Internet Money - Lemonade ft. Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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    Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Internet Money - Lemonade feat. Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav (Official Music Video)
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Nick Mira, Alec Wigdahl, Etrou, Pharaoh Vice & Taz Taylor
    Dir. of Photography - Taylor Randall
    VFX - Scissor Films
    Steadicam by Xavier Thompson
    Lighting Design - Ronnie Gotch & 7th Light Ent.
    Production Design - Fusina Designs
    Executive Producer - Sal Tarantino
    Associate Producer: Jake Millan
    Producer - Jay Tauzin & Krista Worby
    Executive Producer - Sal Tarantino
    1st AC: Billy Briggs
    2nd AC: Cole Brewer
    AD: Keilon Thompson
    Commissioner: Samuel Cohen & Travis Bailey
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    Don Toliver Socials:
    Gunna Socials:
    Nav Socials:
    http// beatsbynav


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    LENNY ~ a hidden character representing happiness & good energy

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    1. JustSam

      Who’s still listening to this in 2021 🔊🔥

    2. Matthew Gant


    3. Matthew Gant


    4. Rayj 7055

      I like this song more then other songs


      who still here 2021

    6. minecraft_slayer887 p

      2:03 look at his hat lmao


      so we just not gonna talk about Cole Bennett’s Lung capacity😂💀

    8. Godly YT

      U more popular than dream and mrbeast

    9. Darryl Smith

      Come on guys it's 2021 isn't gold face being racist

    10. Angel de los santos

      The only bad thing about this song is that it ends

    11. USK eclipce

      This song is to good

    12. Juvenal Legrand


    13. Ruben Luca

      cole bennett is genius

    14. Sofia Davis

      Hey hey of the juice!

    15. Marc Martinez


    16. 2.0 ACE

      When i first heard this song i thought this was melly singing

    17. Bryan Rios

      What did Gunna say?😂😂

    18. WatKiNs 16

      Aaaaaaaaaa! 🔥

    19. LUNA

      I will forever love this video.

    20. Young Ruun

    21. xn_qit

      La letra de esta cancion es todo lo contrario a lo que me imaginaba

    22. Rafa Goncalves


    23. Isaac Olmscheid

      who in school

    24. Tito Gantz

      ㅤ ㅤ

    25. ByAndrexX_12

      This son have copyright?

    26. SanguiSamurai

      1:48 Woops, I seemed have dropped a timestamp. Could you click it real quick?

    27. Ateş Sağır

      Nice song

    28. RandomAlex

      This kinda give me Travis Scott vibe

    29. Not Preston

      I cant believe this was almost 6 months ago

    30. Aditya Singh

      Love from India ♥️

    31. Stacy Purnell

      This song makes me happy!

    32. MaThyItches Gaming

    33. Afeef Roshanali

      Dang the rapping is lit 😘❤❤ Love you don Edit: the rapping is me in the shower😂😃

    34. 2hype forlife

      Lit song 🔥🔥

    35. Cornelius Hjertén Norman

      Anyone else notice LENNY

    36. Llusion Glory

      i like this song so much bruh

      1. Afeef Roshanali


    37. Chicken Mcnuggets

      Song is stolen lmao search up “lemonade” by jozzy it was made a year ago

      1. Chicken Mcnuggets

        @Afeef Roshanali yea it is search it up the original was made a year ago goofy

      2. Afeef Roshanali

        No it not

    38. XXgamerXX Legend


    39. Azaya Medina

      don toliver underrated asf

    40. Lâzy Potatø

      Mrs Puff is proud of spongebob

    41. Daniel Ntwiga

      🙊 Oops thought that was Chris Breezy 😂😂

    42. Savannah Heller

      Love this song always have it on replay when I listen to it. I get so hyped when it comes on

    43. Clark Raydark

      Check My Profile Im From Mozambique 🇲🇿

    44. Trenton Flowers

      ok ok ok boy good

    45. w3stern

      here before 100m views

    46. Plazma K1ng

      I feel bad for the fish

    47. Bernardo Guimarães

      Brasil 🇧🇷 love you

    48. Ortega Ortega


    49. Malachi Olivo


    50. ap ro

      That can't be good for the goldfish

    51. ap ro

      ע ע

    52. James Bond


    53. هاجر ناصر البلوشية

      Yo this song gonnna hit 100 mil in short time :) congrats

    54. A Team

      so am i the only one that thought ynwmelly sang the hook?

    55. Savon

      Whats with the Copyright ? Can i ist zur Song?

    56. THE

      The camera man is on point lets just call him scuba steve

    57. Thabizolo Msimango


    58. Jose-the-pube

      I came here from that Asian dude that remade this song lmao.

    59. Trenton Dodson

      I love this

    60. EBFZM

      Dude soma said is the best song ever

    61. Destroy

      Don Toliver made this song sooooooo goooooood

    62. Sebiq


    63. MaceMusic

      1st verse brought this song back to life

    64. Jeffy Kelvin

      This song is a vibe 🌴

    65. Rutledge Yu

    66. DTY Edgaツ

      Alguien que hable español?

    67. Peter Kretschmer

      Claim your "here before 100 million" trophy here | | V

    68. Alex Cruz

      This song is full of flavor..besides the limonade.

    69. Abhiranjan Singh

      I still get the goosebumps like I heard it for the first time.

    70. Joseph Deorum

      this is mindless music gotta have an IQ of 90 to like it, Gunna say the same shit on ever track wtf? what a dumb dumb

    71. Cayla Brown


    72. itzSkellington

      No gold fish were harmed in the making of this video.

    73. Arnold Strickland

      This tune flows ,love the trio it works great together

    74. Tony Hill

      Yes sir

    75. Edson Concepcion


    76. Joaco Frias

      amigooooo que buen temaaa

    77. gaming life

      child probably use this saying idle life is devils work shop

    78. Leon_chain07 _

      Huge shoutout to Internetmoney for the Best beat i‘ve ever heard

    79. Tafara Chirenda

      Cool comments

    80. Lara

      I searched up:

    81. Jukey Boi

      " Covid Got Meh TrIpPiNg "

    82. subhan qayyum

      Lol when he said “when I was 18 I sip cosine with my dawg” I rly thought he was doing that 18+

    83. Brooke Wielde

      that cant be good for the fish

    84. Kalin Navalta

      Nav sound like Alvin and the chipmunks 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

    85. Steven M

      Dope ass video 💨💨💨

    86. syde_Janis

      Lyrical Lemonade finally posts a song called "Lemonade"

    87. JD's Toxic

      I would like this song alot more if Nav wasn't on it

      1. starlight

        you have no friends

    88. Drew Sims

      These guys aren’t that good but this song is great ICE! Lemonade my neck is trippin “

    89. Drew Sims

      Bitch gone hate and you can’t miss what ya neva had aye

    90. S. D

      *No fish were harmed in the making of this video*

    91. Laura Jorge

      Nobody gonna talk about his hat when he was in the boat , “ sex” was written on the hat

    92. veggitales100

      Ah this fire 🔥 😍 😫 😩

    93. Mixed Greek

      T pain doesn’t have a verse similar? This song sounds familiar 🤯

    94. J x TRIGGS

      minor major minor major minor major minor major

    95. Gidione Ikiraneza

      "Ice lemonade my neck trippin"🔥🔥

    96. Hippie Soul

      Bumpin these days