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    I went on the AUSTIN SHOW to find love! Reminder that it's just a show and nothing serious heehheeheheh
    STREAMED LIVE ON TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq
    THANKS TO RAJJ: www.twitch.tv/rajjpatel
    DISCORD: discord.gg/quackity
    TWITTER: Quackity
    TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq
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    1. QuackiTwo

      I went on the Rajjchelor to find love! Reminder that it's just a show and nothing serious heehheeheheh follow me on twitch: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq

      1. Andreina Guerra

        Did u just hear ur own comment

      2. Mindy Yates


      3. Jail boi

        @•.danielle bosque.• maj mj

      4. W4YT0G0

        Not allll of them

      5. do u know de way


    2. Animate YT

      I think we can all agree with *F**k minx*

    3. Ayame

      I REALLY feel like when people say "I'll die for you." they don't really mean it...like if you say those words to someone with MEANING, then it would seem like you care about them but in an actual situation, I feel like most people won't do it because as humans, we're afraid of death. (I like Minx's answer on the corona one. I would feel the same.)

    4. Lilly Smith

      i love that kacey is just smoking

    5. Ginny Lovegood

      I'm so happy i wasn't there because... My tweets: Praise Bingus

    6. Tatiana M

      13:22 YEAH RIGHT

    7. found

      When they realise his name is Alex it’s joaquin pablo emilio gaviria pedro

    8. xxtanvir_ovixx


    9. Mia Willingham

      How is 5’7 tall lol

    10. Flora_Judith

      Why do I want him to react to EddieVR (Mexican fnaf dude)

    11. ohSteven JR Real Drip JR

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    12. Jubilee

      that subtle australian joke by turning sleppy upside down

    13. Angela Sumitra

      This shouldnt be called love or host it should be called "Men and Women being Akward"

    14. Red_:] leaf

      Sunflower sucks

    15. Carmen Rodriguez

      Sunflower the whole show 😃

    16. That1AnimeKid

      “Yo quiero hablar con tu mamá”

    17. SirGuardian

      EleeMoon legit just turned from Doppio into Diavolo

    18. Charlotte Luxton

      Minx, f u. She's a karen

    19. Crunchy Soda

      What were quackity and schlatt alking about last night😏

    20. Rusher

      They definitely all picked host calling ut right now

    21. Nicster Life

      Are you sure that this in not housewife’s??

    22. Sergio Jiménez

      Look at minxes screen at 13:10

    23. UPB josh

      "Your daughter is on a dating show with this guy named Alex" "Hi, what's your name?" I facepalmed and then laughed

    24. ja boy sjons

      If I'm honest, I would have made SO much other choices I would Eliminate minx for sure and candy land the others I would've to think more about

    25. Lea Beaulieu

      that french canadian mom was so sexy ALLO ALEX in the most québequoi i've ever heard lmao

    26. Beans Are Life

      How was the date?

    27. Spedy E

      4.9 inches

    28. Dymore

      Why is your setup in a kitchen.

    29. Ifear__


    30. ffion

      does anyone else hate KandyLand

    31. Restless Bear

      Kandyland almost always chooses host and is just so bad at faking it lmao

    32. LOVINI

      Sunflower well done🌻

    33. Yahya Hassan


    34. Coolbombnarti

      i would definetly date minx she makes me laugh every love of host

    35. Ethin Gainey

      Quackity went STALKER at the beginning

    36. MCPE Let's Play

      No one: Alli in the captions: I’m 41

    37. Astrantic


    38. NaknikIl3

      women am i right

    39. Neo#OofGang !

      I lost it at 4.9 inches

    40. Jochen Becker

      Quackipee have a small Peep

    41. Yadhu Krishna

      4'9 INCHES?!?! Are you flippin kiddin me I'm a kid and I'm 5 feet dude.

