I Watched Deadpool 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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    Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: Deadpool 2 (33 New Details).
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    1. Samantha Silsby

      The coin is a reference to the arcade token that shows up in both deadpool films

    2. Mushu Drag

      3:28 Holy shit, did anyone notice how the juggernaut just magically changed directions mid air when he was thrown?

    3. This Is boring

      I feel like he watched another persons video and said that cause how would he remeber all the facts

    4. Burgoa

      Canadian Lad: This video is going to be PG seconds later: Deadpool is torn in half

    5. ShienXIII

      I don't get why the duct tape is worth mentioning. It was pretty obvious even on regular speed

    6. Sandra Lundgren

      It stod x force 115 not 116

    7. Andre Acevedo

      Attention to detail is a big reason people like the Deadpool movies. I imagine Ryan Reynolds has a lot to do with that.

    8. GamGam

      You forgot the bullet slicing scene reference

    9. Rivers Water

      i watched it at 1x speed and realized how much it sucks.... damn that chubby kid is the most annoying character.

    10. Angel Thomas

      do you think that Deadpools immortality is just for physical damage or can he survive the vacuum of space

    11. Dianne Black

      116 is my friends house number

    12. Raymond Champion

      And didn't know existed until I was five and I didn't know Canada existed until I was 7 yes I was that oblivious at age seven

    13. Raymond Champion

      Canada Oh Canada why can't I live there why the hell do you have somebody fucking Heroes and to my favorites but I barely ever knew were Canadian until like turn 10

    14. Sam_Sav

      Me:(sees 0.25X speed in 0.25X speed) Also me: ZA WAARRDOOOO

    15. De Koop

      Time index 7'00": isn't that the guy who played the clown "IT"?

    16. joshuagamer

      I'm surprised that you didn't mention that the sword scene with Cable was also referencing X-men Origins: Wolverine. The only difference is that he was actually able to block the bullets in XO: W

    17. Pikatsi

      8:03 isn’t that Bill Skarsgård the actor who played pennywise in it

    18. ZX99

      Goonies is my favourite movie so I to a lot of these

    19. Shashank Keshetty

      I think soul stone really deserves you for all the things you are doing in this channel brother😂

    20. Vysakh Vysu

      Oh man so much details 🤯😱

    21. paleo monster

      deadpool could've seen that there was nobody in front of him that could've shot the guy

    22. Luc Azrael Igot

      Other comments: (insert word here) HAS ME DEAD XD Me: so, are you a ghost?

    23. weaboo warrior

      bro it must have taken like 5 hours to finish this movie

    24. BossInAZ EnT.

      When they first fought juggernaut they had an Opera singing/chanting “Holy Shit Balls” while they were getting fucked up haha 😂

    25. Lance Washington


    26. itz._krar the gamer

      I wish i had domino luck

    27. Neo Thomas

      Do this with every Hollywood movie so you can see all the symbolism and programming

    28. Element_punk

      No clue why Stan Lee was featured beside creating the universe and being awesome. He didn't create Deadpool.

    29. shaun scott

      This is not a PG

    30. Jibele

      "Okay EVERY Marvel movie has a Stan Lee if not i will be so mad" Quote that.

    31. Hovan Tan

      I noticed everything, but I didn't watch x men all anything you mentioned, I only watched deadpool 1 and 2

    32. Andrey Casuga

      How you wacth that at that speed you could have an eye infection or whatever

    33. RubeeRoja

      Lovvvve how many easter eggs they packed into these movies. A fun ride from start to finish

    34. Main's Main

      Also the scene where he cuts the bullet in half with his katana is a reference to the scene in X-men Origins Wolverine where he does the same thing

    35. ared josh ramos

      I think you watched too much and knows too much... Deadpool wants to know your location.........

    36. Red Ankylo

      While talking about the Goonies Reference you totally missed The X-men Orgins reference!

    37. M.A.R.N .E


    38. Virginia Moses


    39. Reyli Oropeza

      Pg ha that's cute

    40. Alistair Addams

      Anyone who's called 'The ____ Joker' is instantly trash, and that's two for two on nasty pizza faces. Fucking cringe fest.

