It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)

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    It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) · Duke Ellington & His Orchestra · Ella Fitzgerald
    Ella Fitzgerald - First Lady Of Song
    ℗ 1967 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
    Released on: 1993-04-20
    Producer: Norman Granz
    Author: Irving Mills
    Composer: Duke Ellington
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    1. Rachel Bronke

      Ella sings the best scat.💙

    2. _GoldenCoon 𓅓_

      I adore how the crowd interacts and she genuinely laughs... I want this...

    3. Donna Schnaath


    4. Alastair W

      Who is the guy singing?

    5. Maru Maru

      05:28 I am swinging and dancin' middle of the day

    6. Rossella Ape

      Just.... ELLA....♥️🙏

    7. TheAMGReviewers

      i think ella hung out with the 2 louis' too much xD. absolutely love this

    8. Maryse ROZIS

      Ella : génie du scat, entre autres !

    9. Mr. Christmas

      I wish i was there while she singing

    10. Facundo Montemayor

      Que buena música.

    11. Pappa Mojo VC Hero

      Love the bloke pretending to Lou Armstrong

    12. Marcellus Sinclair

      I actually first heard this rendition on NPR several years ago. I was driving at the time and literally pulled into a parking lot to "swing" along w/ Ella. You have to move your head and legs when you hear this. Ella is just magnificent!!!!!

    13. knittedpainting

      Ella and that bass 👌🖤

    14. the rat queen

      i remember being forced to listen and dance to this in school

    15. deborah duplooy


    16. BallastedTea025

      So many music teachers use this in their classes to show skat.

    17. Ylva Paqualin


    18. Momus God of mockery

      she ain't wrong ya know!

    19. Ashley Smith

      My god! So happy to have found this version of the song again....absolutely in my top 3 all time favorites. So thankful for my grandparents that played big band and jazz on the record player all day/everyday.....I can listen to this song all day on repeat !!!

    20. Lyonel Laverde

      One of my favorite live recordings of all time. It's a cross-section of all Ella's gifts in a single song. She is very much in her singing prime. Her controlled lyricism is both elegant and touching. Her timbre is always exceptional; like the greatest of singers, she doesn't sound like anyone else but herself. And the topper is her scatting. The scat here is no filler, but a bridge to greater lyrical expression. It takes the song to another level, anchored in jazz tradition, and yet aware of the popular sounds of her day (Her brief sampling of "A Hard Day's Night" is charming.). She is at the point in her career where she can bend the song into anything she wants, and she chooses to make it into a vehicle for joy and the vibrancy of life itself. A blessing of a song!

    21. D . A . S

      I want to go to a live jazz place or sum and just have a blast. Wearing my best clothes. Maybe even perform!!

    22. Lukáš Churý

      come dance the Lindy with me, guys

    23. Send Kite

      When women kept they clothe on and still loved there music ....fuck this generation jk I’m young and conscious so I’m like fuck my age group they suck ass and are lame copy cats over the top dramatic spoiled brats !!

    24. 0siris

      She's my favorite singer and her scat is so fun!!

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    26. BlueLight

      Yo that guy sounds like a duck

    27. Gentza Ballesteros

      This is a total masterpiece, Ella genuinely enjoying the stage, a genius scatting, the musicians pushing their trompets to it's limits and producing awesome high pitches. I would enjoy dancing at this with low lights

    28. Timothy Issler

      Ella and the gang: *singing* Some due in the back: *laughing like that one uncle at every family barbecue*

    29. Tom Burroughes

      She was so good it almost hurts. Fantastic piece of singing and music. Thanks for putting this on YT so more people can enjoy this.

    30. Tanauan

      personell pleaseeee

    31. Margaret Marie AKA Peggy

      Oh but that scat!

    32. Keep calm and have fun

      Pepite !

    33. Javeya Crews

      I remember signing this in my high school chore band.

      1. nightmare Halloween

        Really ?

    34. Haddy Nough

      I love this so much! 💕

    35. Наиль Саляхов

      Бляяядиииии ! Обоего пооолааа !

