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    iPhone 12 is finally here. Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are my thoughts on Apple's latest smartphones.
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      1. next big thing

        I need that blue one

      2. Beatriz Carvalho

        hi my dream is to have two iPhones one for me and one for my mother an iPhone 11pro for 256 gb and a pro Max silver 256 gb and q in Brazil the price of the iPhone went up a lot I really wanted one and with cases

      3. Hasyim Asyari

        U look very handsome🤩🤩🤩 love you

      4. Chris Stephenson

        Does it bend?

      5. nick00less

        Lew I’m impressed, not with the new iPhone but with your level of professionalism by not bashing Apple. 👍🏻

    2. Kelvin ryan Abad

      i Need iphone 12 pro for my kids Online class i hope u would give me someone who needed , Thank you Always watching from ur video

    3. jackthewolfcub

      ofc max, battery battery battery ;)... but i cant aford duh ;)

    4. RunningSD

      iphone 7 plus still running strong. im good

    5. FilthyPink

      Next: iPhone 13 but without the phone for eco-friendly purposes.

    6. Red Raven

      This phone is bad 👎

    7. Kristjan Alliksaar

      I'll go for the MINI - don't need the third widecamera and I have smaller hands (yes, 35 year old male, with baby hands). I like to use one hand to operate the phone and the "thumb technique" so with wider phones I have to slide the whole phone inside my paw. But with a smaller phone (like 4-5-6) I can easily manouver around the menu with one hand and thumb. So the iPhone12mini is perfect for me - same specs then the regular one, minus the 3rd camera. Perfect!

    8. Tony Ren

      I’m buying the new iPhone 12 over the 12 Pro because that isn’t really any more better other than the 3 cameras and the stainless steel edge that has and it’s $200 more expensive

    9. XgamerdaveX

      Does anyone know the width of the iPhone 12 screen? Not the phone. Just the screen.

    10. SsS. BoNeZ


    11. Tedja Derajat

      aing menta hijiiii

    12. Darmin Axel

      Just got mines. It comes with no charger or headphones. Have fun.

      1. bofooit gojo

        Love from India ❤️ I am big fan of iphone since childhood But I still can't afford one Could you give me one 👍🙏 if u have spare

    13. AKIP86

      Snowflakes can't wait for the next shining thing.

      1. bofooit gojo

        What’s next? When does it end? 🤔

    14. samsung 21126

      The iphone screen is made by samsung so you are litterly looking at samsung

    15. selw0nk

      I've never really liked how Apple tweaks the skin tones.. feels a bit too orange or yellowish or something. Might just be me though 🤔

    16. Chi_quanta

      iPhone 12 pro max is the one ill buy

    17. Darran hanlon

      Actually I have an old iphone 4 And the bavk and front are very similar

    18. Darran hanlon

      Iphone 12 mini Reason portable form factor

    19. Barthvader Halloween

      bruh. This isn't anything new at all. It's the exact same thing as the iphone 11, just with more colors and a bigger price.

      1. Emily An

        But wheres the charger

    20. X O

      I have an iPhone 7

      1. Emily An

        Terrible review, this stuff is garbage destroying peoples life.

    21. dogeHERO plays


    22. god

      iphone is boring even the 12, samsung is the way to go

    23. Cole Lewis

      when dose the i phone 12 pro max come out,how much will it be,and what website can i go to for pre order?

    24. Rodger Arnold

      Watching this on my Samsung Phone.....While using Samsung dex on a monitor...I hope Apple does their own Dex thing, that'd be cool.

    25. Rahatul Faiyaz

      I am damn sure that after just 2 years...just after 2 years iPhone will remove the charging port..... iPhone 14 will use only wireless charge!!! Hit the like button if u also agree

    26. Jordan Gantes

      merrell twins

    27. Rare One

      What’s next? When does it end? 🤔

    28. Jayesh Bonawate

      Love from India ❤️ I am big fan of iphone since childhood But I still can't afford one Could you give me one 👍🙏 if u have spare

    29. Jelle Kraak

      Nobody: Apple calling an old design new

    30. Sxb yasmeen

      Offcourse Iphone12 ProMax because i will always look for camera in a phone and all it matters to me

    31. Niña Pagdilao

      He literally called me poor in 100 languages :(

    32. Aziz N

      New iPhone looks horrible and whoever buys it needs mental health support. Change my mind. Including those who review it and fake their opinion about it for few bucks...