    41. Nitro Plays

      5:26 why do you say death scene I thought deadpool couldn’t die

    42. mcmanus family

      I'm thinking PG means Pretty Gory

    43. GohariJoules

      7:06 That looked like the same WALL BUT WITH TONY STARK IN IT IN SPIDER-MAN : FAR FROM HOME

    44. Prajeet

      Don’t think 0.25 speed was needed to notice a lot of that lol

    45. André Matos

      That 11 knob isn't just a reference, its just a normal amplifier knob

    46. Sandhya Bakare


    47. alireza hajian

      Did anyone noticed that he's using a dying light music in video background?

    48. 7MotH

      Kid is a Molten Rammus Skin from league of legends fuck it I said it...

    49. Midway Inn


    50. Vincent Booker

      I bet the cure for blindness was the continuity Stone. LOL it'd be just like Deadpool to hide an infinity stone inside a blind woman's apartment. 🤫

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    52. Randy Smith

      Amplifier: This goes to 11 My TV: I go to 40 On another note, the tokens in the opening i connected that to arcade tokens from when Wade and Vanessa went on their first "date".

    53. quejada kurt

      No one: Deadpool stabbing a person with a brick for no reason

    54. Jesse Owens

      Too much Canada for me. Take reynolds back please

    55. Sugginator93

      So, really nice video, but honestly you should really just take the tape thing off cuz we all knew that already 😂

    56. Sarahí PL

      My favorite part of any marvel movie is looking for Stan lee in the background

    57. Anna Walker

      this youtube channel is really sick i like the movies u find secrets for

    58. No clan Manny

      I thought Deadpool doesn’t die?

    59. Mike K

      So no one noticed matt damons hick partner is the pilot from firefly?

    60. Davision

      I quit... another great detention to detail

    61. dog shyt

      Even in the comics deadpool has always been a character tht realizes hes in a comic so yeh they do it on purpose in the movies

    62. Shivam Yadav

      1👍 for your hard work

    63. ThePrufessa

      Of course the camera is a part of the story he talks to it the entire movie.

    64. ThePrufessa

      You couldn't watch all half speed and see all this?

    65. Wolfer

      Another fact,when deadpool tells the steel guy to fight Juggernaut he spanks him and says "Go get him tiger" Which is a spiderman reference

    66. CallofProject Death14

      Should've included the following scene after "Give me your best shot one-eyes Willie" where he tried to slices every bullets, it's a reference to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in X-men Wolverine origins!

    67. Daniel O

      Deadpool never breaks the fourth wall. Never. He is actually talking to the writer of the movie. Happens in comics too. Hes not talking to you, he is talking to the maker. Fun fact

    68. Christopher Bohannon

      Did I miss a few scenes? I don't remember building bleach drinking or future man shop lifting, I literally watched the film an hour ago

    69. føxy and ßmurf

      It says 0.25 so i put 2x

    70. Starcloak Starside

      Amused. “This is gonna be Rated G.” *Immediately proceeds to show Juggernaut tear Deadpool in half.

    71. Cersion Gaming

      Another Easter egg that I don’t know if it is intentional or not but when colossus try’s to punch The Juggernaut his fist is grabbed and bent the same way it was grabbed and bent by a sentinel in xmen days of futures past .

    72. Cameron Collins

      If you watched it 0.25x speed that had to be a long movie

    73. NightsReign

      After reading through *far more comments* than I'd care to admit just to verify whether this had already been mentioned, and _most peculiar,_ it hasn't. The amount of effort expended obviously wasn't limited to simply watching these movies at 25%, that would only reveal visual references, cues, and gags. What's nagging at me though, *since the audio at 1/4 speed is basically unrecognizable,* I'm very curious how you tackle any audible Easter eggs. Do you have to separately listen to each scene, and also fully watch each scene at 0.25x, normal speed, and some combination? How many times does that mean, on average, that you've watched each movie to author these videos, *hundreds?!*

