Ice Cream Man


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    Smoothie Madness Full Ep:
    Ice Cream Man book (by Dax Flame):
    Nick Lutsko (Outro Song):
    Brett Benowitz: brettbenowitz
    @Uncle Dane - cameraman and editor
    @SoundSmith - sound editing and Smoothie Madness theme
    @Yahiamice - Smoothie Madness graphics
    Ben Zimmer - 2nd cameraman and lore-apprentice ( bentozeee)
    Huge thanks to:
    @Smosh Pit - @Courtney Miller - @AnthonyPadilla - @TayZonday - @jacksfilms - @William Osman
    Michael Aranda - Dax Flame Bo Burnham Interview
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    This video is about Daxflame. He is known for his role in 21 Jump Street, Project X, and his HUfast channel. He has written and published two books. He’s an actor, writer, comedian, and a cool dude.

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    1. Joerogansdmtpipe

      This is insane ! I was always wondering what happened to Dax flame

    2. Evan Alexander

      the game show really had me anxious the whole time 😬

    3. Alex Pargulski

      Smoothie Madness would be a legit dope kids game show

    4. m

      he needs to get together with andrew hales and cherdleys. holy shit.

    5. Club Sandwich

      Ian love this video so much, put it on last night and put me straight to sleep!

    6. Hoganis Hero

      He said if he doesn’t have one million subs by end of 2021 he’ll delete his channel

    7. gstyczen

      That was a joy to watch, thank you!

    8. NotCalvxn

      thank you for my grade 7 documentary work

    9. Bruh Man

      The game show was painful to watch

    10. areyto paredes-akimoto

      changed his whole life

    11. Chance McKinley

      This guy is awesome he should post on HUfast again I’d watch his content he’s funny

    12. TigOlBitties0000

      “I lost the time again, mistah vale”

    13. Zakumei

      i really wanted one of those shirts but im fat as a reddit user and y'all only go to XL. Even if i was the right BMI for my height id still wear a 2XL cause i got a thicc fuckin trunk.

    14. TonyLaGhost

      To see a man I had no idea about be so close to everything I like is so interesting, props to Dax. This era of the mans career was an oversight during my time on HUfast... I was more Ray William or others but i am glad I’m able to see Idubbz prime unfold and I hope to see his career flourish for as long as the platform remains. As much as I doubt the platform will stay true, as it’s lost some of its art, I hope it does.. we will see. Great vid as always.

    15. Sarblade

      "y'all like Minecraft" at 20:54 fucking killed me

    16. Fredo Alvarado

      So mad I saw this too late to get a fucking shirt

    17. Thineus Thaddeus

      “ Only thing doesn’t seem like he’s into *smoothies* ” oh my god I am dead. This is so good

    18. Fashd Dhshd

      Fook yah he was in 21 jump street. Favorite youtuber favorite movie

    19. Aldo Ribeiro


    20. Spencer Marfy

      Pre-COVID :(

    21. Sam Haugen

      "The only thing is it doesn't seem like he's into smoothies."

    22. Ivan Nygård Ussing

      he's basically the joker

    23. Nobody Important

      “It’s pretty beautiful here, make sure you take lots of photos!” “I’ve been here like, 20 times.” “Oh, okay heh

    24. AliceDee25

      I wonder if Kyle from good neighbor stuff based his interview character off of Dax flame. They're very similar

    25. Róbert Tóth

      I think Dax is the most out of character person that you can meet. This is why people feel unconfortable when around him, because they simply can't "read" his "character" and align themselves in a conversation. The moment you're not alone, you put on a mask, when you talk to someone you're playing a character whether you admit it or not. Others do the same, and this is where Dax differs. He just doesn't care about protocols as most of us out there. He behaves the same way around you, as he would, when he's on his own.

    26. GoHardMang

      21:00 "Ya'll like minecraft" LOL

    27. Brian Chartrand

      Fuckkkkk I’m sorry but it’s so hard to watch, but that’s what makes so hilarious.

    28. bananaChum12

      Oh god, i get nervous by proxy just watching this

    29. Alec Mancu

      He is the real life joker

    30. Aaron Gibbs

      Dax is a savage.

    31. Jaxi

      "Does anybody want to ask me what I like in smoothies?" "What do you like in smoothies?" "mangos :).... and bananas, and everything else we have :~1 :)"

    32. Spoon Man

      "thanks for tuning in next week, we'll see you next week"

    33. Spoon Man

      the weirdest thing ive watched in a while.

    34. Purple Dot



      dude is like real life cherdleys

    36. Edwin Reyes

      iDubbbz is a nation treasure

    37. loloioi

      Dax has always been amazing. He's very creative. Honestly, Dax sometimes reminds me of Tommy Wiseau and The Room. He's freaking hilarious. He has potential to do many great things. I hope that some positive opportunities can come about for Dax.

    38. Sean Morgan

      I admire Dax

    39. person

      6:24 the moment idubbbz realized how boring Maddison is

    40. James Hollon

      She embody know how Brett’s doing? He get any acting jobs since?