    33. Krishn Kant

      Sir, I live in Indian, I have never run a phone, please give me only one i phone God bless you

    34. Chris shoop

      Terrible review, this stuff is garbage destroying peoples life.

    35. Jaydenexploits

      But wheres the charger

    36. Todestelzer

      Don’t like the iPhone 5 design. The iPhone 5 wasn’t nice to hold in the hand because of the sharper edges.

    37. Ron Hish

      Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 6s to iPhone 12? Or wait till 13. Have had 6s since it came out in 2015

    38. soinhu foitu

      how cheap, greedy and asshole they can be. Now every brand will start this trend and loot us😠😡

    39. Benjamin Owuye Jagun

      The 12 Pro Max is the one to get if you really want to see the difference as it’s the true Pro iPhone this year.

    40. Fathima shihab

      IPhone 12 USA:starts at $799 India:starts at $1085

      1. soinhu foitu

        Just in case it's not clear, 5G is really, really dangerous for human biochemistry.. We should not be wanting this

    41. Maz

      iPhone is the dumbest useless most expensive invention of all time.

    42. Cyrus Singh

      Mehn I don't care how many ads interrupts during a video.. I ain't going premium..ever!

    43. Timothy Mwape

      I loved the iPhone 5 design. So glad I get it in the 12 model.

    44. Light Emzy

      I finally gained access to my spouse password and he has no idea that I have got access to his SMS, calls... Thanks to *Adunlocker* on IG for not disappointing......

    45. Light Emzy

      I finally gained access to my spouse password and he has no idea that I have got access to his SMS, calls... Thanks to *Adunlocker* on IG for not disappointing......

    46. Light Emzy

      I finally gained access to my spouse password and he has no idea that I have got access to his SMS, calls... Thanks to *Adunlocker* on IG for not disappointing.....

    47. Cripinub1

      Getting the mini! Hate big phones

    48. Blend

      Just put this in your mind, imagine this phone with all it has but no apple logo, another company made it but it was just this phone who the hell would buy ??!

    49. Diosa Marie

      I hope one?😕🙁

    50. Rob Garcia

      Just checking how Apple is gunna finesse their diehards this year.

    51. Epicon 6

      I'm glad you are not taking money anymore to hate apple. Might subscribe again to Unbox Therapy.

    52. ICO Mercenary

      Bruh I know this isn't twitter but how many likes for an iPad 8th gen 2020?😭

    53. Cesar Augusto

      I remember my iPhone 5 lol

    54. tiffany scott

      Big up the small phones thanks apple

    55. Lucid Dreaming Experience

      Just in case it's not clear, 5G is really, really dangerous for human biochemistry.. We should not be wanting this

    56. Andrew K

      iPhone 5 with an extra camera

    57. tyler bucks

      Meh stick with my iPhone 11

    58. Lord Sapik

      I'm poor. I'll just use my mid-range android phone with OLED 90hz display.

      1. Lord Sapik


      2. zijuiy wttuy

        no one

    59. Virus Ab laze

      Give me one ☝️

      1. Virus Ab laze

        @zijuiy wttuy mobile shop

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        As Wendy;s once said "Where's the charger ?"

    60. Alex747

      My iPhone 4 is 1 year old. Time to use my iPhone 5 now 😂

    61. Random Being

      Fastest CPU and GPU !

    62. Raj Plays!

      @Unbox Therapy : Hi I'm from India. Currently, I'm using a Galaxy Note8 which I had bought few years ago. I was hoping to switch to an iPhone but the price of the 12 has thrown me off. The 11 is a deal breaker for me as it has a LCD screen and I want an OLED/AMOLED display. The 11 pro is also similarly priced along with the 12. Please help me in choosing an iPhone, anyone.

    63. speedbird109

      Hi what is that wrist watch you are wearing? Is it the 🍎 watch?

    64. Kingdom Key

      At this point, Apple is confident that people will buy their products regardless. I’m just invested in seeing what more can they take out next.

    65. Leather Face

      So basically, it’s not worth the upgrade. It’s just a faster phone with a better camera. Not buying

    66. F

      iphone 12 mini for me

    67. Jeremiah Mann

      Why apple, why?

