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    idubbbz responds to being called a simp not epic
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    1. Npc I'm knot

      Hi, so I'm from the future.. the future for onlyfans has been grime.. due to the pandemic, girls have flocked to make easy money on onlyfans.. however.. now with an over saturation.. (over a million 'creators'), its near impossible to make any money on there when you are competing with 'celebrities' 'porn stars' social media influencers'. Look for different venue.. maybe real prostitution?

    2. blaz r


    3. TikTok Tokyo

      Idubbz roasted ricegum now the tables have turned

    4. Aiden Gauthier

      I find it funny how this was the drama we were all concerned about before. Now it's all pedo accusations and serious shit.

    5. James Wheeler

      I genuinely respect Ian more since his response 👌

    6. Zoe Inkerman

      I wonder how PewDiePie would react if Marzia made an onlyfans

      1. Zoe Inkerman

        @Sanghi Goku ok boomer

      2. Sanghi Goku

        No matter how would he react, i think his audience like you and me shouldn't be concerned. It's his personal life

    7. Walter Chemics

      the funny thing is, idubbbz becoming a simp actually brought leafy back

    8. street urchin

      poppy ive missed u!

    9. Pedro

      If I were to see just a glint of l*wd, I would be internally dying. "One shudders to imagine what inhuman things are in OnlyFans and R34." "What dreams of chronical cruelty?"

    10. Tiger Gaming

      The tana video of content cop was comedy gold

    11. TUNA MCPE


    12. Franciscop98

      I know this is months old, but Pewd's just makes solid after solid arguments and takes! It's amazing how level headed he is

    13. Jessica Mensink

      no way youtube put an ad on THIS video

    14. Geonite

      I enjoy your content a lot but it is very different to your content. You are based, while idubbz seems like a prick to me.

    15. TopROTFL

      dude u know you like own the internet if you told everyone doge meme was cool again they would suddenly all posta doge memes it doesnt matter

    16. Cyber Six Moon Clouds

      "Why do you care?" Famous people are famous because people care about them..duh

    17. Village Co

      I dubbz for sure watches school shooting videos and says the n word when no ones around.

    18. dRb


      1. Hollywood Trees

        ok yes and?

    19. Calmer573

      the sound you use for editing out the cursing is horrendous,.. just mute it , or jump cut over it.. but the loud annoying sound is not good. just my opinion of course.

    20. Red Chan

      I just want Kickstarter crap videos.

    21. aeoey 52

      She’s not even cute tho

      1. aeoey 52

        @Nick P so what?

      2. Nick P


    22. Saltynuggets 123

      How idubbz fell from grace

    23. Richard Lusk

      People don’t wanna support a simp that’s why it matters. If I watch him or but his merch he’ll just blow it on some e girl

    24. Lil Zerkov

      Ppl calling a simp is an example that ppl use new terms without using their brain but well the term simp is just replacing cuck at this point

    25. Ghost R.

      saying Simp is more family-friendly than saying cuck

    26. E eee

      He can’t be a simp he’s gay

    27. jencen blanco

      The argument is idubz(ned flanders) being a hypocrite. Not all about being a simp.

      1. Hollywood Trees

        he never betrayed you lmao

    28. YinMajora

      Holy crap this was 2020? I know its a meme like "2020 feels like 10 years haha" or "when they teach 2020 in history class 100 years from now there's going to be 3 different textbooks just for this 1 year looool" but seeing that this video/drama was in March of this year when it feels like 3 or 4 years old at this point is actually startling.

    29. Max Diesing

      Pewdiepie always coming in to shed some logic on our low IQ world

    30. Mike Jones

      I don't understand how his girl having a onlyfans makes him a Simp. Sounds pretty dumb to me.


      how is IDubbbz a simp when he was a part of Filthy frank's videos

    32. Tyrell Wellick

      Wouldn't something like "cuck" be the correct term?

