Invading Random Online College Classes....


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    1. twomad

      hop on the train and subscribe to my streaming channel to see my livestreams: hufast.infolive

      1. Swarnil Pal

        what a madlad

      2. Unsettled

        God loves you and has BIG plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11)

      3. EAWKGLE


      4. unununununu


    2. kit eシ


    3. Stop Motion Beginner

      Onguguengen village

    4. pro wober

      michael lee

    5. absol761

      someone in the meeting is called lil cumstain lol

    6. Daris Mersini

      Was that quacity 11:10 ?

    7. the gamer noobieee

      I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Ranorky

      1:03 dude she said we got kids here and the kids name is-

    9. Adrian C

      He's like the eric andre of the internet

    10. LegendaryNoah95

      So this is the strange eyebrow man who joined my online class

    11. Avi Biglaen

      is he seriously selling his hair?

    12. Satrio Wibowo

      10:15 "Sheebuya Crossing, wak fo de time of being, flow like wata, fak sheet like fak" - twomad

    13. Joel Carmona

      11:09 Quackity is in the zoom call

    14. Mikkebak The Gamer

      I am sad that my school uses teams and not zoom because my class would honestly love to be zoombombed by you. Even the teachers said so.

    15. Euan Milne

      quackity really do be chilling there at 11:09

      1. Axialis

        yeah just noticed that

    16. Peppa Pug


    17. XxStraffen ,

      uhh did you forget to put the hair sell in the description lol

    18. Jesse Langdon

      where was i supposed to laugh

      1. Fibois 12


    19. joseph Martinez

      Anyone else notice quackity at 11:08

    20. GamingHazard99


    21. RickMcThicc

      Look at the kid in the bottom right 11:04

    22. DUST Muffin

      Anyone wanna know the link to my zoom?

    23. Matt

      am i stupid or did i see quackity? at like 11:08 around there

    24. Ace Reider


    25. Julian

      In 11:11 minute theres Quackity lol

    26. powerboypew

      Did anyone see quackity here? 11:08

    27. jake coombes

      i love how in the background there was a warning from him doing it lmaooooooo

    28. Kuteshi World

      R u def 4:01

    29. Intefarr

      Seriously a waste of time, utmost disrespectful form of entertainment. Simply a shame

    30. walidnephro1

      Jimin chillin in the background

    31. Brobert

      quackity at 11:07 lmao

    32. Cherry669

      7:52 LEAVE

    33. PhantomDeath69

      how u get ur codes

    34. Paul Nelson

      Because I don't know how to time stamp at 11:10 one of the participants is quackity.

    35. jjmoney

      anyone else see quakity 11:08

    36. Yeldarb10

      This is just amazing. I heard about this from internet historian and now I’m so glad I checked this out. I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.

    37. Crimson Gaming

      One kid was named lil cumstain

    38. Crimson Gaming

      This is fake right

    39. Crystal Alderete

      3:27 I WAS DYING OF HOW LOUD THE AUDIO WAS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    40. Ismail Saric

      Me ainme be like 4:11

    41. Ismail Saric

      I like the ainme part

    42. frank the monkey

      JUST YES

    43. Isaiah Ramirez

      Mans made me shit how funny dis is

    44. Dark Surge

      $30?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT A STEAL

    45. Yahkoi 8906

      they don't try to kick you out all they do is sit there with thumbs up their asses lol

    46. Bray Dallas

      wanna invade my class lol

    47. Obi Wan Kenobi

      anyone know the song in between 0:21 to 0:24

    48. Rumbly Mars

      "I was in my math class and asked if anyone wanted to play some "Counter Trapezoid" and my boy Jackson and I did a 1v1.

    49. ITACHI

      Simplemente el pico de la comedia humana

    50. Petalon

      11:08 Quackity?

    51. Petalon

      Please Invade my classes they are so boring lol

      1. asish kumar

        send the link

    52. milk man

      biden when we're at war with iran: 1:00

    53. Johannes Bosse

      my brudda gud work keep hiding in da celery


      Why nobody talking about quackity @ 11:08

    55. Jonas Slaght


    56. Kyle Bacon

      Kid at 6:50 is vibing

    57. Da_meme_lorde

      Bro meatcanyon is in the vid

    58. Muad Isse Mohamed

      11.08 I think I saw quackity

    59. god mk//

      11:06 quackity wtf

    60. Tawfiq Mustefa

      plz tell me the name of this song

      1. Tawfiq Mustefa


    61. amoon

      Trying to watch this during an online lesson without laughing was too hard lmao

      1. asish kumar

        Tell me the link of your class i am going to join

    62. お願いします私が立ち往生するのを助ける

      0:29 if filthy frank was still here

    63. ItzFrazix シ


    64. Hassan Shakir

      "mom I can explain"

    65. Rufus Andrade Knight

      the further i get into this video, the less i understand what is going on.

    66. Justin Barrat

      join my zoom and yell at my teacher please

      1. asish kumar

        send the link please

    67. Edwin Laus Laus

      I thought the intro was a commercial lol

    68. Metalhead_Aiden

      Twomad should run for prime minister with the slogan “math is an allusion, just fucking eat grass” I’d vote

    69. Jack E

      Quackity is at 11:09

    70. Weedle chu

      I feel like I just had eight strokes simultaneously after watching this 😭😂

    71. Dishen Subkaran


    72. SAS SY

      “We got parents on this call “ Because he’s so clearly a kid

    73. Aiden Plays

      3:30 that man has a ph sticker on his phone

    74. Collton Righem

      13:23 The battle cry of the bruddas

    75. Saucecicle !

      So this is why my teacher said somebody was hacking zoom calls in my school

    76. Icyboi 2.0

      Me may have been interrupting, but he was obviously making everyone except the teacher’s day better

    77. DC GAMING

      0:54 song please

    78. Silent protagonist

      0:59 Lil Cumstain bruh

    79. BMaple

      u deserve this sub 🤣

    80. Crit-A-Cola

      "um sir we got parents on this call"

    81. Itz_JustBs

      at 11:11 I saw quackity

      1. 13

        lmao it wasnt really him

    82. Goku Ninja

      or on some kind of drugs cause he crazy

    83. Goku Ninja

      this guy has to be high

    84. Zen Kiketsu


    85. Amin El Ghazi

      11:09 quackity?

    86. nothing to see here

      Ye join my classes google meet 😂

    87. Ritzdablitz tv

      This man has ended so many careers

    88. zadiac _69

      quackity 11:17

    89. iwt

      Teacher: trying to make a living Twomad: OHHH UNO UNOOO

    90. Dusty_playz


    91. a complete slav Steeve

      11:08 was that quackity?

    92. Lunchbox13

      Wait why the fuck was quackity in one of the calls

    93. Ezra begin

      lil cumstain

    94. Ben Wilson

      Are we going to all ignore his name is lil cumstain at 1:06

    95. Stixkz

      how do u get these codes??

    96. Zenzura :p

      Quackity was in the zoom meeting

    97. Hungry penguin

      Ah YeS ComPuTeR ScIeNcE ClAsS I aM Da HaCkEr MaN

    98. Typical Nerds

      This is literally how I enter every computer science class I have 3:35

    99. Two-D _

      Hey WTF is that quackity at 11:08

    100. Samar Malhotra

      Bob Ross can copyright strike you for using his music.