    41. Roy Crane

      I like the game shoe I want to see more

    42. Carver6661313

      that was painful to watch, and if you hate your job that much you want to get fired quit. they don't have to pay severance py if they can show you were acting against the company so he'd lose that anyway

    43. Keir Gowers

      He reminds of Richard from Silicon Valley

    44. rico

      Uncle daaaaaannmmmm

    45. Eddie Whitley

      This is good HUfast content.

    46. John Stewart

      Idubbbz tracking down youtube memes and interviewing them has to be my favorite new youtube theme. Welcome back, Ian. We missed you.

    47. Owen Ant

      The gameshow is lowkey good it just needs to be rehearsed a little

    48. J.T.

      Y ' A L L L I K E M I N E C R A F T

    49. Level420

      Something about the guy has a Terry A Davis vibe

    50. LoFi Riven

      I would totally watch this game show more

    51. ThatGoofyDino

      I’m proud to say previous to watching this I have seen every Dax Flame video lol

    52. Hax

      *_> yall watch youtube_*

    53. Victor Romano

      okay so when’s the idubbbzTV documentary coming out

    54. Termin8er2001

      He’s my twin except for the talent

    55. Angel Wallace


    56. Zane Bartosz

      Idk why this has less views then full force this ones so intriguing

    57. Handsome Gunner

      *sets timer for 60 seconds* “Are you ready or do you need more time”

    58. Aquatta Domdren

      Michael Scott, we found your son. (I should've waited another 5 seconds, when you made the reference lmao)

    59. Mr. Nameless


    60. Mr. Nameless

      21:00 ya’ll like Minecraft?

    61. Victor Lima

      Brett wtf are those ingredient picks my guy

    62. Witch's Brew Views

      I totally understand why they asked him for roles because of how there's something about him he's polarizing but yet awkwardly nice but it's not a bad akward.

    63. PF Films

      7:59 LMAOOOOO

    64. Billy Mercury

      I wanna see these yearly documentaries of influential YTers. Like AVGN

    65. Oliwier. D

      I just love this scene with Dane.

    66. Barrios Groupie

      Better than many Netflix documentaries

    67. ACEGaming

      The thing I love about iDubbbz is that he genuinely loves the platform he’s on. His channel a lot of times is about the HUfast platform itself. I find myself learning a lot about youtube and youtubers I never really watch.

    68. Lewis Housden

      I really want more game shows from them

    69. Radu Paulisan

      Oh my fucking God the scenes on the street were brutal. It's literally painful to watch and I'm having to do it in short bursts.

    70. Theheartlessman Neveragain

      iSubzzz is an ass hole and he know it. All thou he makes funny videos.

    71. Noah Appel

      @45:57 You are in second place. LOLZ.

    72. Bill Does Stuff

      I love that bit about maturity, hahaha. Such a funny interaction, in a way that's kind of hard to describe. Lol. I think it's your reactions, coupled with his awkwardness.

    73. William LaCasse

      i hope brett and letty are doing well

    74. Ogre Orgies

      airsoftfatty would say this cringe went full force. If I had been on that game show I would've had to taken at least 3 cold showers after.

    75. Henry Walke

      Props to the chad who agreed to do a random game show off the street from a partial stranger from out of no where and had a cool spirit about the whole thing

    76. Nathaniel Lim

      this man feels like a shenmue character

    77. Sm0keyR0bin

      I understand this man

    78. Yoot Dem

      People will study dax for centuries. The new era of entertainment. Nice people enjoying themselves

    79. GamingBrains

      It 12 am. I don't know why I'm watching this

    80. Polymorph

      This guy has ADHD and it really shows. The weird jumps between topics, the unusual face/body movements, weird obsessions, it's all symptoms of it.

    81. Dragotic

      Brett reminds me of Lil Dicky lmfao like his twin or something 😂😂

    82. Jaco De Welzim

      Holy shit, what a legend. 😂👍🏻👌🏼

    83. Nico Thornburgh

      this guy is kyle mooney 18:14

    84. George Mitchell

      The gameshow is great, I think with a script for dax to feel more natural and not get lost up in lines and it'd be amazing, like a proper detailed host script and shit

      1. George Mitchell

        And each episode just more and more complicated blenders

    85. George Mitchell

      Usually people watch HUfast while they shit but this was so uncomfortable I had to change it (I love it though)

    86. Aayan Malik

      rip brett....

    87. thomas davis

      Do one on review brah lol report of the week or whatever it is

    88. Daylond Meyer

      I think I have a mild case of what he has

    89. Celal Kilic

      Next document gypsy crusader

    90. TherealElonMusk


    91. Jokūbas Vitkaitis

      Sofia is a fool for not picking this exquisite fellow for a life partner.

    92. Paul Siapin

      Ah I miss the times where in LA you didn’t have to wear masks everywhere you go

    93. SenyorGrim

      brilliant Ian, loving these videos and well worth the wait to see more. the production value is spot on

    94. ThaCHUBBmonster

      This is too underrated

    95. Khail

      Dies Ian have a "Big NUt" pin on his jean jacket lmao

    96. Leon M

      Dude that was super interesting and made me feel weird af

    97. Joey Olsson

      peep the casually explained mug in willy's kitchen

    98. Levelmake

      Full Force and Ice Cream Man are two of the best HUfast documentaries or videos I’ve ever seen.

    99. FiN

      hey look. it's kyle mooney