the same price

    61. SoCalStyles

      Follow up with an install on a normal mother board, even if it's a test bench.... WE NEED GPU's

    62. Richard Nightcore

      1400 for a 2080 water cooled? that would be a steal in my country xD 2080 are already 1300 to 1600 D: and 2090 2500+ to 3500 euro and this is all in shops D: and everything is sold out :P

    63. ThisGalaxyCat

      I thought my headphone broke

    64. KC fish

      could've built a whole pc there

    65. DJ GotGame

      Everyone from the comment section is saying that there's an issue with their current setup that's why the E-Gpu doesn't perform well. What do you guys expect, its Alex who's reviewing this lol. He only knows how to unnecessarily drop and slap the things he's reviewing. smh

    66. mikel10k

      so many expensive equipment worth thousands and thousands of dollars and you don't even know how to use it

    67. thekraken8him

      This is a terrible and lazy assessment of the eGPU. You only tested 1 game on 1 laptop, and (on camera at least) put in zero effort to determine the cause. There are so many things that could have been causing that poor performance other than the eGPU. I know this is only Short Circuit, but I expected even a little diligence. It's clear that you don't think eGPUs are worth it, but they make sense for some use-cases. Aorus was probably pretty pissed at how quickly they were to dismiss and insult the product without giving it a fair assessment.

    68. bart122580

      "you can easily buy this desktop". LOL, great jokes

    69. Olav Alexander Mjelde

      It looks so short, maybe its a mobile gpu on a pci-e board?

    70. Randy Fuson

      Wend bending pipes we refer to them as wrinkles.

    71. nycameleon

      But can in mine? or is it not sold out? do you need full 16x slot for that

    72. Kivylius

      Really bad testing, there no way an eGPU would actually do this poorly. You needed to invest more time into checking so see whats the bottleneck or what the issue is.

    73. dahobi

      Use a thunderbolt 4 laptop. Way better than thunderbolt 3 XPS 15.

    74. Nordby 9

      In the credits there's a, recently unemployed... Did colton finally get fired... :P

    75. Yaswan Aziz

      meanwhile linus is raving about the asus egpu? 🤨

    76. Domenic Colpo

      I bought an Aorus 2070 eGPU in a moment of weakness, runs like absolute dogsh*t via thunderbolt so I'm planning to harvest it for a desktop build. Really really hoping the move to the proprietary connectors was recent.

    77. sweet dreams

      What a dumb video posted by a channel with 1.5mil subs. You need to use external display instead of internal + update laptops thunderbolt software + use laptop with thunderbolt 3 that supports 40gbs. after doing this you get 50% loss on 1080p games that run 150+fps normally and 20% loss on 4k games that run around 80fps since egpus dont like high fps.

    78. Langalibalele Mtimkulu

      because of the PCIe bottleneck.....i bet that a 3060 or maybe even a 1060ti would give the same performance if it was put into that housing

    79. Phi

      Is this supposed to be a tech channel? What a crappy video on eGPU’s

    80. pyrosrockthisworld

      you should totally swap the 3080's from the desktop and the eGPU and see where the bottleneck is!

    81. Constantinos Michael

      I'm here for that monitor you're using, what's that?

    82. Robert Kohari

      Good job Alex, now miners will buy E-gpu's for mining :D

    83. Loopback Gaming - VaderGB

      Larger than some desktops, as portable as a small UPS, poor performance and as expensive as an additional gaming laptop. This has a use where? Lol.

    84. New Google Account

      Unless it's the lack of connections (missing slot pins) or, faulty laptop to egpu connection, the cpu-gpu latency (the connection is through two motherboards, a non-pcie narrow cable and protocol that encodes and compresses signals/ data) must be very high.

    85. bhuntin08

      Recently Unemployed?!?! Did Jono get fired? Or is this a run-on gag about Colton getting fired years ago but still comes into the office and collects a check?

    86. Senn Vacan

      I have a geforce 9500 GT and they have RTX 3080. WTF

    87. fungt89

      Should of used tb4, Jarrodstech did some testing that showed moving the Tb controller to the die on 11th gen improved performance. Still not as good but generally is better.

    88. Brian Sterling

      gpu lunch box

    89. Nasenbaer

      Downvoted not because of the audio issues, but because of the non-upgradable junk. Sorry 😥

    90. Rushboard Technologies

      I'm mostly surpised how downright boring enclosures are for GPUs. I would love to see a chassis for GPUs with real-time displays, or even the watercooled AIOs, but none do... As for using Valheim, low FPS is a common issue - it's because the graphics demand is so big it really only works well on medium settings.

    91. XMS Alton

      That is a standard gigabyte card😒 my 3080 is the same

    92. Guess the tank Ifunny

      i think you might have messed up the test walking outside that game has strange preformence issues

    93. Nathan

      OOOOOF. I wonder what the product lead on that is doing right now. He's gonna get an earfull...

    94. JoeyTheSaint

      Maybe test with more than one game next time? EGPU's do not suck as hard as it did in Valheim for _every_ game. Also, would be cool if you put a 3090 in the box, just to see how much the 24GB vs 10GB would matter. My feeling is that a much larger VRAM buffer would be slow _once,_ but then need much less traffic over the Thunderbolt port, and maybe a lot of the stuttering would go away.

    95. Daniel Cannizzaro

      put it in a desktop tho

    96. diamlierx

      That’s a waste of sand .

    97. Mr-Wabbit

      I just want any gpu even this one ANYTHING!

    98. CabooseVX9

      U guys should put the Egpu in a a desktop and see if the proformance is the same or if it’s something else like maybe where the gpu connected to the board with the USB ports like there’s something restricting the gpu.

    99. Evil Potato

      "you look like you have a really big lunch" don't know why I laughed so much lol.

    100. Epic Ghost

      This guy would be a great puppet master as he can easily talk without moving his teeth