    33. Tom Harding

      poppy back

    34. Donnie V.

      The real question he needs to ask himself is at what point does someone become a whore? Also if they do have children in the future how will naked internet pics of their mom effect them? God bless

    35. Drawingwhatever

      poppy Gloria resurrection here

    36. pay for the box

      does pewdiepie know that ian has been getting called a gay retard since 2015

    37. Legends501 Pat

      So many bleeps my God. Sive sure got fed after this video lol

    38. Autumn Eller

      Poor ian

    39. Jorina Jenkins

      9:50 very problematic opinion there. I liked you before but this is just ew. I don't know how you could say that.

      1. Casper Malmborg

        lol bye

    40. Drew Kirner

      I think the word Pewds is looking for is "incel"

    41. Sarthak noob

      where is the content cop intro

    42. Rares Voicila

      The word simp is so misused and stupid that destroys people’s lives... this needs to stop, the word simp is literally useless and causes nothing good

      1. Rares Voicila

        @Jordan Vega just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to anyone else

      2. Jordan Vega

        @Rares Voicila clearly you lack brain power and self awareness to see how stupid your original comment sounds you’re letting a skewed perspective of life dictate how you see the word simp

      3. Rares Voicila

        @Jordan Vega You clearly have not experienced much in life... And using the word cringe that much makes you cringe

      4. Jordan Vega

        The word is stupid but it doesn’t destroy lives you’re kinda cringe to view it like that and not like a stupid meaningless word that people find cringe

    43. 00h37

      Lol is that so bad not to be *above* a woman there is the us ? Really internet is weird in those subjects...

    44. Paul Larson

      Idu content

    45. Satoshi Soma

      Pewdie and idubbz sure do project on the audience alot, ONE THING TO LEARN FROM ALL THIS, ALL FANDOMS ARE TOXIC FIND YOUR OWN IDENDITY.

    46. Nate Swinconos

      why is pewds wearing a us air force fleece?

    47. Erik Anderson

      im pretty sure ian doesnt give a shit either way basically and the video was more about putting out there they made the onlyfans.. lol

    48. Kristain Solimine

      You know it's bad when the king of HUfast does a Content cop on you

    49. x Intoxxicated x

      Why have I never seen this

    50. Montezuma._.Armond

      it is quite funny thatthe guy whi made the pros and cons vid is the same guy that tried to say a kid doing over sexualized asmr is ok

    51. Eldin Nukic

      6:37 onward. Dude is sniffing his fingers.

      1. Nick P

        hes playing with his moustache dummy

    52. Wisher playz

      Pewdiepie u sound like a news man person with does smart words

    53. BigBossIsBack

      Pewds actually called him out without calling him out. Nicely done

    54. supertev

      wow even PewDiePie is a Vulture lately... Like the Viking of Vultures... Hate Sells... What a shame.

      1. supertev

        @Freddy Fuentes lol.

      2. Freddy Fuentes

        @supertev still 7 months ago people change

      3. supertev

        @Freddy Fuentes still very vulture like..

      4. Freddy Fuentes

        This was 7 months ago lol

    55. Mahim Da MadLad

      S I M P .

    56. J


    57. Crypted yt

      *Corona virus*

    58. J o n a t h a n

      idubbbz should make a content cop on himself.

    59. Meena Mathew

      pewds view was biasied

    60. Chum Abdulla

      Pew News go byebye. What went wrong??

    61. Gabe Becerra

      idubbz is simp...... why are we still here, just to suffer.

    62. Stanko Aksentijević

      Hey guys, Ricardo here. Indeed, she does not shoot fireworks down there. Cheers!

    63. Jotaro Kujo

      PewDiePie ends racism

    64. N A


    65. Moon Dawg

      It is a slutty thing to do no matter how you twist and turn

    66. xXIChopIXx Jr.

      Fuckin thx u

    67. Follow another haynade

      I don’t think Ian really cares

    68. MrGreen

      iDubbbz must be Sive's worst enemy because of all the censoring.