    74. Mr. Movie Mafia

      MAJOR EASTER EGG (Mr. Sinister): The evil orphanage/hospital that Russell comes from is called the “Essex” Foundation. Essex refers to the famous X-Men villain: Mr. Sinister. Sinister was teased at the end of “Apocalypse” and foreshadows “Logan” by stealing Wolverine’s blood to experiment on children (eventually making X-23). Sinister was going to make his full-on appearance in a New Mutants sequel, as hinted at by the evil hospital, as well as a line in Logan saying “there are no new mutants.” Sadly, we aren’t ever going to reach that point in the story but it would’ve been interesting seeing how much hinting they had been doing.

    75. MikeZombieGamin

      You shoulda mentioned when Deadpool says "Sweep the leg Johnny" a reference to Karate Kid 😎

    76. Freli Ndayishimiye

      Umm... oh okay😂

    77. Lucas Ripley

      When Deadpool cuts the bullet in half did you forget in the movie X-men origins Ryan Reynolds character did the same thing when they walked in the building out of the elevator

    78. Melissa Hoffman

      When he blows himself up he flips the camera off

    79. Born To Innovate

      You missed a detail: At the final fight when Deadpool says I'm gonna fight them with a brick,he is actually quoting Rocket in Infinity War when he says "are we gonna fight thanos with a brick." at nidavellir

    80. Dragon Slayer

      This is what you call Fans..

    81. It's Qwertyz Gaming

      Why you slowing the slow motion scene bruhhh

    82. Neo

      Well damn and goonies lol

    83. Rayan

      What is the name of the comic in which the girl enters the comic world to meet her bf

    84. Dream’s Clone

      There was also a scene where Juggernaut came out of the fountain in the end where Deadpool and everyone were leaving

    85. Gregory Wright

      Fun fact for folks that don’t know but I found out that when all his folks were dying after jumping out of the plane that was because of his chaos sense aka like Spider-Man’s but sense he is a mock to death chaos is brought up were ever Deadpool is like bad luck. Or a walking final destination shrine. That’s also why the one lady didn’t die because she actually counters his power she is the ying to his yang it’s also why no one died going to the end. Whiles if she wasn’t there it would of ended in a more nasty end.

    86. david fowler

      Deadpool 2 could of been great

    87. poet99999

      Will it be ironic if I watch this video in 1.5 speed

    88. Sup G

      3:04 That was a good observation and you are right but there’s something else you could’ve added on the ninth through all the pictures also represent the first movie how he had a ball hanging up with a thumbtack any threw the knife had him every time each one died so yes his planning for domino was that she was going to stay alive and she did

    89. Edward Villa

      I never would have looked this up if not for quarantine.

    90. Leevi_Is_Great For real

      Nice that you spent around 7-9 hours watching same movie as you said on title.

    91. Skully DF

      Hey guys i watched this video in 0.25 speed

    92. Isaiah Reed

      Uhh i just realized when juggernaut and russel were walking into the orphanage russel said y do u wrre that helmet he said my brother always read my mind but he is in a wheelchair now so even-steven so his brother was Xavior

    93. Meliodas Playz

      You missed at 29, when he was cutting bullets with his sword and last one in slow motion..it was a reference to deadpool from x men origins (2009)

    94. Nacho Nuñes

      the tokens are from him and vanessa’s date from the first movie. not john wick.

    95. Shu ϟ

      So it took you 4x longer to watch?

    96. Bridget Sedgwick

      This was great! I'm going to rewatch Deadpool today and look for all the little eggs!😉😁

    97. zayden west

      Or maybe he realized because blood flew past his head LMAO

    98. JuanTwoThree Jr.

      When Deadpool is being shot by cable at around 7:37 you can see he is bleeding from the back but when they show the front side there are no bullet holes

    99. Lilliam Pumpernickel

      Deadpool and bricc

    100. Hobby Bugs

      Ive never watched this at normal speed-- then again time is relative