    36. Наиль Саляхов

      И это не только джаз ! Эттто почти блююююз! Бляяядь ! Бляяядиии ! Мать вашу !

    37. Наиль Саляхов


    38. Наиль Саляхов

      И вы знаете шшшо она поет ? Я, блять не вешь ! Для интима !

    39. Dé Ana Abinante

      this captures so much of what the essence of jazz was all about.

    40. Elizabeth Washington

      I love this type music, when music was music.

    41. Association Quatre Couleurs


    42. Gira Sol


    43. CycoZen

      My band is playing this song in The School’s Got Talent!

    44. WET WILLY Jenna

      Who's mans is this scating😂

      1. Palavras

        people say it is Duke Ellington

    45. Valencia

      809 people gave this a thumbs down; they must be rapper babies who wouldn't know real music if it ran them over. Go Ella!

    46. Crossword131

      Man, could she scat.

    47. K. R.


    48. Patricia Otoole

      Beautiful what they have done to so called music is a laugh compared to this

    49. Tehya Lewis

      People like this didnt get discovered on HUfast. She had pure talent

    50. bwanna23

      Kinda makes you want to smoke some reefer.

    51. Andrea Weaver

      She was just fantastic the Queen of jazz that scattering will set a soul on fire 🔥

    52. Korrine Aumar

      Simply amazing, I can't dance yet still manage when this plays. Now that's singing.

    53. Moisés GC

      SalmonElla Fitzgerald hmm sounds like the name of that famous jazz lady

    54. pppgirl10

      Wow! The fluid shifts in the scat! I wish I had the privilege of meeting the woman behind the voice!

    55. MX P

      The 718 people who gave this a thumbs down must not have listened to the song.

      1. Steven East

        I'll give a thumbs up and ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating

    56. Brittanie S

      Bless whoever typed these lyrics.

    57. Valencia

      I swear my soul acts as if I were born in the 40s when music was authentic. Gee, listen to Ella scat. Love it!

    58. Robert Walters

      Yes ma,am , doin' that skat singin' like Satchmo !!! ... the bee's knees !!!

    59. Thalma de Freitas

      Did anyone else notice how 707 distracted people pressed the dislike button by mistake?

    60. Mackerel

      A few years ago I discovered the beauty of Jazz and Swing, I am currently 16 and still enjoying the wonderful genres. It is a shame that not alot of people from today's generation appreciate older music. I was around 9-10 when I discovered this beautiful genre. ^^

      1. star night

        Our generation appreciating this music is great & all, i just want actual dancing back! i wanna go to a school gymnasium, kick my shoes off grab the nearest boy & just swing!

      2. Dana Ü

        U peasants, I am a fetus and I know more about music than you

      3. Mackerel

        I discovered it around the age of 9, and yeah the genre is very beautiful!

      4. Ion_ Know

        I got into electro swing when i was like around 11 and now I’m 14 listening to blues and swing the genre is just beautiful yk

    61. Jeff Barnaby

      I get to listening to music from this era and just wish i could go back in time and enjoy them in person. Laughter is infectious this session I'm guessing was just a blast.

    62. The V

    63. Charles Burnham

      Throughout her entire life she was haunted by a pervading sense of low self-worth. From singing with Chick Webb at 16 to her failing years, she found it hard to understand why she was so loved and was convinced of her own unworthiness of being loved for who she was.

    64. Furisca Fynn

      Everyone is just laughing and clapping... Just wow. It's so wonderful

    65. Charles Williams

      Hard time finding the origin of this song. Best guess is Cliff Edwards of Disney fame.

    66. Sheila Aries

      Ella went off on this one. True classic

    67. Jourwalis -

      Super! Ella is the Queen of Jazz!

    68. Bruno Dangrezat

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    69. товарищдодо привет

      благодарю вас kUs je van 't RuSje XXX

    70. Leslie Schmidt

      Is there such a thing as being too great?!