    69. Cary Petree

      Unpopular opinion: idubbz is actually a chad because he’s getting money from simps.

    70. Sathvik Allamsetty

      Plot Twist : Felix Started his own Onlyfans account!

      1. Le Cheese

        I would simp

    71. Torennto Sukotto Bātonn

      I think it’s more of a moral/personal thing. I was in the same situation with my girlfriend and it personally hurt me because it felt like I was sharing someone whom I loved dearly and wanted to spend the rest of my life with, with other guys. It all depends on where your loyalties lie.

    72. Oliver Gaar

      This was 7 months ago?????

    73. Chilly Breeze

      it actually did bring leafy back.. *then he got banned*

    74. Faith Frazier

      Idubbbz Has said the N ward in his videos more times than I can count

    75. Cody Wellman

      i didn't even know who felix was before idubbbz. I am subbed to pewdiepie now because of his sacrifice

      1. Cody Wellman

        PewDiePie & Idubbbz

    76. Elstonn Gunn

      2:24 wow boy were they wrong

    77. Drew Fasthoff

      I would argue that Ian's fan base is more likely to be mostly edgy teenagers who may not have strong affiliations with either party yet rather than mostly conservatives. I'm a conservative and I love his stuff, but most people around me don't really like him, they think he's too harsh with his wording or over the top, and it should be noted that I live in one of the most conservative parts of the US.

      1. Drew Fasthoff

        @Horacio Barrios Thats a Good point, I was mainly just speculating

      2. Horacio Barrios

        Meh, he said conservative views on relationships, I don't think he was referring to conservative views on everything, as implying Idubbbz fans are right wing

    78. PJ Nielson

      Low key miss Pew News

    79. shet

      He doesn’t address the criticism in a good way and people are being upset because he’s a massive hypocrite and in denial. I’m saying this because I have no idea what side you are on.

    80. angreist_ f0x

      2:29 little did he know

    81. Atahar Kaif

      Why did he stopped doing PewNews?!

    82. Crilp Gaming

      God damn, i hate when people take a meme to far. Idubbbz did nothing wrong

    83. Life of Mina

      well a man cant control a womans financial decisions unless he provides for her instead. so if idubbz took care of his girl perhaps she wouldn't be half-naked on the internet. tho he doesn't seem to mind so there's no issue, they are just independently living parallel lives together, its more that type of relationship

      1. Nick P

        thats a rather silly hot take

    84. JuJu Animations

      I find it sad that people called Ian a simp when he didn't fit the definition.

    85. Black Mullet

      bring leafy back

      1. C1oud

        While Leafy shouldn't have been banned for the reason he was no don't ask for leafy back, he should not be back. Leafy isnt filthy frank or idubbbz, leafy makes low tier trash content.

    86. Aman kodimela

      I'm going to subscribe to idubbz

    87. Saadhana S

      Petition to bring Pew News and Poppy Gloria back

    88. QIs

      you knew its bad when poppy gloria comes up

    89. D Scuba

      Shes just using him for popularity, hes a simp

    90. David Parkening

      I love when you do Pew News!

    91. pokemon boi

      this monotized go pew get dat ad revanewe

    92. pokemon boi

      this quality content

    93. pafk


    94. DAN DNA

      Why does idubbbz fart so much?

    95. Mystery nerd


    96. Jake Jr

      and more

    97. Amelia Sánchez

      I really hate how Idubzz singled out a fan of his content and basically called him an idiot. He insulted his own content and by default insulted all of his audience.

    98. The Minion

      His fans kinda care 'cuz they are afraid she'll just end up making him look bad, or worse kinda wish idubbz just dumped her

    99. Cranberry Juice

      Ian has attracted so many uneducated conservatives(not saying all conservatives are uneducated) that dont believe in LGBTQ+ or women's rights,that seeing him support that turns then against him. But I'm being truthful, this was Ian's fault. He put on such a edgy persona, that when he breaks character, people turn on him.