    42. guardian of the toasters

      If quackity was really serious he will change his form to mexican dream then all 10 of them would fall one by one

    43. huzair atambil

      Kandy land is using marzia's dating powers

    44. bunny love

      9:25 the date I would take him on if I was in the show is we just playing mincraft and joining people's worlds and destroying all they're hard work with TNT >:3

    45. Emine Saliu

      Why did i smile so hard😂

    46. Uni's acc

      if he picked minx i would never forgive quakity

    47. Splash_ Falcon

      8:58 wow just wow

    48. Arya Satya

      it's pretty ironic considering minx won the next one

    49. -_-Bxbby - doll-_-


    50. Domk4 Pw

      I would've never guessed somebody would go to Lithuania for a date , damn

    51. Kesha Moon 2.0

      BRUUHHHH I'm surprised that almost everyone choose love, damnn

    52. goda stabrauskaite

      yes big Q go to Lithuania.

    53. Porshé

      He looks so calm, compared to the resent Love or Host.

    54. Alexter Amos

      The hurt hemp bizarrely clear because reason acly live following a burly security. hissing, disagreeable multi-hop

    55. kitty -

      Minx sounds just like Jacklyn when she turns into Heidi from Igor💀😭

    56. SneakDremurr

      What the fuck alex EPIC! KISSING AND DYING TOGETHER

    57. Purification

      damn its been 9 months sense this video came out damn.....

    58. Ilike Sherbert

      Kandy land gave me gross vibes. I really didn’t like it.

    59. Anna Yugay

      Damn. imagine socializing with ten ppl at a time. i could never

      1. RAY ZEAN

        Yeah like how they get this much confidence?

    60. SquiSqai

      Being named alex makes me so confused

    61. cosima

      Me and Minx have the same thought process-

    62. cosima

      I was waiting for Kandyland to get out

    63. kate mcnulty

      i love emily sm

    64. Bobi Belchov

      I dunno where is carl

    65. Corina Sernick

      We have a gun lover here Go FuLl AmEriCan

    66. estebanlazy

      That outro tho

    67. Gabby Online

      Tis show is so much better when Quackity's on it!!

    68. dannyboy


    69. Mymm2gameplayisthis

      He picked out all the hot girls ;-;

    70. Mymm2gameplayisthis


    71. MelonFishh

      quackity went above and beyond for this video bruh sTALkiNG PEOplES TWItteR

    72. Mymm2gameplayisthis

      He makes it short which makes it so good so I don’t have to watch 3hrs of boring shit lol

    73. Mymm2gameplayisthis

      Quackery makes it entertaining

    74. mayuphoria

      kacey giving me ayesha erotica vibes i love her

    75. Cal Owen

      I’m sorry but that bit** who said that corona was just the floo pissed me off. Anyone els ??

    76. panda

      some of em are so mean wth

    77. kezz Bee

      the bottom one on the first row looks like my head of year and i think she is#

    78. Kind Zombie

      “It’s just a little flu” that aged well

    79. Baking with Trouble

      Is it just me or does minx look like Victoria from victorious

    80. xoxo Kiera

      minx HAHAFA

    81. Khaotic Vanpotato

      I would have chose sleppyy

    82. nakiij

      He really calling them out 😂 😂😂

    83. Dark

      Who else thinks tommyinnit should totally do this

    84. DF Bass Covers

      "I think Minx-" Minx: What the fuck?

    85. Jared

      Minx is a clout chaser -Jared was here

    86. CallMeAuggie

      I think minx is straight... But like... Can someone set us up- 👉👈 (I’m kidding obviously... but like-)

    87. Madden Ware

      minx cracks me up

    88. aalamayaa

      i didn’t like minx

    89. thanosgodofpurp_ _lolxDjailbreak

      Kaceytron be puffin when no one is watching

    90. VRS3

      Quality is way better than George at this

    91. not toxic

      this is how you get a gurl 22:51

    92. Froggy Boi

      only 3 people chose host quackitys cracked at dating my guy

    93. Sprefa Mefa

      So everyone is going to ignore that QUINCY is cam girl? And that she wasn't kicked at first?

      1. Artistically

        I don't see how it matters lol

      2. THE REBORN

        Right there with you

    94. VeloWyd


    95. Matviy Petrashko

      quackity is younger then half the ppl on this show

    96. xephyr

      minx : wha the fuh

    97. ilissa m

      Why are they being so mean to minx 😭😭😭

    98. im not james Charles im charlesgaming basco

      Im wondering what happened to all this guys that had a date with theses womens im wondering that the womens will go crazy and fuck these guys until there dicks are bleeding