    71. Kristen Kennedy

      I wish there were video of this

    72. gekfurian

      Audio quality is astonishing

    73. Dylan Schuele

      Look Ella is great and all, but that trumpet at the end went OFF

    74. Antoine Mazoyer

      One of the greatest vocal performance ever

    75. Tutti Frutti

      this is good

    76. John Stackard

      Swing while there is time hahah

    77. Lorne Bain


    78. Devon Campbell

      Not sure where it went but I wanna sing these and other older songs for elderly it's my dream

      1. sharon sobolewski


    79. Alan Appel

      Ain't she great. Saw her give one of her final concerts at Carnegie Hall. Diabetes had taken its toll and she performed from a chair.

    80. Wailing Woman Of Yisrael

      Beautiful. Love when artist sung as the instruments..epic

      1. Gentza Ballesteros

        Epic is the word 🤩

      2. Wailing Woman Of Yisrael

        @aquatic life lol😂, I get what you're saying but I lrather stick to my "literal" terms 🤷🏽‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️🥰

      3. aquatic life

        Artist? Girl that's Ella! The Queen of Jazz. I get what you're saying but artist is an understatement.

    81. Youichi Minagawa

      Omg, all along I thought this song was an instrumental track because I have a big band jazz album with mostly instrumentals (e.g Sing, Sing, Sing, In The Mood) and this song was in it so I assumed it was also instrumental. Didn't know the original had vocals, so I discovered something good today! :)

    82. Daily Hit of Music

      We love this recording! That's why we’ve featured it in our blog today on Ella Fitzgerald: Blog: Instagram: Facebook:

    83. Keyrian

      I wish I could saw her in person, but I'm more thankful I discovered her through the sound of her beautiful voice

    84. Wesley Fonvergne

      Ella Fitzgerald was the kind of talent we won't see for a long time. She was one of a kind.

      1. aquatic life

        We won't see ever. They only made one of those. Enjoy these moments.

    85. Spark _

      JUST AMAZING !!!😍😍😍😍💜🥁🎵🐉🎤🎶💖💕💞😻

    86. DJ ME

      They are having so much fun.

    87. Eleonore Hamery

      Is it me or is Ray Charles crashing her gig? (I hear "not now Ray", but I'm not an english native speaker, and I'm not sure of what I heard XD)

      1. Mark Howell

        Ray Nance of the Duke Ellington Orchestra

    88. B C

      That was recorded in 1966. Her joyfulness did hide her sorrow as that was the year her sister passed away. She seemed to give all of hers in the show. This is Professionalism.

    89. Jamie Stewart

      Every city/ town/ community needs a cannabis cafe/ coffee shop that has events on and weekend nights with the homeless guy on the trumpet and his pal on the harmonica with the nerd who randomly knows how to play the piano doing that, I can feel the vibe already

      1. Speccy Boo

        @Calvin Sloane lol square

      2. top dog

        Aren Avetissian you’re one to call someone cringe. Your videos are REALLLLY good!

      3. Calvin Sloane

        @bonifacius cringe tbh

      4. bonifacius

        @Calvin Sloane what if you get a job in the cannabis industry? or if you spend you hard earned money, that you make at your job, on weed?

      5. Calvin Sloane

        weed is for losers, try getting a job

    90. 창욱

      캬...죽여준다 진짜루

    91. Jesus Flores

      It don't mean a thing if you don't got that swing ahdidgsveiisjvfvsjak

    92. Juan Sanchez

      Louis sounds like hes gurgling these nuts

      1. rachel rita richter

        that is NOT Louis Armstrong singing

      2. whitney pizza

        @Juan Sanchez :•(

      3. Juan Sanchez

        @whitney pizza why wouldn't i? 🤣

      4. whitney pizza

        :•( why would you say that )•:

    93. Poe’s Bro

      She is my life

    94. Ylva Paqualin

      sex at it's best!

    95. Miguel cabrera castro

      damn, happiness everywhere… as some people is saying you can sense her smiling… an the fun they where having

    96. Leo Reyes

      So beautiful 🥰😍❤💃🕺

    97. Maryark

      Absolutely abuse!!!! Dying wh the rhythm, the voices, the music... is that heaven? I want dance this in a party 🔥🔥😍😍❤️❤️ Louis and Ella, the perfect duet