    68. Cosmo 82

      Bigger pixels 😂

    69. Kai Channel


    70. Kai Channel

      Very nice

    71. Kai Channel

      I love I phone Can I have one

    72. josefa gomez schmeisser

      I’m so happy than they made a mini version, because I had the 5c and the size was perfect, i used for 4 years until stared to get slow and with bugs, so then I got the 6 and I still uncomfortable with the size, I’m 20 but I have small hands, I can’t text with using only one hand, or navigate though the highest places of the screen with my thumb holding the phone with the same hand, even is uncomfortable for holding it when I’m in a call, and I’ve waiting for the comeback of the smaller phones because some of my friends have the same issues and we agree than the 5 gen had the best smartphone size to one hand use and smaller hands as ours >//

    73. masguapoako

      As Wendy;s once said "Where's the charger ?"

    74. Louay Afadar

      no one

    75. holocoust

      I don't know but can anybody tell me when 699 became cost saving?

    76. jose araujo filho

      O would like the mini one with the high specs of the pro Max . I hate phablets

    77. Md Saikat

      Inshallah I will buy an iPhone one day

    78. Scott Beesley

      I have 5g on my 11

    79. k 4 GAME

      I have subscribed your channel lew

    80. bofooit gojo

      My iPhone 11 Pro Max is just fine. Me: sees iPhone 12 Also me: hey loook! An iPhone 4 rip off!!!!!

    81. Kenny Noel

      Typical Apple, adds old technology to their phone (years later) and calls it "Exciting".

    82. Fudo Shin

      Can you imagine if Apple made an Apple note like the Samsung note? Would be a best seller

      1. bofooit gojo


    83. World of pes mobile

      Iphone making pple stupid .....I mean who will know if u r using iphone 11 or 12 ..they look the same...LOL🤔

    84. Haidi HD

      Comment section...why bother? He's not gonna read them

    85. Teddy

      U ugly

    86. Roberto Sanchez

      I can't believe that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a grêat job bro

    87. A Ash

      Lol this is getting stupid...the consumer needs to stand up to these cunts...i thought shrinking chcolates was bad .. jeez

    88. Matt1527

      Went iPhone 12 pro for specs but I do like a smaller phone as they are getting to big

    89. Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!

      Now i'ma sell my last kidney 😴😴😴

    90. Thomas Kuntze

      I say the 12 max but my wallet says the mini

    91. Thomas Kuntze

      I’m so jealous of my dad who just got an iPhone 12

    92. Christian Butera

      The Mini! I want a small phone!

    93. Srinivasan Krishnan

      Here's an idea... Why not u just charge ur phone the regular way rather than sticking the magsafe on my phone.. ? Am not understanding the innovation here

    94. bannedfahim thugrapper

      I still have iPhone she old gen

    95. Red Raven

      Imagine buying an IPhone just to fit in with the crowd only to find out its a laughing stock. Story of my life 😔

      1. Benjamin Owuye Jagun

        iPhone isn’t a laughing stock that’s Android. But jokes aside. Buy what you’re comfortable with not what other people are using. If you like Android better then use Android. Don’t feel Pressured in to buying a phone you don’t want but iPhone has its benefits, such as iMessage, Airdrop, Handoff and the Apple ecosystem excites me to be honest as the integration between Apple devices is amazing for me and want to be apart of it. But that’s just me and I understand not everyone is seduced by Apple so I get it.

    96. C45P3R

      Wrong, strongest glass on any phone was the HTC U Ultra sapphire edition it featured an entirely pure sapphire screen and camera lens so you can chuck it in a box full of hardened steel knives freshly sharpened and shake it about as hard as you want and wouldnt even be a scratch on either the screen or the camera lens id like to see any production of gorilla glass do that.

    97. Red Raven

      "Smallest 5g phone in the world" 🤣😂 Great innovation Apple

    98. Sel Narcis

      Why using so much ‘tremendous’ in this video vocabulary?

    99. Jacob Gravers

      I stopped at 6s and I will never buy another iPhone...

    100. Kory

      Still not impressed I’ll stick to my iPhone xr for now. She’s cute but not a $1,000 cute